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Found 11 results

  1. So this is the thing with autos. THEY ARE SHIT! Frequently no mold resistance. If you look at the more experienced growers on the site you will see they have little time for autos and it is largely because they are shite. Controversial but still, shite. The extra ruderalis genes make them a weaker smoke too, not to mention the tiny yields as befits miniature plants. Its incredible the seeds are the same price as photo plants. I know its all about the early smoke and I had decent results in 2012 of all soaking wet years. It was a slugocalypse and just rained and rained. I was surprised to witness Sour 60 seeds I was given by a fellow GG (bred by MDanzig) totally smashing it. There will be the odd one come along. However I really don't think autos are worth it. The smoke from the Sour 60 was way weaker thanKC 36 or Easy sativa. Read a few recent posts abound rotting autos. This is one of the driest summers ever but just wait one or two storms and the stupid crap autos will nearly all be turning to mush.... If you are gonna get out and do prep and take that risk then grow some thoroughbred monsters instead I say. I mean just look at how superior KC 36 and P Maroc are as examples. I am not running any autos this year thank fuck and will not again. Oh I know I will go do a load of back breaking work and take risks just to grow some tiny, weak, mold prone, extortionate abberations of nature. I am too impatient to wait for the sun so I will get some 'automatic weed'... super, semi, ultra, uber, HYPER-autos that are far better than silly old patience... Auto = impatience! Some will say photos grow too big for my garden/ balcony, um Helloooo this is why it is Guerilla Growing because its not in your garden or on your balcony! That is the great benefit of the wild places whether between industrial units and trains tracks or right out in the sticks. So you can go grow some potent monsters.... Thing is Loamy there is literally NOWHERE to grow around here for full size plants. Umm just look properly or widen your territory. But I can't be arsed/too busy. So just 'man up' a bit..., stop wingeing and go do it for fucks sake. Autos = Laziness! The breeders are laughing their tits off. Buy them twice in a season! Buy more to get a higher overall yield! Autos = stupidity! And the prize for being Impatient, Lazy and Stupid is..... 'YOU THINK AUTOS ARE GREAT WHEN THEY ARE ACTUALLY SHIT' ...please re read that last line at least 7 times out loud. .... autos :rofl: What a load of wank...
  2. Mold has honestly got to be the worst thing for outdoor growers. I will normally prune and open up my plant before flowering to maximise airflow, I will always plant at least 2 metres apart and make sure I have a strain that doesn't finish at a ridiculous time of mid-November. I'm also open to any sprays (hopefully organic) to prevent it. I heard something about neem oil but whoever said it didn't elaborate. If there are any other techniques people use to prevent/get rid of the daft shit I would appreciate if you drop a reply. yh boiiiii
  3. Hi there all. I don't know if there is anything I can do but I have made a monumental screw-up after just harvesting my buds (just one plant). I had just cut down and trimmed my first ever autoflowerer and was just finishing trimming when I had to drop everything and attend another family matter 300 miles away. So. I just threw all the trimings, buds, leaves in a cardboard box wrapped loosely in grease proof paper (I thought this maybe wouldn't absorb or adsorb any trichomes that I had worked so hard for these last 6 months. To cut a long story short, I was gone 4 days and have just opened the box to find my buds and trimmings all with a layer of mould on the underside that was against the paper. I'm not sure if I should bin the lot or wash them in a waterbath for 7 days then dry them. Any ideas out there? I don't plan to smoke them but to make tinctures or edibles, or at least that was my original idea. I would certainly appreciate any help I can get......many tanks for now, Cmoon..........Respect, as always.
