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Found 40 results

  1. 4x3 loft revamp

    From the album Loft

    My leaky loft during a revamp. Now dry and warm. insulated and hardboarded. Bathroom extractor in the far corner is perfect to tap into for extracting.
  2. Hi guys im looking into starting a grow in a loft space above my garage. Its not a full height loft space only being above the garage. with a pitch height of 1.5m once i have added a light the grow height reduces to 1.3m. then a 250mm pot height im at around only 1m in grow height is this even feasible? drawing showing dimensions here my plan is to use short Autoflowers with lots of lst once /if the plants reach the light i plan on using a dimmer to turn the light down to prevent Scortching. thats one reason i plan to use the light i have chosen due to the large coverage area which i hope will let me run it at a lower power Cheers
  3. Im looking at building a grow box for my small attic which has already been insulated by the previous owners. The attic is quite small. I'll upload a photo so you can see. I would like to make it 1.2 m by 1.2 m wide. The measurement from top to bottom in the middle of the roof is 1.3m. The walls would be about 70cm then angle up to 1.3m. I would need to build a frame and properly seal everything. For walls Im not sure what to use. OSB board or ply? Still in early stages and would like some feed back before I attempt to build. I would like to use a 600w air-cooled hood in the box with a 6" fan outtake and 5" for intake. Looking at autopots with Coco for my next grow. I mostly grow autos. Green_bhoy.
  4. Hey all, I'm 5 weeks into my first grow in a tent, in the loft. As predicted temp control has been challenging and a big learning curve! Had an idea and welcome thoughts - I may build a small Ply/MDF box/room around the tent, maybe a foot or so bigger. Add in cut outs for ducting and a hole for the wiring, then run a fan from the house into that space - either adding air in when its cold or extracting in the summer. My thinking is its probably easier to regulate the air temp around the tent - which should stop the extreme swings without having the expense of insulating a massive area of roof and loft. I could just insulate the box room. The total air volume shouldn't be too big for a 6inch fan to supply as obviously the tent will have its own air supply to it and takes up the majority of the space. Think it would work?! My loft temps this last month swing between 12-13 and up to 37-38 Finally I'm regretting not getting a temp probe controlled extract fan as my night time lights on temps fall if the fan is left on the same setting as during the day......
  5. having finally booted up my rather antiquated laptop i thought I'd make a rolling diary for my grow space prior to starting my first grow. somewhere underneath two layers of foil lined bubble wrap is a Gorilla Grow Tents Shorty (0.8m wide x 0.6m deep x 1.4m high). Tent was chosen as its one of the very few that will fit the space i have. making the tent coat was a labour of love, all seams are sealed on both sides with silver insulation tape and the inner skin has foil flaps around the intake, outtake and electrical ports. Outer skin would have had them too but i had a rather weighty bifta and the thing was built and in the loft before i realised id forgotten them Outer layer rolls up around an old broom handle and is then held up by the bungee cables around the cross beams, inner layer opens out double door style.. inside is a Medusa Hydroponics Lotus P1 NFT system. this seems to be a pretty new piece of kit but i chose it over the GT205 as it gives me a little extra space within the tent. Lighting is a Scope 220 from our very own @diyleduk Intake is via a 4" semi-passive set up (boosted by an extractor fan built into the room below) and extraction is handled by a 5" Black Orchid Centri-Flo fan with built in speed and temperature control. Squeezed into that 25l brewing bucket is a 5" CarboAir 50 filter to remove any funky odours before the old air is pushed out of the eaves. At the minute I'm just running it empty and keeping an eye on internal and external temps and humidity prior to embarking on my first grow, readings are within reasonable limits and seem pretty stable for now but time will tell.. I've got a few ideas for future grows, first of which will probably be a small water heater to keep res temps up (depending on how they do in the future). I'd love to hear any ideas or recommendations - thanks for reading
  6. Hey, Im planning my first set up, it will be in my garage loft which is sandwitched between two houses, im in the UK The garage is insulated upto ceiling joists only and it stays about 11c above outside temps, outside temps are around 2c at the moment and temps dropped to -2c last couple of nights. So inside is 11-13c with no heating. The garage loft where i plan to grow is not insulated so i will be building a grow box from insulated foam For arguments sake the box will be 1.2 x 1.2 x1.5m The garage loft temp when the garage below is 13c and outside temp is 2c is around 9c so pretty chilly. But no where near as bad as outside (can get to -3c) I will be drawing warm air into The insulated box from inside the house. Where temp is about 20c during the day. And 17c at night I will be using a fan speed thermostat controller to control the speed and temperature inside the tent I plan on using autoflowers so i can keep lights on 24/7 to further help with heat production In addition to this i will be using a heat matt with a thermostat in the plants roots to stop it dropping An idea i have floating around in my head to try and do a diy heat recovery system to also help save some heat leaving the box My question is, What is the minimum ventilation amount i can get away with? To prevent as much heat loss from the grow box as possible.
