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Found 3 results

  1. Hello there I’m GasZzCakes my fellow bud growers I’m new to UK420. I’ve been growing buds for coming up ten years now and never had the chance/space to do my own pheno hunt this changes now!!! I’ve got myself 10 regular Divorce Cake #1 X Zkittlez Cake by Jungle boys!!! I’m so excited to get started but as with all new things i have a few questions on the matter which i thought you guys here could help me out with and maybe give me a few tips... My questions What media to use for mothers bearing in mind cuttings will be going into coco . What light to use for 10 reg mothers thinking 2ft 4tube T5 What light to use thinking 2ft 2tube T5 for 20 cuttings in the x- Stream auto cloner 20 because will go through take males and ones im not happy with out. How long to have the auto cloner misting the root sites 24/7 or? How many hours light cycle for the clones Any tips and advice much needed & Appreciated. GasZzCakes
  2. Hi guys I’m new here. I will start a diary and list all of the stuff using later on today. For now I’m hoping some of you guys can help. i was watering my plants with feed every 2 days and leaving the coco to get dry in between. I now understand that it should be done every day and never left to get dry like soil. So yesterday I gave them enough feed to give them 20% run off, there not sat in their own run off either. I’m using 16 litre root pouches and they took about 1900ml each to achieve 20% runb off. plants are even worse this morning does that mean they were actually over watered? Although I’ve always let them get dry. Any advice appreciated thankyou!!
  3. Hey guys, I just wanted to share some pics from my first grow attempt using Jack Herer Auto. I'm almost 3 weeks in and there hasn't been a lot of growth in terms of height, but I had her on a 12/12 photoperiod so think that's probably why. Changed it to 18/6 today, I'll check on her tomorrow and see if there's any improvement. Her leaves are a little droopy but I over fertilized her the other day. I'm using Power Feeding, Short Flowering powdered nutrients and finding it difficult to get the right mix. Other than that though she is looking good. I'm using the space bucket method, and wondering if anyone else uses the same technique to grow? What do you guys think? Adios