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Found 76 results

  1. All my autos are flowering now. One, a critical banana smoothie from taste budz is already done. All my filtered spaces are full though. I had to move a sweet berry cough into the area I was going to dry in as it’s almost the same height as me. I don’t know what plant is what, I had written it on the pots but it’s seems to have rubbed off. I had a few watermelon punch in there so I think I can tell them apart. Other than that there is a gelato and a back to the future 2. it’s like opening a tent door to Christmas
  2. First hello all and great that u found this site since it's mostly people who grow in UK and that would give me better help regarding everything from shopping for equipment to how to combat this amazing English effin weather lol. I don't know if this is the right thread to post this in, but I'm gonna give it a go and if it's not please guide me as to where it would suite better. First I'm planning to grow 1 or 2 plants nothing much just for own need, and I'm limited with space and my most important is hiding the smell. I came with a list of items to get but I don't know how efficient and good they are, so I list them down hoping that someone here tried them. Tent: BLACK ORCHID Hydro-box 60x60x160cm LED lights few options based on the internet search but don't know which would be worth it more based on how much electricity they take Vs they efficiency in growing. Spider Farmer SF1000 MARSHYDRO Newest TS 1000 Carbon filter and inline fan: Vortex 6'' Premium Carbon Filter Vortex 6'' Inline Fan Soil: Which would be better to go with from start to finish BioBizz 50L Light-Mix BioBizz 50L All-Mix Sorry if it's to much links but just wondering which would be better. My budget is £300 in total Including the rest of the equipment and soil, I'm spending the most on the important things since as I mentioned smell is the major concern and after electricity.
  3. Hi lads did someone attempted to wire drivers safely outside the box for better cooling ? Im curious if it can be done safely. My setup involves arctic 64 plus fans, vero 29s and some hlg 240h /2100 b. I have pretty weird box design and would like to use metal shelf rack inside the box as a construction that would allow me to split the box into two separate storeys. first would be veg second bloom. The light isolation would not be an issue, but I want to avoid electrocuting myself so I would like to learn how those cobs are grounded or if only driver needs to be grounded. here is a noobie diagram of what I have and want to do : https://imgur.com/ZvkSX8U I would be very happy if you share your thoughts with me about this, my original thought was using one storey lighted up during the day and other during the night ( with light isolation between them, so one would have light and other darkness.
  4. Hi All, I'm back again after my first grow in a shipping container 3 years ago. This time I'm just doing a simple grow at home in a 60x60x140 grow tent. I've purchased white widdow autos from the vault: (They haven't arrived just yet. Maybe brevity has broken some deliveries?) In the past I used Dinafem with great results, but can't purchase from them right now Anyway. My first grow I kept my autos in coco coir used the standard canna A&B - I can't remember the dosage. I'm sure it was 5ml of each per litre of water? And finally I kept the lights on (600w lamp) 24/7 but now I'm using LED,should I change anything? Thanks for reading. I hope someone can help
  5. Hi, there probably is the info somewhere, but couldnt find it but just got a couple questions regarding my first grow! i basically just found a few bagseeds, from a while ago planted 3, and 1 has actually come along really nicely! just transfeered into a bigger pot as it outgrew the first! First question is, my garden is south east facing and gets probably a solid 6 hours of direct sunlight a day, from behind some sliding glass doors, which is definitely doing the job for now. my main question is, am i headed for trouble once in the vegetative stage? ive read they requite a lot more light, some people leaving them on 24 hours of artificial light. I have a super bright LED bulb to stick in the cupboard in case, its basically 16W (equivalent to 140W halogen, 1600 lumens) it also says day light 6000k on the box (not sure what that means), is this going to help? will this be any good for flowering as well or am i best just moving it to my glass doors for the day then sticking in the cupboard. also would moving it out of a cupboard, everyday the fact its 1 cool LED negate the need for a fan? also bought 5 real deal feminized auto flowering seeds, will they be almost as simple as letting the them chill by my glass doors? Thanks and sorry if all this info is out there somewhere this just seemed simple. heres a few photos of the plant and the spaces i have to grow (just waiting for the beer to finish brewing in the bigger cupboard then gunna obviously clear it out) just for a reference. Anyway if anyone does have any reassuring words or advice to improve my success, it'd be much appreciated! Im just looking to get some nice smokeable bud without spending a fortune on kit Thanks in advance and hope everyones having a chilled, healthy time!
  6. Hello everyone, this is my first time growing indoor and I am very confused because I found too many information, but after days of researches I think I came up with something good: - 3 Quick One RQS autoflowers: 8 weeks, 60 cm max height - BudBox Lite - 0.6m x 0.9m x 0.9m - Grow Tent - 3 Air Pruner Fabric Pots 8 liters 20cm X 20cm X 23cm - BioBizz Light-Mix Soil 20 litre (plus some extra perlite) - Mars Hydro TS 1000 LED I think that 3 Quick One with a max height of 60cm will fit good in a 90cm height tent, also the light seems to be appropriate for 3 autoflowers. I will then add 2 fan (1 in, 1 out I guess?) and that's it. What do you think ? Am I missing something ? Thank you for your replies <3
  7. Hi, What’s the general consensus when it comes to heat vs light? I can hold a temp of around 28c if the light is dimmed or around 32c on full
  8. Hi guys, this is my first grow and first time posting. Any tips or advice be much appreciated have no experience but got to start somewhere! will update this as i go have been late starting this diary have been meaning to get it done but not had time recently so here it goes! It may seem like im going on and asking alot but as said just looking to see what people think and if any pointers as no experience! My setup: 1.2x1.2x2.00 Budbox pro with silver lining LUMii Black 600w Digital Ballast with 230V Phillips Greenpower BulbAdjust-A-Wings Medium EnforcerAgrolab Hygrometer1x 6" RAM Clip on fanRhino Hobby 125/3005" Systemair RVK extraction fan So I have 3 BCN Critical XXLS in 12ltr Fabric pots on the right side and 2 Nothern Lights, 1 Candy Dawg in 8ltr Fabric pots on the left. As can see from the photo they are quite far on already as i write this they have just entered there 6th week yesterday. Criticals are planted in PlantMagic Supreme and the other 3 are just planted in John Innes Multi Purpose as didnt have enough PlantMagic left so just had to get the only thing local garden center had! Plant progress/photos so far Critical1 Critical2 - This plant has been slower than the rest running about a week behind buthas started to take off now! Critical 3 Northern 1 Northern 2 Candy Dawg So far upto around week 4 they were only given water and around 1ml per litre of PM Bio-Silicone every second watering then once hit the 3/4 week old i started to give them 1.5ml of PM Oldtimers Grow again this was only every second feed i fed this alongside Bio-Silicone. Entering week 5 when started to pre-flower i dropped it to 1ml grow and 1ml PM Oldtimers Bloom per litre on every feed however last few feeds after speaking to someone who has previous experience switched to only 1.5ml Bloom on every feed! I am currently doing the wet dry cycle with the 12ltr pots recieving about 2ltr every 2/3days once the soil is dry. Also which im away to go into in a moment i started to add cal/mag 1ml per litre as had notice some markings on some leaves which started with Critical 3 but since adding the defect hasnt seemed to progress any further! Light has been constantly hung between 12-18inches. When seedlings i started on 250W the increased to 400w once had 2nd set leafs and then upto 600w around the 3 or 4 week mark. Deficiency's: Critical 3 So i started to notice these little spots on my plant Critical 3 towards the end of week 4. I dont no anything about deficiency or stuff like that but all other plants were fine and after have a search on google put it down to a calcium deficiency and started to add calmag 1ml per ltr to all plants. These dont seem to have progressed that i can see so im hoping my guess at the calcium deficiency was right! However today when was feeding them as can see on middle photo i noticed a few lower leaves are this very light way around the edges which im unsure as to why? Northern Lights 1 Today when feeding i noticed these very large random brown spots on this plant these have just appeared and the plants are being given calmag and bloom so again unsure as to the cause of this or if its anything to be worried about? Could it be water sat on the leaf from a previous feed thats caused it to burn or something else? All Plants across all 6 plants ive started to notice the tips of the leafs especially new leafs are very long thin and some twisted again is this normal or something to be worried about? Ive tried to add in everything i can remember, have done and come across to make this as complete as possible and to try help you help me haha. Will keep this updated as i go! I also did have 24 plants outdoors in a forest these were started in the tent for 2 weeks in small plastic cups then taken to site, i just dug holes straight into the ground and filled with soil from local garden centre and re planted into that! All was going perfect with them but last week they catapillers found them and pretty much munched every leaf of of 20 of them and only 4 they didnt touch! i amnt going to make a diary for these purely again due to the fact i didnt get time at first and now there in a right mess so will probably post photos of the end results of them! went back out to them the other day and wasnt as bad as initial damage assesment of only 4 being salavagable it seems there are still 15 i might get return of off so heres hoping but will see how it goes im just expecting the worse now so if does turn out its a bonus will keep posted though! Cheers for taking time to read threw this
  9. 8 weeks -The Quick One

