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Found 291 results

  1. Welcome to the Humboldt Seed Organisation fast flowering express terminal... Toot toot! It's a simple idea, isnt nuts, crazy, stupid or indeed a grow gamble as with some of my other ideas and infact I think others may actually try it, honestly they might I have popped the seeds,written the introduction and the express will depart this week. "Tickets please" said the fat controller
  2. Here it is, happy 2020 you all . In this new decade, I decided to give autos another shot. Having been happy with the results in 2018 outdoor, mediocre results in 2019 outdoors, I have been invited to test Auto Bean Stalk's MOBstar auto. To be clear, I am not an experienced indoor grower and have ran into problems before (mainly Cal Mag issues). I'll do my best to achieve a reasonable quantity of dried weed but given the small size of the setup I am not expecting any miracles. All your advice and comments are welcome (good and bad is always good in my book) so I can do this bean justice as much as possible. If you see anything I can do to improve please share your knowledge and experience. I have previously tested MOBstar photo regs in 2018 outdoors in the south west UK and was very impressed with both phenos showing (green and purple). Great smells, very frosty and bullet proof mould tolerance (it was a good year admittedly) very nice smoke too for me . For the first time, I will grow an auto in my micro cupboard which I normally use to start beans and keep clones for reversing and making small batches of experimental beans. I will also pop a few beans outdoors end of April for a harvest mid July to see how they perform in the great British outdoors. Genetics: 80 days finish time green pheno used ofr the auto version Set up: 250W blurple LED Home made airpot holding around 3 to 4 litters - I know, ideally I would have a 15L pot but hey, can't do it here. Medium: Jack's magic (mostly peat moss with added sea weed and fertiliser for 6 weeks), garden compost, perlite (60%, 30%, 10% respectively). I blasted the lot in the microwave to avoid having damping off and I added a handful of dried crushed local brown seaweed and some Mycormax beneficial fungi and bacteria to recolonise the soil with the good stuff. I will likely top the soil up with some of my worm castings at some point. The soil was kept indoors for 1 week prior to popping the seed. I used the paper towel method. On the 1st of January 2020 MOBStar auto popped it's little head. So this is day 1 I'll try and report back every week to show progress. Thanks for stopping by.
  3. So time to start another dinafem industrial plant, i have the same strain running at the moment but in a iws flood and drain and under hps lights, those plants are very vigorous and already showing signs of heavy flowering, so I'm going to try them in an nft system and try them under an led lighting system.. I'm using the 2 smallest nft tanks 1 plant in each growing in a 1x1x2m tent, par+ 550watt led from site sponser. 2 seeds germinated and placed in cubes at the moment there under a 250watt cfl, led goes in tomorrow. Both seeds took about 3 days to fully germinate, both have become settled and will go into system in the next 5 days.. it's also my first experience with led's so all advice is gratefully received....
  4. Hi Guys and Girls, Newbie here. I need help with choosing the right LED lights for my grow room it's 80 x 80 x 180. Hoping to hold 2-3 plants through seed, veg, and bloom. I've been looking at the Mars and Philzon on Amazon. (Unless someone can suggest a better make on Amazon). My budget is pretty tight - up to £200. Can someone help me with the correct wattage, please? Many thanks
  5. Just a quick one not sure if this is in the right section. I’m after some help regarding plugging to 2xPAR+275 into one timer is it safe to do so? this is the sort or thing I’m talking about so both plugs into this and then into a single 600watt timing contractor. thanks in advance.
  6. Hey guys, I am going to be using a 4x4 and been overwhelmed by the choices of leds on the market and I few I have come to the point of choosing between: mars hydro ts3000w (£349) spider farmer sf4000 (£415) im not too fussed about the difference in price if it means I don’t have to buy twice but if the difference really is negligible I may aswell go for mars. Just looking for some opinions from you experts out there. thanks in advance
  7. Yo first time poster here, got a quick question, in a 1.2x1.2x2m tent with 4 fairly large vegging plants that have just been switched to flower, is my current setup of a 600w HPS and 1200w (cheapish) LED each taking half the space overkill? Got them on rotation where they're swapped every feed, was told the 600w wouldn't be enough on it's own so got the LED to replace but worried about temps as it gets quite cool lights off, cheers in advance.
  8. PAR+ LED.jpg

