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Found 5 results

  1. So much trash being posted about cannabis curing/treating/preventing Covid-19, rather than mentioning these points in each thread it might be easier to give you all the tools to spot the bullshit yourselves (give a man a fish...). I’m writing this off the top of my head from what I learned during my degrees so I may miss the odd thing. All the studies I’ve seen recently regarding cannabinoids effects on Covid-19 are next to useless. Here’s why: 1. We’re dealing with a novel virus. This means it’s the first time the virus has appeared in humans. I am yet to see a reliable Covid-19 human trial involving cannabinoids. The only ones done so far are with animals which are all but useless because animals may have encountered the virus before and we don’t know which ones (because we don’t know where it originated). For example, we may use Rhesus monkeys/mice and they may have encountered the virus at some point in history and developed certain resistances meaning any results for treatments or vaccines would show falsely positive results. We'd never know without human trials. Also, the scientific community is very used to seeing animal trials (of any kind – not just Covid-19 related) and thinking very little of them. This is because only around 30-40% of animal trials ever manage to find the same results in human trials. The biggest and most obvious reason being that other animals are genetically different to humans. Even those animal trials that do manage to replicate results often find the results are diminished in humans (and therefore completely ineffective). Finally, if you were to check out the number of animal trials that have gone onto human trials involving cannabis, you would find the number even smaller than 30-40%. Even smaller than that because it's a novel virus. To quote a scientist who knew the value (or lack of) in animal studies when researching a cancer drug - "If you have cancer and you are a mouse, we can take good care of you." 2. Questions to ask yourself about studies to see if they are any good (most covid studies fail on a lot these points): - what is the context? - Is it peer reviewed? - Is it an RCT (randomized control trial)? - How large is the sample? - Any conflicts of interest? - How many dropped out? The context part is pretty obvious (I hope) in terms of Covid-19 and humans. If it’s not peer reviewed – it’s not been fact checked by people who know what they’re talking about. The same credibility could be given to something I wrote in year 6. If a study holds any value at all, it will be picked up on and published in a peer-reviewed journal pretty quickly. RCTs are thought to be the most credible type of study. However, due to the ethical concerns they have in public health (e.g. having to infect a subset of your sample with Covid-19) they are not used. Cohort studies are instead and aren’t very effective at telling you whether a drug is effective. In terms of Covid-19, to have a decent sized sample you are talking thousands if not millions of people. Currently the only studies of that magnitude are involving vaccines. Conflicts of interest (CIs) can be formal or informal. Most are pretty obvious but even some peer-reviewed journals may have CIs. Most are obvious, anyone involved in cannabis research will benefit from finding miracle cures in cannabis because they will receive more funding. Some are less obvious e.g. a scientist who may have previous affiliations to a CI. How many people dropped out may indicate how accurate a study is, if 750 of a starting sample of 1500 drop out it’s probably poorly designed. 3. Read the entire article AND the referenced articles. Many studies will say “x was proven to do x which supports our conclusions”. So for example, if we’re looking at a disease in humans, it’s pretty poor practice to cite that a drug does something in mice as evidence for a drug working for humans. Or "x was proven to do x which supports our conclusions" in a study which had entirely different parameters to the ones needed generally speaking. If you’re used to reading journals and writing about them, you can get away with reading the abstract and conclusion. If not, you’re going to find yourself falling down the hole which every journalist throws themselves down to make better headlines, I promise you. It’s nothing new, it happens the world over and it’s just adding to the problem of bullshit fake news regarding Covid-19. As an example, check out what the media said about a trial on mice being given Endostatin (in a nutshell – they said “CURE FOR CANCER FOUND” then had to retract it when they found the drug did fuck all in humans). I'm hoping for cannabis to be a miracle cure as much as you lot, but you've got to be realistic and get past the "cannabis cures everything" mind set. Once you understand all of the above, you see that covid-19 studies involving cannabis are generally speaking - trash.
  2. Purple Afghan Kush

