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Found 8 results

  1. Hey Guys... Apologies for being abit absent on this site.. It has just been abit crazy recently... Seem to be working twice as hard and as long what with all this strange times we are in... So right off the bat I will say that this will not be the greatest attempt at a diary... More of a general update every now and then. I will also add that i will try and do a diary for other breeders so there will be a few group shots and probably a fair bit of copy n paste (like this one!)... . As doing multiple updates can take a surprisingly long amount of time... So i have had a bit of a wierd month where i thought someone had stole my whole seed collection....(moved house and stored them at work) So bought a few more seeds started them... Then found my collection..with some seeds i really wanted to try.... . Duh! So that has thrown me sideways alittle in terms of what i want to grow... I have also found that some of my plots are no longer usable... And found new plots... But they rely on Maize being planted for pheasant cover... So this may become interesting, anyways this year i will be growing: DFG GGold Lemonade OG Auto Sweet tooth And maybe Auto Tangie...... Thats about it! Good luck with all your grows guys! Oh yeah.. And just one more thing... Anoher reason I may not have alot of time is that now i am in collaboration with RQS, which is news to me.... They just haven't officially told me yet... They are probably too busy planing to fly me around the world! Hosting massive parties Doing guest appearances and hosting talks around America And of course signing seed boxes! Take it easy guys! Stay safe! MacGanja Mitty
  2. I’m New to the forum well a returning user been a good few years though. Anyway I'm gonna do a dairy I’ve chosen RGS auto lemonade OG these will be getting done outdoors LAT 51 I’ve got six pips and going down the organic route. Using plant magic’s range to feed them, fingers crossed for some good results lets hope we have a decent summer with plenty of sun. Day one Thought I’d do a side by side experiment regarding pot size/growth/yield rate etc. Soaked all 6 beans in water for 24 hours until they sunk. One has gone into a 6.5 litre final pot size straight away. Another has gone into 11litre final pot size the remaining 4 have gone into 0.5 litre pots which they will stay in for 10days and then be potted up into 11litre final pots. Awaiting heads to pop up now will keep you all updated.
  3. 0845AFA8-398B-4B9D-966A-DA53D7C03461.jpeg

    From the album Auto gorilla

  4. C5FB9A45-AC8F-4A80-8655-9A307F67F479.jpeg

    From the album Auto gorilla

  5. about time I got this diary going.... @panik Plan is was to grow 6 (3 of each) in 1 x 200ltr no=till pot/bed but as there were 7(lucky omens everywhere) of the zkittzo's so.... I'm now gonna grow 7 plants - 4 x zkittzo's + 3 x lemonade og's in 1.2m2 ish my usual bean popping technique; soak beans in minimal amount of warm water for a couple of hours to bring up to temp after being stored in the fridge, and to soften them up a bit then straight into pellets which have been pre-soaked in warm water, aloe and a little TNC MycorrMax 1cm ish down. I always add the water that the seeds were pre-soaked in as I don't want to lose any of the enzymes that seeds produce/release at the moment of germination if that happened which it shouldn't have done yet in the couple of hours...blah blah blah.... and then labelled wrongly by my other half into a prop, lid on at 24c ish on Tuesday 24th April... 2 day's later Thursday 26th lid still on, just off for pics....6 stirrers DAY 1 DAY 2 100% germ only zkittzo #2 needed a little help with her cap....opened vents on prop.... DAY 4 lid off and lift off.... Put them under a t5 yesterday then 2x t5's today a 125cfl tomorrow to build up to planting them straight into their final 200ltr home under a 400mh on Friday ish any eagle eye's may have noticed a bubba's gift bean in the first pic...same treatment, still a no-show......i'll leave it at that for now... Plan is to veg under the 400mh for 6-8 weeks then flower under a 600hps but there is some cross over from other cmh lights in the groom
  6. Lets get this show on the rd Many thanks to Panik at Real Gorilla Seeds for having me on board for this one. I haven't had much experience with flavoursome weed ie oranges and lemons. I have done a few but never had a pheno with the lemonines or orangie smell. So for me its Lemonade OG that is supposed to be proper lemony , and Sour Orange Diesel, again the same but with orange. These are the packaging , nice and cool looking. They reminded me of the packets that the popping candy used to come in that used to crackle and pop in your mouth, moon rocks maybe? Here is the back of them and you see my choices Oranges and lemons said the bells of st Clements lol. Inside is a little black flat container like a small flat Dinafem one but plastic. Be careful opening this because there is a bit of sponge and the seeds and if you open it upside down the seeds will fall out on the floor. Be careful opening it as its a bit difficult to id the top or the bottom. So I did 3 of each , holding a few seeds back in case of emergencies . This is how I'm gonna grow em. 9 plants basically grown in a circle around a hanging bare bulb. My space is very height limited at about 1.2 m tall so I will grow the plants sideways into the bulb. This is probably not the room these seedlings will end up in . I have another slightly bigger one that is very similar and I suspect they will end up with about 4 months veg in there before flowering, so they will get to be quite big plants . All trained and tied to fit into my vertical space and fully utilise every inch of space. A few days later and no sign of life except from 1 of the sour orange diesels or sods for short . About a week later and I had still nothing shown from any of the Lemonade OGs or Logs for short. I had soaked them for 2 days and when I dug them up they hadn't even split their shell and rotted. I did have a prop on them at first but possibly a bit too much moisture under it. So I think I had one of the logs from the first lot that had split and looked promising but generally it didn't look good , I shit myself and soaked and germed the rest of the logs . Used all be subs up now lol. I think these seeds may have been a bit fresh or needed a few weeks in the fridge cos they were slow coming up again. After about a week I had movement on one of them. My 1 little Sod was up the other 2 didn't make it. I only need 1 plant of each strain come flowering time. More movement from the coco surface. I had them tilted like this , around a foot from a vertical 400hps just warming the coco surface nicely. within a few days they were all up. This is them yesterday at 7 days old. Then with the Sod that is 2 weeks old. I will be carefully selecting the 5 Lemonades for strengths and weakness and culling them down to probably 1 plant , 2 if I see a couple of different phenos. Till then grow my little babies. Here she is , looking quite normal like a standard seedling. A little bit of a floppy stem at the moment. Not yet growing at any speed. That's all for a week now the ball is rolling . Its exciting bringing new strains into a new growroom. over and out for a week zz