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Found 204 results

  1. Hey guys .. I up this thread where all of us can share our grow pics, Only Seedsman strains please Thanks & enjoy!! Testing new gear.. sorry I cant talk about this awesome genetic.. sonn
  2. Thought i would contribute more.. so heres a look at what im doing to prepare for the spring In the garden are 3 Auto Mazar 4 Auto Blue-Tooth, Green Gold, GG"4 and 2 x Early Diesel. additional 2 bluetooth and 1 mazar have just been popped for a slightly staggered harvest I have 2 x "300watt" chinese LED that i got from wish for pence .. and the biggest led flood light B&Q sold last year which i got in sale when they were discontinued lol. total guestimated output about 300watts of used energy ? seems pretty bright to me haha lets see.. 24hr lights on ! soil is Jacks Magic..seems ok.. All beans popped after 24/30 hrs.. first lot popped on 11/11... had about 10 days in little pots, first water in big pots with 5 litlre water with 1/2 teaspoon added "Q4 rootmore".. then watered with "maxicrop take root" . i dont really measure nowdays haha just a splash so im at about 3 and a bit weeks.. flowering should start soon on the autos.. Snaps to follow.. currently transfering from android to mac which is a fekin pain in the ass !!!
  3. Hi people, some of you may have read my new member post about my new LED setup that I’m going to be testing out (only grown with hps/hid for years) as I said in there it’s more of an experiment..... i will be doing a long veg with the plants I choose for the actual run (I haven’t actually chosen my strains yet so any ideas would be great!) at the minute I’ve got one purple bud auto by white label seeds under one of the lights as a little test run, she is about 2 weeks into flower and has been LST’d since she was about 3 weeks old, nothing exciting but just a little update and an introduction to the proper grow when a further 3 LED’s and 3 300W CFL’s will be added, pictures to come when I figure out how to post them peace!
  4. Hello! pictured are some zkittzo & Sour Orange Diesel sprouted. It has begun!
  5. Hiya guys been so long since ive been on here cant even remmber my account, so I had to make a new one. Well Its that time again, going to be doing a new room up. This aint my first rodeo, however Im a bit out of the loop on the modern trends of lighting. Ive been using hps lights for many moons, but years ago I heard many great things about LED and plasma lighting, well years have past and I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with either of them, or if they can tell me if there still more smoke and mirrors than results? Tried looking on youtube but I dont trust most of them, as there selling the lights and could be swapping out the hps for LEDs once the cameras are rolling for all I know. The price of the LED's is the main issue, it varies from not alot of money to holy fuck thats alot of money for a light. I dont mind spending a couple notes on a light to gamble and see what happens, but not a bag of sand. I dont mind spending on a decent LED light if its going to work aswell as a hps does and has lower running temps, but it must be able to yield the same as what HPS does otherwise whats the point? To boil it down to the point, anyone have any experience with a LED light thats onpar with a 600watt hps light yeild wise that dosnt cost near a thousand pounds. Realisticly I wouldnt be able to justify spending more than 5-6 notes on a light unless it can piss over the 600w hps.
  6. 300w

    I was looking around for a 300w Led light and came across a different Led technology which got me confused! Can anyone enlighten me on these different Led's. There are the COB Led, YELLOW Led, PINK Led and RED Led (mix of blue, red, UV, IR) . Can anyone tell me the advantages and disadvantages of these Led lights. And which grow/flower better TIA MOM
  7. Dinafem - Gorilla - Day 17 - 12/12.jpg

