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Found 59 results

  1. Hi everyone, new to the forum but had a nice lurk yesterday and read many threads on here. Goldmine of info, appreciate all the efforts and well documented grows and builds etc. I've read many other forums and threads, watched many vids on lighting and all the other aspects of an efficient grow. I want to buy pic related: It's a 7 in 1 socket adapter for e27 type bulbs or bayonet option if you prefer that. I kind of want my setup to be modular. I want to start well, but with limited budget. I will buy a decent tent (probably 60 x 60 x 120 or 60 x120 x 120 A carbon filter and inline fan etc I'm finding all this research exciting, I get adrenaline just thinking about all the options. this could be one of the best hobbies ever. Ok, my point or question is- modular, I could add mixture of bulbs in those adapters 2400k, 5000k etc. blurple bulbs in the middle maybe or uv bulbs mixed in (one or two). Move from common household bulbs to better e27 attachment bulbs when funds become available or I see a deal. Easy to redirect light throw. I don't want to order from China (I've ordered many times, it's fine, I want easy to return stuff anyway for them prices) or want to be upsold on all the fancier led setups. I want some feedback on people who have tried this type of thing or just anyone really. I'm either thinking led bulbs or DIY led strips where it can be set up to add more strips of whatever light spectrum/range or mix I desire to test with. I'd like to focus on the common lamp bulb idea the mo though. Budget is £80 roundabout, but this led bulb set up will bring that down a bit it looks like, depending on what I choose to buy. For that initial getting the plants going and on their way, I want to get the plants started and add to the setup as time goes on kind of thing.
  2. After looking about it seems a somewhat contentious subject, but when should you start the flowering day count? I have read that some seedbanks suggest beginning the count at the first sight of pistils, (not early sexing, actually at the flower head), and some from the day of light schedule change. But this could mean differences of 2 weeks or more depending on when the count starts. What do you guys do?
  3. Hello all, I've currently got 2 monsters growing well in DWC. My current light is Viaspar 450w. As the plants exploded in growth quicker than expected in the late veg state, and are now in the early stages of blooming (flowering has started), I've upgraded to a bigger tent for both height, width, and climate control. The current (new) tent is 1000x1000x180. I purchased a new Marshydro TS1000 with the new tent. My big question is, should I change the lighting in the new tent to the TS1000 or keep growing this batch under the Viaspar 450 lights, as that is what they are used to. The current light distance is around 40cm and growth has stabilized. I don't want to shock them at this point with a 550w light spike if it will be a danger to them. Even if this new spectrum will be better for harvest. Does anyone know anything about switching lights at this stage? This is my first hydro grow and everything has gone great so far (except for the late veg growth spurt) and I don't want to fuck things up for them in the last stages Any input would be really appreciated!
  4. I have a 2.4m x 1.2m x 2m tent and only 2 wall sockets, each socket has an extension lead plugged in. currently only running 2 x mars hydro ts600 for veg with a total power draw of Just over 100w each. for flowering I’m filling one side of the tent with 2 mars hydro ts600 and putting a 600w digital hps in the other side, (potentially removing the LEDs and replacing with Another 600w hps if safe to do so) so my question is would it be safe for me to use the HPS’s or am I risking a fire? I’ve read that a extension lead should hold 3000 watts so I shouldn’t have a problem but wanted to ask just to be safe, checked my fuse board and the maxiumum amp for the house is 100a
  5. Hello everyone, I’m planning to start my first grow soon and have a little issues picking LED grow light for about 1.3*1.3m area. I have picked Skysaber pro 640w, but I’m wondering if this light would be enough to after picking in future a proper genetics, nutes, medium and creating proper environment and using techniques such as lst would allow to yield about 200/ plant with 6 plants. little offtop Also if someone would advice on dry organic amendments that would go well with coco and perlite, if someone grows in those mediums, as I can’t see much out there around unless ridiculous npk ratios that I’m afraid would overfeed girls. thanks guys stay high
  6. OK, I ve had 2 leds go pop and collapse on me, both good makes and well recommended, although everything seems chinese these days, so whats the pros and cons????, only one i can see is cost with LED winning , really dissapointed in both these lights.
  7. Hi guys, After doing plenty of research it would seem that supplemental UV is definitely the way to go to maximise both THC and Terpene levels, and especially in terms of growing sativas. I've also noted extra blue light in veg will keep plants shorter and stockier, which is useful for sats too. So wondering what people are using? I imagine reptile tank fluoros will help a bit, but wondering what other options might be out there, and what people have had success with etc. Very interested to do some experiments of my own soon. Going to be adding some UV for a period during flowering, alongside the 400w dual spec HPS I'm using...
  8. Hi guys, Wondering if you think these will work for seedlings/clones and part of veg - https://www.toolstation.com/v-tac-led-weatherproof-fitting-ip65-6500k/p16840?store=BN&utm_source=googleshopping&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=googleshoppingfeed&gclid=CjwKCAjw34n5BRA9EiwA2u9k30lv-6Chz4A0LN9t705pDPkESbxd_yjr-knlgPQjNMRUk6Sjs5vU_hoCEtkQAvD_BwE Thanks in advance.