  7. So I’ve spent the last few weeks sorting the loft out again. I have a 1.5 x 1.5 x 1.8 green cube tent up there for past couple of years. It always felt a bit cramped and the plants were only 6” off top of the footloose I just did. So I’ve fucked the tent off and lined the walls. Upgraded to 10” fan and filter. Getting 2 more CMH to go with the 4 I’ve got. Ive been hand watering in mud since day dot but I’m now moving on to coco. So I’ve also got a dripper system which I’ll put together soon or hopefully when @GSZZ puts that guide up if you get some spare time. Also got a medusa drain to waste so no more waiting for run off to come out then sponging it all up in a bucket. Im well happy with it. All it needs now is my cuttings off a mate of mine in next week or so
  8. I currently grow in a loft. Temps can get obscene during the winter and the summer. Loft growing is an Extreme sport I will say!!! Ive used 100mm kingspan between all joists but temps get too high and i think my girls are suffering, I'll post some pics later when its drink time. Girls flower during our nighttime so the temps are cooler however, the girls nighttime (our day time) can be very hot. I used aircon last year but to not much use, it only reduced it down a couple of degrees and burnt a massive hole in my pocket, i was nearly chomping through 6kw per hour everyday.....soon adds up!!! Im toying with the idea of going LED - I like the maxibright 600w daylight led however is too big for my current 1x2x2 tent, it has a footprint of 1.1m squared. I may upgrade to a 1.2 x 2.4m tent but I was thinking I might ditch the tent and swap so my girls flower during our daytime so I can make use of the excess heat with my led and the girls would be cooler at night time. If i ditch the tent and just use the loft space, there's more room for air circulation and more head height. Thinking of lights on at 9am and off at 9pm. This is a summer only fix, in winter, i would return to the safety of my tent and heater
  9. with my loft tent set up and ready to grow its about time I started my first diary Around the 1st May i dropped my Dinafem Critical Mass CBD seed into water and popped it into a mini heated propagator. 24h later and it'd cracked and the tap root was starting to emerge so i placed it carefully into a rootit sponge and placed the lot into my temporary veg cabinet. she had some difficulties throwing her shell off so after a day or two i eased it off and left her to get on with things - unfortunately i hadn't noticed that a bit of shell pith was still clinging on and this prevented the cotyledons from properly opening for another day or two before i worked up the courage to cut them free with a razor blade now 5 days from germination shes starting to spread her wings a bit - shes not coming on as quick as I'd have liked but i suspect i may have left her in the closed heated prop for a little too long, plus the closed cupboard with no ventilation is hardly a perfect environment - will definitely have to have to work out something better for next time plan is to let her settle into the rootit sponge, then once she's happy move her into a 4" rockwool cube and hand water for a bit before dropping her in the NFT tray... super excited (and a little nervous) to finally have my first grow on the go - looking forward to some home grown weed in T minus 12-16 weeks and counting
  10. Hi all Does anybody know the answer to the question in the title? Reason im asking as I am in week 4 flower, starting week 5 tomorrow and I feel the plants are coming on very slowly, and my Swiss skunk is supposed to be renowned to be a fast finisher, well I can tell you now it isnt. So I can only think 600w is not enough for the size of my room. It is hung vertically inside a 1m parabolic. My room is 2.3m wall to wall wide (7.5ft) by 2m long from wall to door. But the plants dont come that far forward, when they were vegging and small I could keep all plants in a 4ft sq space but as they will out they are literally filling the while 2.3m width now. But I don't think the flower production is that fast at all, do I need to upgrade to 1000w to kick out the most of that space? Parabolic is hung around 1.7m tall The only other thing I can think of is it sleeping temps are high because of being in a loft. Lights come on at night and off during day, now I can see why that would cause stretch and stress but I dont see that in the plants. If you would like to see I have a diary (link in sig) this is not an advertisement but if I might need to upgrade my lights then today is the best day to do so as I am busy rest of week so it all depends what you guys think. MMT
  11. Grow 3 - Day 9

