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Found 763 results

  1. Introducing the TELOS Growcast Mesh LED controller. https://ledgrowlights.co.uk/products/telos-growcast Telos Growcast is a universal lighting controller that helps growers to save energy and grow better plants. Growcast is compatible with many existing grow lights from major manufacturers. Wirelessly connect to Growcast and control the Precise PPF output (dimming) of your grow light. Say goodbye to mechanical timers by applying on/off timing schedules with an optional sunrise and sunset feature. Growcast doesn’t need an internet connection to work and is instead programmed locally using the secure & encrypted Telos Mesh App, available for Android and iPhone. The device has a simple plug and play set up and connects directly to the existing 1-10V dimming port available on most grow lights. https://www.teloslighting.co.uk/growcast-compatibility/ There's quite a bit of info on the telos website. Ill copy it over to mine when i get time. Any questions fire away. Thanks. Adam.
  2. Hello I have a 60cmx60cm tent. In your opinion a Lumatek ats 200w Led lamp is enough for two plants?
  3. We have the full range of AC INFINITY Inboard led grow lights in stock and until Jan, you can save 8% by clicking the link below or using code "ACINFINITY" at the checkout. https://ledgrowlights.co.uk/discount/ACINFINITY A full spectrum LED grow light designed with algorithmically positioned Samsung LM301B diodes to maximize plant yields. Features a proprietary driver that enables light dimming and can connect with our smart controllers. These enable pairing with additional LED light fixtures when using expansion dongles (sold separately). Built on a fan-less, unibody aluminium board to dissipate heat and extend the diodes’ lifetime. All components are sealed to IP-65 standards to maintain peak performance even in a grow environment with higher temperatures and humidity. Includes a pair of metal bar hangers and rope hangers. This LED grow fixture is designed for grow tents with interior reflective Mylar lining, and used to cultivate a variety of plants, fruits, and vegetables. This product is a part of the UIS™ platform of grow devices and smart controllers, designed to integrate with each other to achieve your ideal environment. AC Infinity - IONBOARD S22 LED Grow Light https://ledgrowlights.co.uk/collections/ac-infinity-led-grow-lights/products/ac-infinity-ionboard-s22 AC Infinity - IONBOARD S24 200w LED Grow Light https://ledgrowlights.co.uk/collections/ac-infinity-led-grow-lights/products/ac-infinity-ionboard-s24 AC Infinity - IONBOARD S33 240w LED Grow Light https://ledgrowlights.co.uk/collections/ac-infinity-led-grow-lights/products/ac-infinity-ionboard-s33 AC Infinity - IONBOARD S44 400w LED Grow Light https://ledgrowlights.co.uk/collections/ac-infinity-led-grow-lights/products/ac-infinity-ionboard-s44 You can checkout all our ac infinity products and the new landing page here https://ledgrowlights.co.uk/pages/ac-infinity Thanks. Adam
  4. I’m new to the LED grows and just bought a Zeus 600w pro 2.7 pre owned for £400 and I’m looking for another one to fill my 1.2x2.4 loft tent. It’s looking a bit hard to find another similar 2nd hand one close to me so I’m wondering what’s the best prices people can find on new ones. Thanks in advance
  5. Hi guys, after a long time away from growing im setting up again and im looking at a full led set up this time for various reasons including energy cost and noise from the extraction using hps. my tent is 140cm wide x 70cm deep x 200cm high ive found a couple of lights but they're for 4ft x 2ft grow spaces, this is slightly bigger. Looking for ideas for lighting for the most possible yield in this space. THANKS =]
  6. ITS FINNALY HERE! The PAR+ Ultra LED grow lights are now available to order. Introducing the PAR+ LED ULTRA powered by Telos Mesh! Designed, manufactured an assembled in the UK by expert lighting technicians from the ground up, this LED grow light boasts unrivalled functionality and flexibility alongside an efficacy of 2.9 or 3.1 With a frame size of 100cm, the ULTRA LED can cover a legnth of up to 1.5m providing an exceptionally even distribution of photons over these footprints and helping growers to achieve perfectly uniform canopies, balanced flower production and excellent harvests. MADE IN BRITAIN Our uncompromising demand for the highest levels of quality and integrity have allowed us to achieve the Made In Britain accreditation mark. We're one of only a select few LED lighting brands who have received this mark and we're extremely proud to have achieved this. With the backing of this independent mark of provenance - which can only be achieved by passing rigorous criteria - you can be confident in both the build-quality and performance of the ULTRA. After all, only the highest quality LED grow lights can genuinely call themselves Made In Britain! Membership Number 3347. ALGORITHMICALLY SPACED SAMSUNG LEDS. The new ULTRA light engines. Each Light engine within the ULTRA range features 320 of the highest bin 'full spectrum' Samsung LM301H LEDs with a mix of 3000K/4000K diodes as well as 10 Samsung LM351H V2 660nm deep reds. This combination of mixed 'full spectrum' and deep red LEDs creates the perfect spectral balance and is guaranteed to provide better harvests than other recipes. Our PCBs are protected by a water-resistant conformal