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Found 2 results

  1. ok folks stand back make way for mr billy big bollocks and his book of billy bullshit ..now then lets get a few things out of the way from the off ,ive seen the quality of the other competition entrants ,coys ,sweets4my sweets ,blackpool bouncer yes ive seen them ..you perfectionists you ..and i have to say this diary is in no way in competition with you guys ...theres no way your going to be able to yield as much as me ,itll never happen im a kilo per branch minimum kinda guy ..and im prepared to use every tactic known to jorge cervantes to try and get that yield down into the region you guys will be at ,otherwise it just wouldnt be fair would it ..ive also decided to nip in a bit earlier than hip hip ..simply cos he got a much nicer camera and a steadier hand ..right next thing ..i fully expect a one star rating from a couple of people ..fire away when ready chaps .. thirdly but mainly ...sweet seeds ...you guys fuckin rock ..cant believe how many seeds over the years you guys have offered up for us grower folk ,top work fellas and its an honour to do another grow competition ..just remember im no good at flying and i dont have a passport so dont worry bout first prize ..nice ,cheers .. ok the pleasantries have been dispensed with ..now let me explain the title of the diary that is about to commence ... i dont have space ,but i have a plan and this plan will unfold in unusual ways .. first up the grow will be in three waves ,each wave different in some way the first wave will be one seed of ice cool auto ,one of cream caramel and one of cream mandarine they will be grown at first in 4inch mesh pots with wicks using miracle grow enriched coco ..fire away if you want to bitch about miracle grow but i wont listen ive made me mind up on this ,being as its enriched with enough food for 6 months all ill have to do is add a little bloom when required ,i dont plan on using cal/mg or anything else ..just the coco and growers ark bloom .. they are started in a flooded small tiny tiny tent with a 34watt cfl in ,the first wave once at the required size will then be repotted into 3litre pots with wicks and placed under 12/12 in the main tent ,the reason for 12/12 cos theres other stuff flowering in there , the second wave will then be started using the same mesh pots and repeat for a third ,thus ensuring a staggered harvest and hopefully the simplest and easiest grow diary in the competition ,which then allows me more time to take photos and practise new voodooo ..so for now game on chaps ..game on ...fuckwittery fully allowed as always .. if i have to show testicle i will be warned . [/url] [/url] [/url] current thumb temperature is residing at [/url] up to temp and were off chaps .
  2. Heya all Thank you all again for liking my photo of CMXL and a huge thanks to Sweet seeds for giving me first prize in last month's photo competition! You guys are the best! So I mentioned that I was going to share more pictures of the grow and viola! Background: I bought a Cream Mandarine Auto seed a couple years ago but never germinated it and what with SS bringing out the XL version, I just had to run it alongside each other. I originally planned to do 3x CMXL and 1 CM in a 60x60 scrog, however nothing ever goes to plan Of those 3 CMXL, only one sprouted properly: one showed a taproot but never took root and the other cracked but didn't germinate. The method I used was the same as I did with all my SS's, which was to soak for 24-48 hours in a shot glass with a drop of PM root stimulant and then transfer carefully to a small pot. It always gave me 100% germination however this time round it failed... Unfortunately I gave the other of the 10th anniversary gratitude seed away to a mate so I ended up with one of each strain. Vegetation: As with other Sweet seeds autos, these just grew themselves. I fed them plain tap water alternating with PM root stim & liquid seaweed every other watering for the first week or two and then transplanted them to their final 6.5L square pots. These were filled with Canna Terra soil with some PM granules, whereas I started them in verve no-peat soil. Started giving them bio-silicon about 3 weeks in at a low dosage and put the scrog net in around week 3-4? The Left side is the Cream Mandarine Auto and on the right is the CMXL. Flowering and experimenting: Around about the same time (week 4-5) the flowering was starting to fill out. I wanted to try and differentiate the two strains this time by experimenting what would happen if I used PM bloom with the CM as I would have always, but use Canna Flores in the CMXL. I decided to install a cool tube and upgrade my ballast to a Lumatek 600w adjustable. This test grow was going to determine whether I can sustain a Winter/Spring grow under a 400w bulb in a 60x60 hydrolab tent which usually has high temperatures due to my setup (difficult to change these circumstances for various reasons). I'm happy to say that with the ballast tuned to 400w, running 18/6 a 400w lumatek bulb, gave the same temperatures that I would have gotten if I was running a 250w in the 60x60 without the cool tube. So, for me anyway, that was a great result. They say good things comes in 3's (or was that bad news hahaha), I had a nice surprise from Sweet seeds, placing 3rd in their photo comp This is a photo of CM ~6 weeks in and as you can see, the trichomes are forming delightfully (I really enjoyed watching them both blossom). Some macro's taken using a smartphone X clip-on mag. glass: Results:. Towards the end of the flowering, they both deviated slightly in terms of colours. The CM spread covered ~55-60% of the net, whereas CMXL only took ~30-35%. This indicated to me that if I was to grow them without training, the CMXL would have been a shorter plant than the CM. Colours wise though: wow, just wow. CMXL had some fantastic purple to red to autumn yellow to lush green and some mandarine coloured pistils. In a way, it was strange because I knew it was coming to the end of it's cycle and yet it was still spitting out new pistils. I chopped them both around 65 days after transplant (between 70-75 days from popping out of soil). They seemed ready to me and I'd also lost my smartphone earlier that day which I left stupidly screen swipe unlocked with photos of my grow and my personal details plain as day for whoever the fucking cunt of a thief took my phone from my van. CM Smoke report: It's only been a couple of weeks since I jarred them so they're by no means cured - needs at least 5-8 weeks for my liking if patience prevails. However, early tests have been that the CM is a nice gradual creeper, with pain relief and heightened awareness, although I seem to be able to concentrate on one thing only and forget about everything around me. The smoke is a smoothness I associate with most of my PM organic grows. The smell is quite earthy and has a citrus type of muskiness about it. CMXL Smoke report: Urgh. This one fucks me right up A nice tub of CMXL and a nugget of CMXL sitting on a jeweller's loupe :-) I love how the newer pistils dried into a lemony yellow and the array of yellow to gingerly red of the older ones. The purple is abundant and the smell - oh wow. It smells almost as if you were opening bottles of cleaning agents and sniffing it to see if it actually did smell like what the label says To me it smells like a chemical mango chutney that was infused with vanilla cream soda with a dash of oranges/mandarins and coconuts . Every time I burp the jars, they reek so much and fills the room quickly. It tastes like sweet orange zist with undertones of sandlewood clinging the air, very creamy and moreish. I can even make out the vanilla cream soda dancing on my tongue as I drawback more. This one makes me stretch with a big yawn and relax with me feet up. Smiling nonchalantly. [edited to add] In terms of yields, the CM was over 3 oz and the CMXL was slightly over 3oz before jarring. Thanks everyone for reading this very long report. If you read to this point then I humbly tip my hat to you.