  9. Hi all, I'll make it brief as you have better things to do im sure! So im doing a 5 plant grow in the coming weeks and I'm unsure on what lighting on the seedlings. I've found a 2ft 2 light t5 light on market place, will this do for the first couple of(2x 24w bulbs) weeks? And how long would you keep them under before swapping in the 2x 600w hps? Regards you beautiful people!
  10. Hello! I have a newbie question, which I am struggling to find a straight answer for on the Inter-web as there are so many variations! It is about lights and the correct height/wattage. Here's my lighting set up (18/6 cycle): LUMii Black 600w Dual Spectrum HPS Lamp LUMii Black 600w Dimmable Digital Ballast Adjust-A-Wings Enforcer Reflector The plants are still seedlings, so what height should I have the lights at and what is the correct wattage, 250w, 400w or 600w? The plants have only been under lights for a couple of days and I currently have the light at 400w at about 10" from plant tops, which they seem to be fine with but is this optimal/correct? Thanks for any help or suggestions. All the best, iamnormal
  11. Hi all, my first effort. I'm trying out a little cupboard grow with half a dozen 35W household CFLs and a couple of cheap and nasty chinese LED bulbs. Just one autoflower in there. It strikes me that 90% of the light from the CFLs is going in the wrong direction, away from my plant, and if I had some sort of reflectors for the lamps, like shiny or white cones to go round them and focus the light then that might be a lot more efficient. Can't find such a thing anywhere, especially since I'm trying to keep it cheap. Has anyone had any luck sourcing/making such things?
  12. Basically i'm gonna be growing in a space measuring 2x1.8x1.8. Looking to purchase an LED and have been recommended to use two easygrow s600 full spectrums. . Can't find much about them online though, anybody know if they're any good and if they would be a good choice for what i need? Thanks
  13. Hi All Quick question if anyone can help Due to current circumstances I need to change my lights so they are on though the day instead of at night Im in week 4 of flower would it be best to keep them off for 24 hours then start my new cycle or leave them on for 24 hours Im thinking the off for 24 would be best as wouldn't want to stress them thinking it was veg time again Has anyone had to do this? Thanks in advance
  14. Evening all! I'm struggling to find any information on what is a safe distance for a seedling under led lighting. I’m currently running 60w at 18”, temp 24c, 68 humidity, with a nice breeze. Does this sound ok? Or should I raise/lower or increase/decrease wattage? Thanks
  15. Hi Guys! I hope that I can get some help in my first grow. I bought my grow setup with following inside: - 1.2x1.2x2m tent - Carbon filter fan kit 4'' - 4 breathable 16L root nurse pots - 600w Lumii Black Light kit - Canna coco natural - Canna a+b I have already planted 4 seeds, 2x white widow, 1x amnesia haze, 1x Skunk XL and they are already seedlings about 3cm long. I ordered few more things which I am waiting for ph meter, digital thermometer, 2x 6'' fans for air circulation. The most important thing that I worry about is temperature, I am still waiting for thermometer to check it but while light is running is literally really hot in the grow tent so I think is too hot and 4'' fan that is connected to carbon filter is not really doing the job. Do you think that 2x 6'' normal fans will help ? At the moment my budget is really low so cannot buy some big expensive fans. In around 2 days I will try to update you guys with exact temperature. I hope you can guys help me. Looking forward to your replies !
  16. I have an led light and a hps, can I run them for say 3hr led 6hr hps 3hr led or will they have to be on at same time for 12hr? First proper grow so any advice is welcome. My main concern is that the hps will clock up a hefty electric bill so thought about switching between the two lights
  17. I have 4 plants all the same strain (ZK) but one has outgrown the others to a point where I’ve raised the light for her but am concerned the others will be starved of light as a result. I haven’t read up on SOG or SCROG and I’ve only lightly trimmed the lower leaves recently. I’m 4 weeks in to flower so what can I do? Is bending the tall girl over an option? its my first grow and I’m enjoying it despite all the stuff I’ve yet to learn.
  18. Hi all, recently purchased a greenpower contactor because I don’t want to set fire to my house. I didn’t realise that it has 2 plugs on, which is a pain because now I have nowhere to plug in my exhaust and oscillating fan. Could I turn the timer on the contactor to 24 hours and then use 2 plug in timers for my lights on 18/6. So that I could plug my fans into the contactor and have them on 24 hours? So on the contact I would have that permanently on with the fans plugged in, then 2 ballast/lights plugged into a timer each and then into the contactor. Sorry if I'm rambling, just need a bit of advice.
