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Found 13 results

  1. Morning folks! So lately I’ve been doing a lot of research into growing my own plant. Just one or two to start with. I understand most of the growing process in theory, but there are a few things I need help on. First, what nutrients and soil is best for growing in the UK? A lot of growing videos I come across are American and I’m struggling to find some of their products over here. Second, how badly can I expect one or two plants to smell, and are there any ways of reducing this? I am looking at growing inside a cupboard with a tent inside and the inside walls lined with plastic sheets to contain the smell some more. Also, the strain I have chosen for my first run is Barneys Tangerine Dream from Grizzly Seed Bank, this is because it is one of the shortest autos I can find while still having a good THC content. Anyone with experience of growing this strain, tips for the plant would be greatly appreciated! Lastly, just any tips and tricks that a beginner might not think about would be great, as I really don’t wanna mess up too bad on my first try, cheers fellow Ents_\|/_
  2. Good morning everyone I’m new to the game it’s my first time growing but any advice would be great any first timers out there
  3. Hi All, After posting on the pest's section, a few members suggested this plant was a Hermaphrodite, I have taken some more photos today. If it is... does it mean it needs to be binned? If it is not, what was the other members looking at to believe it was? I have also included the photos from the pest section, I now believe these miniature yellow things to be Aphids? anyone seen anything similar? I found more tiny yellow things under the fan leaves today, also there is some slight yellowing discolouration on the first photo the main leaf at the front of the photo. Would like to say thank you in advance, this site has been nothing but incredible for someone who has never grown before!
  4. Hi everyone, very new to growing! This plant is now 2 weeks old, just trying to convince myself this is going okay lol, the plant stays outside from around 9am to 7pm moving around to ensure direct sunlight. Over night I bring the plant in and chuck it under a led light I got from eBay, rated at 100w from the wall. The strain is Blueberry auto from 00seeds. my question is, as this is an auto flower, shouldn’t this be much further ahead by now? thank you all in advance https://ibb.co/YbZBM9Y
  5. Hi UK420. Plans have been made for an outdoor grow this year, seeds have been germinated, or placed in a cup of water at least. I'm planning to clear a few plots nearby in some of the overgrowth, I've done a fair amount of research and I intend to find some overgrown bramble bushes, or some overgrown something at least, I have 4-4-4 feed here, and organic compost. If i'm going to dig some holes and fill it with that, will that suffice? Thanks UK420.
  6. Scrog with led. New grower

    Scrog pic 3
  7. Hi All I hail from the emerald isle, though spent most adult life in London. Had to come back here (northern part) a few years ago. I'm just starting out growing. Last summer, without any reading, bought an AK Automatic x 2. Tried the papertowl thing, but forgot to water it. It died. Second seed, straight to soil in summer (indoors during night, day outside) autoflowering. Came on a serious pace, til i killed it by overwatering, and putting in a pot with no drainage. Got three narcotherapy autos from barneys seeds. Got a 300w cfl dual, planted seeds, two in small pots with numerous airholes all round in 50/50 mylar, and one straight into an 18.6L fabric grow bag. The one in the grow bag was three times the size of the other two, it was at least ten inches from seed around week three I think, then because I just had the lamp suspended above plants balanced precariously on a mirror, and ikea box (didn't know about grow tents), it collapsed, and two small plants were killed, and the big one, was cut in half. I kept it growing, moved it into a 50cmx50cmx100cm black orchid tent, with fan, but no extractors, just vents open, for airflow, as there is little scent from it. Started nutrients, but fucked that up as well, as I realised i ordered the Canna hydro specific nutes. Anyway, she is fighting to the last, and a mate gave me a scientific level microscope with four different lens strengths. Strong enough to pick up the striations in metal. So, I'll use that to check up on her trichomes (I've been reading round the clock and watching videos, as I'm disabled, so have the time to devote, well, all my time, to learning very quickly, and am taking great delight in simply growing something I KNOW the strain, and having the pleasure, in due course, of smoking something I knew as a tiny seed.) for the right time to harvest......need to read and watch more about drying and curing... Anyway, I'm sorry if this should have all been posted in different sections, but my disability affects my, er thinking, so sometimes if i don't put it down when i think of it, i forget entirely. I just need some advice. Being an all in sort of person, I bought 3 lamps, apart from the beginner cfl. They are a dual 600 hps, a 600 veg hps or mh..one red and one