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Found 87 results

  1. Veg training

    From the album Summer 2019

  2. Gorilla glue lst veg

    From the album Summer 2019

  3. Bubblicious lst

    From the album Summer 2019

  4. Gorilla glue training

    From the album Summer 2019

  5. Veg tent training time

    From the album Summer 2019

  6. Gorilla glue training

    From the album Summer 2019

  7. ok my purkle (photoperiod from real gorilla seeds ) started to get a bit lanky earlier on in the weekend ive lst'd it for now. It seems to have worked just owndering how long befor i can top thanks hers a pic shes at week 3 over all
  8. Peyote Wifi day 30

    From the album Multi Strains Seedsman

  9. Peyote wifi day 57

    From the album Multi Strains Seedsman

  10. Some LST

    From the album Sweet Gelato Auto

  11. Bending plants over to improve light penetration to lower leaves and encourage cola growth. It makes a lot of sense indoors but will it improve yields outdoors? Discuss!
  12. Anyone know where the LST threads are as I cant find any Thank you guys
  13. Hi All, This is my first post. And am just after some advice on what strains people have used to maximize yield etc while just doing LST ..... I am currently on my 2nd grow both have been very successful in my eyes.(I'm a fiend for a YouTube video and have researched everything:-) ) My issue with my last grow is the strains I used did not fill my grow space therefore felt I could go with a larger this time was 1x RQS critical auto and 1x diesel auto both very short strains(1x critical seed didn't wanna pop) 1st grow was 3x RQS white widow auto ( should of left growing longer but as was 1st grow did not LST or anything) Anyway ... Back to the question .... Best auto strain for LST ?? People thoughts ? Thanks CannaZ123
  14. Hi guys, Second posts today sorry but having a bit of a panic!! my grown room has low ceiling height from floor to the light is about 102cm, I'm running a skyline 600 led light (300 true watt). Im worried that from the top of the pot to the light is around 75-80cm so once the plants are in and grown then might get too close to the light? whats the closets a plant should get to an led light when budding? I cant really do much apart from trying to find some shorter wider pots for the plants top reduce height and LST them plants from the get go to try and reduce the height and make them wide and bushy. does this sound like it could work? if not I might have to rethink and see if I can possible gain a bit more height which will be a massive pain. thanks
  15. Critical + 2 auto

    From the album Dinafem girls part IV

    © bluntz27

  16. Hi all, I'm going to screen of green my 9 plants in my 1.5 x 1.5 x 2.0. I usually lollypop from early stages of veg, and leave the last week or two into new pots then basic scrog method for even distribution. However, I think I haven't been creating the best method for yield. I think I need to utilize the scrog method better. I have the plants in small pots currently. My plan was to create 4 cola, then use each of the 9 segments (500 x 500) to then position a cola equally. Then moving whichever tallest cola into the available location. My trouble is to predict at which point I should be moving them into the larger tent, re-potting etc. I don't want to trim any nodes either too late, as I know that limits growth. Does anyone have any guidance on when to time creating the screen etc, so I don't leave them too long or change the flower cycle too early.
  17. critical + auto

    From the album Dinafem girls part III

    some yellowing at the bottom of plant, have upped feed.

    © bluntz27

  18. critical + auto jnr

    From the album Dinafem girls part III

    re-tied head down as it grew upwards.

    © bluntz27

  19. crit + auto jnr

    From the album Dinafem girls part III

    just tied main stem down.

