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Found 7 results

  1. Hi all. Been a member here for around 10 years now but I've never made my own posts, just a few comments in the past and lots of browsing too. Please forgive me if I've posted this in the wrong section. The title pretty much explains my problem. I'm now 3 days into flowering and the humidity in my new box is much higher than it should be. I'm having no problems with temperature as you can see. However humidity is hanging around between 65 and 70% which I know is waaay too high for flowering. Please help. Will a dehumidifier bag or two do the job? I'd rather not put any more electronics in there as it's quite an elegant but compact built. See photos. This final photo is of the internal workings, without the CFL installed. (I take it out over the dark period as the unit can't power the fans without powering the light) Specs : 2 small plants in soil 92 litre storage box H 520mm W 595mm D 395mm 120w CFL bulb Fan with mini carbon filter Secondary fan pulling in fresh air I'm currently running a 12-12 cycle with the fans on 24hrs a day. I'm not a very experienced grower so maybe that's what I'm doing wrong, I thought that the airflow around the clock would aid in reducing humidity. Anyways, any and all help will be appreciated. Thanks for listening to my ramblings.. PottyG
  2. So, I hope this thread will gather up the valuable knowledge and experience of the many envirolite users, past and present, in UK420... Please do not use this as a place to explain how much better other lighting systems are - there are loads of threads explaining that, I would like this to become a comprehensive go to thread for anyone, for whatever reason, who wants to or has to use envirolites. Some of the information is already available in other posts - I've been reading s LOT!!! But its usually between the lines as part of a grow diary etc, so the hope here is that some clear information can be grouped together in one place. I admit, its a bit selfish as I'm a newb to growing and want to find out what I can about the various types of envirolites on the market and the pros and cons of setting them up in various positions... So, to start things off, I have a bunch of questions. Is it better to get 1 X 250 dual spectrum envirolite or 1 X 6400 k and 1 X 2700? Basically, is it better to use a dual spectrum or to mix bulbs? Has anybody got any experience using the 340 watt models - are they significantly better than 250 watt in terms of yield, or does heat become an issue etc. Reflectors: some envirolites are sold with reflectors - when is it best to use a reflector and when is it better to hang the envirolite vertically? That's it for now! Hope to see what experienced users have to share!!! Thanks!
  3. hey all hope your having a good day, I'm new to indoor growing and am about to start my first indoor micro grow in a water butt that measures .5m x.9m. I'm on a very tight budget and managed to stumble open a couple of 125w cfls for only £10 on ebay. They are classed as 'photography lights' and are only 5500k instead of 6400k/6500k so are not true daylight. Does anyone know if these are suitable for growing? or has any experience growing with 5500k lights? thanks , budie
  4. Hey all, I have a small grow box, round 60cm X 65cm X 35cm. I'm coming the the end of my second grow using a 138w galaxyhydro ufo. The light is great but with the space i've got it doesn't offer enough coverage for two plants. I've been looking at alternatives and come across multiple 300w grow lights on amazon for £80/90. Would one of these be overkill for such a small space, produce too much heat or burn the plants in any way as they will be very close to the canopy? cheers, budie
  5. Hey all hope its going well, Having ditched my previous idea of growing in a water butt due to having nowhere to put it I was thinking about growing under my bedroom sink. It is a relatively small space at W: .45m x H; .65m x L: 1.15m not to mention its got a sink in it but perhaps with some lst I could make it work. Does anyone any experience growing in very small spaces and could point me in the right direction? Or let me know if it just a complete waste of time? Thanks, budie
  6. I am new to LED for growing. However I have read a lot of interesting stuff on it. I'm just wondering how much heat they produce. My idea would be to use it in a small closed cabin without airextraction. This would make it possible to use a CO2 controlled environment. No airextraction would mean heat buildup. But I wonder if this would be a problem with LEDS. Anybody want to share his experiences on this matter? Thanks in advance
  7. Hi Guys, I just wanted to show you a micro box with full temperature control i built for a friend of mine. You can set night and day temperatures. It has a heater matt in the bottom, a carbon filter and has been through a full grow already and it worked great! The carbon filter works perfectly. I’ve fitted a rather big LED light for the size of the box. There are some pictures below of the build along with a circuit diagram for the electronics if anyone wants to build one. Not got any pictures yet of it in use from him yet but i’ll get them up asap. Circuit Diagram: Pictures: