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Found 261 results

  1. Hey guys .. I up this thread where all of us can share our grow pics, Only Seedsman strains please Thanks & enjoy!! Testing new gear.. sorry I cant talk about this awesome genetic.. sonn
  2. with my loft tent set up and ready to grow its about time I started my first diary Around the 1st May i dropped my Dinafem Critical Mass CBD seed into water and popped it into a mini heated propagator. 24h later and it'd cracked and the tap root was starting to emerge so i placed it carefully into a rootit sponge and placed the lot into my temporary veg cabinet. she had some difficulties throwing her shell off so after a day or two i eased it off and left her to get on with things - unfortunately i hadn't noticed that a bit of shell pith was still clinging on and this prevented the cotyledons from properly opening for another day or two before i worked up the courage to cut them free with a razor blade now 5 days from germination shes starting to spread her wings a bit - shes not coming on as quick as I'd have liked but i suspect i may have left her in the closed heated prop for a little too long, plus the closed cupboard with no ventilation is hardly a perfect environment - will definitely have to have to work out something better for next time plan is to let her settle into the rootit sponge, then once she's happy move her into a 4" rockwool cube and hand water for a bit before dropping her in the NFT tray... super excited (and a little nervous) to finally have my first grow on the go - looking forward to some home grown weed in T minus 12-16 weeks and counting
  3. Hey Guys, still out here trying to decide on which grow light to get and i've come across both the mars hydro ts 1000 model and the sp 150 model. Both seem like great value for money and really on the cusp of modern led technology. considering either one of them for my 60 x 60 tent. Linked below: Just wondering are any of you guys currently growing with these lights or how they stack up against similar specced lights such as the Migro lights or @diyleduk?
  4. Hi guys, finally got around to getting a small tent for my 2 somango xl's. They're currently under a little 10/15w ikea led, which in fairness has worked wonders for them up to this point. But the time has come for an upgrade and I need them to start putting on size in veg now if I want smoke by christmas. They've also just been transplanted to 6.5 litre pots, will likely repot before flower to something bigger (maybe 15l+? depending what fits). Hoping to pull 7 oz's at least between the two plants. Have explored options with LED, liking the minimal heat and low energy costs. Would like something at least 200 actual watts, would an led of this power achieve the 7oz goal? Also open the hps/cmh, just not sure which ones are a good safe brand, a lot of shite online. Would appreciate some real world recommendations from you guys!
  5. Hello all Lurking for a couple of weeks but thought I'd be as well signing up. Hope everyone is doing good. Messed about with a couple autos in my younger days (literally two grows) - a very primitive setup with poor results. Now I'm planning a bit more fun; after a good bit of reading; but albeit on a nano level! Should I enjoy the hobby, might stick at it and create something more substantial... The build will be in a shed, out of sight and out of mind. So the plans are as follows: PC case - 520 L x 200 W x 540 H 100W LED - Would be interested to know if this will be useless and/or what everyone would recommend https://tinyurl.com/y6j3tn2j 240V 80mm 20CFM axial chassis fan with 25mm DIY carbon filter (with a pessimistic 50% CFM reduction, this works out at almost 5 air changes per minute) Passive air intake with black louvre style light baffle 12V 80mm internal circulation fan 60W anti-condensation heater (gets pretty cold with me) Asymmetrical cycle timer (for 18/6 likely) Inkbird controller for heater Foil bubble insulation (chose this over mylar for any potential insulation gain) 4L pots (will be able to fit two of these inside, leaving 300mm of vertical height) PM Plus Soil BioBizz Bloom Also already own a pH meter and solutions to lower pH. Now just a case (no pun intended) of ordering the parts and assembling, will hold off for suggestions first though. Again I'd just like to say this is for fun rather than yield. It's more about the process than the end result. After lurking over some of the noodle comp entries I'm pretty confident I should manage fine on this nano scale. Thanks
