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Found 15 results

  1. Hey all, I started work on my new drobe today. I wasn't going to post the build, but now that I have started I thought maybe it ouwld be better for me to post so I can get advice as I go a long. I have already started some of the work and I don't have pictures of everything I have done yet but I have just started and will be much better at this from now on. This project is going to take a little while so I will update as I am going along. First off this is the wardobe I am looking to convert (excuse the fish tank and fish pics please, I'm a bit of a fish fanatic!) The general idea currently, is to use the bottom section for flowering and the top section for a mum or 2 and clones. First step was to go in and strip everything out of the wardrobe. While I was stripping things out I found 2 false panels in the wardrobe both of which appear to give me access to the outside. My imediate thought was to incorporate this into the build, using one to extract outside and the other as maybe an intake? This is the bottom panel: This is the middle access panel: I have gone through and cleaned up both of these holes they are linked I am wondering if I can place the carbon filter in the bottom section and the fan in the middle section this would increase the floor area of my growing space. Will need to have athink on the best way to use this. Now that everything has been stripped out I am currently sanding everything with some 400grit sandpaper in preperation for painting.
  2. Morning glorious People. After a couple of requests the refrigerator of stealth is here... please feel free to critique or comment on this thread, interestingly it would be an awesome rolling thread If other members growing in refrigerators could add content along the way. Unless I’m totally alone on this one.. After much consideration on how best to hide a grow box in plain sight and looking at different designs and ideas, I decided it was best for me not to hide one. I’m settled on the conclusion that it would be less stressful and easier to access if I didn’t need to hide things or take time accessing locked rooms. I would need to be sufficiently able to produce enough medical marijuana from my personal consumption. That’s the ideal. Very Low cost set up was important along with low cost to run the setup once up and running.
  3. Hi, here is a micro grow I finished up last month, A wonderful (Northern Lights) auto by Female Seeds. This grow ran around 10 weeks and finished flowing under 70watts, vegging around 30watts. The plant could of done with a couple of extra weeks as the buzz was not as heavy an Indica that I desire.
  4. Right well I’m just putting some final touches onto my little grow cupboard which will reside under a fish tank eventually. As you can Probally tell by the name I’ve not got a lot of space to work with, the cupboard is only LxWxH 54cm x 54cm x 50cm, so I’ve got myself a lumatek Attis 200w in there currently and I’m using a 6” Ruck ec fan controlled with a pwm speed controller at the minute, need to get a temp controlled on ideally but I’ve had the cupboard running and can maintain the temps quite consistently so may just see how I go. so I’m currently waiting on a seedling heat mat to arrive and then I can get that installed and get a seed popped. bear with me just working out about pics at the minute.
  5. Found some bargain lights and thought I'd give them a bash, turns out they're pretty good so thought I'd spread the word. They're fleabay specials, built in drivers, various lengths, 10 watt per 30cm, and cost me £5 each for the 30cm ones. Obviously they're not the best thing in the world, but they're definitely worth using and ideal for someone on a budget or with a small space. The phrase to search is "LED tube lights" I wired up 3 in my 35x55x75cm veg box. At 30cm down I get 1358 on the Lux app, in comparison the same distance in my flower tent (ISH 100 BR and 8x 10 watt downlights) I get 48047. Hopefully they don't set my house on fire .
  6. Hi guys, new on here.. im trying to work out wether or not it is worth me buying some Fulvic and humic acids in addition to my existing nutes. I’m using terra aquatica tri part- micro bloom and grow, I’ve also got a gold label root exeluator and I’ve got advanced nutrients overdrive for my late flower stage. I’ve read lots of contrasting opinions about the use of humic and fulvic acids and many growers say less is more... sticking to a more basic set up will work well however I also feel that manufactures would bother making the product if it didn’t add something to our arsenals. Anyone on here used them before and had better results compared with a grow previous without using acids. ive for coco coir and perlite in 30l fabric pots. Using 2x small led fan driven lights with a veg and bloom setting and have 1x Mars hydro TSW2000. I’m running a comparison to see the different results in each half of my tent. I have a humidifier and heater in my setup to keep everything exactly where I want it and also have 2 XL co2 grow bags hanging towards the bottom of my tent by an inlet. I’m fairly new to this so any advice would be greatly appreciated. regards
  7. WELCOME! Id love to say "I'm back" with another micro grow but i have had to make a new account due to stupidly using my old user name on lots of other sites. Not gonna lie, it sucks a bit as i was a active user of the forum about 6 years ago and ran a few grow diaries then but ended up not finishing the threads. Now i come back to do another and realised a new account must be made, which means i lost my subscriber status oh well, start new! So here is what will turn into my diary for my current grow, its been 6 years since my last attempt, and again i'm just fed up of spending a fortune on what i know i can grow at home! Enough chit chat, lets get into it! For this grow i will be using a 92l storage tub, lined with diamond mylar (not very neatly if i do say so myself ), a LED light unit i purchased from a guy online who makes them (holy shit is it bright), inlet fan, exhaust fan pulling through a home made carbon filter box, 6" pots and i will be growing the sweet seed mohan ram using a good amount of low stress training to keep the plants low and bushy! This worked wonders before when growing in PC cases so i'm hoping it will contain them nicely in this box, as the light is a lot more powerful than last time and the pots are bigger so i'm sure they are going to fill the space right up!! I have grown the mohan ram before and its a great plant for small spaces due to the way it stays nice and bushy! i decided i would start the diary today and i have just about finished building the box and the seeds are almost ready for the soil! So first, the box itself! Its a very simple bodge job set up i have pieced together from random cheap bargains online, but considering my last grows were inside PC cases im gonna have way more space to work with! Its not pretty, used lots of hot glue, double sided tape for the mylar application and my trusty knife to cut rough holes for the fans to pull through. Being someone who doesn't do a great deal of building stuff though, i'm pretty happy with how it came out! The 2 fans are just 140mm PC fans, wired onto a 12v 1a power adaptor, took me an hour or so to work it all out last night but its all working now! (The fans wires were marked very weirdly so trial and error took a while to get them paired up right!). The light is a LED unit that the seller says produces 12k lumens of full spectrum light and uses a metal fin design to dissipate the heat. Each LED has 8 reflectors around it too so the light coming off of this bad boy makes the 80w CFL i was using in the PC cases look like a low battery keyring torch. Here is a couple images of the box from the outside! Now that the box is ready, the light is mounted to the top of it i decided to bang 3 seeds into some water! They all cracked nicely over night and then this morning have been put on some wet paper folded over to help them show a good root, then ill be putting them into the soil later tonight or tomorrow morning! Exciting times! I could bang them right in the soil now as they shown a nice start just in the water, but i think ill let them go another 12 hours in the tissue just so i have a good established tail before planting! The idea is going to 18/6 for the whole grow as they are autoflowering. Medium is biobizz all mix, nice and simple, i went with the plant magic last time so i thought id switch it up and try the bizz this time, and i also grabbed their try pack of the 3 organic feeds, veg bloom and topmax! I'm aiming for an OZ per plant dried if i can, then if the smaller 3rd makes much thats just a bonus! as working it out, 2 OZ would last me nicely until i could have another couple of plants ready for the chop on round 2, if this one goes well! The plan was originally just to do 2 plants as space is tight in the box, but i popped 3 seeds in to make sure atleast 2 would germinate, but all 3 are doing great so one will be going into a slightly smaller pot and either joining the other 2 in the box if the space doesn't get to tight, if down the line i start to get short of space then it may well have to be a conservatory girl if it stays nice and small. Not really a lot to add at this point, but hopefully in the next 7 days we'll have some pictures of some girls poking out of the soil and getting started good and proper!
  8. Hello all Lurking for a couple of weeks but thought I'd be as well signing up. Hope everyone is doing good. Messed about with a couple autos in my younger days (literally two grows) - a very primitive setup with poor results. Now I'm planning a bit more fun; after a good bit of reading; but albeit on a nano level! Should I enjoy the hobby, might stick at it and create something more substantial... The build will be in a shed, out of sight and out of mind. So the plans are as follows: PC case - 520 L x 200 W x 540 H 100W LED - Would be interested to know if this will be useless and/or what everyone would recommend https://tinyurl.com/y6j3tn2j 240V 80mm 20CFM axial chassis fan with 25mm DIY carbon filter (with a pessimistic 50% CFM reduction, this works out at almost 5 air changes per minute) Passive air intake with black louvre style light baffle 12V 80mm internal circulation fan 60W anti-condensation heater (gets pretty cold with me) Asymmetrical cycle timer (for 18/6 likely) Inkbird controller for heater Foil bubble insulation (chose this over mylar for any potential insulation gain) 4L pots (will be able to fit two of these inside, leaving 300mm of vertical height) PM Plus Soil BioBizz Bloom Also already own a pH meter and solutions to lower pH. Now just a case (no pun intended) of ordering the parts and assembling, will hold off for suggestions first though. Again I'd just like to say this is for fun rather than yield. It's more about the process than the end result. After lurking over some of the noodle comp entries I'm pretty confident I should manage fine on this nano scale. Thanks
  9. Craft beer plant