blue. Also bought a cheap chinese "80 watt true output" led multi spectrum, as the price was ridiculous, but reviews good, and thought it would be an experiment. But to get to the point. As I said, the black orchid tent 50x50x100, which I'm super pleased with as i got it from the ventilation hub on ebay, over 25 cheaper than on amazon, is i think, only suitable for one plant? As cash is a bit tight, I can't at the moment order a large black orchid suitable for up to four to five plants, so after watching a vid on youtube about making your own grow space using cardboard, I ordered two double thickness cardboard wardrobes (used by movers to put your shirts into straight off the peg), and planned to join them together. They are double thickness and measure 50+ (few extra cms) square at the bottom, and over 80cm tall. I worked out , as I'm shite with number stuff, that no matter what way I join them, they will have still the 50cm width, but a 100mm length. As they only cost under £8quid a wardrobe, getting another two, and joining all together, will give 100mm length and width i.e. 1m squared. Already bought the black/white reflective lining, plus have enough mylar to ensure total coverage of reflective material. I also (I also have OCD and paranoia lol) bought polystyrene to insulate the cardboard before attaching the mylar. Now, and again apologies for not posting in relevant forums, as I'm pressed for time to return the lights..i.e. the dual 600, which I don't need, or all three for something smaller. Already got the dimmable digi ballast (refurbed from manufacturer choice of 200 400 or 600w), but need to know if I put all the boxes together to make a diy home made grow space, to accommodate four plants, do I need 600w lamps? I'll be going the blue and red phase hid's. Or should I get 400w lamps instead? Last but not least, can you point me in the direction of how to set up an extractor fan and ducting. Got the ducting and the filter, but looking at the online fans, I can't see how to connect them up. Recommendations on the cheapest, but decent quality fans would be appreciated, as this will be a full time activity, albeit on a small scale. My brain needs simple explanations, as due to some brain trauma, memory is shot, and I need childlike step by step instructions. A lot are advertised as inline fans, so I figure they are connected by ducting at one end, then attached to the filter at an exhaust port, but what about the intake? Is it simply a short piece of ducting material sucking in air? Or am I missing something? Finally, in a set up like this, what be the recommended intake intake fan? The filter is 4", a hefty piece of gear. Also, last one, I put four seeds in an electric propagator two days ago using a root riot pod, soaked in rain water then squeezed, surrounded by compost. One has germinated already. Should I now give them lighting, (they're in bedroom, so just get room light) I have a cfl 55watt doing nothing in particular, and could easily hang this over them... Sorry for all the questions....its just that Ive only three days left to request a return on the lamps, so input on that alone would be useful. As for the rest, you can redirect me to the proper forum. Being disabled (mentally and physically), basically, groups of people I avoid, or all people on certain days, but can walk to an extent, and move in short spaces, means I have full time to devote to learning about these little beauties, reading and watching, and it has given me a whole new Major interest. I could buy the finished project, but what prices they charge are galling, plus I could never enjoy it not knowing Exactly what it is.........I was only interested to this extent in motorbikes before, hence injuries, but this has been like an awakening. Again, my apologies for cramming so much into an intro post, but just need some guidance on the lamps. The rest, I'll read all your posts. But planted three peyote critical (photos) and a violator kush, but that got left out overnight after 24hours soaking, and i gave it a squeeze to make sure it wasn't fag ash, but planted now, but I might have fucked it. My trip to specsavers is long over due.
  8. help

    hey guys im a week into veg and i open up my tent to see this today ,i normally water them every 2-3 days and put in about 3L to each plant depending on how light they feel i use room temp water thats kept in with the plants, the one plant is really bad everything drooped over on it, they've all pretty much drooped over tho , the temps of my room been fluctuating by about 10C the last few days as the weather changes could it be something to do with that ? there was no sign of this yesterday is there something that has happened over night or is this because ive over watered them ? and if so how do i get them back to their former glory ? i feel like crying lmao someone come to the rescue and tell me its all going to be okay ?
  9. So, eight weeks into growing for the first time and i have the bug. I was inspired by @AustrianTokker and opted for some Crystal Candy Auto's from Sweet Seeds. Wanting some variety i also germed 3 pineapple express. well today(08/03/17) is day-1. The 3 stars of the show are in front. 6/6 on the beans. same day too, bonus.
