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Found 7 results

  1. Hi all, since I started vaping with the Cloud Evo I started using a tub to clean my baskets in and as I progressed on to the Flowerpot I use it to clean the bowl and stem which collects so much more vape honey than the aforementioned device. The tub holds 500ml and is currently 2/3 full I have topped it up a handful of times over what must be 5 years but now every time I get my bowl, stem and gauze out there's very little alcohol to evaporate and they're just coming out with a skin of sticky oil on them so I need to do a change, I'll filter this into a glass some time to remove the sediment and then evaporate the alcohol but I know this is going to taste awful, I take my herb all the way to coffee brown suckin' on it at 465F thereabouts so it's properly decarbed but has that taste you have to accustom yourself to when mixing AVB into yogurt only much stronger (I've dabbed some of this stuff when I first started with the Cloud Evo and heaved, it's awful but there's a lot of goodness there especially when it comes to night time sedation it switches that thought process off which is great). @OLaC is our resident tasty lookin' as fuck edibles chef and @Graywolf has loads of experience in extraction, is there anyway I can clean this up or introduce some sort of flavouring? or should I just man up and take my medicine? I had to turn the flash on it's dark like a good rum and just as sticky/treacly @tokenroll you'd love a bit of this oil buddy Anyone else please do chime in!
  2. hello whilst i've got the chance ill chuck these up first, much respect to all the extract creators here, outstanding top shelf stuff blows me away when i see some of your stuff ive posted some stuff in the medical thread but never in the hash/oil thread so here goes.. bit of ISO oil for me old broken back.. (which mrs twigs constantly points out every time i say "i broke my back you know" is no longer broken.. it just aches all the time ) Decarboxylation before we kick off @ 122c for 25-30 mins chuck it in a jar bit more iso alcohol in jar lid on and shake vigorously for a bit then let sit i did this every 5ish min for a total of 30 min got the jug ready cheese cloth type clothy thing on top of sieve for filtration like so you can re-run if you want but thats more for if you did a QWISO i didn't because i washed for 30 minutes 'green gold' i did another 30 minute wash with some more decarboxylated weed using the same 'green gold' iso.. slow cooker time (no photos..imagen a pot of green gold slightly bubbling around the edge thats what it was..) after a spell (couple/few hours) in the slow cooker on low in a ventilated area i got this with 12ml of oil for my back it helps me sleep i use it in the evening when i need to and the next day my body feels amazing its great stuff which you can now decant into coconut oil or butter or any sugar, fat or alcohol for rubs and edibles .. cheers
  3. Close Up

    From the album Shrimp 1

  4. Bowl

    From the album Shrimp 1

  5. Hello . My last iso oil I had it filtered twice, firslty cheese cloth then paper coffee filter, before taking it to rice cooker. I had some residue trapped in the paper coffee filter that looked like kief, and being greedy I kept that, not being sure if it is smokable or not. Thus the question: Can I smoke this beauty? Already got a joint rolled up waiting for an answer!!! Cheers!!!!
  6. I've been saving my trim, popcorn and leftover dust from dry-ice shake kief for a while, which gave me enough raw material to conduct a few experiments and hone my technique. As a firm believer in the tried-and-tested methods, I have photographed my attempts to produce Hash oil, using the excellent guidance in Michael Starks Marijuana Chemistry (Ronin, 1977) The relevant chapter is reproduced below. I'll add that I'm not a novice in this sort of thing so this was not a "first attempt" but a comparative run against other contemporary oil-extraction techniques I have experience of (Rick Simpson Oil, BHO, QWISO). Here's the Kit I've assembled: All equipment is stainless steel or pyrex. And a small album illustrating the process and outcome: I've probably made over 100g using this method. I estimate I get 3 to 4 times the quantity of oil I would with a QWISO, with no appreciable loss of potency. The amount of solvent lost is a fraction of that using an open evaporation method, and it can be run indoors with adequate ventilation and sufficient care because of the sealed reflux/distillation apparatus. It's at least as good as the Old-school hash oil I used to buy in 1g deals back in the early 90's. Mixing a little of it with kief in a 1:5 ratio made the stickiest black I've tried in a long time. I'm getting me some red cellophane and gold paint... Big up to Mr Stark.