    So for the last 8 weeks I've been growing "The Quick One" in my bedroom cupboard, the choice of this one is so I can start saving money ASAP. She is grown in canna coca with perlite under a 125w CFL and a 60w LED in a 40 x 40 cm tent This is my first caannabis grow but am a chilli grower so used same principles to a point then joined here! As a youngster she had a spicy friend but now shes to big for anything else to join her. I saw the first buds start to appear last night and am really excited now :D
  10. Hey guys, Usually don't grow during summer because I'm in a smallish grow tent, and my HPS just always over heats the space. Every summer grow I've done so far I end up with bleached colas, and other problems. I've started some girls for outside this year, because why not...but also want to do an indoor grow over summer. So thinking about ditching HPS and trying LED. But absolutely no clue where to start. I want something decent, willing to pay up to £300 hopefully. Suggestions? I'll be growing Hazes mainly. Ideally want something with a midrange colour temp of around 6500k - 10000k. Plenty of blue, and some UV too if possible (maybe just supplement that with a reptile bulb?).
  11. Hi UK420, new grower here. Very curious to hear any thoughts or advice for a noob in coco, my main concern being that I'm using organic pellets (I expected to need to get a housemate to water while i work away and wanted to keep feeding simple) with Coco on a first ever grow. Tent: 50cm x 90cm small grow tent 108w output full spectrum LED 2x 6" fans for circulation 4" RAM extraction fan + Carbon filter Humidifer 2.8ltr 80w tube heater I have been playing with the environment over the last week and now have decent control over it. With such a small space it's relatively easy to increase/decrease the factors but keeping them steady is the challenge. Growing with: 2x Royal Queen Seeds Royal Jack Automatic seeds Royal Queen Seeds Easy Boost Organic Nutrition pellets. I inquired to confirm whether this would work in Coco with autos and the breeder told me it should be fine but I have since become unsure 8% Organic Nitrogen, 7% Phosphoric anhydride, 12% Potassium oxide, 10% Sulphur trioxide, 2% Magnesium Oxide, 30% 'organic material' Canna Coco pro plus mixed with ~25% perlite 2x 11 litre fabric pots By the time I started having my doubts about my organic nutrition it was too late and i had already pre mixed it all and potted, so I thought I would just crack on anyway rather than throw it. I germinated using the paper towel method and when the tap roots were about 1cm I planted them directly into the coco about 1cm deep. Now my first issue/question: I pre-rinsed through my coco a couple of days ago and it was still quite wet when I planted the seeds, though the top had started to dry (bits of light brown) a little. Is this too wet an environment to have planted in or will the coco/perlite drainage be okay? My research has seen some suggest that it's nigh impossible to overwater in coco/perlite/fabric pots and others say that anything other than a bit of water in the seed area will drown it/stump early growth of roots. The tent environment is 23-25C, 60-70% humidity, low level of extraction currently, light on 24h but once sprouting I think i'll go 18/6. The LED is currently 2ft from the pot and on the less intense 'veg' setting. I planted 28 hours ago, already getting nervous to see them pop up! My more fundamental query is whether using those organic pellets is a good idea at all in coco with an auto? I do own Canna A+B, CalMag, 13/14 PK Boost but it would be nice to not have to throw out all the coco, perlite and organic pellets I have mixed but equally I don't want to set myself up for a fail or a very problematic first grow. Any advice on my specific queries or any pointers about my set up in general would be appreciated.
  12. Day 6

