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Found 6 results

  1. Whats the general concensus when it comes to leds these days, regarding letting the plants grop up to the light, or lower the light and move it upwards accordingly? With the more accurate spectrums and PAR/PPFD etc, do the plants grow faster?...and before you laugh, I joke not. Many growers historically commented on dual spec taking longer to grow/ripen than sodium, even though the dual spec is a better light having the extra blue... Im reading about lower wattages dialled back, and higher light positions for better finished crops etc etc etc...theres a lot of new information to absorb. PAR and PPFD taking over from dual spec and lumens in a much more scientific way, its fascinating to be honest, but it still feels a bit odd not knowing what to expect. Ive had a Lumatek attis 300w in the cupboard for a a fortnight, mainly due to fear but also procrastination and confidence. Ive been growing with HID a long time and I know the technology, LED is new and exciting but none the less new to me... Before you wonder what im on about, im 2 weeks 12/12 in to my first grow in 4 years and Im wondering whether to see this one out under the HPS, or risk buggering my environment and my plants while I try to dial it all back in again under led - ...and being a loft grow at the moment, that isnt all that easy right now... cheers
  2. Lets get this show on the rd Many thanks to Panik at Real Gorilla Seeds for having me on board for this one. I haven't had much experience with flavoursome weed ie oranges and lemons. I have done a few but never had a pheno with the lemonines or orangie smell. So for me its Lemonade OG that is supposed to be proper lemony , and Sour Orange Diesel, again the same but with orange. These are the packaging , nice and cool looking. They reminded me of the packets that the popping candy used to come in that used to crackle and pop in your mouth, moon rocks maybe? Here is the back of them and you see my choices Oranges and lemons said the bells of st Clements lol. Inside is a little black flat container like a small flat Dinafem one but plastic. Be careful opening this because there is a bit of sponge and the seeds and if you open it upside down the seeds will fall out on the floor. Be careful opening it as its a bit difficult to id the top or the bottom. So I did 3 of each , holding a few seeds back in case of emergencies . This is how I'm gonna grow em. 9 plants basically grown in a circle around a hanging bare bulb. My space is very height limited at about 1.2 m tall so I will grow the plants sideways into the bulb. This is probably not the room these seedlings will end up in . I have another slightly bigger one that is very similar and I suspect they will end up with about 4 months veg in there before flowering, so they will get to be quite big plants . All trained and tied to fit into my vertical space and fully utilise every inch of space. A few days later and no sign of life except from 1 of the sour orange diesels or sods for short . About a week later and I had still nothing shown from any of the Lemonade OGs or Logs for short. I had soaked them for 2 days and when I dug them up they hadn't even split their shell and rotted. I did have a prop on them at first but possibly a bit too much moisture under it. So I think I had one of the logs from the first lot that had split and looked promising but generally it didn't look good , I shit myself and soaked and germed the rest of the logs . Used all be subs up now lol. I think these seeds may have been a bit fresh or needed a few weeks in the fridge cos they were slow coming up again. After about a week I had movement on one of them. My 1 little Sod was up the other 2 didn't make it. I only need 1 plant of each strain come flowering time. More movement from the coco surface. I had them tilted like this , around a foot from a vertical 400hps just warming the coco surface nicely. within a few days they were all up. This is them yesterday at 7 days old. Then with the Sod that is 2 weeks old. I will be carefully selecting the 5 Lemonades for strengths and weakness and culling them down to probably 1 plant , 2 if I see a couple of different phenos. Till then grow my little babies. Here she is , looking quite normal like a standard seedling. A little bit of a floppy stem at the moment. Not yet growing at any speed. That's all for a week now the ball is rolling . Its exciting bringing new strains into a new growroom. over and out for a week zz
  3. Ole ZZ is off and running. Chicken and Mushroom , the classic fro me with some Jacobs cream crackers to dip in or make sandwiches with lol. Done in coco , popped 2 seeds with one held back for a 2 death emergency. Here she is sitting with her seedling sisters right next to a vertical 250w metal halide. After a soak for 24 hours I see movement on the surface. There is 2 seeds in the one pot at the moment but I will soon behead the weakest and let the fun commence. Come on baby show me some leaves. There is the vertical Bulb , just a 250 at the moment till the plants get a bit bigger then a 400. The Bubbas Gift will do her early veg under this nice soft metal halide light. Then probably flower in the other room . More to come Thanks to Mark and HSo for the chance to sample the genetics, but I will like bubba I think. zz