  4. all...... im posting here for some advice please, ive been scouring the forums and youtube but no luck, ive been treating PM spots for a couple of weeks now and keeping it at bay but........... before i go any further, my setup is 1.2 x 1.2 tent lumii 600w light 4 inch rvk extraction 4 inch passive intake i have 3 plants in total all 3 were cuttings..... 3 and half weeks into flower at the time of writing this 1x skunk #1 ( sensi ) 1x dinafem blue widow 1x dinafem blue cheese now... around a week into flower i notices some pm starting on lower leaves and gave all the girls a good de leafing and introduced a fan etc etc all good, i have then foliar sprayed them all with a light apple cider vinegar and water spray and all was well for a week and half with no signs of PM returning or getting any worse. untill yesterday....... the pm seemed to come back with a vengence. Again i turned to the forums and after much reading decided on trying a baking soda / water spray!!! OMFG :O checked on the girls this morning and couldnt believe my eyes. So my PROBLEM is..... the spray seems to have tried to kill my plants, i have lots of leaves the are showing some burning on the edges with the tips curling upwards and also the thing im worried about is every single pistill has gone from a lovely white to a shrivvled up brown hairs. they almost look as though theyve been ripened overnight. my question is, Will / Can the buds recover from this? any input or advice will be very much appreciated. will post a pic as soon as i can.
  5. Hey guys thanks for stopping by, Just wondering if anyone knows or has had any experience with sweet seeds auto's outside in UK, thinking of starting up over the next week or so, and harvesting around august time. I really like strains with fruity flavours so ideally would like to do some of that description. As it can get pretty bloody humid and/or rainy in the UK over summer, I was wondering which sweet seeds auto's fare best in our climate and environment, anyone had experience with any? or any other auto's that do well for that matter The one's I've had my eye on are... cream mandarine xl dark devil crystal candy sweet nurse cbd green poison sweet skunk red poison Thanks for reading and happy growing/smoking!!
  6. Harvested a plant today and in a bit of a predicament. Took the best part of a year due to several long story issues. Luckily it made it, and I got a fairly good yield. Now I really don't want it to go tits up. Heres the problem. I've been using a grow room I built inside a garage/shed. I'm glad it was finally time to harvest as the outside temps just entered a bit of a cold snap here as we get closer to winter. Online showing my area as 5C outside tonight, but its only 8:30pm. Worried that tonight might drop to freezing outside - so inside the grow room will be too cold at night. I have no room inside my house anywhere to dry them, and certainly nowhere the smell wont be overpowering. Here is a solution I came to for now - as expensive as it may be :- I sectioned the plant out, and hung everything on a few lines of string inside a big cardboard box. I put the box in the grow room, off the floor on two woodblocks. Left the light on and will run it 24/7 for now. Its hanging about 3 - 4 feet above the box, and the box is not directly under it, but beside it. I've then covered the top opening of the box with more cardboard so that it is still as dark as I can make it inside. I've then perforated the side of the box at the bottom with a patch of small holes the size of a pencil. I've then placed a fan about 3 or 4 inches from said holes, allowing a small amount of air to flow into the cardboard box and encourage air circulation. I've also one small greenhouse tube heater left on beside the entrance of the grow room. Don't think it really has much affect. I put a temp/humidity meter inside the box for a few minutes and then opened it up to check out the readings. It seems less than ideal, wavering between 16 and 17C and the humidity is about 55%. Outside the cardboard box, it reads more like 24C. I reckon its a combination of both being in the dark, and the fan air blowing in. I also know direct fan air is bad, but it really is a barely detectable draught when I put my hand in the box. How long do you guys reckon I can get away with this set up before mould sets in ??? My entire first grow was ruined by mold so it terrifies me now. My second grow was a quick auto to tie me over and I managed to avert mould with it. Dried that one in the same box for about 4 weeks, then transferred it to brown bags for another week before jarring and it worked out good - but that was during the summer and the temps in the room were much better lights on or off. I was thinking if they hold out for a week in these conditions, and the smell dies down, I could then transfer the box to my bedroom to finish the drying there ??? Cheers!