    From the album Third Grow

  12. First off I need to shows my appreciation to Sweet Seeds for running this comp again ! Amazing prizes and giveaways !! This will be my first diary on here, I did start one for the comp in 2017 but had to shut down halfway through meaning I wasn't able to finish . I have now started back up and on a mission to get those jars filled back up I am going to be growing four Crystal Candy Autos starting them off in my veg room and then finishing them in the flower room. The description of the flavour of this strain has always intrigued me "sweet and fruity, with tones of chewing gum and fruit jellies, mixed with hints of acid strawberry and mature melon" I can wait to give it a try I am a loft grower and have had to battle the usual woes - low headroom, irregular shape, no water and fluctuating temps. I have sectioned off half of my loft with foil bubble insulation creating a room sealing it from the drafts in the loft and stabilising the environment. This has worked well and actually helps keep a decent temp on its own. Inside I have built a veg room (on the left) and a larger flower room (at the back) using 50mm insulation boards. The rooms hold temp really well and I manage grow in them all year round no problem all though with heating and decent sized fans. # I used to cart litres and litres of water up the loft for watering and growing in coco with daily waterings this became quite tiresome, one of the best things I have done to make life easier for myself was to put a 100 litre water butt up there. I have a maxijet 1000 in there to keep the water circulating and aerated and just take water from there when I need it. I don't bother with a heater in it and just take a bit of hot water up with me if needed. The other added bonus of this is I can eventually get around to adding some drippers and automating my feeds. I will be starting off the Crystal Candy's in the veg room as the flower room is currently full with one of Sweet Seeds other strains Speed+, I had hoped these would be ready by Christmas but they just seem to be chucking out loads more white hairs and fattening up, I have had worse problems I must say I a mighty impressed with them though, they have grown a fair old size. So the veg room... It is a 1.2m squared area with 1.5m maximum height at the front and 80cm at the back. Extraction is handled by a 8" RVK and rhino pro filter, I have this on a 5 step controller and rarely ever have to have it above 2 so I suppose I maybe went a bit to big with it but it seem to do the job well and hold a stable environment. Temps are currently sitting between 25 and 28 with the fan on 1. I dont run a inlet fan on here as i have found I have never needed it. I have a 6" fan there but it's never been used. I just use some 8" ducting coming from the room below as a passive intake a this seems to work well. I have only just changed the lighting in here from 2 x 4 tube T5's to a 250w metal halide so this is something I am going to need to keep an eye on but it has been running now for a couple of weeks and seems to be fine. The 250w MH is running off a 600w ballast so I have room to up the wattage there if needed (and if i have enough height) but hopefully I will be able to move them over to the flower room soon which has a 600w HPS in there. Onto the plants... I am using Ecothrive coco as a medium and have planted the seeds directly into 11 litre pots. I would normally use the paper towel method so was a bit anxious about doing it this way but I thought it is the way nature intended and with auto's being on a limited timescale I figured this would give them the best start and allow them to settle in without any disturbance. So pots were filled with coco, pre-wetted with half strength formulex, a small hole made in the middle, a few plant magic granules sprinkled in and then the seed dropped in and covered over. The seeds were planted on the 15th December and all four had poked their heads up by the 18th, I like to class this as Day 1. I think planting directly is going to be my way forward from now on as it seems to be a success. One of the seeds (bottom right - No. 4) was still holding on to its seed coat and I found a little intruder, I have a few fungus gnats which I can't seem to totally eradicate which I think is what it looks like.. By Day 2 they has all started to grow their first set of true leaves and the intruder doesn't seem to of caused any bother at all and they are all looking good. Onto Day 3 (today) and they are all looking nice and healthy with their first set of leaves growing out well, I am sure it won't be long before these take off. I will keep things updated as they move along
