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Found 630 results

  1. Hi, would it be possible to post the specs of the QX-75 PCBs which you had a while ago please?
  2. After watching Bruce Bugbees videos and reading various white papers it seems to me far-red has a lot of unrealised potential, yet looking at the spectrum of Lumatek LEDs they seem to have skimped on the far red spectrum on their Pro range to nudge the PPF up but left in intact on the ATS lights - is this correct? Doesn't seem very logical?
  3. I'm currently in the veg phase of my first grow with LED lights. Been using coco as my medium for several runs now, but I've been reading up on things and many sources seem to say that the plants might require even more CalMag in their feeding when they're both in coco and under LEDs, when compared to using CFL or HPS lights. Should I feed the plants CalMag regularly (and if so, then how regularly? Daily, weekly?) or only if deficiencies show up?
  4. Hi All, so i guess i better start with a little back story to my current situation! Ive been growing for awhile and have used the same setup now for quite some time, MH for Veg and HPS for flower. I'd been considering upgrading to LED for awhile and have been following folks on here to see how they have been getting on. I decided to get a Scopex 900 when i sore they were available at just under 600 quid from DIYLED, a proper bargain by anyones terms! Now im in a 1.2m square tent (upgrading to 1.5m planned for my next round) so i new that the light was gunna be more than i needed for this round. So i decided to start things off the way i always do under a CFL to start,, then once potted and onto the wilma under a 250w MH. All was going well, ladies were topped and all 4 were looking grand, lush health new growth and no signs of anything but what was looking to be a outstanding round. So with everything running smoothly and the ladies looking in good shape (just shy of 7 weeks from seed) i decided to break out the LED and see what all the chat was about. This unfortunately this was the start of everything going very wonky and was just over two weeks ago now. First issue was temps, which i think may have cause a bit of shock as at one point they dipped to 19 for a short period. However i managed to get temps to sit between 23 and 29 with lights on and off for the following week or so then refined that range further. Second issue was the fact id been running a 24hr on veg, with MH this was ok but i think the 350w of LED was too much to run for 24hr straight so introduced a 20/4 cycle. Third issue was EC,, now at first i thought i had over fed cos i got what looked like burnt tips, EC was at 0.9 so i dropped it down a couple of points,, but very quickly realised that i had a falling EC ( and the ladies looked hungry) and upped my EC every day/every other as the RES EC just kept on falling after 12hrs or so,, this went on for 9 days, until i hit a RES EC of 1.9. By this time i thought it best to do a fresh RES as all this topping up is never a good idea for obvious reasons. So 4 days ago i did a fresh RES at 1.8 EC. And within 12hrs the opposite started to happen,,, the EC had risen 1.9! So over the last three days ive been going in revers,, every time checking the EC to find that it has climbed back up and then me lowing the EC by adding fresh RO,, until this morning when ive knocked it all the way down to 1.0. Suffice to say the ladies are not happy,, i dont know if one of them is gunna be recoverable and over the last 72hrs another one is looking proper sick. I think they have lock out,, but not sure what else i can do. I also think there is an underlying deficiency which is why i cant nail my EC. Ive suspected it was a MAG issue and have tried some foiler feeding a couple of times but to no effect. I havent wanted to introduce anything else feed wise into the RES as the rising/falling issue has not been solved. Sooooooooo, here are the details and some pics (taken 2 days ago) of my set up to provide a little more clarity to anyone reading. I will add close up pics from today as things are looking worse. This LED malarky has been a steep re-learning curve to say the least but with my environment now steady with temps between 23.5 and 28.5, EC @ 1.0 i dont know how else to combat the lock out/deficiency issue thats now causing havoc. Wilma 4 pot hybrid dripper + DWC. (decent roots in the res for all but the sickest looking lady) Drippers are on for 15mins 4 times during the light cycle. Advanced nuets A & B with RO water, system is chilled with water temps steadily between 20 & 21. A little silver bullet added to prevent pathogens. Scopex 900 running @ 360w hung at aprox 80cm above canopy in a 1.2m sq tent, 3 fans internally circulating the air + temp controlled extraction. Air temps are between 25-28 lights on and 23.5-26 lights off.
  5. Hey guys, I'm currently running a 100w puck led in my cabinet. I want to add some strip LEDs to the set up to even out the light spread and maybe gain some height. Potentially would like to add some UV to the spectrum. Diyleduk used to have strips for sale on their site but can't see any now. Does anyone have a recommendation for some modern strip beds that I can mount on a frame alongside my puck led? Also, is it possible to run them all off the one driver?
  6. Hi UK420 peeps! Been hiding for a while mostly reading and did some research and save monies for my first equipment and grow Some data Growing: INDOOR Sort: CRITICAL KUSH Seeds Bank: BARNEY`S FARM Seeds type: FEMINIZED Medium: LIVING SOIL (ECO-THRIVE) Growbox size: 35x35x70cm IKEA EKET cabinet Ventilation: NO NAME EXTRACTOR (PC adapted) 2 AC INFINITY TV/STAND cooling fans 12x12cm Lights: 90W FULL SPECTRUM Nutrients: INTENSE NUTRIENTS Training: LST and possibly TOPping Calendar Format: TOTAL DAYS/VEG/PRE-FLOWER/FLOWER Germination started 19/08/21. Sinked nut into tap water with one drop of hydrogen peroxide 3%. Nut cracked on next day and show little tail. Planted straight into the soil. 22/02/21 nut shows up from soil. Today 03/02/00/00 Temperature in box +24, humidity 56%, VPD 0.8kPa . Lights intensity adjusted to 20590 lux or 350PAR Thinking to start introduce nutes in two days time! Will update and put pictures soon
  7. Apogee Quantum Flux Meter

    From the album Remember The Oldtimes?

