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Found 78 results

  1. Hi was planning to build a 6 bucket rdwc using heavy duty storage boxes. Going with 40mm pipe and connectors. Done a test buckets with the 40mm tank connector and was leaking between the rubber seal and side wall. I used a 51mm hole saw but was wondering if this is slightly to big and should have a used a 48mm for the holes? Holes have been deburred also so nice smooth surface for the washer any help will be appreciated.
  2. advice

    Looking for some advice on autos. First time growing autos and I've got them on 20/4 lighting in a dwc system with 2 led lights all same strain, sweet mango auto, 4 plants in a row. So middle right is well under way budding looking nice, far right looks behind in development/flowering stage, middle left looks even further behind and far left even further behind. Is it normal they are at different stages of flower? Basically just making sure the ones I suspect are behind in the flowering stage and not fucked up some how, like they have established bud sites but are producing more bud sites. I'll add pics of each one to show what I mean. FYI don't judge how bushy they are, had mad root rot and had to cut all the roots off just before flower and was scared to stress them even more. Thanks in advance
  3. Hi guys recently switched to using sensi ph perfect. Wanting to know about prep for my clay pebbles. I normally soak my pebbles in ph’d water with nutes overnight after washing to get them in right ph zone. This will be my first time using ph perfect and they say not to use ph down with it. Just wondering if will need to no use it to set the ph or just let the ph perfect nutes do there thing with the pebbles thanks
  4. Hey everyone, Welcome to our organic soil Vs Hydro Vs Coco comparison grow dairy. From left to right we have organic soil, RDWC system and Coco, these have transplanted almost three weeks now. The plants used for the comparison are all cuttings from the same mother plant which is cayenne pepper. The three tents are 4ft x 2ft (120cm x 60cm) The lighting for each tent is our ARAY 4 - 250w fixture. https://migrolight.com/collections/all/products/migro-aray-4-140w-265w# The plants grown in organic soil and coco are both in 38 litre aeropots. The RDWC system is the older four bucket system from AlienHydroponics which we made into a two bucket system to fit into the grow tent, the system is 165 litres. https://www.alienhydroponics.co.uk/ The organic soil mix is made up of 40% Promix, 40% good quality compost and 10% perlite, the compost has well rotted horse manure added along with worm castings and mushroom compost. We will be using the Biobizz organic nutrient line in the organic soil setup along with Biosys microbial tea, the nutrients will be given only when needed and the microbial tea will be added once a week. For the RDWC system we will be using the full range of hydroponics nutrients by Shogun Fertilisers. And for the Coco setup we will also be using the full range of coco nutrients by Shogun Fertilisers. https://www.shogunfertilisers.com/en/ The three ARAY 4 fixtures are daisy chained together for dimming so light output for each tent in the same and we’re using the Inkbird controllers to control the exhaust fans. https://migrolight.com/collections/all/products/inkbird-grow-room-temperature-fan-heater-controller-itc-308-uk-and-eu-versions-only# Organic Soil We had some minor issues with overwatering at the start but these have now bounced back to health. Hydro - RDWC These were a little slow taking off and were top fed for the first week until the roots dropped down into the nutrients solution, they seem to be catching up now. Coco These plants have been really going for it since the moment we transplanted them into the coco, these are by far the biggest plants at the moment. We will be doing a weekly update on this comparison grow, we welcome all your comments and any advice you guys may have regarding this. Thanks for dropping by.
  5. Hi guys really struggling since moving to a bigger wilma system. Mega slow growth unhealthy plants . Some plants have grown a good root system in 3/4 weeks in the pots and some are still small seedling sized plants where roots have not spread much. Lots of yellow and brown lower leaves. Have an ec of 1 using ionic nutes. Temps around 26 with lights on just cant get this right and its bugging me tempted to go back to soil at this rate . Growth just seems really slow
  6. Hi all, hoping for a little diagnosis help. Changed the res 5 days ago and since the ladies are not looking happy. Before the RES change the EC was the same at 0.7 (0.6 of that bloom A&B Mix with 0.1 made up of Mag extra AN additive = total 0.7) and things were going swimmingly with great colour and great vigor in growth,, they looked banging! 5 Days later not so much! Much lighter in general colour and rusting on some leafs, one lady has been hit harder than the other three but she is most defo a different pheno as she has looked different from the get go. A little info.... 1.2x1.2m tent 400w MH 10ltr pots with clay pebbles,, drip system hybrib with some roots in the res allready. Air out through carbon filer and in through RVK'S Temps are 20/21 off and between 25 & 28 degres on. Lights 20 on & 4 off Humidity 65% Water recirculated with Res pump and also pumped to chiller unit and kept at 20-21 Degres Water is RO with EC @ 0.7 using Advanced Neuts hydro Sensi Grow Today I have added a little (15ml to aprox 35ltr full res) Advanced neuts MAG extra as ive read on here that Glookies are Cal/Mag hungry and it seams to marry up with how they are looking,, well that and abit of a nitrogen deficiency too caused maybe by the lack of Cal??? Any help or advice on whether im on the right track would be most appreciated! @stu914 Any thoughts pal,, i know you've been on the AN neuts for ever! Ever had any Cal/Mag issues?? or might it be something else?
