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Found 11 results

  1. Story people, bit of a newbie here, quick question on flowering/ pre veg node setup, if anyone can chip in give me their view would be appreciated. Running 3 creme caramel, fast versions by sweet seeds, 2 pheno types among the 3 girls, awesome vigorous veg so far from pheno 1(as I'm calling her), I'm growing in limited space and Wana keep the numbers down, so I've been fucking with mainlining, got the canopy within 6 inches, all the tops are now poking out the scrog screen, the girls a veging bout 6.5 week, the are responding to outrageously well to mainlining, got average 9 healthy main colas per plant, all defoliateed below the net with 3 nodes set up just above the net. right I've been debating to flip them, each of the colas are peaking out of the net as described and have on average three nodes within two inches of each other as described. Question is how many more nodes before the flip?? Will I get more in flower? Is three nodes enough to stretch into a donkey dick of a cola, answers on a post card. Peace. I hope someone can make sense of wtf I've described.
  2. auto-mazars-manifold.jpg

  3. Hi all As the title says, I think I fucked up big. I waited till 6 nodes before topping to the 4th. I then removed all the growth tips below and left the leaves. Later, I decided to top down to the 3rd instead to keep plants shorter. But then, after I'd topped, realised I had no growth tips. What do I do? Plants appear healthy but growth has simply stopped now. Have I ruined this crop already? Info: Seed in house genetics "iced out" Light 600w vipar led Medium Coco / pebble 60/40
  4. Hi everyone and welcome along to my very first attempt at growing....anything....ever! ive been lurking in this site for a couple of years but have finally went out and bought myself everything (I think) I need to grow my own bush. KIT 75x75x200 budbox tent 4” td extract fan, acoustic ducting and rhino hobby cf 660w dimmable ballast + 250w mh (veg) 600w hps (flower) 6” clip fan and 9” floor fan STRAINS GROWING 2 x Dinafem White Widow 2 x Dinafem Blue Cheese im going to be attempting to follow Nebula’s Manifold technique from the GWE site as I’ve been reading up on this for years and it seems like the way for me. I had my gear running for a few days before my seeds arrived just to make sure I could control the temp and humidity and after some hammering and sawing I got it sitting steady at 24c and 30% with the 600w lamp in and ballast cranked up to 660w. Those td fans are pretty good! My seeds arrived yesterday and I immediately planted them in little biodegradable pots 3/4 filled with coco and pre-soaked with plain tap water. Once the standing water had run out the pots I placed each seed in pointy side down and covered loosely with a 1/2” layer of coco. I then popped them into my propagator and into the airing cupboard covered with a towel to keep it dark. Temps are ranging from 18c when the heating goes off and 24c when it’s on. Humidity steady around 55-60%. They’ll be staying in there until they’ve cracked the surface then it’s out of the airing cupboard and into the tent under 250w mh with the extract running. I’m using ionic nutes but will be starting them off with some formulex until probably the second set of fan leaves then switch to 1/4 strength nutes Once they're 6 nodes high it will be time for the first top and clean up then tie the branches down to begin forming my manifold. Let them grow another couple of nodes each side then it’s one last top and clean up. They’ll be vegged until just below 1/2 my desired finishing height then it’ll be in with the 600w HPS, ballast down to 400w and increase it up to 660w week by week Ill be posting pics as I go so feel free to jump in with any pointers, criticism (good and bad) or just for a blether. Below are a couple of pics of my tent and ventilation. Next photos will be when they pop their heads through to say hello cheers for reading Tent is in the en-suite of my bedroom with the shower ripped out. Kept the sink and toilet in case I spend too much time up here with the girls ha extract rigged up to an existing, unused extractor fan which vents out through the roof
  5. 20161205 172344

    From the album Skunk #1 Seedsman mainlining

    Skunk #1 mainlining
  6. OB2 - Mainlined - Week 6

    From the album Orange-berry's

  7. OB2 - Mainlined - Week 6

    From the album Orange-berry's

  8. OB2 - Mainlined - Week 6, Mainifold

    From the album Orange-berry's

  9. OB5 Mainlined - Manifold

    From the album Orange-berry's

  10. OB1 Mainlined closeup, main manifold

    From the album Orange-berry's