  6. Dinafem kindly sent me some orange juice to grow out .. They will be started in canna prof coco and watered in using Biosys and nitrozyme at ph 6. They are then placed on top of wet clay balls in a heated prop with no lid ..I now have a small veg tent 70x50x90 , for vegative growth I use a Zeus board using lm301b Samsung Diyleduk offers similar specs for similar money now , the flowering will be under a Diyleduk custom unit aka scope350 irc.. Three seeds popped in for this round leaving two for another run ... Orange Juice... Thats it for now till next time take it easy......
  7. Hey Hey everyone,I currently have a flowering room 5 x 8 with 32 x cxb3070 (not good as cxb3590 i know), but i have it running for 3 years now, consuming 1600w and i yield easily from my setup 1 - 1.2GPW, im running it on DIY aeroponics, 4 containers, 2x4. Basically I was planning to upgrade my lights to CXB3590, but i found that F series... And efficiency is everything for me if it can distribute the light even more = more yields denser buds everywhere So my plan is to build a new Flower room on side of my current one, will be using RDWC, space would have 5 x 6,6 (1,5mx2m).What you think would be the perfect lighting? by what I saw on Takeshy thread and after doing my maths i need 48 x SI-B8V521560WW and 4 x Mean Well HLG-320H-48AI'm planning to buy 96 x SI-B8V521560WW and 8 x Mean Well HLG-320H-48A, that way i can build new room and upgrade leds for the other room. each room will run on 12h difference from each other. Will have 6,7m2 (21.65 SQFT).Any recommendation of where to buy ‎SI-B8V521560WW‎ on Europe? I don't want to pay hell in customs... Thanks!
  8. So after a few grows using RQS I decided that I would give Dinafem a go, I'm just finishing a grow that was supposed to be all RQS but due to a couple of dodgy seeds not sprouting, I bought 2 Dinafem seeds (only one grew though, maybe my fault) but the one that did has really impressed me. (2 weeks behind the RQS and the biggest plant) Grow diary here... Anyway, I have bought 4 more seeds and plan on getting these going once the current grow has finished. The seeds are... 1x Critical + 2.0 Autoflowering 1x Haze 2.0 Autoflowering 1x Blue Critical Autoflowering 1x Original Amnesia Autoflowering Set up... Old kids wardrobe (insulated and made slightly bigger) Kingbo 300w led (120w real wattage) Topplanet 300w led (120w real wattage) (Surprised how well these 2 lights have done considering they are cheapies) 2 X modified ceiling led panel lights (4000k) 80 watts Ram mixed flow extraction Rhino 4" filter 2x 4" usb fans Heat mat 600mm X 600mm Fabric pots Soil will be a mixture of pre used (once) canna soil mix / home made compost/perlite / Coco coir. Various canna / biobizz fertilizers. Pic from current grow...it's a bit rag tag but does the job... Hoping the current grow will be finished in the next couple weeks, will get onto these then. ... Watch this space...
  9. Hi there, got dome quantum board with the driver attached to the heatsink looking to move the drive out of the tent to help with temps. can anyone tell me what cable i need to extend the length between driver and board. Would it be possible to connect wagos and just piece in a section of cable or better to replace the whole lot thanks
  10. I have been lucky enough to be gifted some seeds to do a diary here , cheers .. I was given two Blueberry cheesecake , sexbud and c99 , I thought I try the Blueberry cheesecake as we all like cake ... I prepped canna prof coco with charge and watered in using Biosys and Nitrozyme at a ph 6 .. They are in a small tent , 70x50x90 under a Zeus lm301b Samsung board , when bigger they go under the Diyleduk unit ...the Zeus will be set at 60w first when they show 3500k ..The new veg tent seems ok so far , five inch rvk on a varic.. Thats it for now till next time take it easy ......