  7. Hi all, I thought hydroponics was going to be easier than soil for my first grow... I had problems in the beginning stabilising PH long enough until about 18 days in when I switched over from citrus based down to Nitric and readjusted after first rise with phosphorus. Seems to stabilising a lot longer now with only about 2/3 drops a day to readjust. Seems like I’m on top of it from now I think as the new growth is looking healthy but have a bit of a cocktail with deficiencies on lower nodes, and one is very stunted compared to other so not sure she’s gonna make it. The bigger one has a bit of browning on the 2nd nodes, as did the first which dropped nearly 90 degrees so cut them few days ago The smaller one which I’m worried about is very stunted and has yellow veins which my friend is quite sure it’s sulfur deficiency. Their is still new growth but there are a few roots broke through the net pot so there’s hope maybe? biggie looks healthy which I’m over the moon with this ones a node behind, I cut her first nodes a few days before the bigger one. Same thing 90 degree droop. was about 1.5 ish EC which I know is high. But the tap pumps out 0.8 with about half of what canna recommended. res changed today with 50/50 bottled and tap. Brang EC to 0.6 and then I’ve lowered EC to 1.0 which il probably keep there. I’ve just gave the stunted one water and root juice today for 48 hours which worked out 0.62 then the same as the other. PH was started at 5.6 because I knew it would rise (not as rapid as it did) it probably spent long stints in high 6’s back to 7.3/4 up until 18 days and switched PH-. I now set it at 5.8 as it’s stable for a lot longer. any advice massively appreciated, it kinda feels like you’ll never learn enough!
  8. FA60831E-09D1-43E3-B32A-918FCEEBF5C5.jpeg

    From the album GDP bubblers

    2 GDP in bubblers with not recirculating res. Feed same from seed, but different deficiencies.
  9. Hi aye everyone. im back with a totally new adventure. This time im back to growing in a tent , a new one. Its a green qube gq120, and i have to say, after years of so so tents its great to get a hold of a really good one. This one has thich solid poles, weighs a ton in the box, and solid zips, thick material and a viewing window. Its the bollox, truly.....if you're looking for a good tent, buy one. As well as a new tent , ive also got my hands on a couple of LED boards. These are loaners from a mate, and are brighter than the brightest star in the galaxy They are from INvisible sun, one is sporting lm561c chips, and the new one has the Lm301h, with extra far red and deep reds. Im trying them out to see if i want to go full on LED in the big room, and to see if i think its gonna be possible to do the kilo plant with LEDs. These will let me know, i reckon, i will see how they do. They are well made, and are in 3000k, so should be good for bloom. These are getting grown in dwc buckets, the smaller 37 litre boxes, with a small air pump and a single golf ball airstone per tote. nutrients are IOnic, grow and bloom, il try the roots axcellerator in a side to side, to see if it does anything. also got canna cal mag and pk, but i dont think ill use it. strains are white widow xxl auto from Dinafem, and critical + automatic from Dinafem. i will get some pics up when the seeds are cracked etc, cheers. I decided to go with autos, because i havnt done an auto grow for years, and being in a shed, i thought it would be a good idea to keep the temps up in winter. Beans have been cracked, tent has been put up and buckets are waiting in anticipation. Should be good fun,
  10. Hi guys, First time grower and first time user on the site. I have aquired an Aquarfm which i intend to use to grow 2 plants in a 1 metre tent. I put my seeds into rootriots 3 days ago and they have all popped and are about 1 inch tall. My question is this... when do i start using Grow nutrients and what EC level should they be at? Also, when should i start adding CalMag and PK boost? Any advice extremely welcomed. Cheers, B
  11. Quarantine grow of OG Kush and Gorilla Setup : 3.3'x3.3' grow tent 4'' Fan and carbon filter 300W of VERO29 DIY COB LED SCROG Net Nutes Greenleaf Megacrop Greenleaf CalMag Greenleaf Bud Explosion Mykos extreme bennies Had a rough start, my cheap PH pen broke the day I made my reservoir which resulted in my seedling being in 5.0 PH solution. Getting a new pen was pretty slow because of COVID19. The poor babies mutates and looked like shit. After 5 days of being in the corrected reservoir they look much better but are pretty beat up. The sativa phenos of OG Kush are looking pretty bad. Day 20 Of OG Kush Day 19 of GG4 Day 15 of Gorilla The GG4 is much bigger than the others and I'll try my best to train it to be even with the rest of the canopy. In red -OG Kush Sativa pheno In Green -OG Kush Indica pheno In purple -GG4 clone OG Kush Sativa phenos looking beat up 1/2 The other 2/2, looks fried, will it ever recover? OG Kush Indica pheno 3/3 OG Kush Indica pheno 2/3 OG Kush Indica pheno 1/3 @Dinafem-Mark
