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Found 542 results

  1. Hi UK420 peeps! Been hiding for a while mostly reading and did some research and save monies for my first equipment and grow Some data Growing: INDOOR Sort: CRITICAL KUSH Seeds Bank: BARNEY`S FARM Seeds type: FEMINIZED Medium: LIVING SOIL (ECO-THRIVE) Growbox size: 35x35x70cm IKEA EKET cabinet Ventilation: NO NAME EXTRACTOR (PC adapted) 2 AC INFINITY TV/STAND cooling fans 12x12cm Lights: 90W FULL SPECTRUM Nutrients: INTENSE NUTRIENTS Training: LST and possibly TOPping Calendar Format: TOTAL DAYS/VEG/PRE-FLOWER/FLOWER Germination started 19/08/21. Sinked nut into tap water with one drop of hydrogen peroxide 3%. Nut cracked on next day and show little tail. Planted straight into the soil. 22/02/21 nut shows up from soil. Today 03/02/00/00 Temperature in box +24, humidity 56%, VPD 0.8kPa . Lights intensity adjusted to 20590 lux or 350PAR Thinking to start introduce nutes in two days time! Will update and put pictures soon
  2. Hi, here is a micro grow I finished up last month, A wonderful (Northern Lights) auto by Female Seeds. This grow ran around 10 weeks and finished flowing under 70watts, vegging around 30watts. The plant could of done with a couple of extra weeks as the buzz was not as heavy an Indica that I desire.
  3. Slight Light Damage From Harsh LEDs

    From the album UGORG & UK420 Subbie Seeds Coco Grow

    This is a leaf from lower down on a Smile x Blues that I think this has light burn from a couple of weeks ago. Have raised fixtures and reduced wattage since then and don't see anything similar in the canopy. So fingers-crossed!
  4. Week 1 Flower Subbie Seeds

    From the album UGORG & UK420 Subbie Seeds Coco Grow

    Bamboo screen on ready for final week's stretch, drippers seem OK so far. 1.4EC 7.0pH in reservoir after 34l top up: 1ml/l universal traces and 4ml/l grow A&B.
  5. Bamboo Screen Half Built

    From the album UGORG & UK420 Subbie Seeds Coco Grow

    Reducing my plastic use a bit and using a bamboo screen.
  6. Smile x Blues Front Footloose Raised

    From the album UGORG & UK420 Subbie Seeds Coco Grow

    Tried my hardest to avoid any stretched feed lines and attached the main line to the pots using velcro cable ties. Also will only put universal traces and A&B grow or bloom in the res. The root tonic had too much sediment and I think that affected my efforts last time.
  7. Atreum Hydra 1000 LED grow light - UK Full-spectrum 100w LED grow light samsung meanwell driver 2.7 https://ledgrowlights.co.uk/collections/atreum-lighting/products/atreum-hydra-1000 Atreum Hydra 1000 LED grow light Hope everyone's liking the new site and our new ranges... We're very pleased to be working once more with Atreum Lighting as they release this fantastic little 100W board (that we fell in love with the moment we saw). Not only does it have a unique OLED display showing exact wattage being consumed, but as you can see the diodes have been spaced so they provide a really nice, even spread. An all-round cracking little light for many applications really. We did some PAR testing in a 50cm x 50cm area, have a ganders. Migro did a nice video showing off this light. Well worth checking out, but bear in mind that it does in-fact have a conformal coating (making the boards water resistant), contrary to what's said.
  8. Let's Get Brutal

    From the album UGORG & UK420 Subbie Seeds Coco Grow

    Chopped some lower branches from each plant and also lower leaves and bud sites to promote top growth, a shallower canopy for LED penetration and more air flow. Watered 2ml root tonic, 2ml universal traces, 3ml A&B grow. PPFD is 5-600umols across canopy. Hopefully 7 more days the canopy will fill out after my trimming and thinning ready for 12/12. Really happy with the subbie seeds.
  9. 2 Weeks From 12/12

    From the album UGORG & UK420 Subbie Seeds Coco Grow

    2 weeks from flowering. Will trim more below, fit a scrog net in a week or so and install my Blumat Tropf drippers with a small 65l tank.
  10. Roots In Coco 3.5l

  11. Cannabis Through The Scopes

    From the album UGORG & UK420 Subbie Seeds Coco Grow

    In need of potting on, topping and trimming. Back soon!
  12. Subbie Grow With A Touch Of Footloose

    From the album UGORG & UK420 Subbie Seeds Coco Grow

    I hope the Psycho Animal Stomper is good, lots of them in here, maybe even half the tent. The seeds were fast and vigorous to germinate @Vicfirth12 if these are your cooking. Come back in 12 weeks for flowers!