    From the album Summer 2019

  10. Been a while so I thought I'd do another guided tour of my pc grow. Here's the spec list: Cab: Standard PC tower case 18x8x20 inches (WxDxH) Lamp: 100w Philips Mastercolour Elite 930 Ceramic Metal Halide running on a Tridonic PCI digital ballast Medium: Canna Coco Pro+ Nutes: Canna Coco A+B The regime is perpetual, so the light is on 12/12 permanently with a new plant added to the cab every month or so. I start from seed but take cuttings as soon as possible so I can keep the cycle going. After a little break earlier this year I am now ready to start another cycle, so sit tight and I'll show you how I grow in a 1 cubic foot space.
  11. Hello everyone, Is 60cm grow space enough height? Let me know your thoughts. Thanks, Croc.
  12. Hi guys my girlie has decided to go for a small 2 plant grow in a cupboard under a 250w HPS lamp. Being the hairy chested medallion wearer that I am I like to look like a fountain of knowledge, now I understand that any strain can be trained to accommodate a small area, but I was wondering if anyone with micro growing experience prefers 1 strain in particular? Any help or comments (including sarcasm and down right cheek) are always appreciated.
  13. Hi guys ! Here is my proposed grow space for my first grow. Unfortunately I have to go for a stealth grow but have seen some amazing results on here, Alot of them in even smaller spaces than mine !! Anyway I have converted an old set of ikea drawers measuring roughly 1.8 x 1.5 x 1.3 ft. Its a simple setup but hopefully I can work with it. I will be using a 200 watt dual spec CFL and using pc fans for ventilation. http://i68.tinypic.com/315mvbr.jpg http://i63.tinypic.com/takoyh.jpg http://i65.tinypic.com/257mw75.jpg Let me know what you guys think all opinions welcome. P.s Sorry I didnt know how to turn the pictures round as they are the right way up on my laptop
  14. Aghan Kush Dry Bud

    From the album Bonsai Style CFL

  15. Afghan Kush Dry Bud

    From the album Bonsai Style CFL