  11. Diy led lights (F series strips) T his is a diy thread, for the diy guys, to diy a diy led grow light..Its the cheapest way to get a decent led light. Im not going to get too deep here. This is a basic guide with parts list with product codes to google, rather than a how to build it.. “what wattage do I need for my space” Strips. The Samsung f series strip. This features 144 Lm561C S6 bin leds. Driving them at the currents listed in the parts lists will achieve 2.2-2.35 ish µMol/j at system level. Warning! Don’t be fooled by the cheaper boards/strips.Genuine strips have the Samsung logo and are fully CE compliant. Heres the parts numbers for the strips.Google will give you the supplier. 3000K SI-B8V521560WW 3500K SI-B8U521560WW 4000K SI-B8T521560WW 3000k and 3500k will do veg and flower for weed, just buy whatever’s in stock. 4000k might be useful for mums or lettuce, micro greens etc Strips cost £28 each or you can get a discount on ten+ (including vat which they will add at the checkout) Drivers are easy to find, again just google the part number in the lists. TME is the best place to get them. Ill put rough prices so you know whats the right price to pay. heatsinks you want U channel aluminium. 1 3/4” wide 1” high and 590mm long. This is a very common size and easy to get. Framework you want 1/2” by 1” Unequal aluminium angle(Or whatever you can get. staiir nosing work great). For the length you need it a little smaller than your tent. So 60cm tent get 40cm angle. 1.2m tent get 1m angle. Just get it as big as possible.If your tent is 1.2m or bigger build it in two lights. Max spread is the game here. More points/angles of light over the area = “penetration”. The metal work you can buy cut to order online, or a local shop will do you it cheaper. Heat sinks cost around £4-5 each and framework is a couple quid. All the wiring/wagos/bolts ect be found easy on shitbay/scamazon. Or any local electrics shop. Make sure you get solid core wire. And your power cable is a 10amp one. Are you still here? Heres a chart, I think it makes sense Heres a list just in-case it doesn't. Prices are the max you want to pay really, you should get it a bit less if you get the metal cheap. . 150w. Total cost - 130ish l 2x F series strips. l 1x HLG-120H-48A driver (£40 max) l 2x heatsinks l 2x unequal angle. l 2m 18awg or 20awg solid core wire. l 2x 3 way wago connector. l Old kettle lead for the plug. l 3 core cable connector. l 20mm thermal tape roll l Bolts/nuts/rivets (whatever you want to use) 210w. Total cost - 170ish l 3x F series strips. l 1x HLG-185H-48A driver (£45 max) l 3x heatsinks l 2x unequal angle. l 3m 18awg or 20awg solid core wire. l 2x 5 way wago connector. l Old kettle lead for the plug. l 3 core cable connector. l 20mm thermal tape roll. l Bolts/nuts/rivets (whatever you want to use) 265w. Total cost 220ish l 4x F series strips. l 1x HLG-240H-48A driver (£55 max) l 4x heatsinks l 2x unequal angle. l 4m 18awg or 20awg solid core wire. l 2x 5 way wago connector. l Old kettle lead for the plug. l 3 core cable connector. l 20mm thermal tape roll. l Bolts/nuts/rivets (whatever you want to use) 350w. Total cost 280 ish l 5x F series strips. l 1x HLG-320H-48A driver (£80 max) l 5x heatsinks l 2x unequal angle. l 5m 18awg or 20awg solid core wire. l 2x 6 way terminal block l Old kettle lead for the plug. l 3 core cable connector. l 20mm thermal tape roll. l Bolts/nuts/rivets (whatever you want to use) 420w. Total cost 340 ish l 210w kit parts x2. 530w Total cost 440 ish l 265w kits parts x2. 700w Total cost 520 ish l 350w kit parts x2. The build its self is self explanatory really. Mount the strips last so you don’t damage them. Get the tape lined up right before sticking it as it WILL NOT come off once on. Wiring is the only tricky bit. Its a parallel wired system. All negatives from the strips go the the negative on the driver and all positives from the strips go to the positive on the driver. Here a quick paint wiring diagram, to show how to do it. I don’t mind helping out, if you have a question, just post it on the thread. It is a low voltage system (47V) but still be careful, take time stripping wires right, cable tie them to the frame. If you can see any exposed core you have fucked it, try again. DISCLAIMER- key accepts no responsibility for damage caused to persons, or property. This is not electrical advise, just a parts guide. Don’t pm me asking where to get stuff , post questions in this thread. PMs will be ignored. @mods Any issues with this please let me know.
  12. Basically i'm gonna be growing in a space measuring 2x1.8x1.8. Looking to purchase an LED and have been recommended to use two easygrow s600 full spectrums. . Can't find much about them online though, anybody know if they're any good and if they would be a good choice for what i need? Thanks
