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Found 3 results

  1. So I'm about to begin a grow and I'm just currently running the grow room to see how everything is working. The fans I have bought to use as the intake and extraction seem to be quite powerful, and the grow space is the size of a tall fridge. I'm having trouble getting the humidity to rise, I have the temp at currently 25c. Is there any way of reducing fan speed or the amount of air that's being drawn and extracted. As the fans I have do not have any control options . I feel like before the space even has time to adjust its being replaced with new air and the humidity is very low.
  2. Hi Gals/Guys/Trans/LBTQ I've got a 1mx1mx2m high tent. I have 5 White Widow, some of various crossings. The environment is in the tent above, and I've had a 4" swiftair extraction running 24/7 plus a Honeywell floor fan set at 2. I have a Rhino thermo controlled extractor, insulated ducting, and a black orchid intake fan, and all the fixings, to be fitted this evening. I'll get the filter set, and duct to extractor. My question is, should I open the window to vent from tent or into tent? Bear in mind I get a lot of helo activity, but they're pursuing suspects, not flying casually. But a rel got caught in an industrial grow! Apparently, it was the stench!... So, I've 5metres of insulated 6" ducting and a thermo controlled fan. Should I crack window open and vent (outwards) through there, or just vent into room, and leave door open for fresh airflow? And for intake, any ideas on whether just to open the window space thing at bottom of tent, or use a 4" intake fan, and should the fan be placed close to cracked open window? I've tried to search threads regarding this, but always come up with a blank, so my apologies to those who have already posted answers. If you could give me a link to ex fan set ups with filter inside, that would be great. And also, as I can leave grow room open with fresh air coming in through bathroom and toilet, should I use the full extractor ducting to blow into room, rather than out the window. I live in an area of society where overhead cop helo activity is frequent! I can't stress this enough. Any ideas would be most welcome. Plants have passed 4 weeks 12/12 and are developing very sticky buds. Photos later. Thanks 420. Peace out.
  3. Hi UK420 people, Looking for some advice on avoiding light leaks. I currently only have an extraction fan that extracts outside via a hole in the wall with vent faceplate and use passive intakes with the vent flaps open. Along with the windows open a curtains open. I've been growing autos since I started growing indoors so not had to think much about light leaks. I've tried to rearrange my tent within the room so that tent vents wouldn't be directly facing the window. But due to the shape of the room and placement of the electrical sockets I'm unable to achieve this. (Been trying most of the weekend ) I was going to place some sort of black out blind at the window anyway but realised this would restrict fresh air coming in , so I thought make a hole in the black out for a active intake ... This means buying a fan. As I don't have major temp issues I wanted to avoid this if possible , if not I will just go get a another fan. So are there any simple ways of using passive intake while avoiding light leaks ? Or should I just get a intake fan and save myself the hassle ? My tent is a or120 2m tall and my current extraction fan is a TD silent 150/500 I'd want to get another Td fan as a cheaper louder one it would make getting the original TD sort of pointless in regards to sound. So would the 4 inch version do the job ?and get another step controller added ? Problem solved or is there a better cheaper way ?