coating, improving LED resilience and allowing for easy cleaning. MESH DRIVER WITH BLUETOOTH CONTROL Working in partnership with Telos, we're excited to be the first third party LED grow light manufacturer to power our ULTRA LEDs with the innovative Mesh system. The Mesh drivers are a SELV certified power supply that operate at low voltage (48V), making them an incredibly safe choice for grow rooms and commercial applications alike. When used with the Telos mobile app, you'll have complete and secure control over your ULTRA LED fixtures from your fingertips; no expensive controllers, no masses of wiring - just simple and effective control. With the Telos app and Mesh driver system, you can dim either by selecting a percentage of total power or by choosing Precise PPF™ output, as well as creating custom lighting schedules, sunrise/sunset modes, independent groupings and 5-step manual touch overrides. FULLY MODULAR DESIGN Each ULTRA strip is fixed to a parallel rail system via an integrate ball-bearing slider and thumb screws, allowing you to easily reposition all light engines to any desired configuration and achieve the most optimal photon distribution for your shape/size grow space without any tools. The modular nature of our design also makes upgrading and expanding easy; each strip possesses a disconnectable waterproof connector and thumb screws so that the fixture can be disassembled with ease. WARRANTY INFORMATION We're so confident in the construction and component quality of our PAR+LED lights that we're backing it with a 5 year warranty and lifetime service guarantee. CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT MORE The ULTRA 320 LE The ULTRA 320 SE The ULTRA 640 LE The ULTRA 640 SE These are preorder for delivery 1st week of august. Were offering 10% off to uk420 members on preorders using code ULTRA10 Buy here. https://ledgrowlights.co.uk/collections/ultra-led
  7. Introduction: First of all I'd like to thank @Seedstockers-Mark for the opportunity to try out some brand new products Apollo 13 x Black Cherry Cheesecake X Cherry Ak47 aka Black Apollo Cherry x 5 Regs were received from Barcelona the other week. They went straight into the fridge for storage/wintering, until it's time to get them to spring into life. Atb
  8. I’m sure someone somewhere has covered this I know there’s problems moving plants from HID to LED now if I’m using a LED Propagator can I move them on to HID’s when there ready?
  9. During my current grow, which is currently at week 4, I accidentally snapped the main stem while performing LST. Attempts to splint it back in place were immediately unsuccessful as the break was just above a node, literally just a couple of millimetres. I couldn't hold the top in place to graft back on. So I inadvertently topped the plant, but she's doing fine. I took the top, popped it in a tub of water to try and keep it alive. I then placed it in a small amount of water in a ziplock bag in the salad crisper in the fridge. My thinking is to try and make a clone of this plant because it's a nice strain with vigorous growth. Having done some reading, I know it's possible to clone autoflowers, but with the caveat that the genetic clock is still ticking. I'd like to try it as an experiment. I got hold of some rooting powder, and I plan to try and root the "cutting" in compost. I just checked in the salad crisper, and no-one has eaten the cutting, which is good. (Labels in capital letters saying 'NOT FOOD. LIVE PLANT. DO NOT OPEN!' probably helped). Also she has perked up from the wilted creature of a couple of days ago, looks really fresh. Whaddaya know? Salad crispers work! So Operation Clone is Go. As there will be no room in my wee grow cabinet if the cutting roots successfully, I bought a small tent in the sales. I have a spare fan, filter and ducting, also my backup InkBird, heat mat and circulation fan can be put to good use. I also have a spare grow light, which believe it or not I picked up in a charity shop last year. Unused, still in packaging, basically brand new. It's another interesting design by Chinese manufacturer Fecida. Basically consists of four 'sunlike' full spectrum COB style LED boards, rated at 50 watts each. I tested one and it draws 47 watts. Now what I like about this design is it is modular. All four units can be used individually, or daisy chained together to make a larger lamp. You can just use one, or connect two together, or go for all four. I think four would be too much in my small tent, so I'm going to join two together giving me 94 watts of LED. But I'm getting ahead of myself. I'll start the cutting off in compost in my heated propagator. I'll just set it on a table near the window, out of direct sunlight. Then wait. If it roots successfully (and signs are good as the cutting looks healthy) then this will be my first ever tent grow, as well as my first attempt at cloning. That's why I started a separate diary, because it's not very stealthy, and it's not in the cabinet! Thanks for reading and I'll post again when I start the rooting process. Link to my diary of the current grow if you want more background:
  10. There was a blog post on your site which I can't find that recommended extracting from the bottom of the tent to keep temps up - has anyone actually tried this and does it really make a difference? Are there any gotchas to watch out for such as filter performance or moisture differences?