  13. Hello y’all. So I’m starting my first grow on a 2.5x2.5x5 tent and I still couldn’t decide which light to choose, online is just so much information it makes it hard to just choose one. Looking to buy a full lighting system for less then 200£ that will give me killer buds in this small space. It doesn't need to be led necessarily but since I live in a shared house I think it would be more cost effective. Open to any suggestions; my goal is to get some killer frosty buds to myself without going bankrupt. Thank you in advance everyone
  14. Hi Guys, This is my first proper grow, after trying to grow one under sunlight last year (yes I know haha). I have a Kingbo 300W Full Spectrum LED Light, which hangs in a 2x2 foot grow tent. I am growing two plants in this space (in ten litre pots), the larger one is a Auto BCN Critical XXL strain (7 weeks old) and the second, smaller plant is (I think) a AK420 Auto (6 weeks old). Both have been fed with just pure spring water and no nutrients. The larger plant has grown to be an absolute monster; taking up a large portion of the tent. This has meant the second plant (although a week younger) has been out competed for space, which might account for its smaller size. The problem is every time I move the LED Light up; the larger plant shoots up to take up the available space. It has now come to a point where I cannot move the light any further and the plant is starting to show signs of heat stress (by means of dry / bleached leaves close to the light). It's probably a little late for LST (which I might try next grow). Does anyone recommend if I should top the plant, or try reducing its height some how?
  15. having finally booted up my rather antiquated laptop i thought I'd make a rolling diary for my grow space prior to starting my first grow. somewhere underneath two layers of foil lined bubble wrap is a Gorilla Grow Tents Shorty (0.8m wide x 0.6m deep x 1.4m high). Tent was chosen as its one of the very few that will fit the space i have. making the tent coat was a labour of love, all seams are sealed on both sides with silver insulation tape and the inner skin has foil flaps around the intake, outtake and electrical ports. Outer skin would have had them too but i had a rather weighty bifta and the thing was built and in the loft before i realised id forgotten them Outer layer rolls up around an old broom handle and is then held up by the bungee cables around the cross beams, inner layer opens out double door style.. inside is a Medusa Hydroponics Lotus P1 NFT system. this seems to be a pretty new piece of kit but i chose it over the GT205 as it gives me a little extra space within the tent. Lighting is a Scope 220 from our very own @diyleduk Intake is via a 4" semi-passive set up (boosted by an extractor fan built into the room below) and extraction is handled by a 5" Black Orchid Centri-Flo fan with built in speed and temperature control. Squeezed into that 25l brewing bucket is a 5" CarboAir 50 filter to remove any funky odours before the old air is pushed out of the eaves. At the minute I'm just running it empty and keeping an eye on internal and external temps and humidity prior to embarking on my first grow, readings are within reasonable limits and seem pretty stable for now but time will tell.. I've got a few ideas for future grows, first of which will probably be a small water heater to keep res temps up (depending on how they do in the future). I'd love to hear any ideas or recommendations - thanks for reading
  16. Hi all, I am a bit of a newbie grower am only on my 4th run and could use some advice regarding lighting setups and energy cost. Any help would be much appreciated. My previous setup was 1 x 600w HPS and 1 x 400 HPS both on magnetic ballasts in a 2x2 metre tent (6.5ftx6.5ft) for 18 plants. I had good success on this the only problem was the electric prices, they were extortionate. I decided to switch on this run to LED lighting as it was a lot more energy efficient so i purchased a 1200w Bestva duel chip LED. In this setup i only run 12 plants used a part of the tent and supplemented the 1200w LED with 2 homemade 300w LED's. I was expecting to see a drop in yield compared to the HPS's but on week 5 of flower it feels as if it was not worth the time and effort with what im looking to get off them. For the next time i am going to go back to 18 plants, use the whole tent and add more light. Here is where i need advice. My 1st thought was to buy another 1200w bestva