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Found 9 results

  1. Hey guys, I am going to be using a 4x4 and been overwhelmed by the choices of leds on the market and I few I have come to the point of choosing between: mars hydro ts3000w (£349) spider farmer sf4000 (£415) im not too fussed about the difference in price if it means I don’t have to buy twice but if the difference really is negligible I may aswell go for mars. Just looking for some opinions from you experts out there. thanks in advance
  2. Gorilla glue lst veg

    From the album Summer 2019

  3. LST

    From the album Summer 2019

  4. Veg tent open for business

    From the album Summer 2019

  5. Veg tent set up

    From the album Summer 2019

  6. Hello and welcome to my grow I started a thread here a few days ago and posted some YouTube videos in it but for security reasons it had to be deleted. Hopefully I can do this thread justice and include some more detailed information for you guys. I will be kicking off this grow with some pics from day 16 but I'm actually on day 20 since germination now. Strains Grown 3x Critical + 2.0 1x Strawberry Amnesia Equipment 4x4 homebox evolution tent 1x Mars hydro 48 reflector led 2x Mars hydro 300w leds 1x Hailea 4 outlet Aco9610 air pump 1x 4 inch manrose 3 speed inline fan 1x 4 inch Mountain Air carbon filter 1x Delonghi 500w radiator with thermostat 4x 10 litre buckets for Veg 4x 20 litre buckets for flower I will be adding a Migro 100 led to the grow at the end of the month and I'm excited to test this light out Nutrients & Additives General Hydroponics 3 part flora series Advanced Nutrients B52 Mammoth P General Hydroponics Diamond Nectar Great White Mycorrhizae Cal Mag Silca It all started just over 20 days ago now where I started out with 3 feminised Critical + 2.0 seeds and 1 feminised Strawberry Amnesia seed which I bought myself about 4 months ago. The 4 seeds were put between moistened paper towels in a lunch box with normal tap water with a starting ppm of 320 and put in a warm place with the lid slightly open, after 48 hours all 4 seeds had germinated and had a 1/4 inch tap root. The seedlings were transplanted to 1 inch rockwool cubes that were pre-soaked for 48 hours in normal tap water PH'D to 5.8 and put under a humidity doom with 2 T5 22w lights, the humidity was kept at 90% and temps 20 degrees. For the following 8 days I just kept the rockwool moist with normal tap water not Ph'd, on day 8 they were transferred to the dwc system. From day 8 to day 20 they have only received 3ml micro, 2ml grow, 1ml bloom and silica, cal mag, diamond nectar, mammothP, b52, and two of the plants got Great White Mycorrhizae. The reason they have'nt got much of a feeding is my starting ppm is so high (320) that I haven't been able to start a feeding schedule yet and at the moment I'm just trying to keep the plants happy and healthy until my reverse osmosis system arrives. The only problems i have encountered so far is the strawberry amnesia had a calcium deficiency that was caught early and fixed, the SA is a cal mag oholic and the critical plant no3 is showing some signs of a mag deficiency. I will give a detailed break of the feeding schedule once the osmosis system arrives. The 3 Critical plants are labelled 1 to 3 in the order which they germinated and the strawberry amnesia is labelled SA Day 16 Strawberry Amnesia roots day 16 1x mars Hydro 48 reflector and 1x Mars Hydro 300w and currently in use All 4 plants were topped on day 19 after the 5th node. DAY 20 There was an explosion of growth once the roots hit the dwc system Critical No1 has longer slender leaves with really tight node spacing. Critical No2 has really wide indica leaves and the spacing is also really tight. Critcal No3 is like an in between of 1 and 2 and the node spacing is more on the stretchy side. You can notice the magnesium deficiency in this image. And the strawberry amnesia has some Jurassic looking leaves which I wasn't expecting at all, I thought this strain would have long slender leaves. You can see the purple stems due to cal mag problems I'm having with this plant, hopefully a good feeding schedule will correct this. That's it for now, I will do a weekly update on this grow or maybe even two Thanks for checking in
  7. Hi peeps, I've got three nice ladies Fruity Pebble from Karma on the go for my first grow. They look promising after being popped from seed in late June they are now getting big in what I guess is their fourth week of veg after a three week seedling stage? They are on 24 hour light under a Mars Reflector 48 (480w) led. I was going to flip them this week as I'm going away for a couple of week in late October and I thought I could finish them by then. But then I got ambitious and I've just transplanted them from 8l pots to 20l's! The new plan is to veg for a few more weeks then flip and harvest when I get back from holiday. They may be humongous by then and space is an issue so I need some advice on training them in their final weeks of veg and first weeks of flower, whilst they are still supple. I guess I'll start with a scrog net and tying the down? I haven't done much pruning, just some dead leaves and then low ones when I was stoned but I took off a nice one and got spooked! Can anyone also advise me on adding nutes to my Formulex Universal and Nitrozyme diet? Also any general thoughts and tips would be great! I really think these can go! I'll add pics pretty regularly
  8. Mars Hydro 300w 140w actual.

    From the album Badbadgers Burrow Grows..

    As title says 1 Mars Hydro 300w 140w actual.
  9. Mars Hydro LED 300w/140w actual

    From the album Badbadgers Burrow Grows..

    This is just a snap of the light produced a a Mars Hydro 300w/140w actual. I took it to compare against 1 x 35w CMH.