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Found 14 results

  1. Hello all, I have recently prepared my coco for pots and instantly wished I had bought pre pepared coco coir. The hydrating process, rinsing and buffering and mixing with perlite took me hours of labour intensive work and it did make a rather large mess! I didn’t have time or space to leave the media to soak in a cal mag buffer solution for 8hrs per pot, I soaked it for probably half an hour per pot, constantly agitating. will this be enough and am I going to be ok. I have a sinking feeling in the back of my mind telling me I’m doomed. after much deliberation I decided to place my seedlings straight into their final pots (30l fabric pots) in a 70/30 mix of coco and perlite. Things are looking good so far and no sign of any calcium or magnesium deficiencies yet. it has been around 4 days and have been watered twice daily with ph 6.0 water at 21degrees c, with only cal mag, a wetting agent and some roots exelurator. growing under a Mars hydro tsw2000 light. it is my very first attempt so any and all advice would be greatly appreciated. seedlings only have 1 pair of single point leaves and are around 3 inches tall. (About 11 days old)
  2. Hi guys, new on here.. im trying to work out wether or not it is worth me buying some Fulvic and humic acids in addition to my existing nutes. I’m using terra aquatica tri part- micro bloom and grow, I’ve also got a gold label root exeluator and I’ve got advanced nutrients overdrive for my late flower stage. I’ve read lots of contrasting opinions about the use of humic and fulvic acids and many growers say less is more... sticking to a more basic set up will work well however I also feel that manufactures would bother making the product if it didn’t add something to our arsenals. Anyone on here used them before and had better results compared with a grow previous without using acids. ive for coco coir and perlite in 30l fabric pots. Using 2x small led fan driven lights with a veg and bloom setting and have 1x Mars hydro TSW2000. I’m running a comparison to see the different results in each half of my tent. I have a humidifier and heater in my setup to keep everything exactly where I want it and also have 2 XL co2 grow bags hanging towards the bottom of my tent by an inlet. I’m fairly new to this so any advice would be greatly appreciated. regards
  3. Hi guys, First time grower and first time user on the site. I have aquired an Aquarfm which i intend to use to grow 2 plants in a 1 metre tent. I put my seeds into rootriots 3 days ago and they have all popped and are about 1 inch tall. My question is this... when do i start using Grow nutrients and what EC level should they be at? Also, when should i start adding CalMag and PK boost? Any advice extremely welcomed. Cheers, B
  4. Blueberry auto hydroponic 12 weeks

    From the album Blueberry auto hydroponic tent

    Week 12 of growing in Hydroponics and she is already starting to flower!
  5. Hi All, Looking for some advice on the supplied photos - the seedlings don’t look great, a little shrivelled and some loss of colour. 100w LED on min setting 24-26c 70-80% rh Only using clonex as a foliar feed atm
  6. Bubba kush 3 weeks old

    From the album Candy kush

    Bonsai mum here we come. She has settled into her new home now, growing quickly! So far has been so good, no real worries. She normally has a friend, some baby strawbs gonna go hydro with them once big enough to handle it.
  7. Hi guys I'm new to growing I have 8 wilma pots which I use clay pebbles and I want to expand Butni was thinking of going with 8 hand feed in coco .. to keep costs down or maybe pump feed from external water res i Is this ok to kinda mix and match ? Any draw backs?? . I already have equipment for the 8 hand feeds saves me buying another 8 pot wilma Thanks guys
  8. hydroponic

    Can someone tell me if Atami Wilma 4 pots is good or worthless ? Please ! I'm new grower with hydro indoor ! Every advice will be helpful ! Thanks !
  9. Strain: Dr Kripping incredible bulk Age: 3 weeks Type: Cuttings (Size @ rootriot block xfer, 2 inch) So ... gimme some abuse what do you think, there growing under 600W HPS
  10. Hey all I love DWC and I thought a thread that had no real point upon its self into raising interesting systems and ideas based on the growth system would be well ... interesting. I will start it off... I find the BEST way to do DWC is to fit a super structure into a standard 1m x 1m tent of around 95cmx95cm, from there you create a frame out of standard CSL around 95x95x50 (cm) (External measurement) lined with pond liner, from there you use a solid plywood sheet as a top and you recircle water with a powerful water pump and all the air wall adapters are all in the same system. I like to tag this the 'pool DWC' system, cheap and easy and great nutrient buffering due to the large amount of water.
  11. PK D101 F57

    From the album Helpful things

    let her wilt for 24 hours before chop
  12. Good day all, I am about to start a third grow so I have most of my equipment setup and working, DWC system 1.25M^2 tent, CFL veg, LED 7 HPS flowering Now on with my question, I am going to invest in my water! my base water is around 350ppm ph 6.4-6.8, I was going to go RO but then read if I do I need to add my own calmag to it, Fine not a problem plenty of other options.., ok so I thought about venting my tap water (leave it in open containers outside for a day or two), then I was gonig to go for a standard carbon filter, then I was going to go for distilled.... Everything I look for has a load of people giving out different advice I cannot for the life of me figure out what to do. I wanted someone who really knows exactly what the deal is to give me a precise detailed answer on the best two methods for the UK. NOTE my storage tanks for my DWC system is a little larger than your probably expecting (400L)! I only change my water fully twice, going into flowering and flushing. Cheers -- Mojo
  13. Pineapple Chunk F57 20141115 190340

    From the album 2x Pineapple chunk

    some amber trics. have taken off 4 main colas and dropped light a little for final week
  14. Amazon Aeroponic 16-Pot System (1.5" Net Pots) I have a few questions about this system and style of growing if anyone has used it before or one like it? 1. Would this 16 plant system be suitable for 16 MJ plants or would two of the 8 plant systems be better? Going straight into flowering from clones approx 9" in height. 2. If the 16 plant system is okay, would running x1 600 Watt HPS be enough or would two be required or perhaps a single 1000 watt HPS? Which would you use?