and run both of them but after reading some reviews on here it seems as if the brand is a load of shit and judging by my yield i agree with them. I now am looking a CMH lights and was wondering if 1 x 315 CMH plus 1 x 1200w in that space would be enough. What are CMH's like on the electric? So would i be better off either having in a 2x2m tent: 2 x 1200w Bestva duel chips LED's 1 x 1200w LED & 1 x 315w CMH 2 x 315w CHM Or would it be better to go to 1 x 1000w HPS and purchase a digital ballast. I know HPS are the best but with running multiple fans to keep the heat down i cant be having a £3000 electric bill. So i am looking for something which is gonna be best on the electric and for my yields. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks
  17. First Noob post. Currently using a 600W HPS lamp and due to being tight and wanting to cut costs, I wanted to know what sort of results people have had using a CFL & LED together. Not a concern at this time of year but is the lack of heat an issue? I don't want to start seeing purple veins or any signs of plant flu. I've searched on here and the only results I came across were a few years old, so hoping for some newer opinions. Cheers NFT
  18. Looking at different options for starting off some seedlings and came across this thingy: The led is made by a company called vaxer, can't really find much about them. How much growth do you think 2 seedlings could get from this light? currently have them on the windowsill but know they can't stay there for much longer. Will be getting a larger light (at least 400watt) in a month or so
  19. Hello all! Just a quick couple of questions with regards to the daisychain option on my LED grow lights. They are nothing too expensive compared to some of the lights that are on the market but its my first grow and they seem to be doing OK for now. So firstly, I didn't plan on using more than one grow light. I started off small with a 2x2 tent and a MarsHydro II 400 lamp (173w from the wall)..after a few weeks I got the bug and had already decided that I was going to upgrade my tent for a bigger space. So I went out and got myself a 4x4... But obviously the MarsHydro lamp would not cover the new space. The new plan was to use the small tent and Mars for veg...then swap to the bigger tent and purchase a new light for flower. I wanted to stick with LEDs and stay cheap so this time I went for the Viparspectra 900w (405w from the wall)...so now I had two tents and two lights. But having the bug meant thay I couldn't stop there and was already wanting more light in my bigger tent..so I moved the MarsHydro into the 4x4 and this now meant I had two LEDs in this space, but no light in the 2x2. As such, I got another LED, this time the Viparspectra 300w (134w from the wall). Before I even set this up in the 2x2 I had already decided that I was temporarily going to put this in the 4x4 untill I had some seed to plant in the veg tent...no point it just being sat there eh!? So currently my 4x4 houses 3 LED grow lights: Viparspectra 900 (405w) Viparspectra 300 (134w) MarsHydro II 400 (173w) A total of 712w being drawn from the wall. My latest plan is to keep all three I. The 4x4 and get another Viparspectra 300 for the 2x2. At the min, they are all currently running off their own power cables and not daisychained. Sorry for the long winded story but now here's my questions: 1) The Viparspectra 900w being the biggest LED doesn't have the daisychain plug :-/ the smaller versions do...but the 900w doesn't - does anyone know why this is? 2) Both the MarsHydro II 400 and the Viparspectra 300w have the daisychain plug, am I able to link these two different branded LEDs? Or will I face problems? Is it safe? 3) If I can daisychain to two different branded LEDs. Does it matter if what order I start the chain in? For examples can I start at with the Viparspectra 300 with a wattage of 134 the link that to the MarsHydro? And if this is the case, is it safe to link all three lights together? So start low and work up to the biggest light? Thanks for any time given to help out a new grower!!
  20. Flower week-3

    From the album FIRST EVER ROOM

  21. Flower week-3

    From the album FIRST EVER ROOM

  22. Flower week-3

    From the album FIRST EVER ROOM

  23. Flower week-3

    From the album FIRST EVER ROOM

  24. flower week 3

    From the album FIRST EVER ROOM

  25. Flower week-3

    From the album FIRST EVER ROOM