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Found 49 results

  1. Hi, First time grower here growing in a 60x60x140cm tent with a 250hps dual spectrum growing in westlands multipurpose with john innes fabric pots after reading good feedback, I am growing three different strains all autoflower from royal queen seeds, white widow, northern lights and royal jack (jack herer). I am very happy with everything so far, light cycle of 16/8, I planted 20/4/18 after germinating in kitchen paper and planting as soon as the white tail appeared, no nute feedings yet, plan to give them a small dose in the 3rd week. Temps stay around 25-29c humidity around 50-70% going maybe to mid 80% at lights off overnight with temps of 18-19c. Watering when dry about every 3-4 days and watering till slight runoff, then will drain an hour later. Despite having everything go smoothly so far I am concerned about the Royal Jack in particular, it sprouted a day after the white widow and northern lights but the leaves look kind of patchy in colour and maybe slightly crinkled, could it just be genetics or a dodgey seed? Or will this be something that needs my attention? First of all here are the healthy plants im happy with. here is my white widow Northern lights And the Royal Jack, hopefully you can see why I am concerned, look at the edges along the leaves and the kind of patchyness in colour Am I making a fuss over nothing or is there something I should do? Thanks for taking your time to look at my post, hopefully the images are okay.
  2. Jack Herer Fast

    From the album Multi Strains Seedsman

  3. Jack Herer Fast Feminised Seeds Description Jack Herer is on of the most popular strains in the world having been name after the renowned cannabis & hemp activist. It has won numerous cups and awards. By crossing this with our fast parent we aimed to retain the taste and potency of the original Jack Herer yet decrease the flowering time. This strain will produce fast, aromatic buds covered in greasy trichomes faster than you know it, and the taste and flavour still resembles the old classic. Characteristics BREEDER SeedsmanGENETICS Jack Herer x FastVARIETY Indica / SativaFLOWERING TYPE PhotoperiodSEX FeminisedYIELD 400 gm/m2PLANT HEIGHT 80-120 cmGROWS Greenhouse, Indoors, OutdoorsFLOWERING TIME 6-7 WeeksHARVEST MONTH September 2 Liter Pots grow shots Feel free share your pics of this strain!!
  4. Jack Herer FAST

    From the album Multi Strains Seedsman

  5. Jack Herer FAST

    From the album Multi Strains Seedsman

  6. Jack Herer FAST

    From the album Multi Strains Seedsman

  7. Jack Herer FAST version

    From the album Multi Strains Seedsman

  8. Hi, I have been force flowering Sensi Jack Herer and she is about 4.5 weeks into flower. I was contemplating taking off some of the bigger fan leaves which are blocking some buds and are yellowing slightly. There is so much conflicting information about defoliation. If anyone has any advice or experience, that would be great to hear. Here's some pictures. Thanks!
  9. Jack Herer at 11 weeks

    From the album 2017

  10. Hey! I have taken 2 Jack Herer clones. I took them in early flower. They rooted on 1/6 and are growing well. Only problem is, they only have 3 bladed leaves. I've been hoping they'd grow out but I'm in a hurry to flower them (using light dep) or they'll never finish before October. Any advice would be great! Here's some photos. .
  11. GROW-2354.jpg

    From the album Outdoor Grow 2017

    Jack Herer Automatic (Positronics) with DIY bamboo dog guard.
  12. Second grow

    From the album Second grow

    Jack on Left and Northern Lights on right.
  13. My second grow

    From the album Second grow

    My second grow. Jack Herer on the left and Northern Lights on the right. Both 3 weeks and 3 days since sprout.
  14. THC: High Indoor production: 500 grams Outdoor production: Mid-September Indoor flowering: 65 – 75 days – 10 to 11 weeks Genetics: Basically Sativa Genotype: Jack Herer x NY Diesel Effect: Physical and mental Feminized: Yes Height: 2 – 3 meters 37 Days into flower I decided to take a small lower nug off and fast dried it on my router overnight. Next morning around 9am I put the nug in my vaporizer and had a blast, then proceeded to empty it out reroll it and smoke it up. I did this out of curiosity and the fact I haven't smoked any herb for about 2 weeks, well I am still stoned out ma nut almost 11 hours on, is this normal? Tried eating a granny smith apple and it felt and tasted like eating something alien, not from this world, trippy as shit seeing trails. This weed is something special cant wait till harvest.
  15. Has anyone tried Sannies Jack Herer? Looking for smoke reports please!
  16. Hey guys, I just wanted to share some pics from my first grow attempt using Jack Herer Auto. I'm almost 3 weeks in and there hasn't been a lot of growth in terms of height, but I had her on a 12/12 photoperiod so think that's probably why. Changed it to 18/6 today, I'll check on her tomorrow and see if there's any improvement. Her leaves are a little droopy but I over fertilized her the other day. I'm using Power Feeding, Short Flowering powdered nutrients and finding it difficult to get the right mix. Other than that though she is looking good. I'm using the space bucket method, and wondering if anyone else uses the same technique to grow? What do you guys think? Adios
  17. The money shot

    From the album Jack Herer Auto

    She might be small but she's still beautiful IMO

    © DKH

  18. Tiny girl

    From the album Jack Herer Auto