    From the album my gallery

  9. Hey guys .. I up this thread where all of us can share our grow pics, Only Seedsman strains please Thanks & enjoy!! Testing new gear.. sorry I cant talk about this awesome genetic.. sonn
  10. Thought I'd ask about as to where to buy a led light running the lm301h along with deep red and far red leds! Any help would be much appreciated.
  11. having finally booted up my rather antiquated laptop i thought I'd make a rolling diary for my grow space prior to starting my first grow. somewhere underneath two layers of foil lined bubble wrap is a Gorilla Grow Tents Shorty (0.8m wide x 0.6m deep x 1.4m high). Tent was chosen as its one of the very few that will fit the space i have. making the tent coat was a labour of love, all seams are sealed on both sides with silver insulation tape and the inner skin has foil flaps around the intake, outtake and electrical ports. Outer skin would have had them too but i had a rather weighty bifta and the thing was built and in the loft before i realised id forgotten them Outer layer rolls up around an old broom handle and is then held up by the bungee cables around the cross beams, inner layer opens out double door style.. inside is a Medusa Hydroponics Lotus P1 NFT system. this seems to be a pretty new piece of kit but i chose it over the GT205 as it gives me a little extra space within the tent. Lighting is a Scope 220 from our very own @diyleduk Intake is via a 4" semi-passive set up (boosted by an extractor fan built into the room below) and extraction is handled by a 5" Black Orchid Centri-Flo fan with built in speed and temperature control. Squeezed into that 25l brewing bucket is a 5" CarboAir 50 filter to remove any funky odours before the old air is pushed out of the eaves. At the minute I'm just running it empty and keeping an eye on internal and external temps and humidity prior to embarking on my first grow, readings are within reasonable limits and seem pretty stable for now but time will tell.. I've got a few ideas for future grows, first of which will probably be a small water heater to keep res temps up (depending on how they do in the future). I'd love to hear any ideas or recommendations - thanks for reading
  12. Hi everyone. I have several years experience using 600 and 1000w HPS lights to flower, 400w MH for mums and CFLS for cuttings. I detest the idea of feminised seeds, let alone autos, but have bitten the bullet and am attempting Auto Fem Skittlez from Terp Dogs (apparently). I have settled on using the Black Dog Phytomax-2 600 LED light and am planning on going closed loop. My first problem is starting the seeds off. I have mainly used cuttings, not seeds in the past. When I have used seeds I have created many clones from each seed before ever flowering any of them, so even when using seeds I never actually flowered off a seed, as such. Therefore, I only ever subjected an established seedling to HIDs, never one just sprouted. Now I need to germinate (which I will do in a wet paper towel, inside a plastic bag), then I put them in rockwool blocks, and the blocks into pots of bat guano (House & Garden Bat-Special - Soil and Guano Mix) but then what? Do I stick them straight under the Black Dog LED? Will this be too powerful for them? Any tips on how far to have the LED fixture from the seedlings would be greatly appreciated. Or even if this would hurt/kill them. I have read about the 2 week shock that can happen when we change light types, but I have never seen this. 2 weeks after transplanting a seedling into the flower room it is ready to be "flicked" (12/12). It never seemed to affect them at all. But, this is going from CFL to HPS. I know one of the first suggestions could be to leave these "auto" seedlings under the CFL at first, but they are supposed to be 60 day start to finish, don't wanna stunt mu babies! Does anyone know anything about this?
  13. Eyup, I got bored and did a thing to my light. I got another light and made them kiss. Seems there aren't any true uvb leds, so tis a 24W t5 arcadia 14% uvb light, which fits nicely with samsung / diyleduk strips. also gives 30% uva for good measure rough estimate it adds just shy of a natural level of uv in proportion to the rest of the fixture. Taste tests begin roundabout new year! Fitting was easy enough, clips included and whatnot, just bolt them on. I already had holes for mounting my driver, so I cut the oscillation button from a fan in half and used them as a spacer to give it 3/4" clearance for breathing room. The strap's a bit bowed because I had to invert one of the fasteners to clear the power cable, which I did in situ, but it will do until grows end.
  14. Dinafem kindly sent me some orange juice to grow out .. They will be started in canna prof coco and watered in using Biosys and nitrozyme at ph 6. They are then placed on top of wet clay balls in a heated prop with no lid ..I now have a small veg tent 70x50x90 , for vegative growth I use a Zeus board using lm301b Samsung Diyleduk offers similar specs for similar money now , the flowering will be under a Diyleduk custom unit aka scope350 irc.. Three seeds popped in for this round leaving two for another run ... Orange Juice... Thats it for now till next time take it easy......
  15. Bubblicous veg

    From the album Summer 2019

  16. Hey Guys, still out here trying to decide on which grow light to get and i've come across both the mars hydro ts 1000 model and the sp 150 model. Both seem like great value for money and really on the cusp of modern led technology. considering either one of them for my 60 x 60 tent. Linked below: Just wondering are any of you guys currently growing with these lights or how they stack up against similar specced lights such as the Migro lights or @diyleduk?
  17. Veg training

    From the album Summer 2019

  18. Gorilla glue lst veg

    From the album Summer 2019

  19. Bubblicious lst

    From the album Summer 2019

  20. Gorilla glue training

    From the album Summer 2019