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Found 5 results

  1. Hi I am very new to growing weed and still have a lot to learn-i'm just half way through my first grow and as I think it's going pretty well (touch wood) I'm sure I can still improve my tent. It's 2/1/2 ten with wilma 8x18l system filled with clay pebbles. I have 4 auto vertigo plants from paradise seeds on left and 8 quick ones from royal queen seeds on the right. I use 2x mars hydro tsw2000 panels and they are doing a good job so far but it looks like they are not enough to get a max potential of them plants. I read a lot on this forum and a lot of websites plus all youtube growing diaries and my mate grows for years in soil under hps lights. Now to the point: These mars panels give very good light but I don't believe in what they claim that they flower 90/90cm as I have measured light intensity with my phone (I know its not best tool but shows the difference) 10" directly below the panel light appears to 4-5 time more intensive then just 4" to the side of it. When I was looking for best light for my tent (and value for money) I though 90/90cm will be ok but my plants take all the space of that tent now and I started thinking of upgrading my light. I don't really want to get rid of them panels as they aro good just don't cover 100% of my growing space(and I have paid nearly 500 quid for them. First idea was to get one more led panel but my mate suggested hps as he knows them well as he was growing under them for years (they were old street light etc up to 800W) but as I was going through the forum CMH got my attention. Does it make sense to push my led panels close to the sides of the tent and set them on a slight angle and place CMH bulb right in the centre of the tent with more of the flatter reflector to cover more surface? ps. Are there any less powerful cmh bulbs then 315W or can they be dimmable? That's how it lokks now (week ago in termns of plants themselfs):
  2. Veg tent set up

    From the album Summer 2019

  3. Winter ready

    From the album Summer 2019

  4. Hi Guys, I'm Dave and I'm a noob to growing. Im finding it difficult to get information regarding cheaper LED brands as a lot of the brands mentioned on forums/youtube seem to be either exclusive to the US or not around anymore and certainly not accessible to me in the UK. So, to the setup so far: 4ftx4ftx6ft tent 5" rvk fan with 6" carbon filter attached for outlet 4" rvk fan for inlet plagron allmix root bags beginners mistake: 1 x Wappa, 1 x vertigo (auto), 1 x Mexican Sativa, 1 x ruderalis indica (semi-auto) and 1 x either cambodian or jam sensi... and yes I now know I shouldn't have gone for all different seeds, but they're about 6" tall now and I don't want to start again. I figured I'd just experiment this 1st time and use it as a learning experience and not be too upset about yield. I managed to get all the above for what I think is a good price (£200). the final thing I've been researching is my lighting and my eyes are finding it difficult to cope with reading screens most the day trying to find the best bang for my buck without getting fleeced. I've got an absolute max budget of £300 and I definitely need to go the LED route due to other means producing too much heat. I've been in-touch with Mars who recommended the mars2 1200W or the reflector 192. They seem okay, however, I'm not fully convinced as I've heard that 1200w lets out a lot of heat. Should i go for one big light to cover it all all loats of small ones? Heat is something i want to keep to a bare minimum and 300 quid is max. As you can tell ive only really found mars to be within my range and would really like to hear about other affordable trustworthy brands. I would really appreciate any of your suggestions. thank you Dave