  19. Hi there, got dome quantum board with the driver attached to the heatsink looking to move the drive out of the tent to help with temps. can anyone tell me what cable i need to extend the length between driver and board. Would it be possible to connect wagos and just piece in a section of cable or better to replace the whole lot thanks
  20. Hi all, I am a bit of a newbie grower am only on my 4th run and could use some advice regarding lighting setups and energy cost. Any help would be much appreciated. My previous setup was 1 x 600w HPS and 1 x 400 HPS both on magnetic ballasts in a 2x2 metre tent (6.5ftx6.5ft) for 18 plants. I had good success on this the only problem was the electric prices, they were extortionate. I decided to switch on this run to LED lighting as it was a lot more energy efficient so i purchased a 1200w Bestva duel chip LED. In this setup i only run 12 plants used a part of the tent and supplemented the 1200w LED with 2 homemade 300w LED's. I was expecting to see a drop in yield compared to the HPS's but on week 5 of flower it feels as if it was not worth the time and effort with what im looking to get off them. For the next time i am going to go back to 18 plants, use the whole tent and add more light. Here is where i need advice. My 1st thought was to buy another 1200w bestva and run both of them but after reading some reviews on here it seems as if the brand is a load of shit and judging by my yield i agree with them. I now am looking a CMH lights and was wondering if 1 x 315 CMH plus 1 x 1200w in that space would be enough. What are CMH's like on the electric? So would i be better off either having in a 2x2m tent: 2 x 1200w Bestva duel chips LED's 1 x 1200w LED & 1 x 315w CMH 2 x 315w CHM Or would it be better to go to 1 x 1000w HPS and purchase a digital ballast. I know HPS are the best but with running multiple fans to keep the heat down i cant be having a £3000 electric bill. So i am looking for something which is gonna be best on the electric and for my yields. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks
  21. First Noob post. Currently using a 600W HPS lamp and due to being tight and wanting to cut costs, I wanted to know what sort of results people have had using a CFL & LED together. Not a concern at this time of year but is the lack of heat an issue? I don't want to start seeing purple veins or any signs of plant flu. I've searched on here and the only results I came across were a few years old, so hoping for some newer opinions. Cheers NFT
  22. I've used RCD's in the past guys but they usually trip when the light turns on. Can anyone recommend an RCD that will handle 1000w lights please.
  23. Hi all, I'm seeing some central growth in the tent at week 5 and was thinking, I could do with a light mover to help spread some of the canopy growth. Would a 1.5m x 1.5m be a good example to use a light mover? I'm about to purchase a 1.5 x 3m tent and was thinking to have 2x 1000w on light movers. I know some people would advise to use 3x 600w. But I feel that would give a more even spread on the canopy but not reach down into the depths. Thought's welcome.
  24. Hi everyone, I'm super fascinated with the 1000w DE Bulb comparison I read on growershouse a long time ago. I'm going to run my own trial soon but I was thinking, is the ballast choice just as important. Or is the variation too small? I currently run an adjustawatt, and from their review was planning to trial the Phillips Greenpower 1000w 400v DE bulb. It's £160, so was curious to the impact of upgrading my ballast as well. What do people think? I can't find any ballast comparisons online sadly.
  25. Hi everyone, happy Sunday!! I've been growing in a 1.5 x 1.5 for a little while now. I've noticed I don't really use my 1.2 x 1.2 for anything worth keeping. I dry in there and use it as a staging tent between cycles. So most of the time, it's empty. I can set it up when I need it in the future in another room for short bursts. Wanting to utilise my grow space, I have for a while been thinking about how I can improve my yield. I grow 9 plants, Coco, feeding through a split system with a pump or by hand feeding. I have an automated drain to waste setup that runs off a weir. So the plants all have ease of runoff. I have a 1000w DE setup. I also have 4x 45w CFL in the corners that I use just under canopy height in the last few weeks. I run a cool hood setup, venting the filter through the light. It's a modified hood, allowing for a nice spread of light, not the ducting-sized cool tubes you have seen on eBay. I've been considering a light mover. My last setup was slightly too tall, which impacted my yield. I only saw 29.1oz, giving me a yield of 12.93 per m^2. But I know my mistake, so the next cycle has been turned a little shorter. My best in my 1.5 x 1.5 x 2.2 is 48oz. But I usually stay around or just below the 1gpw. So, considering a light mover to improve some heat spots as when I boosted the light up to it's 1100w setting I instantly saw issues within hours. I mainly saw some light and heat damage in the central areas which is typical on plants too close to the light. I've been considering a light mover. Bringing the two topics together, I'd like more room around my girls to check, improve my super cropping technique and improve my trimming for top cola production. I'm planning to remove my 1.2^2 and the 1.5^2 and have a single tent, 1.5m x 3.0m. By spreading out my 9, improving my super cropping, I'm hoping it still be a good layout to keep my 1000w DE, using the light mover. I don't want to replace what two lights would do - that is what some people report to try and do with little success. But I want to keep some space around the outer ends. So, for design sakes, I would assume I'd have 0.5m either end. So propose it would be like a 1.5 x 2.0m tent. With some extra space still shooting into those 0.5m ends for sure. But it allows me to trim and care for them better. The side doors of my Orcid 1.5^2 tent just isn't good enough. Would 1.5 x 2.0 x 2.0m be a good footprint to use a mover? I see a lot of people use two lights in this situation but expect them to fill the whole length. Though I could copy the first side and have potentially double, I don't see that as added value. The quality and size of the buds suffer without proper training and super cropping really does allow you to remove those tiny buds before they continue to waste energy. Maybe I'm overestimating how much I can improve their quality and some would advise just fill the tent and trim well before going into flower and being un-accessible. Thanks in advance for any guidance or thoughts.