    From the album The White House

    Dinafem - Gorilla - Cab Photo
  8. From the album The White House

    Dinafem - Gorilla - Largest Fan Leaves Stripped - Day 10 of 12/12 Opened up to let more airflow through the canopy and let light into the whole plant. Image Top Left - Before Leaves Removed Image Top Right - After Leaves Have Been Removed Bottom Left - After Leaves Have Been Removed Bottom Right - How She Looks And Lets Light Pass Through The Plant
  9. Best lights for PG90 tent?
  10. Diy led lights (F series strips) T his is a diy thread, for the diy guys, to diy a diy led grow light..Its the cheapest way to get a decent led light. Im not going to get too deep here. This is a basic guide with parts list with product codes to google, rather than a how to build it.. “what wattage do I need for my space” Strips. The Samsung f series strip. This features 144 Lm561C S6 bin leds. Driving them at the currents listed in the parts lists will achieve 2.2-2.35 ish µMol/j at system level. Warning! Don’t be fooled by the cheaper boards/strips.Genuine strips have the Samsung logo and are fully CE compliant. Heres the parts numbers for the strips.Google will give you the supplier. 3000K SI-B8V521560WW 3500K SI-B8U521560WW 4000K SI-B8T521560WW 3000k and 3500k will do veg and flower for weed, just buy whatever’s in stock. 4000k might be useful for mums or lettuce, micro greens etc Strips cost £28 each or you can get a discount on ten+ (including vat which they will add at the checkout) Drivers are easy to find, again just google the part number in the lists. TME is the best place to get them. Ill put rough prices so you know whats the right price to pay. heatsinks you want U channel aluminium. 1 3/4” wide 1” high and 590mm long. This is a very common size and easy to get. Framework you want 1/2” by 1” Unequal aluminium angle(Or whatever you can get. staiir nosing work great). For the length you need it a little smaller than your tent. So 60cm tent get 40cm angle. 1.2m tent get 1m angle. Just get it as big as possible.If your tent is 1.2m or bigger build it in two lights. Max spread is the game here. More points/angles of light over the area = “penetration”. The metal work you can buy cut to order online, or a local shop will do you it cheaper. Heat sinks cost around £4-5 each and framework is a couple quid. All the wiring/wagos/bolts ect be found easy on shitbay/scamazon. Or any local electrics shop. Make sure you get solid core wire. And your power cable is a 10amp one. Are you still here? Heres a chart, I think it makes sense Heres a list just in-case it doesn't. Prices are the max you want to pay really, you should get it a bit less if you get the metal cheap. . 150w. Total cost - 130ish l 2x F series strips. l 1x HLG-120H-48A driver (£40 max) l 2x heatsinks l 2x unequal angle. l 2m 18awg or 20awg solid core wire. l 2x 3 way wago connector. l Old kettle lead for the plug. l 3 core cable connector. l 20mm thermal tape roll l Bolts/nuts/rivets (whatever you want to use) 210w. Total cost - 170ish l 3x F series strips. l 1x HLG-185H-48A driver (£45 max) l 3x heatsinks l 2x unequal angle. l 3m 18awg or 20awg solid core wire. l 2x 5 way wago connector. l Old kettle lead for the plug. l 3 core cable connector. l 20mm thermal tape roll. l Bolts/nuts/rivets (whatever you want to use) 265w. Total cost 220ish l 4x F series strips. l 1x HLG-240H-48A driver (£55 max) l 4x heatsinks l 2x unequal angle. l 4m 18awg or 20awg solid core wire. l 2x 5 way wago connector. l Old kettle lead for the plug. l 3 core cable connector. l 20mm thermal tape roll. l Bolts/nuts/rivets (whatever you want to use) 350w. Total cost 280 ish l 5x F series strips. l 1x HLG-320H-48A driver (£80 max) l 5x heatsinks l 2x unequal angle. l 5m 18awg or 20awg solid core wire. l 2x 6 way terminal block l Old kettle lead for the plug. l 3 core cable connector. l 20mm thermal tape roll. l Bolts/nuts/rivets (whatever you want to use) 420w. Total cost 340 ish l 210w kit parts x2. 530w Total cost 440 ish l 265w kits parts x2. 700w Total cost 520 ish l 350w kit parts x2. The build its self is self explanatory really. Mount the strips last so you don’t damage them. Get the tape lined up right before sticking it as it WILL NOT come off once on. Wiring is the only tricky bit. Its a parallel wired system. All negatives from the strips go the the negative on the driver and all positives from the strips go to the positive on the driver. Here a quick paint wiring diagram, to show how to do it. I don’t mind helping out, if you have a question, just post it on the thread. It is a low voltage system (47V) but still be careful, take time stripping wires right, cable tie them to the frame. If you can see any exposed core you have fucked it, try again. DISCLAIMER- key accepts no responsibility for damage caused to persons, or property. This is not electrical advise, just a parts guide. Don’t pm me asking where to get stuff , post questions in this thread. PMs will be ignored. @mods Any issues with this please let me know.
