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Found 2 results

  1. Hello everybody I’m going for my 1st indoor grow and I’ve chosen to give DWC a go as I’ve always wanted to master hydro. ive got a 1.2 x 1.2 x 1.8m hydrolabs tent...which is bloody lovely to be honest ive got a 600w digital ballast light with parabolic hood Rhino pro carbon filter 125x300 Ruck hi power fan with a digital fan speed controller attached to that 70l oxypot xl reservoir (with two oxygen stones) I’ve got aquarium water heaters to maintain solution temperatures A fan to circulate air inside the tent I’ve gone with canna Aqua Flores and vega , and have canna start, cannazym, rhizotonic, and canna boost accelerator as my nutes....(I’m sure there is better out there in regards to cost and results but I thought I couldn’t go wrong with them for now) i got got some silver bullet roots too just to be safe ive got a PH and EC meter with buffer solution for both ive done a test run and generally my environment has been running at... LIGHTS ON; 24.5 degrees Celsius 50% humidity LIGHTS OFF; 16.5 degrees celcius 50% humidity IM REALLY HAPPY WITH THOSE RESULTS what do u guys and girls think???? I WILL BE TRYING TO WARM THE GROW ROOM UP WHEN THE LIGHTS ARE OFF DURING THE 1ST 3 WEEKS OF FLOWER THOUGH...AS IM AWARE THAT THIS CAN PREVENT UNNECESSARY STRETCHING OF THE PLANTS DURING THAT PERIOD...would anyone be able to confirm this to be true??? Just going off previous research on that one but thought it might be a valuable tip to any grower if it’s true...? my main area of concern is the PPM of my local rap water... an R/o system is a no go for now but if all goes well I will invest in one for future grows... anyway... the PPM of my rap water is 212ppm (after I’ve put it through a filter jug)... is this fine for seedlings? Baring in mind I wanted to add some cannastart to the seedling solution... And once I start early stages of veg...will this ppm level have too much of an affect to the amount of nutes I can add at one time? Or am I just worrying about nothing? My ph is 6.5 so I will probably need to adjust with ph down to get to around 5.7-5.8 and I’m aware that this will bump my ppm levels up too...? sorry for for the essay! And cheers for reading! Experts please feed me with ur knowledge Cheers
  2. Hi, looking for a bit of help I have been slowly building my grow rooms up my loft It is a bit of an annoying shape with the trusses going across but I have just built around them I have insulated the rafters using foil bubble insulation then built my rooms from 50mm celotex, hopefully this will be enough to keep a stable environment. I have a bit of an idea of how I want to kit out the rooms but obviously with very little experience ( I had a small drobe about 8 years ago, which wasn't very successful) I am not sure if it will all work or it is the best choice I only want to do this once and do it right.. I am hoping this is were the knowledge of UK420 will come and help Anyway onto the rooms, still need to finally seal them all up and put some liner down on the floors then figure away to stick some mylar to the walls Excuse the mess ( and the roughness ) it is still a work in progress Flowering room at the back and veg room to the left. I have a space to the left of the flowering room that I am going to use for a drying room, but this requires some more work. Flowering Room The dimensions are 118cm deep and 167cm wide Height is 195cm at the peak and 160cm at its lowest I want to run a light in between each of the trusses to allow the best light spread I am hoping for two 600w ? not sure if this will be to much and I would need to go with two 400w ? Hopefully I have the height to get away with 600w ? Fan size I have absolutely no idea, I understand I need a good sized fan to cope with the light and for the extra temps that loft growing brings. Noise is a concern as well, I basically don't want to hear it at all when the hatch is shut at the dead of night when it is silent in the house (and the neighbours) I am not sure if I can do this RVK`s in a box and acoustic ducting ? or do I need to be looking at quieter fans ? They will be connected up to a speed controller whether I build one or buy one I haven't decided yet Veg/Clone/Mum Room The dimensions are 118cm deep and 105cm wide Height is 160cm at its highest and 81cm at its lowest I have 51cm either side of the trusses Light wise for here initially I am planning on two 2ft T5`s for seedlings and clones Not sure on the light spread of the T5`s so would I need the 4 tube or could I use the 2 tube ? Once they have grown up a bit I am wanting to change the lights out for a hps / mh to veg them until they are ready to go into there final pots in the flowering room. not sure on the wattage I need to go for here and again fan size, which I suppose will depend on what wattage of light I want to run. Looking to get everything ordered up asap so I can get up and running, all ready picked up some physosister and no names during the ugorg 420 offer cant wait to give them a try Any help is well appreciated