    From the album Purple punch auto

  13. Day 5

    From the album Purple punch auto

  14. Hi everyone! This is my first grow and I'm pretty much obsessing over every little thing These are 4 days old and I'm just wondering if they look ok and conditions in tent are good enough? I'm running 24/0 Appreciate any input/thoughts
  15. Bubblicous veg

    From the album Summer 2019

  16. Veg tent set up

    From the album Summer 2019

  17. Winter ready

    From the album Summer 2019

  18. Morning all, I’m planning on my first grow and after doing a bit of reading i want to give SOG a go. I also want a hydro set up to make watering and feeding a bit easier. My tent will be a 1.2 square budbox and after reading a few threads this weekend, I was going to fill it with between 9 and 12 pots. I’m not averse to coir as I already use it in my garden, and if I went that route, I’d set up a Dripper system from an outside res. However, I saw the Oxypot veg DWC 9 pot system over the weekend and wondered if it would perform well for a SOG grow in a 1.2 tent? It’s about 82.5cm square, so leaves room around the edges of the tent for a radiator and dehumidifier. I’m planning on a 600w digital ballast. Thanks in advance, Al.
  19. Hi all. First Post, so please be gentle if I forget any info. (Have I even posted in the right place??) Growing 4 strains all autoflower (6 plants) in an 8'x4' with 3x Mars Hydro Reflector 600s, coco medium and using Plagron nutes (cocs a&b, Pure Zym, Green Sensation) Spring water with base EC of 0.2. Currently approx day 62 from seed. Temp is between 24 & 26, humidity sits between 40 & 48. Think I had a bit of lockout due to a dodgy EC pen and overfertilizing, but have 'flushed' with a weaker feed and now getting run off EC of 1.8, with a feed of 1.5-1.7 going in, so happy now that there's no build up. However, I've got clawing leaves on my Charlotte's Angel (a high cbd strain, first time I've grown) and also on one of the Northern Lights. Hopefully photos are attached **No, they're not. How do you add photos here??!!**. Northern has yellowing edges to the leaves, Charlotte is a good colour, just has a massive case of claw going on. Any advice?
  20. Hello sisters and brothers. I start an ultraorganic crop. Without growshop products. Only lentils and canary seed, to create rooting. Spirulina, Peruvian maca, brewer's yeast, molasses, nori seaweed, neutral gelatin, and banana tea, to make various fertilizers. Propolis as fungizide and lemon juice to lower the ph. I will use Atazyme de Atami and Cal & Mag from Advanced nutriens for watering moments only with water. The water is osmotized with pH 8.2, which low with lemon juice up to 6.0 / 6.2. With ec's 0.002. The substrate is Atami Light Mix soil. In pots of 7 liters, in indoor of 80x80 with hps 400W. Ventilation and extraction. That's all folks.
  21. Wide shot of 3 strains

