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Found 32 results

  1. After my last post i flushed and fed only water , however the issue doe not seem to be getting better. I probably have another 2-3 weeks to harvest..... Will I feed or not
  2. Strange leaf structure? or am i trippin :D

    From the album My pictures

    Pretty unique ive not seen anything like it (im no expert) looks cool though haha Random Autoflower Mystery seed pack don't know what she is.. Let me know what you think the leafs look super super strange..
  3. Hi all,i've looked at quite a few "problem with plants" threads,also some picture charts to try and diagnose my plants problems,butyou cant beat someone with knowledge giving their opinions.I've posted a couple of pics of the plant in the hope someone could give me some pointers.Some details:Candy Cream grown from seedJ.Arthur Bowers multipurpose compost (i've added a little coir and perlite)6 weeks oldonly water,no added nutesseaweed foliar spray twice a week for the past 3 weeksrepotted onceroots looked healthy when repotted 2 weeks agoadded mycorrhizal funghiunder 600 watt hps at 40 inch distance18 on,6 offIf any more details are needed,just ask (i feel sure i wil have missed some important points out)Thank's for looking.
  4. Easy People, Hope your keeping well in these mad times! Quick question for ya, just gone in the tent to see the girls and noticed a few leaves had what looked like a little blob of resin on the tips, on closer inspection it almost looked like trichomes, the ball on the tip is hard to the touch. Now I'm not very good with technical terms so you'll have to bare with me (feel free to educate me), it's not on the main largest fan leaves at the bottom of the plant but the largest leaves under the tops. I've found 2 that are very prominent like pictured but most of these leaves on 2 plants have some sort of hard resin/crystals on them. Very strange and never seen it before, it's almost like it's popped up over night but possibly I've just not noticed it progressing. Has anyone else come across this and could tell me what it is? Strain is Ice Cream Cake, in PM soil and use Bio Bizz Fish Mix, Bloom, Biosys and the odd coconut water.
  5. Freaky Leaf

    From the album 2020

    A very anticipated Sweet Seeds Crystal Candy FV Outdoors UK, 16th May. Get yuh freak on!! Love it
  6. Hi Everyone, I woke up this morning to go see my ladies and something seems to have been eating some of one of the leaves (Apologies for the photos): I can see through the leaf! But I cant find any creepy crawlies. Does anyone recognise what may be the cause? I've got n arsenal of anti-bug stuff. Should I be using: - Pyretheum 5EC - SB Plant invigorator - Neem and soap? Cheers for any pointers
  7. Hello everyone, I have been having an "issue" lately. Last few weeks some of my lower leaves (mostly the ones that don't get too much light) start to turn brown/yellow and fall on their own. What can this be? ( N or P problem? ) I might be over-watering: 3L of water with organic nutes in 15L pots. I am getting around 30% runoff instead of 20%. Should i water with less water for starters? Also some red/purple stems are present.
  8. Im having some problems and im not too sure whats going on, first time grower, taken extra care with the nutrients. I use coco A & B , rhizotonic. I had my mix at 6ml a and 6ml b per 5 litres of water, Ph'd to 6.2 but i noticed these spots on my plants, so i thought it was a cal mag defiency, as my tap water has an EC of 0.0! So i added the recommened dose of 1ml per litre of cal mag vitalink to get the cal mag up a bit. Also added an extra 1m a and b to a fresh mix of nutes as the new growth was very light green. And a day after i fed the plant this new mix, the new growth got much greener but now im seeing some of the leaves curling under and looking glossy? Using coco coir, 40% perlite and rest coco coir for good drainage. Its also just had its first transplant to a bigger pot. Any help would be greatly appreciated! For some reason i cant add photos... shows in the edit box but doenst post.
  9. Morning OG’s Just a rookie here still making rookie mistakes, can anybody help diagnose? If I was to make an inexperienced guess, I’d say the little ogkz is struggling with a nitrogen excess.. and the 2 bubbas gifts have been overwatered and are still recovering but am not sure.. any help or advice would be appreciated!
  10. PHOTO Hi all This is my first grow The next set of leaves above have three points and the ones below have one. Both leaves at the second node are the same odd shape. Any ideas about this? I have never read or seen anything like this, even when researching about leaf mutations... Thanks for your help
  11. Hello, Some sort of insect has been munching on my leaves. Its only a few leaves at the moment, and I cannot see any insects on the leaves stem, but I am wondering if I am better to cut the leaves off in case of eggs etc. I'm thinking the cost of the leaf to the plant is worth the risk of more insects (eggs on leaf, although I cant see any). Appreciate the community's thoughts? Cheers
  12. For the past week or so one of my plants seems to be suffering but I'm really not sure what it could be. As you can see the leaves are quite droopy and are closing/curling shut along the middle vain. I'm growing in soil (Bat mix), just finishing its 3rd week in flower with plenty of fresh air, under 400w HPS with temps of 15c at night and 25c during the day. Humidity is between 40-50%, didn't require any grow nutes as the soil mix was sufficient until flower, started bloom nutes around a week ago (couple of days after the issue was spotted). Any help is appreciated, cheers.
  13. IMG-0056.JPG

    From the album MMM Sick plant

    Affected fan leaf on the plant
  14. IMG-0054.JPG

    From the album MMM Sick plant

    More leaf discolouration
  15. Hey 420, I've managed to get acess to some beautiful well rotted leaf mulch from proper old English broadleaf Tree's that has been untouched for at least 45yrs and the land around the large Copse has been uncultivated again for at least 45yrs so has not had any overspray of Farming Pesticides,Fertilisers etc etc due to its situation and there has never been any industry within 20 miles at least so it's as clean as it could be. I just need some information on preparing it so its safe for use as an amendment to the local Organic compost I'm using currently.I assume I can't just chuck it in! I've tried to search here for some information but don't think the search is working properly yet and I don't trust a lot of other sites. Thanks guys it's wonderful looking stuff and I'm sure it'd be a good addition to my Compost and want to start recycling it. Good growing all.
  16. Hi all, both plants look super healthy except one poorly leaf which is dead at the tip. Am just about to pot up. Any ideas please? http://www.uk420.com/boards/index.php?app=galleryℑ=333882
  17. sick plant skunk 6

    From the album sidandnancy

    sick plant
  18. sick plant skunk 4

    From the album sidandnancy

    sick plant
  19. sick plant skunk 3

    From the album sidandnancy

    sick plant
  20. sick plant skunk 2

    From the album sidandnancy

    second picture of sick plant
  21. sick plant skunk 1

    From the album sidandnancy

    sick plant
  22. Giant Shark-Shock fan leaf

    From the album Grow Photo's - My First Album

    Pure indica leaves on this shark shock.

    © iBlazeDaily

  23. I have a problem with yellow specs on some of my leaves (see pic). Ive checked with a magnifier for spidermite, but nothing, besides the time ive had the problem and the amount of plants I have i would have a big problem. so looking like some kind of deficiency may be. can someone shed some light please!! steve
  24. Hi all fellow growers. I have a problem i suspect its a phosphorus deficiency, only happens in bloom, can anyone shed any light on it. it starts by having rust like specs on the leaf veins then progresses into dark blotches feeling like paper and leaves then die. I have two plants one in regular potting soil and the other in a bat mix soil, the one in the bat mix looks to have only little signs but the regular potting soil is really struggling. my thoughts are: the bat mix has bat guano in it which contains phosphorus, so do i need to add something else that contains phosphorus? its obviously better in the bat mix soil but not 100%.
  25. not seen this before, thought i had knocked a bit of bud off and it landed on the leaf, tried to brush it off.. then i realized it was leafbud