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Found 3 results

  1. So a general question for those who've grown a few different crops in their time. What strain do you go to for BIG yields? I'm trying to maximize my grow space (as we all are) and I'm looking for a big flowerer. I've been out of the loop for a while so forgive me if there is a hands-down winner that everyone knows about. I'm partial to my indicas, I like the Big Bud or Nothern Lights for output, even a Big bid x NL cross. Just wondering what others are growing. Can I make one request about the answers? Can you answer out of experience, not 'according to this guy/website/seed pack/etc.' Let's keep it real! :-) Thanks in advance!!!!
  2. Hi all, absolutely fantastic to be back and planning my next grow. My plan this time is to grow just one single, large plant in my cupboard in a 20 litre pot and uner a 400W hps. My qustion is does anyone know of a suitable strain for my needs? I'm not ruling out normal photo-period plants, however I have been looking a lot at these so called 'super auto's' such as dutch passions 'think different' or 'autoxtreme' Any input appreciated thanks
  3. Hi dudes, It's been about a year since I have been on the site for various reasons, I'm back for a short while to share me big girls and maybe answer any questions. Anyway, the growing has not been too bad considering that we had a 6 month winter, and it was still cold and freezing at the beginning of the season, anyone notice it snowed 6 times in 6 months, in the UK? Last year as a few of you may know, i cropped 7 big girls, here are last years figures, there were 7 plants to begin with all hit 7-10 ft high, the weather claimed two, they took so much wind damage, I found if a big girl loses a middle branch, there little hope of her recovering. and one went moldy before i could get to her, so really i had 4 large plants, I managed to trim 84 ounces off the remaining plants with the biggest yielding around 24-26 dried ounces off her. It took two weeks of 12 hour days to give it all a proper close trim and get into the drying room, also 84 dried ounces needs 36 large kilner jars. This year I tried the same again, but bigger, i doubled the GG plot size and and filled all 6 of the large pots I have. I started taking cuttings around beginning of march, kept them in my tent and potted them up religiously, I took a variety of cuttings from a few various seeds: 10x cheese - reg 2 x green poison 2 x jack 47 2 x wild rose 1 x chocolate heaven-g13 1 x og kush-reserva 1 x critical plus 1 x silver l.a.-reserva 1 x grapefruit-positronic 2 x bubba kush-hs-regs 2 x goji og-bohdi-regs 2 x old times x smile 2 x ot/cheese x cheese/smile 1 x cheese candy auto 1 x l.a. woman 1 x white widow x big bud 1 x l.a. confidential I basically just planted out everything i had in my little seedbank, all the single freebies and a couple of packs i had been saving. As for feed, i dont feed mine much, i only use plant magic, oldtimer range, veg, bloom and boost, and they live in plant magic soil. I give all the plants half dose feeds than what it says on the bottle. I suppose we better get on with the show, i havent bothered taking pictures up until now as vegging plants are boring, but we're getting close to flower now, so its all getting a little more exciting. Group shot. A few people have come into my garden and nobody has noticed them. Close up. I took way too many cuttings. The three at the back Two raised beds with 20 little uns in them. The front three, the biggest of the lot. Close up of the front three in their 75 litre pots. Two i put in the shed on a 12/12 for a bit of early smoke. My GG plot, with 7 big girls in it, can you spot them? I'll get some close up shots today dudes. I hope you have enjoyed the pictures dudes and i'll try and add a few more as we get closer to flower in a couple of weeks. I'll also get over the GG plot and get a few pictures of the big girls in the wild. If I can inspire one person to get their grow on, its been worth it for me, just be prepared that outdoor growing is a learning curve, like anything. the first year or two, be prepared for the very, very worst and it all seems to come good year two or three, so bare that in mind when you start out. Any questions, please fire away. over 'n' out datadude