    From the album Collection of old and new photos

    In shot from left to right are Black DOG, Grape Stomper, Critical + & Black DOG again
  22. Black DOG

    From the album Collection of old and new photos

    Black DOG at probably around day 53 flower. I'd guess about 7 - 10 days flush at this point
  23. Welcome to the Seedsman Forums Grow Contest 2018. In this edition of our cultivation contest we have decided to introduce 2 categories, indoor and outdoor grows, both with incredible prizes for the winners! Read the rules carefully to find out how to participate. To start, we will distribute 3 packs of 3 Seedsman seeds (9 seeds total) to each participant. Requirements You must be registered in the forum prior to the publication of this contest and have submitted at least 50 messages in the forum where you will write your grow report. We can only send free seeds to the first 200 entrants. The latest day that you can apply for these seeds, and subsequently the contest is May 10. If you do not meet the requirements for these free seeds, or we can no longer provide the seeds due to excessive entries, you can participate by purchasing your own seeds Seedsman and showing original package in your first post. Entering the contest 1.You have to be a member of one of the 3 forums where this contest is going to be held: • Forum ICMAG • Forum UK420 • Forum THCTALK 2. Send a private message to the Seedsman moderator of any of the 3 forums. 3. You must leave a comment in the main thread of the contest, stating your intention to participate. Only one forum should be used per entrant. Rules of participation - Open a thread with the title "Seedsman Indoor Contest” followed by the name of your chosen strain or "Seedsman Outdoor Contest” followed by the name of your chosen strain. - Detail the entire grow, from germination to end result. You can do this by means of photographs and supplementary text. You can also complement with some videos if you wish, although this is not mandatory. Awards Indoor category: 1st Place - 250€ Voucher to spend at Seedsman.com AND 100 Seedsman seeds of your choice! 2nd Place – 200€ Voucher to spend at Seedsman.com AND 75 Seedsman seeds of your choice! 3rd Place - 150€ Voucher to spend at Seedsman.com AND 50 Seedsman seeds of your choice! 4th Place – 100€ Voucher to spend at Seedsman.com AND 30 Seedsman seeds of your choice! 5th Place – 75€ Voucher to spend at Seedsman.com AND 15 Seedsman seeds of your choice! Outdoor Category: 1st Place - 250€ Voucher to spend at Seedsman.com AND 100 Seedsman seeds of your choice! 2nd Place – 200€ Voucher to spend at Seedsman.com AND 75 Seedsman seeds of your choice! 3rd Place - 150€ Voucher to spend at Seedsman.com AND 50 Seedsman seeds of your choice! NEW Best Forum Category: "The Forum with the most completed grow diaries at the end of the Competition will be rewarded greatly!" Rule: The finished diaries are subject to the rules of the contest, but with an extra requirement, the grow diary should be update with a weekly regularity throughout the entire cultivation process. Further Details To be eligible for prizes, all threads must be finalized before December 31, 2018. A jury composed of members of the Seedsman team will be responsible for choosing the winners. We will evaluate the plants, photos or videos, cultivation methods and explanatory text in equal parts. We will announce the winners during the second week of 2019. The results will be announced in the aforementioned forums, Seedsman social networks and the Seedsman Blog. Terms and Conditions If you have any questions, you can ask us directly in the main thread of the contest on each of the 3 forums involved. We will not respond to any private messages about the contest, nor will we answer questions from social networks or the blog. All of the content of the participating threads can be used by Seedsman.com in the future (photos, videos, texts) without asking for permission but always providing the author's credits. We will not accept complaints about issues with free seeds (shipping, status, germination). Now you know everything you need to participate, we will wait for your entries. Good Luck!