    © bluntz27

  20. lst

    Bent main stem over its came back up but i can now see through the middle of it will it repair or die? Can't get pics up
  21. Hey All, I'm planning on trying some autogrows this year in a small-ish wooden growhouse, maybe double the depth one of those pop-up green plastic things which I'm going to try and squeeze six, 10 litre poly pots in (pots will fit snugly side-by-side) I have some anxiety that I want a natural way of fixing so will be growing feminised autoflower CBD heavy (I hope) strains. Initially I did very little research and was a bit over-enthusiastic about purchasing seed, which isn't unusual with me and seeds… I got some ShortStuff fem'd Blue Himalaya (came with a couple fem Auto-Assassin and a Dr. Feelgood) and have since added some SweetSeeds fem'd Sweet Nurse Auto CBD which are on the way. I'm planning on two grows, first will be started in May directly in their pots in their final and only growing position if weather permits and will start with the Sweet Nurse first (will probably chuck in the two Auto-Assassins at the back so I won't be putting all my eggs in one basket which will probably be for someone else as they are sativa dominant) I have limited head height after taking the pots into account, if allowed to grow to their maximum, they'll stick out of the top, I've read that you can't always completely rely on what it says on the tin too so I'm planning on doing a low-fi LST to restrict the height a bit, I would like to try and confine them to their own pot diameter as they'll be a tight fit with their neighbours. Will Start the second batch late June to first quarter of July depending on how the first batch is looking, I have another space that should be free by then so they'll be able to sit there for a couple of weeks while the first batch finishes, and if the wait is too long, can be modified to be their forever home. I'm going to use an enviromesh clone to keep out the bugs, it allows in 75% of the air and 90% of the light but will give it an opaque look when I need to open all the doors and lid at peak summer so should help with neighbours glancing over. The medium I'm planning on using is a 35 litres of filtered-stream-peat based multi-purpose compost, 20 litres worm castings and 5 litres of either vermiculite or perlite, with organic feeds later in the grow if necessary. Is an LST grow confined to it's own pot unrealistic? The front row (or back) can be trained slightly forward allowing more space for the both rows as I have little bit of depth to play with. Could I train the front three low and back three slightly higher with LST to maximise light for back row? I've trained grapes, fruit trees toms and other assorted vines and plants in the past and will again but am I mad wanting to train with LST outdoors at all on my first real grow? Advice and questions are welcome Thanks a bunch, spent many hours browsing the site already (haven't visited the site in a very long time) Pariah. Lat 51
  22. Hello fellow growers! Here I am Agen with another diary of mine , this will be my 2nd diary and my 4 ever grow! Here I haven 3 DP - auto Colorado cookies , I have one in 8lt pot (might put this one in the garden ) and two in 15 Lt pots that's getting trained. Today is week 3! I've skipped a few as I've been tied up with stuff and they ain't much to look at eaither that young I've started them off under a GN ms0006 led untill tonight where I'll put them under the hps 600w! No perlite has been used just pure soil , Nutes I'm using are plant magic OT grow and bloom with root stim from start. Feed atm is 0.5 grow 2ml root stim Per liter of tap water left for 24 hours 15lt pot 6lts of water gives a good 20% run off. 8lt pot 3-4lts gives this a good run off also which had never stuffed me up . Here they are , just started to pop very tiny pistilis today ,been bent over and tied down also! Thanks for looking atb growers!
  23. Charlotte's Angel (Photoperiod)

    From the album 2018 - Lowryder auto, CBD White Domina, Charlottes Angel (photo/auto)

    Soooo, Here's my Charlotte's Angel photoperiod plant. She's feminised and has been a right fussy girl. I started with very minimal nutes, the lowest recommended by biobizz and there was nutrient burn almost immediately and the leaves were lime green for a long time. I decided to flush her completely just to be sure and then no nutes for a good two weeks after that. After doing some reading on low stress training I started tying her down and training. Unfortunately I was a bit heavy handed and snapped the stem a bit :/ . Luckily with some bamboo and rubber band surgery, she was back in the game. A knuckle appeared at the snap site and she's been fine since. I didn't realise that this was 'supper cropping' , it just happened by accident. I think she's probably around 6 or 7 weeks old now maybe. The side shoots are growing up fast. I've been trimming or tucking the fan leaves when they've been covering anything. I think this plant would be around a foot and a half tall vertical. I'm considering cloning when she gets a bit bigger but I've stressed her plenty so far so not quite yet! Bags.