  11. Understanding The Dio-Tech UVA/Far Red Infill Bars. We've had a few people ask recently what our Infill bars do, here's a breakdown to help understand what they do and how they can help! Photosynthetic Active Radiation or PAR refers to the spectrum of electromagnetic radiation that is visible as light. Plants use this light energy to drive photosynthesis, grow and reproduce. The spectrum is measured in nanometers (nm) and for many years it was agreed that the range of visible light (PAR) sits between 400nm and 700nm. At the low end of the PAR range is blue light and at the upper end is red light. Recent plant research states that expanding the spectrum of light outside of the “traditional” PAR range has significant effects on plant behaviour and that usable range is 380nm to 780nm. The Dio-Tech UVA/FR Light Bars does just that. It extends the spectrum to include not only visible light, but also UVA and Far Red, for optimal plant performance! First To Market Pre-Programmed TRUE Dual-Spectrum LED Grow Light. The Dio-Tech offers several pre-programmed spectral outputs, which utilise light recipes tailored to provide your garden with the ultimate spectrum at every stage of the growth cycle, The first to market pre-programmed TRUE dual spectrum LED grow light. Vegative Growth - When your plants are in the vegetative growth cycle (18 hours of light/6 hours dark) – they need a much higher proportion of blue light to prevent excess lateral growth during this early period. Plants grown with blue light have shorter internodal spacing averaging more flowering sites and have thicker darker green leaves compared to plants grown with a high proportion of red light. Flowering - Once you switch your photoperiod to 12 hours light/12 hours dark – you have entered the flowering phase. This is where the flowering heads are formed and the plant begins to switch its focus away from growth and into flower formation. Red light encourages the plant to flower (or fruit) and it can greatly enhance the rate of photosynthesis in the plant, allowing the plant to use this extra energy in fruit formation. Chlorophyl is very efficient at absorbing and using red light. Your plant also uses a lot of blue light during this period in the same way as it does through the vegetative period, to enhance photosynthetic rate and to prevent excess lateral growth. Flowering With UVA/Far Red Infill Bars - Optimise your plants performance and yield throughout the flowering period with our unique UVA/Far Red Infill Bars. Recent plant research states that expanding the spectrum of light outside of the “traditional” PAR range has significant effects on plant behaviour. Exposure to UVA can increase terpene, antioxidant, flavonoid, plant resin and vitamin production in your plant. Far Red stimulates a phenomenon called the Emmerson Effect – this is an increased rate of photosynthesis when plants are exposed to light of wavelength 680nm (Deep Red) and wavelength greater than 680nm (Far Red) simultaneously. This creates a higher photosynthetic rate that far exceeds the sum of the Deep and Far Red photosynthetic rates individually. We look forward to hearing everyones thoughts and opinions! -Control Team
  12. Thoughts On Growing with added UVA and Far Red? Photosynthetic Active Radiation or PAR refers to the spectrum of electromagnetic radiation that plants can use. Plants use this light energy to drive photosynthesis, grow and reproduce. The spectrum is measured in nanometres (nm) and for many years it was agreed that the range of visible light (PAR) sits between 400nm and 700nm. At the low end of the PAR range is blue light and at the upper end is red light. Recent plant research states that expanding the spectrum of light outside of the “traditional” PAR range has significant effects on plant behaviour and that the actual usable range is 380nm to 780nm. The Dio-Tech UVA/Far Red Light Bars does just that. It extends the spectrum to include not only visible light, but also UVA and Far Red, for optimal plant performance. Electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength between 315nm and 400nm is classed as UVA. This wavelength induces a stress response within the plants, much as it does in humans, to develop compounds that will protect its cells from being damaged by prolonged exposure. Receiving UVA radiation stimulates the plants natural defences and encourages it to develop thicker, waxier leaves. This helps protect the plant against biotic stress factors, like pests, fungal and bacterial pathogens. Research also suggests that UVA deters certain species of sucking insects. Most importantly, exposure to UVA during the flowering period stimulates the production of resin, terpene and flavonoid compounds, and increases biomass. NOTE: We do not use UVB emitting diodes in our fixtures as this wavelength of light can be harmful to both plants and humans unless dosed for short periods of time. UVA can be on all the way during your flowering cycle while your lights are on – it is not restricted to 15 minutes per day, unlike UVB. Far red or FR is found at the opposite end of the PAR spectrum to UVA, it sits between 700nm and 780nm. It was widely believed that FR on its own stimulated little