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Found 97 results

  1. Alright Lads? She's about 16cm tall is she big enough for me to start LST? She's an auto so I don't want to top her.
  2. Under the trellis net

    From the album 4th grow

  3. Canopy

    From the album 4th grow

  4. 31/01 (W8)

    From the album 4th grow

    Week 8 of veg
  5. Disco after lst

    From the album Disco biscuit

  6. Bubblicious lst

    From the album Summer 2019

  7. Bubblicous veg

    From the album Summer 2019

  8. Veg training

    From the album Summer 2019

  9. Gorilla glue lst veg

    From the album Summer 2019

  10. Bubblicious lst

    From the album Summer 2019

  11. Gorilla glue training

    From the album Summer 2019

  12. Veg tent training time

    From the album Summer 2019

  13. Gorilla glue training

    From the album Summer 2019

  14. ok my purkle (photoperiod from real gorilla seeds ) started to get a bit lanky earlier on in the weekend ive lst'd it for now. It seems to have worked just owndering how long befor i can top thanks hers a pic shes at week 3 over all
  15. Peyote Wifi day 30

    From the album Multi Strains Seedsman

  16. Peyote wifi day 57

    From the album Multi Strains Seedsman

  17. Some LST

    From the album Sweet Gelato Auto

  18. Bending plants over to improve light penetration to lower leaves and encourage cola growth. It makes a lot of sense indoors but will it improve yields outdoors? Discuss!
  19. Anyone know where the LST threads are as I cant find any Thank you guys
  20. Hi All, This is my first post. And am just after some advice on what strains people have used to maximize yield etc while just doing LST ..... I am currently on my 2nd grow both have been very successful in my eyes.(I'm a fiend for a YouTube video and have researched everything:-) ) My issue with my last grow is the strains I used did not fill my grow space therefore felt I could go with a larger this time was 1x RQS critical auto and 1x diesel auto both very short strains(1x critical seed didn't wanna pop) 1st grow was 3x RQS white widow auto ( should of left growing longer but as was 1st grow did not LST or anything) Anyway ... Back to the question .... Best auto strain for LST ?? People thoughts ? Thanks CannaZ123
  21. Hi guys, Second posts today sorry but having a bit of a panic!! my grown room has low ceiling height from floor to the light is about 102cm, I'm running a skyline 600 led light (300 true watt). Im worried that from the top of the pot to the light is around 75-80cm so once the plants are in and grown then might get too close to the light? whats the closets a plant should get to an led light when budding? I cant really do much apart from trying to find some shorter wider pots for the plants top reduce height and LST them plants from the get go to try and reduce the height and make them wide and bushy. does this sound like it could work? if not I might have to rethink and see if I can possible gain a bit more height which will be a massive pain. thanks