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Found 114 results

  1. I've got a Gorilla Glue Auto and a Cream Mandy XL Auto in the tent. They're both almost 5 weeks old (34 days to be exact) but the Cream Mandy is notably taller than the Gorilla Glue and I'm getting worried about the CM getting too close to the light or the GG getting too far away. I did do some LST a few weeks back which is why the plants look quite bushy.. But the GG has started growing the odd bollock so I want to avoid upsetting her as much as possible. At this point is it too late to perform any further LST on the CM to bring her down? If it's not too late, can anyone advise on the best way to do it? If it is too late, I'll just stand the GG on a milk crate to give her the extra height she needs.
  2. here is a method for training auto flowering plants ive used it on auto's that go from seed to flower in 8, 9, 10 weeks 12L fabric pots and coco, if that matters. its really easy - there's only 3 stages and it works. massive growth, but everything keeps really low. its ideal for anyone struggling with height. how low? well most plants are in the 300-500mm (from top of pot) and ive had 1 that was 600mm but that was a big-genetic type tools and stuff you'll need are some soft rubber w/wire. I use the thick soft stuff you see everywhere, make sure its got the wire in the core though first stage, being stage 1, is at 10 days from when the seedling has come out of the coco and showed its first true leaves get the main stem down/over only. nothing else and most if not all of the time it just ends up being pulled to one side, but thats ok a lot of people might say that 10 days is too young to be pulling on the stem, however I mean really gently. the reason that I do it now and not at 2 weeks/5 nodes is that even at 2 weeks ive found some stems to be too stiff and I end up manhandling them more than id like to bend them over. I just find its easier at 10 days when the stems are still bendable, and ive found no issues with doing it this way. at all. next is step 2, done at 21 days/3 weeks here is before and again get the main stem down again then, working around the pot from one side of the main stem, bend 5 of the best branches spread out like fingers on a hand, spread out around the pot you should have 6 now including the main this is where you'll need some ties and here's a different plant also at this point ill remove most if not all of the leaves and other stems that are inside of the pot all the leaves are growing into each other not to mention down into the coco how to get the main stem down? slowly. and carefully, supporting all the bend point with as much fingers as you can then what I do is if you look at the tie on the main stem, I get most of the tension, as much as I dare so its nice and tight, in the first tie thats closest to the pot, get that secured, and newest growth is easier then to bend down and fix in place with the second tie at this point, most of the branches may not reach the sides of the pot, but thats ok - we're just pointing them in the direction, and at the height, you want them to be keep the middle well clear - you'll thank me later 6 stems including the main seems to be optimum - ive tried more but it gets packed enough as it is last bit is step 3, at 28 days/4 weeks before get the main stem down again going round the other branches, bend the ends down to make them longer. they should have reached the sides of the pot but even now dont worry if some haven't bend everything down and out again I trim up a couple of nodes again on each branch and the main stem like so here's another and this is a shot of the next day, 4 ladies done. there nothing else you need to do now like I said growth is massive. but managable a bit like this the reason ive put the tutorial up now instead of when the plants ive shown being trained are in full flower, is because im impatient. and someone asked for it. ill be back in a couple of weeks to show you how they are in flower mode mystic
  3. Hello all! new to the forums, and I’m looking for somewhere to journal a new grow I’m getting ready for. Ive had some small success running autoflowers and will be trying to get a new staggered grow started up. I’ve been on a fast buds kick for about a year now and I’ll be starting with their wedding glue and lemon pie autos. once seeds pop and there’s some action I’ll share pics as well. would love some company on this garden journey!
  4. Having never really been one for training of any type let alone SOG, SCROG etc I have decided that I want to give it a go, or at least dip a toe in some LST to get me going. I have read about all there is to read on the various methods and really like the look of the Nebula Haze methods of LST and SOG.... Having read and re-read only one question seems to remain fixed in my little brain and that is.... How much extra Veg time should be allowed when undertaking LST, SOG? I may be wrong but I am assuming that after topping and splitting you need to extend the veg time to allow for the extra growth required to make a decent low level canopy.... Happy to be guided if I am not thinking this through clearly or overthinking... Wouldn't be the first time!! Cheers
  5. hi all. so i now have my plant in my GT424 NFT system... question is how the heck do you do LST ?? obviously in a bucket i would drill holes and tie branches down, but not so easy in the NFT tray
  6. Hi, I am growing for the first time. I have a 60 x 60 x 140 tent and am maintaining a good temperature and decent level of humidity. My 2 seedlings are 10 days old and just forming their 3rd set of leaves! So far so good. Variety: Amnesia Haze (fast fem) Soil: Super fine seedling compost Pots : 4 inch Watering with 6.2 pH (adjusted tap water) I have a few questions which I hope you can answer for me please. My leaves are just across to the edges of the pots - should I repot now? And should I repot to final pots (7.5lt) or choose something halfway? I have a bag of Canna Coco - should my plants be going into this now (repot)? Will it be a good time to cut main stem once 6 sets of leaves appear - I intend to cut just above 4th node? Am I correct in assuming that after topping ( say 3 or 4 days ) I should be fine to start LST? Finally (phew I hear you say), when should I add nutrients? Thank you for your patience, please help this locked-down Grandma on her first adventure!
  7. Shit on it i was doing some LST and a brand clean snapped off... it was a side branch not main stem but quite high up as branchs go its day 16 for this poor auto amnesia Be honest, be harsh, i know this is bad bur how bad? At the very least its a massive lesson learnt.
  8. Hey guys, So because this is my first growing I would like to ask if you think that it´s time to trim the bigger leaves or just do LST. It´s the 3rd and half week of these autoflowers and I´m seeing the big leafs covering most of the new plants want to come out especially from the Northern light (down left corner) and the Gorilla Auto (up left corner). The northern light looks a little bit down not sure why! Shall I wait and let them grow naturally because this is my first time growing or should I trim or LST Need some advice please Thank you
  9. Hi guys.Im newbie here and im planing to grow in a pc case.Generally indicas are short and easy to grow for beginners.I learned bunch of things like lumens,cool air and etc.My case is about to 48cm height and i'll use 7cm pot with 6 liter soil.These are the items that i'll use in my grow box. 3*50W full spectrum cob led (with fans and alluminum block leds have to stay cool) 10 liter of biobizz light mix soil 48cm height pc case 2*120mm good fan with good rpm(one will be exhaust fan with active carbon filter the other one will inhale fresh air from outside) 1*white widow auto or something that mostly indica and dwarf And im gonna cover inside of the case with alluminum car sun visor. I checked real statistics of leds.They are real 50W. 1*120mm fan for the leaves can feel the wind At the growing stage i'll use biobizz nutrients like bio bloom-grow and all mix. Do you think is there any problem about my system?50W led can produce 80lm/watt and 3*50W can produce 12K lumens.I searched for the lumen thing and i saw for the 1 plant it has to be 10K lumens minimum.Do i have to change something or system will be ok with 1 plant? Btw i'll use 18/6 at veg stage,12/12 at flowering stage.And i'll try to use low stress techniques for control my yield in case. Is that all?Do you guys wanna help for the better result? If this system will success this topic can be the best for people who wanna grow in a pc case.So please dont hesitate to fix something if its wrong on this setup.
  10. IMG-1441.JPG