    From the album Dinafem grow

  3. Purple Afghan Kush

    From the album Dinafem grow

  4. Hello everyone , I am a first time grower i thought would start a journal and update weekly hopefully till harvest. Heres some info on my setup SPACE - walk in closet thing. Floor space 4 ft x 1.5 feet height is around 4 foot total then theres a shelf lighting is on underside, filter on shelf itself . SUBSTRATE - plant magic supreme NUTES - plant magic , grow , bloom , root granuals ( 20g per pot ) , bio silicone and , mag if needed. FILTRATION - 6" rhino hobby vented into loft space . LIGHTING - 2 x mars 300 led light units well will be as of tomorrow ( plus birthday end of week hopefully order my 3rd ) so will be 280w actual draw and 420w if i get the 3rd panel over the comin week 4 x cfl 125w daylight bulbs ( not all running because of heat issues but are there if needed ) i will probably run what cfl i can heat permitting along side the panels. AIR MOVEMENT - 2 x 6" clip on fans WATER- gassed of for 24 hrs with airpump tap water PLANTS - planted straight from seed strains are incredible bulk and rhino ryder from gorilla seeds both start 3 rd week veg tomorrow rhino just hitting pre flower now , no sign on the bulk as yet but its growing well ! Royal queen seeds bluematic and royal dwarf these are starting second week veg tomorrow ( note i start my veg count from first small group of leaves not the initial pop of them ) Here is a pic although having trouble putting on this thread? So heres a link http://www.uk420.com/boards/index.php?app=galleryℑ=350735 Royal dwarf on the far left then the rhino then the bulk (noticibly bigger ) then the bluematic. As already stated this is my first ever grow thought maybe start a journal so members can follow to check out strains maybe, or maybe just help me out as and when i may need it . Am not expecting miracles from this first grow but if i grow enough to justify my running costs and initial setup costs i be happy . Hopefully get enough to tie me over until my next harvest and i can dump the dealer. I have 4 plants and aiming for 4 oz , time will tell i suppose either way am pretty sure am at the best place to be any suggestions etc good or bad will be takin on board and hopefully we can have a laugh along the way .
  5. Ok, so this is my first ever post on uk420. What inspired me to post is my experience so far preparing for my first GG. Just a quick introduction, i first smoked weed when i was 14 enjoyed it with friends, all innocent fun. Come adulthood i learned to potential in cannabis' medicinal qualities and so was inspired to be a part of the uk movement in some way. Although its not currently legal or reasonable to set up a medical farm and dispensery in the UK i wasn't to let it stop me so i came across GG'ing and knew i was going to pursue it. After much research and revision i'd come to understand what an undertaking it was going to be, or so i thought, first tip: its likely that until you've completed your first grow you will not understand the amount of work and discipline it will take to pull of a successful harvest so bear that in mind. So anyway, i'd "scouted" many locations i thought suitable on google/bing maps and saved them (maybe not advisable, instead write the co-ordinates somewhere safe) and had begun to see them on foot. Tip two; never rely on a spot if you've only seen it on google or bing maps, you must go to the location and walk around, inspect and analyse: Are there any signs of human activity? rubbish, footprint, snapped tree branches ect. My experience was that some locations had changed drastically and were no longer viable and new plot locations had opened up, this is because the pictures on these programs are out of date. So ive picked my first plot, ill make it quick, due to too much human activity (snapped braches and tyre tracks) plus unsuitable ground (it floods) and little light this spot although discreet wasn't viable. (This was the same with many others, i'd visited several spots before i found the best ones, google maps was still invaluable). A spot near by however got my interest peaked; an island. I'd read about people suggesting island grows but never seen anyone who had attempted it or at least journaled it. So that same night i decide that early morn i will go to the island, balls to it. I got our blow up boat, a spade (which i stashed in a guitar bag) wellies and all the other gubbins and headed of on my bike. All was going well, my routine was i would arrive, inflate the boat as the sun rose and paddle over with my spade and start digging and prepping, get tired, paddle back, deflate and return home before i was ever missed. The islands was perfect, plently of space, surrounded by trees, and vegetation that cover the raised grow bags i was gonna use and 8 hours of direct sunlight. However, one day, in my blind enthusiasm disaster struck! So, i'd bought my fbb, my steaks, slug pellets and copper tape, ready to take it over and stash it on the island, i put by bag on the boat and slide on after it spade it hand. I pull the spade up and the corner tugs agains the boat, it loses buoyancy and i realise ive gashed the boat and its deflating rapidly beneath me, my bottom half ends up in the water and i'm out of my depth lets just say. I get back to land, bottom half drenched, i wasn't too far out luckily because me and my bag would be under if i were. I get back to shore, stand there in disbelief, seeing the dream melt infront of my eyes and drip down my jeans. I take of the drenched clothing wring it out and mark it down to experience. jokes story i thought, had to share it. I always wonder what would have become of me had i burst the boat returning from the island, i'd probably still be there drinking my own piss and trying to eat the local wildlife. So its not all bad news, turns another area that i hadn't explored deep enough came up trumps and i've found a enormous field of disused land literally carpeted with nettles so the ground must be good. Tip 3; exploring is the key, you can look on google and bing maps for hours but the key it exploring on foot and finding those places that are truly worthy of your plants. My northern light are ready to go out, so i'm gonna scatter them deep into the field in large holes, im looking for some monsters. Gonna get some PM's and they can go out start of may. Reason why the NL's are going out early is because i'm housing them in diy mini cling film greenhouses to help further acclimatise them and hold the pest of till they're ready. Any questions are welcome, and have you got any calamity stories while growing.