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Found 35 results

  1. Hey guys, I put these photos on my diary page but I thought I would add them here also as there is defo something going on. I had an issue with extraction so temps went up as did root temps and humidity dropped. I have since fixed that but I’m not sure what’s going on here. I am just about to start in external nute regime (I’m on week 6) as the nutes in the GK Soil are at the end of their life. Does anyone have any idea what’s happening here? Thanks for any advice and suggestions, all are welcome. Thanks.
  2. Hi I am inspecting leaves daily and I noticed a few of these What might be the issue?
  3. smile

    From the album oldtimer

    © HEAVY_HS

  4. Hi I need some advice on harvest please I grow in Coco using Canna nutes wich I stopped feeding a couple weeks ago, The two plants have been in flower for 8 weeks now and are really looking good. They where on 2ml A+B, 2ml Rhizo, 2ml Zym, 2ml Boost, all per 1L they did have some pk through weeks 5 and 6 with week 5 being a slow build up and 6 a full 1ml feed. I have started flushing my two plants Special Kush(SK) and Royal Domina(RD) around 11 days ago now and the leaves dont seem to be going that yellow at all. My two plants had a bigger flush 5 days ago in the bathtub where I put a bunch of ph water through each pot till the runoff was clear. Only a handful of leaves have started to yellow up and I am not sure if I should continue flushing for some more time or if its okay to harvest. I know for sure SK needs a week or so extra as I can physcially tell with the swelling the pistils and the trichomes are more clear on SK so not as mature. As for RD she is looking ready, buds look very full and swolen even the lower ones have swolen pretty nice the pistils seem mature and most importantly the trichomes are a really good cloudy covering across the plant with 10-15% amber. Is it okay to chop RD based on her being very filled out and her trichomes being a good cloudy coverage with amber mix or would it be adviseable to flush more allowing the leaves to yellow up ? Here is Royal Domina(RD) The one im looking to chop now, you can see near the back of the plant only the one small leaf starting to yellow. Here is Special Kush(SK) I am looking to give her a bit longer anyway due to her trichomes not yet being milky or amber they are mostly still clear but you can see the nug I have my hand behind the tips of the fan leaves are the only signs of yellowing on this plant.
  5. Hi, I grown this plant (gods gift) in soil partly outside then brought it in to veg a bit, now its three weeks into flowering and it's starting to get yellowing of the leaves. I have been only feeding a tiny amount of nutes as I overfed the last plant and got nute lockout. From googling it looks like a potassium deficiency. My tap water is soft and around 6-7ph. I have started feeding now with a veg stage feed.
  6. hi guys and gals, I've been growing this plant for a couple of months and recently its started flowering... bout time... I've noticed a number of leaves are curling in on themselves. Not sure why, can anyone advise. Not able to see any bugs on the plant
  7. Deformed leaves

  8. Hi guys could you help me out identifying whats wrong with my grow ? I have yellow leaves mainly at the top of the plants, some have tip burn others dont. Im thinking its a Nitrogen deficiency but not sure if its nutrient burn/lockout ? I am growing in AutoPots and have been easy on the feeding, the strain is Blue Dream Auto from FastBuds
  9. 5ed194e94e04c-DSC-0442-copy-1238x22011.jpg