  11. I got a load of seeds during a sale last year with a load of freebies... Thought I do the C99 X Blueberry fast , the seed and stuff I did before was nice, sk1, somango on me old account ..these where placed into canna coco prof, treated with Velokelp @Ph6.0. We shall see how these do over the next few weeks...I like the way the seeds seemed in a small packet rather than fancy stuff... C99 X Blueberry fast .. Thats it for now till next time take it easy. ..
  12. Hi All, Been here about a month now and picked up some great advice already, Done a few greenhouse/garden grows in the past but this year is my first indoor (wardrobe) LED grow. Its going pretty well so far (fingers crossed) I've posted a couple posts already but realized i never came here first to say hello... So Hello! Anyway just wanted to say great site, and great to have good quality feedback from experienced growers. Cheers! PS, i've tried to contact a Mod about a small issue but it comes up as "im allowed 0 messages per day" any chance a mod could message me please?
  13. Had these left from the competition last year , they where sent as I had started before competition launched so used those plants instead of these...they been dropped in canna prof coco , treated with ph water 6.0 and a dash of velokelp , then placed on a heated prop on clay balls.. We shall see how these do , my favourite from sweet seeds so far is Ganesh Spirit .... Killer Kush ... Thats it for now I'll next time take it easy....
  14. Hi all new to forum , needing some help i am growing gsc autos and having issue i have successfully gemrinated my seeds but when i put them into the 10ltr pots most of them have struggled or died off. I have a 1800 w cob led from china and also a 600 w hps/mh lamp. I have tried using jiffy pellets but the seeds i tried just grew long and whispy and when potted up into the 10ltr and put under the led they died 2 have took. One seems to be starting to sprout its second set of leaves and the other has its first set but one leaf looks damaged. I am basically looking for a helping hand. Am i going under light to early i have my light quite high so to its not to intense for the seedlings. I am growing in all mix bio bizz soil and have purchased bio grow bloom and topmax thanks
  15. Grew 3 bag seeds of some sunset sherbert found in an 8th bought awhile back. 3Litre coco with canna a+b first time . only ended up with 1 worth keeping . Buds are looking nice and swollen pistils orange etc. trichomes are mostly milky with the odd rare amber. was wondering what anyones intake on harvesting ? is it worth doing a dark period now or just cutting her down and hanging full?. also i f*cked up at the beginning with the watering coco. let them dry out to much . my sour diesel seedling has better roots then this does xD now, peace.
  16. Hi everyone! I'm just about to start my first ever grow, Auto blackberry Kush, as I've heard it's a good beginner strain, I'm certainly a beginner!! I have a couple of things I am confused about and wondered if any of you guys might be able to help shed any light please (Setup) I'm using 2 x 11 litre airpots in a 70x70x140 growtent Marshydro 300 wat led 2 x 6 inch clip fans A rhino hobby 6 inch extractor fan connected to the carbon filter 2 x 11 litre Airpots (Nutrients) Canna Rhizotonic Canna A+B Canna Flush (Grow Medium) Canna Coco natural/Perlite I'm confused about how much water and also what ratio of nutrients to add to the water too, I've seen various answers to this question, but I suppose it all relates to grow medium and pot size etc...(i'm using 11 litre airpots) Also I'm unsure if I should keep the clip fans running all the time (even when the LEDs are turned off - I'm going with 18/6 light schedule) I'm also assuming I should keep the carbon filter and extractor running constantly throughout the grow? Sorry if these are dumb questions and I've missed something obvious! Any advice or help would be very much appreciated Thanks guys!
  17. 71FA922F-4729-419F-A730-AEBA4F518BBE.jpeg