    Scope V1 fixture dimmed to 130W giving 110umols PPFD at 1m distance. Added an oil rad to increase temps.
  8. GNUK telos 10 pro led grow lights now in stock at diyleduk. We are happy to announce we are now stocking the GN telos 10 PRO and PRO upgrades kits. https://diyleduk.com/collections/telos-led-grow-lights Introducing the next generation of Telos led lighting systems. The 0010 PRO now features even higher output OSRAM LEDs pushing efficiency levels to 2.5 μmol/j. Fully Ce certified and waterproof to IP66 standards, The Telos lighting systems are suitable for even the most harsh environments. Telos lighting systems feature full spectrum white Osram Duris leds and high efficiency Osram Oslon Square hyper reds. The combination provides a true enhanced spectrum, suitable for a wide variety of crops, from seed through to harvest. No other lights are required with the telos lighting systems. TELOS 10 PRO 300w https://diyleduk.com/collections/telos-led-grow-lights/products/telos-10-pro-led-grow-light-300w This 300w light is suitable from a 80cm x 80cm up to a 1m x 1m area and will outperform a 315cmh/400w hps. TELOS 10 PRO 600w bundle https://diyleduk.com/collections/telos-led-grow-lights/products/copy-of-telos-10-pro-led-grow-light-bundle-600w This 600w light is suitable from a 1.2m x 1.2m up to a 1.5m x 1.5m area and will outperform a 600w/630w hps/cmh and match a 1000w se hps in performance. TELOS PRO DIY upgrade kits https://diyleduk.com/collections/telos-led-grow-lights/products/telos-10-pro-upgrade-kit The Telos 10 Pro Upgrade Kit is designed to be installed on the existing Telos 0010 grow light. The pack contains 10 x of the latest generation Hyper Red and Duris 5050 modules from Osram. The upgraded modules will modify the grow light to the same specification a Telos 10 Pro. You can choose to either buy the kit and install it your self. Or buy the kit and send us/drop off your V1 telos and we will install the upgrade and return your light free of charge. Contact us if you need your 0060 or 0080 telos units upgrading. Whats in the box? 6 x Duris 5050 Modules 4 x Hyper Red Modules 10 x Telos Graphite Thermal Interface Material 5 x Translucent Gaskets 1 x Revised Sticker 1 x Hand Screw Driver Par maps and a write up will be done when Craigs back. Any questions just ask. -Adam.
  9. Got a few autoflowers on the go in my new setup and have run into an issue it seems. Nothing major, looks like the plants are doing well and will recover no problem. Just hoping to get some of your opinions to determine the problem and discuss any fixes. Background 80x80x180 (Homebox) Soil: Biocanna Bio Terra Plus Enhancers: Worm Castings (around 20%) Nutrients: Guanokalong Organic Dry Amendments: Vegetal Fertiliser (5-4-5) + Complete organics (2-5-3) Mixed 5 tablespoons of the 5-4-5 and 3 tablespoons of the 2-5-3 into soil before planting. (considerably less than the recommended feed) Can amend by top-dressing and/or compost teas. Attis 300w (currently set to 180w and 63cm from the plants) 125mm TT strapped to a carbon for exhaust Strains: 2 x Strawberry Banana (Fast Buds) , 1 x Wedding Cake (Barneys Farm) Day 16 since seed Temps: 25-26 Celcius on average Humidity: 55% average Watering has been on a good wet/dry cycle of every 5 days. Started LST and some leaf tucking just yesterday hence their wonkiness. Generally growth has been good, new growth has exploded since yesterday and their on the right track. The leaf discolouration has gradually gotten a little worse, take a look: 2 x Strawnannas on the left. 1 x WC on the right Strawnnanna #1 #2 Yellowing leaves on strawnanna same here WC general colour is a lighter green than the Strawnnanas: And has a similar yellowing issue. Thanks for dropping in LD
  10. Atreum Hydra 1000 LED grow light - UK Full-spectrum 100w LED grow light samsung meanwell driver 2.7 https://ledgrowlights.co.uk/collections/atreum-lighting/products/atreum-hydra-1000 Atreum Hydra 1000 LED grow light Hope everyone's liking the new site and our new ranges... We're very pleased to be working once more with Atreum Lighting as they release this fantastic little 100W board (that we fell in love with the moment we saw). Not only does it have a unique OLED display showing exact wattage being consumed, but as you can see the diodes have been spaced so they provide a really nice, even spread. An all-round cracking little light for many applications really. We did some PAR testing in a 50cm x 50cm area, have a ganders. Migro did a nice video showing off this light. Well worth checking out, but bear in mind that it does in-fact have a conformal coating (making the boards water resistant), contrary to what's said.
  11. Got one of those Ambient Homebox 80x80x180 grow tents the other day, first time I've grown using a tent. I'm using a 125mm TT exhaust at the top and a passive intake of about the same size down at the bottom. The passive intake has a mosquito net around it to prevent anything from coming in but a ton of light leaks out. Growing autos so i'm not too concerned about the plants but I would like to find a solution to stop the light leak for security purposes. I covered the passive intake today with the cover that comes with the homebox. Negative pressure increased dramatically and temps went up a bit but still holding in the respectable zone. The tent is basically sucking in air from any little gaps it finds as there is no dedicated intake. Am i okay leaving it like this? OR am i setting myself up for issues down the line? Cheers LD