photosynthetic activity within the plant and that it was not included in the PAR range. This phenomenon was known as “Far Red Drop” as the rate of photosynthesis significantly drops beyond 700nm. However, later research by Robert Emerson found that when FR was combined with deep red wavelengths of around 680nm it becomes photosynthetically active and increases the photosynthetic rate beyond what is usually achievable below 700nm. This phenomenon is known as The Emerson Effect. This “stacking” of usable light significantly increases biomass and flower production. FR penetrates the leaf canopy more deeply than blue, green or red, so much so that exposure to FR triggers a shade aversion response stimulating stem elongation and flower development in plants as they try to outgrow and compete against the plants that are shading them. It is for this reason that we recommend only using the UVA/FR Light Bars during flowering. I look forward to hearing everyones thoughts on adding UVA and Far Red! - Control LED Team
  13. I'm just setting up a 2.4 x 1.2m tent and thinking of using LEDs for the first time. I'm trying to compare the lights above but i don't know that much about light coverage. As I understand it, the HLG 650 covers an area of 5ft which is 1.5m. My logic says that because my tent is only 2.4m long, having 2 of these will end up with the light overlapping in the middle and some parts of the canopy will recieve twice as much light. Is this a problem? Do HLG do a smaller light thats rated as well but covers a 1.2m area so I can use 2 lights and not have an overlap? The spider farmer light covers an area of 4ft which is 1.2m so 2 of these would fill the area more evenly but I've read that it uses Phillips LEDs instead of Samsung. Has anyone used this light and recieved good yields with tight nugs? Alternatively, is there another option that I could look at? My budget is around £1800, so around £900 per light for 2 lights. Any advice would be appreciated. Ken
  14. Hi DIYers, what happens if I add another strip to the driver? Explode or drop in voltage? Also, is it really bad to mix Scope 1 strips with Scope 2 strips? Cheers
  15. Hello, haven't been overly active on the forums for some years now, life gets in the way sometimes Had to have a new roof for the grow rooms ( had to wait many many months for my reliable ask no questions roofer ) I try not to spend the winter in england, if I get enough work in the year then we get the fuck out of here So back to my main reason for posting..... am goong to switch over to LED lighting instead of the t5's for veg and HPS 600 for flowering. The veg room is 4ft x 2ft and 3ft high. (am still in ft and inches ) The flower room is 50 inches x 50 inches flowering area and I have an extra 3ft to sit and talk to the plants. Height is 6ft. So what would you recommend for swapping over to LED's given the room sizes I am using. At a push I could change the veg room to taller one for example, turn the veg box on its side giving me a 2ft x2ft 6ft tall, but would prefer not to, can you recommend a light for that size veg room ? Also is their a lot of savings going over to LED? I am assuming that for the colder months I would need some form of heating in the flowering room and this would probably tip the scales to costing me the same as my hps lights do . Have already been told by a few growers that I wont regret the change over Cheers Vill ps also whats this ac infinity extraction fan all about. Is this as good or better than the rhinos etc ?
  16. Cosmorrow LED

    From the album Random stuff

  17. Thanks a mill to @Seedstockers-Mark for getting these seeds over to me! Very grateful to be able to give these genetics a run. It was difficult to decide between the Mac n Crack, Apollo Black Cherry and Thunder Banana..but I settled on the Thunder Banana due to the matanuska heritage. From my years of reading through diaries online this legendary strain pops up from time to time and always makes for a great read, so im pretty excited to be able to get a chance to give this a go. My seed just popped out of the soil a few days ago and looks great so far Very quick germination, used the paper towel method and she was good to go in under 48 hours. Currently have her in a starter pot with a mix of 50:50 coco coir and worm castings. She's sitting under the 100W Puck LED I've had the last few grows. The plan is to get her and a Dinafem Bubba Kush (needs bit of Indica in the jars) in to a 31 litre bed in my cabinet. This will be my 2nd attempt at an "Organic" grow. Hopefully it will be a successful one!
  18. Hello and welcome to my second try at growing autos, this time using Gelato 41 from my pack of seedstockers usa auto mix After my first attempt failed - this time I am trying to do it by the book, no experimenting but we will see what happens (well, I did say try!) I dunked 3 seeds last night into a glass of room temp preboiled water, will wait until I see the tap roots poke out, then its into my lovely bright orange 12L buckets.
  19. From the album Smile, Skunk Liver, Smottie Remix

    And in the jars they go. Will leave these until Autumn before trying a sample or 3. Think I overdried a bit but hope moisture evens out in the jars. Onwards!