    From the album Quantum grow

  18. Hi All, its been a while since I posted here though I do check in regularly to keep in touch. Apologies if this is a long post. Hii all, I’ve been getting over 1g/w consistently for the last few grows using 4 x cdm in maxibright twin reflectors in the 1.2 x 2.4 tent and 2 x cdm in focus x 1.2 tent. Been changing the lamps from 942’s to 930”S as needed. Just recently changed out all the 942’s to 930’s for flowering and discovered that 2 of the 930’s didn’t fire up - upon closer inspection one was ‘cloudy inside and one appeared fine. No idea why as the others are all working fine- oh well. Also recently got an Apogee MQ500 to check par levels. In the tents, lights are hung to give a fairly even 750 umols for early flower (lowering the lights to give approx 850- 900 later in flower), but I was amazed when checking the sunlight last week that the outdoor light levels were about 2,000 umols. No wonder the outdoor girls are romping away so well! so, in the search for perfection, I’ve hung a new 942 (to add a little more blue spectrum) in the centre of the large tent with the 942 in a horizon reflector which is designed to give a fairly even coverage of 1.2 x 2.4 making a total of five x 315 cdm’s for that tent. Overkill? I’d also like to put an additional light in the centre of the 1.2 x 1.2 tent - possibly a QB for improved canopy penetration - the 135w HLG quantum board might be ok at 3500k - the 265w is probably well over the top (as would probably be an additional 315 cdm). Any opinions? Anyway, and on a different topic, after this year’s faffing about with our Saharan summer weather, I’m thinking of a totally closed loop system for next year if funds will permit. Thinking of a split air-source heat pump Opticlimate at running at 30c with co2 supplementation. Has anybody used this system. Thanks again to all at 420 for this amazing community resource.
  19. Here we go, I can't wait any longer. My seeds have been patiently waiting in the fridge and I have decided to start a few early to see how they go. The seeds are: Auto Daiquiri Lime - Dutch Passion Auto Brooklyn Sunrise - Dutch Passion Auto Black Domina - Sagarmatha Seeds I have just done one of each for now as I'm not expecting great growth by starting them so early. I picked out the smallest looking seeds from each packet. I started the seeds in moist kitchen towel in a Tupperware box in the airing cupboard. They all had sprouted within 36 hours and they were put into peat based potting mix in 5" pots. Here is my seedling cupboard that I have just made: There are 2 x 24W LED grow lamps that I bought from Gearbest for about £10 each. The temps in the greenhouse are still too cold so I have brought the cabinet into the house. I also have a propagation heat pad under the pots as you can see below: I have just turned on one of the bulbs at the moment as seedlings are so young. I will keep the plants in this cupboard as long as possible and then transfer into the greenhouse. The greenhouse will be heated and I may use some supplemental lighting in there also. As I have no weed to smoke until I grow it, I am urging these little girls on. I will also start some later in the year at a more optimal time and I will be taking part in the Dinafem outdoor grow comp with Critical +2.0 and Purple Afghan Kush, generously supplied by @Dinafem-Mark All comments and advice appreciated...
  20. Hi guys So i'm here to try and gather knowledge from some of the community on here about a new project i'm undertaking. I've been doing grows with HPS for around 5 years now and it's something i have enough insight into get me by, but i've been asked by someone to set up a LED grow for them and of course i couldn't refuse (especially as they are family). The problem here is i'm pretty much clueless about LED lights, heat given off of them, ease of use etc! Now i did search the forums but it seemed a minefield of contradictory answers so i'm going to be as specific as possible. Let me give you a bit of insight and room specs/questions first and then hopefully you guys can shed some light on the unknown. So firstly the reason that LEDS are being used is due to the heat that HPS give off......i also want this to be as un-intrusive as possible due to the grower being in their mid 60s so i didnt want anything producing loads of heat (means id probably have to buy a large fan and that would create more noise/be more intrusive in nature). It also needs to a fairly quiet set up due to the fact it'll be in their bedroom or directly underneath it. The Grown tent is going to be a Secret Jardin D90 (90 x 90 space area) and will have around 4 plants (give or take). Would a 600w LED be too much/too little in that space? I found a 1000W one on Amazon (full spectrum apparantely) for £120...now i know this is probably cheap crap but what do people think?() If not could anyone recommend a decent full spectrum LED for both veg and flowering (means its easier for the grower again)..budget for the light is £250. When it comes to intake and outtake for air im lost, as i really don't know what the temp signatures these kind of lights give off. Would 100m extraction be ok? I was kinda trying to work it out in terms of what i'd use on a 250w HPS. Also can someone recommend a quiet extractor fan? I dont want it sounding like a fucking rocket ship (as we know they can) Budget is £150/200 for the extractor. There anything else i need to take into account for making sure this LED grow works for this person? Please don't say "crap results" or "use a HPS" i'm just trying to help someone get self sufficient here Thanks in advance and great to see such a thriving forum board Regards, Llama `
