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Found 2 results

  1. Hi All I hail from the emerald isle, though spent most adult life in London. Had to come back here (northern part) a few years ago. I'm just starting out growing. Last summer, without any reading, bought an AK Automatic x 2. Tried the papertowl thing, but forgot to water it. It died. Second seed, straight to soil in summer (indoors during night, day outside) autoflowering. Came on a serious pace, til i killed it by overwatering, and putting in a pot with no drainage. Got three narcotherapy autos from barneys seeds. Got a 300w cfl dual, planted seeds, two in small pots with numerous airholes all round in 50/50 mylar, and one straight into an 18.6L fabric grow bag. The one in the grow bag was three times the size of the other two, it was at least ten inches from seed around week three I think, then because I just had the lamp suspended above plants balanced precariously on a mirror, and ikea box (didn't know about grow tents), it collapsed, and two small plants were killed, and the big one, was cut in half. I kept it growing, moved it into a 50cmx50cmx100cm black orchid tent, with fan, but no extractors, just vents open, for airflow, as there is little scent from it. Started nutrients, but fucked that up as well, as I realised i ordered the Canna hydro specific nutes. Anyway, she is fighting to the last, and a mate gave me a scientific level microscope with four different lens strengths. Strong enough to pick up the striations in metal. So, I'll use that to check up on her trichomes (I've been reading round the clock and watching videos, as I'm disabled, so have the time to devote, well, all my time, to learning very quickly, and am taking great delight in simply growing something I KNOW the strain, and having the pleasure, in due course, of smoking something I knew as a tiny seed.) for the right time to harvest......need to read and watch more about drying and curing... Anyway, I'm sorry if this should have all been posted in different sections, but my disability affects my, er thinking, so sometimes if i don't put it down when i think of it, i forget entirely. I just need some advice. Being an all in sort of person, I bought 3 lamps, apart from the beginner cfl. They are a dual 600 hps, a 600 veg hps or mh..one red and one blue. Also bought a cheap chinese "80 watt true output" led multi spectrum, as the price was ridiculous, but reviews good, and thought it would be an experiment. But to get to the point. As I said, the black orchid tent 50x50x100, which I'm super pleased with as i got it from the ventilation hub on ebay, over 25 cheaper than on amazon, is i think, only suitable for one plant? As cash is a bit tight, I can't at the moment order a large black orchid suitable for up to four to five plants, so after watching a vid on youtube about making your own grow space using cardboard, I ordered two double thickness cardboard wardrobes (used by movers to put your shirts into straight off the peg), and planned to join them together. They are double thickness and measure 50+ (few extra cms) square at the bottom, and over 80cm tall. I worked out , as I'm shite with number stuff, that no matter what way I join them, they will have still the 50cm width, but a 100mm length. As they only cost under £8quid a wardrobe, getting another two, and joining all together, will give 100mm length and width i.e. 1m squared. Already bought the black/white reflective lining, plus have enough mylar to ensure total coverage of reflective material. I also (I also have OCD and paranoia lol) bought polystyrene to insulate the cardboard before attaching the mylar. Now, and again apologies for not posting in relevant forums, as I'm pressed for time to return the lights..i.e. the dual 600, which I don't need, or all three for something smaller. Already got the dimmable digi ballast (refurbed from manufacturer choice of 200 400 or 600w), but need to know if I put all the boxes together to make a diy home made grow space, to accommodate four plants, do I need 600w lamps? I'll be going the blue and red phase hid's. Or should I get 400w lamps instead? Last but not least, can you point me in the direction of how to set up an extractor fan and ducting. Got the ducting and the filter, but looking at the online fans, I can't see how to connect them up. Recommendations on the cheapest, but decent quality fans would be appreciated, as this will be a full time activity, albeit on a small scale. My brain needs simple explanations, as due to some brain trauma, memory is shot, and I need childlike step by step instructions. A lot are advertised as inline fans, so I figure they are connected by ducting at one end, then attached to the filter at an exhaust port, but what about the intake? Is it simply a short piece of ducting material sucking in air? Or am I missing something? Finally, in a set up like this, what be the recommended intake intake fan? The filter is 4", a hefty piece of gear. Also, last one, I put four seeds in an electric propagator two days ago using a root riot pod, soaked in rain water then squeezed, surrounded by compost. One has germinated already. Should I now give them lighting, (they're in bedroom, so just get room light) I have a cfl 55watt doing nothing in particular, and could easily hang this over them... Sorry for all the questions....its just that Ive only three days left to request a return on the lamps, so input on that alone would be useful. As for the rest, you can redirect me to the proper forum. Being disabled (mentally and physically), basically, groups of people I avoid, or all people on certain days, but can walk to an extent, and move in short spaces, means I have full time to devote to learning about these little beauties, reading and watching, and it has given me a whole new Major interest. I could buy the finished project, but what prices they charge are galling, plus I could never enjoy it not knowing Exactly what it is.........I was only interested to this extent in motorbikes before, hence injuries, but this has been like an awakening. Again, my apologies for cramming so much into an intro post, but just need some guidance on the lamps. The rest, I'll read all your posts. But planted three peyote critical (photos) and a violator kush, but that got left out overnight after 24hours soaking, and i gave it a squeeze to make sure it wasn't fag ash, but planted now, but I might have fucked it. My trip to specsavers is long over due.
  2. I haven't been on here in quite a while, just been quietly plodding on with my grows and not kept up with new equipment etc. so need some advice please. I think it's time for me to renew my lamps. For the past while I've been using 2 x 600w Sunmaster lamps in parabolic reflectors and have 2 dimmable electronic ballasts, my tent is 1.2 x 2.4, and they have done OK. They are fairly old now though, and my plants do suffer from some discolouration near the tops. Now, before I read a thread about Gavita I intended to just change the lamps for new, but now not sure. Can someone please advise me on - what Gavita would I need for my tent? (still to decide if it would be worth spending that much). Also, if I decide to stick with my current set up and just change the lamps, which are the best these days?