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Found 4 results

  1. Hi folks! I trust you are all doing well. I'm here to let you know about Lezley's defence fund. As you may know, Lezley & Mark Gibson, formerly of THC4MS (see the archive in this forum) were busted again in January and have chosen to fight the prosecution in court. The police offered Mark the option of pleading guilty and they would drop the charges against his wife, but she has chosen to go to trial. Considering her multiple sclerosis is exacerbated by stress, this is a courageous decision, but one that is typical of this brave woman. This case may be hugely significant as Lezley will be arguing that she needs cannabis to be well but cannot afford a private prescription. Now that the medicinal use of cannabis has been legally recognised, it is appropriate that Lezley's case should be the one to re-establish the defence of medical necessity in British courts since the last time she was prosecuted - in the THC4MS trial, a dozen years ago - was the occasion upon which the non-viability of that defence was confirmed after an Appeal Court ruling squashed it (the 'Quayle' decision). She is seeking to raise £5000, initially, to instruct a legal team, but has been told her eventual legal costs are likely be at least £30,000. Lezley is currently using prescription cannabis imported from Holland at a cost of about a grand per month, which she obviously cannot afford. She and Mark could be growing her own medicine at negligible cost and must be allowed to do so. Please support this cause as generously as you can. https://www.crowdjustice.com/case/lezleys-medical-cannabis-fight/
  2. A new commercial venture, Crop17, has been set up to help people jump through the hoops of fire to obtain a Home Office license to legally grow cannabis in the UK. Real estate company Savills and cannabis consultancy Hanway Associates have teamed up with indoor growing specialist CambridgeHOK. The aim of the project is to help investors enter the medical cannabis production and export market. Conservative Party donor, Savills, who are better known for selling high-end homes made the partnership to form Crop17 that they claim will help farmers with sourcing equipment, knowing the best land for the crop, and navigating the huge legal minefield to obtain the correct paperwork to grow and sell the Class B drug. Read more at: https://feed-the-birds.com/business/toy-party-donor-facilitate-licenses-grow-weed-uk-crop17/
  3. Hi, was passed this link by a friend of mine with breast cancer (operated) and my sister will undergo operation on the 13th of december for breast cancer too. Thought might be of some interest ? https://thewest.com.au/news/wa/experimental-pot-trial-leads-to-breast-cancer-breakthrough-ng-ya-124685 Best wishes and stay healthy
  4. Hello there uk420, I have recently read with my mother a few interesting studies revealing the properties of cannabis as an agent to fight obesity and helping users to lose weight. My main source is this article (http://www.amjmed.com/article/S0002-9343(13)00200-3/abstract) which reveals that " marijuana use was associated with lower levels of fasting insulin and HOMA-IR, and smaller waist circumference." The solution after some research about how to give her the cannabis has been through the preparation of cannabis infused coconut oil, having read an user claiming extreme weight loss after 12 months, dosing 2-3 small spoonfuls of the substance. My question is NOT about if cannabis does actually help you to lose weight, but it's about the strains to be used. A sativa? Hybrid? Autoflower? My mother does NOT like the effects of cannabis, however she doesn't dislike the idea of having a body stone and feeling sleepy, however I know that ingesting cannabis can cause some stronger effects ... I assume then, a weak indica should be the solution? The studies have not revealed the way they administered the cannabis nor the dosage, so that's why I've taken that example as a start. We are not talking about an extremely obese person, but clearly overweight, but around 20-25 kg over her ideal weight. I hope this makes sense, and thanks a lot for your time. I'm going to follow the recipe from this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CIo7-s89eQU#t=429 I will be using 7 grams of premium buds, instead of 14 grams of trim, maybe it's too much? As I said I don't want her to trip balls Have a great day and good health. ... the Wizard