  13. Hi all, I've been growing on and off for the last 8/9 years, been awol for a while and now back again, been reading loads on this forum for years, just came back with a new handle. The house I live in has a secret room accessible through the attic, I'm currently in the process of turning it into a grow room. I have a few questions so feel free to give advice on any/ all of them. I have been cleaning the room up as it had what seems like 100 years worth of dust up there. I've also extended the ring main in there meaning I have a 32a ring main just for this room and another room with 2 double sockets in with low electricity usage. For now I've just put a double socket in and have connected 3 x 25w cfl's to a plug and screwed them to a beam so I have light up there. The room looks up into the loft but I will be boarding that up giving me a 2.7m height, but I'll lose a small amount when I put the floor in. I will be running C16 timber perpendicular to the current floor joists to add more strength, I will add insulation between these and then put tongue and groove chipboard flooring down. I have started filling some of the holes in the brickwork and need to get this painted, I need some advice on what to use, I've been looking at Dulux trade weathershield masonry paint as it "contains a fungicide to inhibit mould growth on the paint film and help it stay cleaner for longer" it's £25 for 7.5L and I'll probably need 2 of them, is this overkill paintwise? if so please feel free to advise me. I need to paint the roof battens and other wood up there, what would be best? something like cuprinol? For insulating the roof I have 170mm rockwool loft insulation, the roof battens are 78mm so should I just screw some 100mm timber to some of them and put the insulation between them? I would then put plasterboard over this for more insulation. I plan on venting out the chimney via the loft and intake fresh air from the house. Black-Beard
  14. Hi all; Initially posted this on General Growing questions section of the site, but advised its sits better here (so aplogies for duplication). So I'm brand new to this growing lark and having some issues with my first grow that I'd appreciate some help with as there seems to be so much conflicting advice out there! I'm still learning and reading as much as I can, so please be gentle! I've established a loft grow for stealth reasons. I've built a grow box approx 80x80x120cm high from timber, clad in ply with glass wool insulation. This is lined with Mylar to reflect the lights. Exhaust ventilation is via a SwiftAir 4" carbon filter attached to a TT100 inline fan. Lighting is 8x 30w CFL bulbs which are suspended a few inches above the 4 girls in 12" pots on a 20/4 cycle. To reduce heat issues, the 4 sleep hours are 11-3 in what should be the warmest part of the day. I'm growing autoflower Lowryder EasyRyder (fem) strains as these were recommended for a first timer. Initially I went with 2 x 4" passive intakes and a SwiftAir 4" inline fan (Amazon purchase) as the exhaust, but temperatures in the growbox were hitting 40C! I should point out that loft temperatures in this heatwave are hitting the mid thirties which I understand is way too high. My local Hydro store advised using the SWiftAir fan (pretty crappy, you get what you pay for!) as an active intake and adding the more powerful TT100 as the exhaust. The intake fan has a length of ducting bringing cooler air from the eaves which is noticably cooler when I place my hand over the fan outlet (this to try and combat th ehigh ambient loft temperatures). However, temperatures in the box are still hitting 32/33C at peak I've even tried a diy swamp cooler of wet sponges in a shallow water-filled dish in front of the intake fan which has brought humidity up (36% from 25% without), and now at a loss as to what to do next. Will my girls be badly effected by this heat? Does anyone have any solutions to the problems? I'v ebeen advised I may be better off ditching the CFL's and going for a dual band HPS 250w - will thsi produce less heat? Really appreciate your advice (Here's hoping)!
  15. Hi all. Just wanting to find out how many people use auto dripper system up in theyre loft grows. I have experimented once but it was not on a timer. I simply turned it on manually and waited until I acheived good run off before turning the pump back off. That way worked, although I lost 5 inches of height which can be a bugger I felt I had much more vigorous growth than I do handfeeding. I would love to go onto an automated timer that came on for every 12 hours and slowly dripping through for 1 hour per feed, but Id like to know if anybody does have an automated drip setup in their loft and if they have ever had problems, with leaks or flooding, due to something going wrong? And, if you have any tips for collecting run off whilst limiting height loss would be sweet. The glass on my hoods are at 1.6m high.
  16. Hi guys (and girls), I am just in the process of building myself a small secondary room in my loft for purpose of clones/seeds/ and general vegging until all is good to go into my main room. My camera is broke on my phone so I can't show pictures at the minute, but out of beams of wood, 18mm loft paneling, and some mdf board I have my self a little box room that is 1.25m high, 1.7m wide and 0.9m long. Will be insulated and then reflected with mylar or radiator sheeting. White plastic sheet on the floor. (kinda proud of myself tbh) I just want some opinions as to whether extraction and filter is neccessary, I will be running a 300w CFL with a basic reflector and im hoping that keeps the temperature up during the colder months, light will be on between 20-24 hours a day to also aid to get it near to 21-22 as possible. If I can maintain the correct temps, and a correct humidity (for clones and young plants) with just the light and an osclillating desk fan, is extraction neccessary while theyre that small. I only want them around 10 inch max before I swap into my main room. Its all speculation of course at this stage, but I will be able to test in a day or two. Any advice always appreciated, as always.
  17. The new project..