  21. Hi all I am looking to purchase a cheap LED for a tiny veg cab with limited height, around 90cm, its a small room and I currently have a 125w CFL in it. Enrionment is okay but I want higher wattage to cover 9 young plants and be able to raise my light up somewhat. I also know the LED will create some nice bushiness having used a bigger one before, and then I can really pump them in flower under a 600w digi hps in a parabolic. Thing is, being a Yorkshireman I am a tight arse, but I also know I do not need the advanced platinum sun shines out of the crystal backside of my creation series of light, just something with a max draw power of 300w from my socket, something equivalent to 300-450w of MH or HPS light. My imaginary budget is between £40-65. Can it be done? I know the tech is getting better all the time, and prices are coming down as more competitors come on the scene. Does anybody have a joyful story to tell of getting a bargain LED that literally just needs to 'do the job' nothing extra special. Ive considered HPS but even a smaller one will run too hot in there, and because of the space of the loft, flower room and veg cab do not want nor need to take on another ballast if I can avoid. Would ideally like to acheive 30w per plant so 9 x 30w somewhere around 300w of true wattage, but no more from its draw. I have done lots of searching myself, so just wondered if anybody else knows anything.
  22. Here we go again then people. I have to say a massive thank you to Dinafem for the opportunity and of course a monster high five to @Dinafem-Mark Mark who should be awarded a knighthood by the Queen for services to Cannabis "arise Sir Mark of Dinafem" So as the title says welcome to the Badbadger Experience. Your "experience" will be focused on Dinafems two latest strains namely Purple Moby Dick... and Purps#1... The grow... They are going to be ran as a wick grow in a 50/50 mix of Guanokalong Complete Compost and Coco Coir. (Dinafem image) They'll be sat on my diy compost/hydro mashed set up, consisting of two circulating U circuits draining back into the main 80ltr tank that will supply all fluids and feeds. They'll be fed on Guanokalongs range of Grow,Bloom,Taste Enhancer and Batboost. I've done a few grows on it and it's been impeccable..... My set up is far from normal but Guanokalongs products are so versatile that they'll run in any pretty much any set up without a seconds thought. Lighting is my Blackdogled Phytomax 2 200w (act) and as supplemental are my 2 Mars Hydro 145w (actual) So all in I have 490w of LED play with. Germination... I germed 2 of each strain using my baking tray technique. (Dinafem image) Take your tray and place 3 paper cases in each space,label the top one before placing one seed in each with 4ml of warm plain h2o..... Cover with 3 more cases and label the top case again.... I place the tray inside the bubble wrap bag and put it inside another for higher humidity and place it in my airing cupboard just above the tank on a few pieces of cardboard to steady the heat so it's pretty warm but not so much so it's an issue, give and take around 24c. I fill 4 three inch pots with the compost/coir to an inch below the rim,water and place them in a bag in my tent to warm up. Shortly we had life in the airing cupboard... Lift each seed up on it's paper case and roll it onto the compost,cover with a pinch of compost and place the paper case over for a little extra warmth and humidity... All done..... Then tuck them in nice and cosy..... Thats us up to date and I'm really looking forward to putting a bit more experience into my grow this time and can't wait to see what these interesting strains have in store for me. Growing is a steep learning curve anyway, if you take it seriously and are relying on it for genuine needed medication it can feel like living on a razor blade waiting for the next spell when your yield/quality drops and that razor blade splits you in two,so I always try and learn my lessons from each outting to improve a little each time. I will layout the process as we get further along the road but it's going to be different that's for sure **this diary was delayed as I had a technical issue (my phone f****d up not me!) and wouldn't let me upload images for near on 3 days so the plants are up already but that's for next time. Until then I think that's it for now,thanks again to Mark and Dinafem. Take care people. ps thanks to jimi for the purple inspiration and name (you still rock jimi) *WARNING* uncensored title piece below..... I'd like to point out it was cold when this image was taken and tilt shift messed up the perspective of the offending "equipment"
  23. first post, just about decided on the equipment for my tent and then i notice the higher end LED lights are way more efficient. Tried to find out what you must adapt to or change from a regular hid set up. or changes in tending to plants etc but no luck getting answers, any help? thanks
  24. 2. Silver LA seeds x3 Smile f2 seeds x5

    From the album The second Time

    My second time planting, got the subbie seeds and some Silver LA left over from last time.
  25. Can anyone help me out and tell me if this light is any good for 2 3 auto plants. I am going to be growing Dutch passions think different.