  7. Bad guy

    From the album CBD Therapy

    100% humidity, dripping water over many days and the bad guy pays visit 499
  8. Room: Garage, virtually seal aside from garage door and courtesy door. 2m x 5m Grow Tent: 1.2m x 2.4 x 2.0 Feed system: 12 pot IWS Flood and Drain Number of plants: 12 Lights: 2 x 600w lights Strain: 8 white widow, 4 pineapple chunk Exhaust: 150 A1 RVK Fan Intake: None - soon to come Tent Fan: None - soon to come Dehumidifer: None Lights on Time Temp / Humidity: 27-30c / 50-60% Lights Off Time Temp / Humidity: 18-21c / 75-85% Time in Veg / light schedule: 6 weeks / 18/6 Height: 2ft PH: stable 6.2 average EC: stable at 1.6 Base EC 0.2 Help, I got a right sweat box here! No shit, I hear you say. Hey up, so the girls are going to change to their new 12/12 regime and given this is my first indoor grow I concerned to say the least about the humidity with the lights off. After a previous outdoor experience, the mold was devasting, just seeing everything turn to dust. The garage is acting like a convection oven, as the hot air is not being vented to the outside world and only into the internal garage, the only intake into the room is a courtsey door into another room. I am loathed to start drilling ventilation holes in the garage door/wall to intake outside external air, opsec and all that, so I guess the only approach is a dehumidifer. This has been bugging me for ages and I think the answer is this: https://www.trotec24.co.uk/machines/dehumidification/ttk-70-e-dehumidifier-.html. Has anyone had a similar experience? Do you reckon this bad boy will do the job, perhaps focused on the last four weeks. I plan to have it situated next to the intake fan I intend to get.
  9. ok so i just had to chop a great plant due to mold but one thing i noticed when growing it was that every morning she had water under all of her leaves, im pretty sure this caused the mold so if anyone could give any more in-sight on this strange water-under leaves in the morning occurrence and how to stop it, it would be appreciated peace
  10. Hi Guys, what kind of watering regime do people use when close to harversting? I'm close and past few days I've switched to ~1 litre a day instead of 2.5 every 2 days. wanted to keep it a bit dryer. or do people just carry on as normal? I dont like fat buds being wet, easy to get mold (or is that the symptom of mold? not just a precursor). would watering loads with proper wet dry cycle make the plant suck up loads to compensate making the buds wet or would constant light watering do this. or is it just fat buds wll always be wetter inside than out.
  11. Hello All, I hope I'm posting this in the right place. A little background: I would say that this is my first grow, however it would be a little more accurate to say that my setup and attention was never going to be right (for many reasons) for about 3 months, but I decided to "break the kit in" by doing a sort of "test" grow whilst I sorted my life out Kit: 2m*2m Budbox Titan Tent 8*11ltr WILMA System with CANNA Profesional Soil 4*400W HPS Lights Optomiser Vega Reflectors Extraction fan, carbon filter and 6" intake fan I have only been able to be on site once every week (or so!) Strains Growing: White Widow * 1 Super Skunk * 3 Northern High Lights * 4 (clones) + 1* Mother (which is now in flowering with its offspring!) Mother was started from seed and grown outdoors for about 6 weeks in soil/compost/perlight mix. Seeds Propagated, clones rooted under T5HO light - ~2 weeks Veg for ~4 weeks under 2* 400W HPS lights on 18/6 cycle Nutrients: Aqua Vega Currently in flowering 4/5 weeks and counting Nutrients: Aqua Flora Main problems encountered: 1: Mother has been abused and neglected: Whilst I have attached an extra drip feed from the WILMA system to the mother, the first time I left it (whilst in Veg stage), I came back to find it hadn't been watered properly and it looked so wilted I thought it would be dead - it recovered (brilliantly and completely!!) 2 weeks later - same happened but worse. It partially recovered ( growth on the inside of the plant shriveled and died, but the outside has recovered and as there is sentimental value attached I have kept it going, though I know is will have been seriously stilted!!) 2: I made the mistake of using almost full strength nutrient during the first two weeks of veg - I got nute burn (in varying degrees per strain - but all in all - mild (I think)) After adjusting it was all better by next time. 3: Got a little nute burn again when switched into flowering and changing nutes - but again - all seemingly recovered. Other than that - it has all been amazing so far - until now. Just returned after leaving my babies for 2 full weeks. I thought the water tank would last as I had a top up (water only) tank feeding it, but I think the feed was set too low and I estimate that the water ran out 2 days ago. My concern is around various discoloration of some leaves. I have attached photos as examples of what I am seeing and hoped I could get some feedback on what these are, should I worry about them, what should I do, if anything? The vast majority of the leaves are absolutely fine but there are a few that look like the pics, and it would seem that the little spotting you can see on the two photos showing the least "damage" is more widespread (say 10% of the leaves) All feedback, advice, comments welcome.