    From the album Green Gelato 1

    Green Gelato, one week above ground. Lights Diyled v2 scope 275 at 105cm, PPFD 230 ( Approx). Temp. 25c. RH 65%. In 50% Allmix and 50% seedling compost with added perlite. In 1 litre fabric pots, soil, moist.
  10. Two week old plant grown from seed, started a couple of days ago to have white tips on the leaves that have spread up them. This happened after I lowered the 600W LED from 2 foot to 6 inches above the plant. The seed is in Canna with A&B nutrient supplements. Not sure this is due to the lamp or is a nutrient deficiency or over watering.... or something else. Advice please.
  11. HI ALL, HELP AND ADVICE PLEASE,,,, shes 28 days old, was running 5.8 ph and 550 ppm, she was looking fine,i fimmed her, 2 days later now she is dying by the day!!!!, first fan leaves turn and curl,and plant looks droopy!! 2 days later now leaves are drying out and crumble to touch, roots are discoloured a little, but shes NOT drinking as plant is slowly withering and as stated leaves are dry, been spraying 2 -3 times a day with ph water only, shes on 450 ppm at mo, with 10 ml cal mag and 10 ml hydroguard in 3 gallon please help!!! see photos thanks
  12. Hi all. Was just looking for some input. Two plants here, possibly the same strain just two different phenos. But that said, they do look like they could have maybe had different fathers due to cross pollination. (Bagseed) Day 51 of flower, and both are showing signs of Nitrogen deficiency. Now, I understand that this is normal, in fact I am pleased. However, could anyone maybe provide input on what they would do about the lightest green plant, as this I suspect to be a heavier sativa strain, thus meaning it will take longer to flower, ergo my question...Has it faded too early? I’d say the purple variety with more indica traits will be done in a week or 2 max. But the light green plant seems like it is only halfway done!!! Could I throw some EWC on top for a nitrogen boost? Or is it far enough along to leave be. Thanks for any input. Happy growin
  13. Hi, I've had a look at the photo on this site, showing all the different leaf deficiencies, but I cant seem to find this one - Hoping I can get some advice as to what the problem may be for these: Most of the leaves are ok, but the yellowing is starting to spread. They are on 20/4, with temps around 20 night, and 25-30 day. To control humidity, I am having to switch my extraction off for hours of time occasionally to keep humidity at about 50-60. I wondered whether it is better to get day temps at 23 running at 20-30% humidity or have less extraction, and run at 29 degrees with around 50-60% RH? Appreciate any advice Thanks in advance
  14. Hello everyone, I have been having an "issue" lately. Last few weeks some of my lower leaves (mostly the ones that don't get too much light) start to turn brown/yellow and fall on their own. What can this be? ( N or P problem? ) I might be over-watering: 3L of water with organic nutes in 15L pots. I am getting around 30% runoff instead of 20%. Should i water with less water for starters? Also some red/purple stems are present.
  15. Hi UK420, Does anyone have experience with powdery mildew? And, how best to deal with it. Am 4 weeks from finish but it seems to be taking hold on a couple of strains, Glueberry & Candy Fruit. Have read milk spray is good, anyone used this method? Some photos at the end of this post . Thanks in advance. All the best Arty
  16. Are my plants sick? They are 3-4 weeks old I grow lots of Normal vegetables and this is my first time growing Cannabis if my normal vegetables were looking slightly yellow I’d be concerned.... am i right to be concerned? im currently growing seeds from barneys “CBD blue shark” i have a tent that’s in a shed. (120inx120 by 6ft) The light is a dual spectrum HPS 600w but is currently on 400w. The lights were 14in above plants I’ve literally just raised the lights to 17in. i feed 3 times a week. Got fresh air coming in. Warm air being extracted temps are 20-23c during 18 hours of light. Temps are 17-19c during dark. feed with FormuleX
  17. These are RGSC babies of various ages, all in 1/2L peat pots John Innes seed sowing compost with Perlite. I've sometimes been feeding them very diluted organic tomato fertiliser w/ seaweed. Otherwise just water. They are under cheap shit Chinese eBay LEDs (2 x "50W" + 1 x "100W") in a cupboard with pretty poor ventilation. I open the door when I can and usually have a fan going in there. But I have considered that the ventilation and humidity are probably far from optimal. I'm told these first ones, whitening at the edges, might be cold nights? What do you think? Then these brown bits, I've read both over and under feeding can cause. Finally, this guy just looks unwell. Yellowed leaves with sort of crispy brown detail. This photo looked good on my phone, if I get responses to this I could take some clearer and better-lit photos. If you have any advice I'd really appreciate it! Cheers guys
  18. Hello everybody, been trying to identify what this is, I initially thought overwatering but I don’t think it is, I let the soil get quite dry and there was no improvement. It’s a Hawaiian haze, it’s growing slowly, and it’s the longest flowering plant in the tent (16weeos!) so want to make sure it can recover and worth pursuing.
  19. Hi there, looking for some help on what may be wrong with my plants. Some leaves look very strange, see images below. They pick back up but then others go like this, almost like they are being rated down one side of the leaf but no sign of pests! I am growing in coco, fabric pots, 600w hps, have done 2 weeks cuttings/seedlings am now on second week veg. Transplanted into bigger pots last night not that this means anything as the leaves have been like this for a couple weeks. Feed bucket stays in my Grow room that I built (1.2x1.2x1.9) so not cold feed. Also looking for advice whether I should start stress training at all, if so what method and how do you recommend? thanks in advance
  20. Can someone help with what this may be? some of my leaves look very strange, almost look like they’re being eaten but no signs of pests at all! They have done two weeks seedlings, now into 2nd week veg.
  21. Hi all, I was wondering what everyone does with regard to mutated twisted leaves. I think this was due to overfeeding, so I have dialed everything back, but do I leave the twisted leaves on or cut them? Cheers
  22. Hi, One of the little ones is looking droopy and has a brown/blackish leaf tip and a bit of yellow discoloration. They are on EC 0.4, very mild mix of the plant magic range. Its been pretty hot recently , but I suppose the others would have suffered similarly if tit was due to the heat, but they seem fine. Does anyone know what it may be from these bad (sorry) photos?: can see one of the healthyones in the background: Leaf tip discoloration: Thanks for any advice
  23. Hello everyone, i have two plants two weeks into flower... a gelato 33 which is doing just fine!!! and a green ninja which has started showing some signs of a problem that I need some advice on please. the ninja’s leaves started to curl down at the tips which I noticed this morning...upon checking them tonight the leaves are completely curling down...I thought it could be one of two things, and thought peeps on here might be able to help me pretty please... basically my ph pen died yesterday! It won’t calibrate anymore so I think the readings are completely off! (I’ve ordered a new one and will be here by Sunday). This morning I had to reluctantly guestimate my water ph as my ninja was in desperate need of water...so I’m thinking incorrect water ph may be causing leaves to curl down.... OR... the plants a bushy beast! In a 3 gallon pot and I can see fair amount of roots underneath via the drainage holes...so thought it might possibly be root bound?? Temps are constantly 26-27 degrees Celsius with lights on....21.5-23 degrees Celsius lights off...with a tower fan and clip on fan moving air around so I don’t think it’s heat stress.... Advice massively appreciated!!!!!
  24. green ninja

    From the album n

    2 weeks into flower...curling leaves
  25. Hi people I am a bit worried about my things I'm doing a g13 haze, but when I had them as cuttings they suffered with major thirps and what not , I bought a spray from local grow shop and thought worked well but I've noticed a few plants have deformed leaves on them , there 2nd week into flower now does any one know if this is going to effect my bud don't want them having seeds or the buds to turn out weird any one ever had this problem any advice or anything is appreciated