  10. Hi There, Been studying how to do an indoor grow for ages saved up a bit of cash and have decided to go for it. So first grow is about to start Bubble Kush Auto seeds arriving tomorrow. So first thing first the room specs. DR60 Secret Jardin tent (small i know but its the only space i got) 1 x P150 PLATINUM LED 2X 2FT Full spectrum fluoros attached vertically in rear corners facing it 1x 4 inch fan and carbon filter with ducting pulling hot air out. 1x six-inch desk top fan for air movement in tent. 1 x exhale co2 bag (i know its not necessary but inquisitiveness got the better of me) Will be growing in soil - start with bio-bizz light with added ecothrive charge , nutrients will be bio grow , bloom etc. Been running tent for 2 days now empty to get the environment right Temps range from 20 - 28 degrees ( high temp is with all lights on and in bloom mode) i think the fluoros are a bit overkill but potentially good for vegging turn them off when switch to bloom. have extraction fan come on for 15 minutes every 15 so could even run it constantly to get temp down. humidity is averaging 56% Any way question with the C02 BAG instead of the exhaust just dumping the warm air out side wasting the co2 was thinking can i recycyle the exhuast back into the inlet thus sealing the room kinda, maybe even put another 4-inch fan on the inlet to move air abit quicker thus cooling it ? DO you think this is the right thing to do to use as much of that c02 as possible ?
  11. After a small test grow and a lot of intensive research on the internet and speaking with other growers, I thought it was about time to get some advice from some more experienced growers on here I'm not going to go into the first grow because it sucked, but here is my plan for the next one, which will hopefully do me 6 plants over 20 weeks in my small space.... I will be using; Helios Pro 4, 300W LED - "This Light has 4 Modules with Mixed Array LED’s, each Array has 25 High Quality/Output 3W LED’s." "Max Power used 200 Watts (50W per Cluster Module*) " "an advanced 75W, Chip-On-Board [COB] technology, 6 spectrum cluster unit." "The High Powered 3 Watt LED's are from LED Manufacturers such as Bridgelux, Cree and Epistar" "The spectrums we use are 440nm, 460nm, 610nm, 630nm and 660nm & IR." "Dual core, double plated heat sinks, efficient heat transfer paste, high speed quiet ball bearing fans" (Suppliers told me 60cm for veg, 45cm for flower and can move to 30cm in the last 2 weeks) Plant Magic Supreme Soil Organic (w/ NON PH'd water - soil acts as a buffer!) http://www.plant-magic.co.uk/products/soil-supreme/14/ Plant Magic OldTimers Nutes Organic http://www.plant-magic.co.uk/categories/oldtimer-organic/5/ Rhizo Fabric Smart Pots http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Root-Pouch-Air-Root-Pruning-Plant-Pots-A-Smart-Rhizo-Fabric-Growing-Container-In-/321323647078?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&var=&hash=item4ad061c066 60x60x120 Grow Tent w/ Small Fan & Carbon Filter http://growgenius.co.uk/product/led-grow-tent-kit/ First off I'm going to germinate... -1 Barney's Farm Pineapple Chunk, -1 Big Buddah Blue Cheese, -1 Bomb Seeds AUTO Bomb -and 1 FastBuds LSD-25 AUTO using the paper towel method, planting them right into their final pots when sprouted. In the grow tent I manage to keep the temperatures between 19-22C and the humidity between 45-55% if i leave a small bowl of water somewhere in the tent. The photo plants I will be vegging for 8 weeks under 18/6 lighting. I will be applying the 4-way topping method to these plants and tying them down accordingly to keep colas at an even height, much like the SCROG method but without the screen because of my small grow space. At the same time I will plant the Autos in front of them which apparently are ready to harvest from seed in 8-9 weeks, ready for harvest when the other 2 go into flowering... Boom! While the Autos are drying, I will germinate 1 Bomb Seeds THC Bomb and 1 Homboldt 707 Headband to replace the Autos in the tent... When these are ready, I will place them straight into their final pots in front of the vegged plants and then switch to 12/12 for the flowering stage, which will be this plants whole life, essentially the same as an autoflower! I've done some reading up on this 12/12 from seed method and with certain strains it seems to have good results, but any extra bud is a bonus!... Obviously this is a rough plan, but hopefully it will work out! Can anyone give me some advice and guidance if they've done any similar grows, or think that it will be a waste of time putting the other plants in there? Any feedback is welcome! peaceeee