    From the album My first Diary

    © Shumroom

  11. IMG-1438.JPG

    From the album My first Diary

    © Shumroom

  12. IMG-1437.JPG

    From the album My first Diary

    © Shumroom

  13. Hi guys, i'm in veg on day 12 now on a hso gorilla breath in a 10l soil pot (might start a diary soon to help others as well as myself) and its growing pretty fast under my hlg quantum board and i'm already on 3 nodes with the 4th just starting. I'm looking to yield the most bang for my buck as i use weed in either my vaporizer or also in edibles for my pain management and have found it to be the only actual effective natural medicine that i've tried, meaning that i only need around 2-3 ounces a month and i know that this small tent won't exactly cut it but at least it saves me money long term. Is the best way to go about filling the tent up for yield to top now and then begin low stress training the main branches? also do i have to wait a week for it to heal before doing this? I have looked around and have come across many different answers on the topic and thought that it would just be better to ask on here for a better opinion in my situation with such a small tent as this forum has been extremely useful in gaining knowledge Cheers you guys
  14. Anyone know what this might be appeared a few days back can provide more pics if needed, rest of the plant seems to be fine and growth doesn’t seem to be any slower.400w mhCocoCanna a and bPh 5.9 - temps 25c and 70% humidity
  15. Alright Lads? She's about 16cm tall is she big enough for me to start LST? She's an auto so I don't want to top her.
  16. Under the trellis net

    From the album 4th grow

  17. Canopy

    From the album 4th grow

  18. 31/01 (W8)

    From the album 4th grow

    Week 8 of veg
  19. Disco after lst

    From the album Disco biscuit

  20. Bubblicious lst

    From the album Summer 2019