  4. Right , time to kick start this diary. Many thanks to Seedsman for the opportunity. You see I picked some winners I think. Nice couple of indica doms and a girl scout crack lol. You see the packaging is a bit old school , flat paper packets with a baggy inside . Bit of a soaking for 24 hours till I get a split in the seed then its in to the coco. There they were sat till they showed themselves. As I am extremely height restricted , I will be growing vertically , around a bulb which at moment is a 250w metal halide. Within 3 days quite a few of them are up. Blueberry was first , almost the next day one was up. Then Candy Cream , not far behind, movement on all three. And girl scout crack , looking like 2 so far. I added a fan to give a bit of air movement in general. On for half hour off for half hour. So after around a week we had our seedlings and our no shows. Being as I can only flower 1 of each of the strains , one plant will do. I will normally weed out the weaker ones till only the strongest of each remain. Lots of sideways growth in vertical growing and you see the wires I will use to train the plants to the wall with. They are very near to the bulb as most of the heat goes up and out and not towards the little plants. So I potted up into 1 l pots to try and bury the stems a bit. I ended up with 2 Girl scout cracks , 2 Blueberries and 3 Candy Creams. One of the Blueberries is looking nice and short already. Candy Creams all pretty much uniform at the moment. Same with the Girl Scout Crack, pretty similar. Just wanna see their veg potential now. I'm looking for the strongest of each and the ones with short indica appearances are a winner for my low headroom. That's where they are residing for the next week , next to the metal halide. Loving the new genetics in this new room. These three will definitely be flowered in around 14 weeks I expect , so I have to use every bit of space I have to fill it with vegging plants of which there will be 9 , possibly 12. Over and out for another week but the shells are open and the leaves are up. zz
  5. Well hello there boys and girls I hope everyone is cool! Basically I've been quite lucky with my Home situation and now or in the near future at least I can get a small grow on! Nothing major but any advice and ideas are welcome. Basically my idea is 1 decent tent 1x1x2m or 2x1x2m in the loft extraction through chimney or possibly roof vents? 4ish plants in dirt which is what I am doing but also would like any advice on bigger grows up to 20 plants comparing long veg with small numbers compared to short veg with high numbers of plants. Also hydro verses soil? 1x 600w lights maybe 2 depending on yield\power usage and obviously added heat. What kind of plants to grow? Auto or not? Are they as potent And high yielding? I don't know what extraction I plan to use yet so any ideas again are welcome. All I know is my friend recently got on 3 auto flowers 8.5 oz,13.5oz and 16oz
  6. Hi all just signed up to this site looks alot of good information on here Bit of back ground ive done one grow in a DWC which i messed up and im just about to finish my coco/perlite grow which looks good so i must of done something right Anyways currently renting but im renovating a new house i have bought so its a chance to design something better and fit for purpose The loft has been well insulated from the previous owner who was a pensioner and they got a government grant to get the insulation for free so there is shit loads up there I have been reading the threads and it looks like my best option would be to build a timber frame and insulate it I like the idea of have the veg room at one side of the room and the flower in the other then i can bring the fresh air in the veg room and pull it into the flow area to save on equipment Few question to start with Assuming the chimney is the best option to vent out to? i am taking the chimney breast out but it will be left on the outside of the roof so going into that wont be a problem, there are also 4 pots on the stack.... would you vent into jut on pot or a few ? The loft and roof of the loft is insulated well even between the rafts but m guessing that i should insulate the room i built.. what would you recommend? For fresh air i have two passive air intake from the roof i was thinking i could bring one into the room i build and the other into the loft its self to cool that down to ( scared about heat detection ) For lighting i was using 2 x 600w but i like the sounds of the CMH 315w units so i could have four of these fora better spread? Many more questions im sure and will do this as a build thread Thanks in advance...