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Found 4 results

  1. I was wondering if somebody can tell me what's wrong with my plants, I am on week 10 super lemon haze auto GHS strain. Been feeding advanced nutrients under 2 x 600 watt, 8 x 12L fabric pots and one 15L autopot (just trying it out) Soil. Past few weeks they have been getting Bloom A and B 1.5ml per litre and last week switched from Big bud to Overdrive 1.5ml per litre aswell. So they're on: Cal-Mag 2.5ml per litre B-52 1.5ml per litre Bloom A n B 1.5ml per litre Overdrive 1.5ml per litre 3 fans plus extractor fan so plenty of airflow. 16/8 light cycle 55% humidity 30 degrees Celsius day temps The leaves at the top have turned yellow and crispy but the buds look and smell absolutely fine. I just want to know why leaves have turned yellow and crispy? Will the buds be fine after harvest? How do I avoid/fix this issue? Any help would be much appreciated, thanks in advance.
  2. Evening all I’ve managed to get hold of some zcube cuttings I will be running these in rdwc I will start a new dairy very soon. They are just rooted in root riot cubes they just don’t look great and I’m abit concerned. I’ve never dealt with cuttings before and only ever grown from seed so not that clued up on feed requirements etc, I’ve put the cubes into a bed of clay pebbles as I wanted to get the roots growing out more before I put them into my new system. Starting with a litre of RO i mixed a little h&g root excel with sensi a+b grow and a drop of super thrive to EC 0.3 Temps lights off 19 & 62%RH Temps Lights on 25 & 50% RH Under twin t5 tubes. should I be aiming for a higher EC I start low with seeds but I’m guessing these are totally different. Any ideas would be much appreciated
  3. Hi everyone I’m fairly new. Hope you all good, and if anyone can spare some advice for me please, first indoor grow with auto. one is White W. Other is unkown. as you all can imagine, it’s been a learning curve. So many little problems needing fixing and I’ve happily sat on YouTube and looked at forums etc but this is worrying me a tad. if I send pictures, please ask me any question and I’ll endeavour to answer. basics: Growing in Coco + perlite. run off was about 5.8 last time I checked, although I aim to feed at 6.0. PPM went to under 200 after flushing.. I have Canna A+B nutes which are fed once, maybe twice a week. along with PH tap water which happens daily. Water from source (Tap) reads 6.7/6.8 before adding Ph. im running one unbranded LED. 300w which pulls 120. They are now in week 6 of life and maybe 1-1/2 weeks flowering. this unkown has had issues all its life but after LST with a flush a few weeks ago she bounced back only to appear ill again.. kinda sad really I’ve bonded with them both. thanks
  4. 20.2 (4)

    From the album Auto soil