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Found 6 results

  1. Hey, Following taking on an allotment plot, growing my own fruit and vegetables and the passion for seeing things grow, I thought I would try my hand and start growing my own weed too. I live in the SE UK and the wether is usually a few degrees (c) warmer than other areas. I started 4 seedlings of “Early Bud non-feminised seeds”, knowing they were mould resistant and better for cooler climates. in March, using regular seed compost, I started the seeds on the ledge of a south facing window (only natural sunlight). 2 died and the surviving 2 went in to veg. They grew nicely and at a fast rate After a month of vegging, and the chance of frost gone, I slowly transferred them outside, in to larger pots in my well secluded garden. It was at this point I realised that they would just keep growing until the natural light turned to 12/12 around September time and it was only April . At around 10 weeks I identified both as fem and they grew and grew through the early summer months. In July my partner started freaking out, as they were 5.5ft tall, wide and already stinky if you got close At the beginning of August, I got permission to put them both in a poly tunnel on a local farm, until harvest and drying had been completed, in exchange for some of the produce (pic1) There was a huge raised bed that I dug 2x5ft trenches, filled up with canna terra and hoped for the best. They flourished over the coming weeks and the largest is 2.2m tall, 1.6m wide, with 25 growth branch’s. The second is 2.2m tall, 1.6m wide, with only 14 growth branches (pic2) They’ve started to flower, I think about week 2/3 (pic3), and although i feel I’ve done pretty well to get where I am, I’m struggling to find much info about my current growing scenario...few questions I could do with some help on: is the flowering period longer for plants flipped by natural sunlight vs what it says for synthetically flipped plants? Is there a correlation between bigger plants and bigger harvest? Do they look ok/on track? Anyone tried the “Early Bud” strain before? Any tips guidance or feedback? Any idea on the harvest amount - I appreciate there are lots of factors, so maybe a range? Cheers in advance for your help
  2. I thought it would be nice to share my (I'm not the first to do it) method for making clones without clonex or powder just using Aloe Vera gel. For a while now I've been growing notill organic but still was depending on clonex for rooting clones. Really wanted to get away from using it and after a couple of very successful tries with Aloe I here I am sharing info. Most of this isn't new information and the method used here is gona be Ot1s method. Although this works well with jiffy pellets. I get an abundance of roots showing out of the jiffy after about 8 days, keeping the humidity at 100%. I forget the name of the active ingredient in the aloe that helps in rooting perhaps someone who reads this and knows could let me know and I'll add it to the info, with credit to that person of course I start by soaking the clones in mix of blended aloe gel and water for 24 hours, at this point they are already sliced and trimmed ready to dip into gel and plant. Next I wash a slice of fresh aloe plant and get it ready for dipping, I usually run a knife through the gel to get it nice an gooey Next I take a clone and dip the clones into the gel and get a nice coating on the bottom of the clone. Next I put the clone into a prepared hole in a mix of soil which has 35% perlite. (it's less than the 50% in the original method, but I try to use as little as possible this is the only stage I add it to my grow) I put 4 per pot Finally the pot gets bagged and tagged I'll take the bags off in aprox 12 days to check on them by that point most if not all of them will have nice roots. This is an oldtimes clone I took 8 days ago just been planted into some soil with a sprinkle of covercrop seed. She's a little pale but in a few days she'll be looking great and ready for more light. Unfortuneately I planted her before I grabbed the camera so I don't have a pic of her roots but I'll post the roots of the ones I took today once they are finished. I always have aloe plants around I use a mix of water and aloe gel, and alga as a foliar feed so this method of cloning comes at little extra cost and is as natural as it comes. I hope someone may find this interesting I found a few vids of youtube about it and it really interested me.
  3. Hi guys first time grower here been a bit curious as to ask or not incase I end up sounding like a idiot. here are two seeds I got from sensi seeds they’re autoflower Sensi Skunk, I have them in their final pots ( germinated in root root ) and I am using a mixture of perlite and jOhn Innes number 2 about 70% compost 30% perlite now..... I know that these were started off too early as I mixed my dates up. one of them seems to be doing okay and the other one just seems so small and so far behind they are now 3 weeks old I was just wondering wether they will be any good or not as a lot of people have said that by 30 days they should show signs of flowering..... these two are nowhere near that lol.... I’m in Norfolk in the uk and have my two little babies in a greenhouse ( not glass ) I will try attach photos but don’t really know what I’m doing to be honest aha.... all natural no fertilisers
  4. Greetings fellow gger's and all fellow herbalists, welcome to my RGSC Comp Diary! Firstly a big shout out to Panik for generously providing this opportunity to grow out what most gg's have been waiting for a long time to see come to fruition, these legendary seeds of Kong!! I'll be growing out Whitey Freeze and Green Gold here at Lat 53,.. Popped these yesterday straight into root trainers, no pre-soak, window sill jobby. Once they are up and happy and the weather warms they'll move to a safe spot in garden until I can get them to plot. And here is where they're going: This is a new plot I'd been eyeing up for some time, looks very promising. It's like a sump at the bottom of a slope so seems nutrient rich: Lots of worms! In my holes i'll be putting WRHM at the base, and a mix of homemade garden compost, vermicompost, calcified seaweed and bonemeal: Well excited for the coming season, Jah willing it could be a great one to remember. All the best to everyone gg'ing out there, stay safe and may you have a bountiful harvest.
  5. Was out in the garden earlier and noticed that my Pak Choi, beets and Swiss Chards were being gnawed at from some insects. Was wondering if anyone would be so kind as to tell me what type of bugs these are: I'm going to brew up some chopped up chillis, garlic and onion pesticide spray overnight to try and deter them... eta: Are they Vegetable Weevil?
  6. I' m planning my next grow and I' m constantly researching different techniques from super cropping, topping, FIMing and I' m constantly changing my mind after reading the pros and cons of the all different techniques. My last/ first grow was done using LST with some good results but can be very time consuming. Then I thought why don' t I just grow them normally? Just a trimming session or maybe a bit of a lollipop. Does anybody grow without doing all the above techniques? Do you still get great yields? I' m aiming for 4 ounce a plant in soil, can this be done with a regular grown plant?