    From the album From the start 2017

  18. Plenty of work before it ready..

    From the album ................

  19. The roof space

    From the album ................

    The little bit of roof space i have to play with..
  20. Ill keep this as simple as possible, any feedback would be of great help. Loft groom, attached 6" fan onto roof vent to bring air in. I Noticed that the air coming in was very very weak, after further looking pulling it all off there is actually a slate there covering the vent, so it was pulling nothing/very little in. Has anybody had experience tapping into the slate where the vent lies. I dont think I need to make a big hole as such, maybe just a few small ones so at the least I can pull fresh air in. Any advice very much appreciated. Thanks
  21. Hi guys, just a quick one. Thinking about putting a 250/300 litre water tank up in the attic for a new set up. Only thing i'm worried about is the weight load over the small distance. Do you think the joists will be able to take it? Any suggestions? Kind regards. Jason.
  22. Me again folks! Sorry to be annoying but it really is a amatuer hour here lolol For those that haven't seen my previous 2 posts (to which I got answers.. Thanks!) im getting a tent on in my loft only a few plants the tent is 120x120x200 mm with a 600w lumii hps and a 5 inch incline. I know what I'm doing with my venting which is going back into my house via a spare room cupboard so I'm not too worried about the loft getting hot for police choppers to see or for snow to melt but obviously it's the beginning of winter and it gets pretty cold in my loft so my worry is this! Due to lack of funds I won't be able to properly insulate my loft and maybe I'm being a bit stupid BUT will it be too cold to maintain temps correctly as it'll be drawing the cold air from the loft that will probably be in the 0's soon? If so what ways can i correct this? I know there's various heaters and thermostats to keep the temps constant but that sounds expensive and won't be able to do that till this has been harvested.. Is there a way to insulate my tent cheaply? Honestly any advice is appreciated as I said this really is amatuer hour Cheers in advance folks x
  23. a few of my loft room, still in progress but nearly there i hope Making room After delivery Where im up to Temp in there now with no light, no ventilation is 25.2, this is in the night but it was hot today
  24. Hey all I just moved to a new place and I have two potential grow locations, one is in the loft and one is in an outhouse; I have always grown in outhouses etc but the neighbours in this place seem a bit nosy. Luckily the loft is enormous but it sits 27C, no access really to the chimney and its a flat slate roof; so how the heck do you go about keeping everything cool?