  12. Hi all, I posted earlier about same grow, different issue (one of my three is having a bad time, topic linked at the end) but my other issue is, of the two remaining plants, both of which were thriving, one is now drooping, growth has slowed and the other one is still doing great. same strain as each other. Same feeding. Is it overwatered? They are 27 days old, White Thunder. EC is currently 850 ppm (500 scale) and I am feeding them 3 x per day for 15 minutes via my wilma system, in clay pebbles, 18 litre pots. Currently under 600 watt but I have a dimmable ballast so could it be too much for the droopy one? maybe should turn it down to 400?). I'm using Dutch Pro hydro and vita link root stim, in a 1.2 by 1.2 by 2m tent here is the good one here is the droopy one. it wasn't droopy 24 hours ago. only change was turning light up: Also has the tiniest bit of pale yellow at the tips of one of two leaves other topic:
  13. Hi all, So as you can see, I'm growing 3 plants. They are 27 days old and 2 are doing well and one isn't. My camera is crap so apologies for that. All 3 plants are White Thunder although I have suspicions that i got seeds mixed up and the little one may be Dr Widow. I started with 4 plants from seed and then picked the best looking 3. EC is currently 750 ppm (500 scale) and I was feeding them 3 x per day for 15 minutes via my wilma system, in clay pebbles, 18 litre pots. Currently under 400 watt but am thinking of turning up to 600 soon (dimmable ballast). At first I thought the small plant was in a draft so I moved it to the other corner but it hasn't improved. Then I thought it may be over watered so I went down to 2 x feeding per day and I've moved the drippers right away from the little plant. The other 2 are green and healthy, the poorly one has yellow lower leaves, although it has some healthy looking new growth. is it just a dud or can I bring it back to life. all advice welcome. I'm using Dutch Pro hydro and vita link root stim, in a 1.2 by 1.2 by 2m tent . Whatever i'm doing, 2 of the plants like it!!! it's just this little bugger that isn't having a good time. help please!!
  14. When growing cannabis in hydro (RDWC), does it matter if the air temperature surround the leaves/stem/buds is high (e.g. 22-35 degrees C), if the roots are bathed in chilled water (at 19-20 degrees) constantly? I am starting a hydro attic grow soon, and my attic gets quite hot. However, I have a hydro water chiller that can keep the water at a constant temperature of my liking, and I have plenty of circulation fans. I can also, regularly mist the leaves of the plant if needed. However, is there any point at all in starting an attic grow if I can only control the temperature of the water reservoir?
  15. Hi All, Apologies if this is in the wrong section I have an SMSCOM Nutrimatic Timer and have a few questions. The timer is easy to set up and runs fine for the first cycle, the problem comes when the second cycle is supposed to start...It doesn’t. Does anyone own/use this timer? If so has anyone experienced similar? Is the timer only supposed to run single cycles? Thanks
  16. Hi guys starting hydro growing. Have got a list of all my part i need going to go rdwc . Lots of help so far from @badbillybob . Quick question my mate is offering me a wilma 4 pot that fit my area just now saving the rdwc until the garage is built. Can you use silver bullet with sensi ph perfect nutrients . Noticed an organic listed on the ingredients i think so not sure if their compatible. Thanks guys
  17. Hello and welcome to my competition diary.. I have decided to enter this competition as I have a few strains from sweet seeds that have been gnawing away at my sub conscious- go on Billy,..... try them …...it says, you know you want to.....and I do...….so I am...... strains in question are a few of Sweet seeds best performers. I have chosen Black jack, cream caramel and Sweet afghan delicious s1, all of which I have wanted to do for a good while, but never got round to. Heres the contenders, limbering up in the background Black Jack Crossbreed of our Black Domina with an exceptional Jack Herer that features a pleasant and intense bouquet similar to the Haze’s cathedral incense aromatic trait. The result is Black Jack® (SWS01), one of our most powerful and productive strains.This classic strain features great hybrid vigor and it is totally adapted to indoor grows. When planted outdoors, directly in the ground and with enough sunlight, it becomes a resinous hairy monster of about three meters of height.Indica/Sativa: 50%/50%THC: 16-21% · CBD: 1,0%Indoor Yield: 500-600 g/m2Indoor Blooming: 9 weeks Cream caramel This synthetic strain is the result of a three way cross between our best Indicas: Blue Black x Maple Leaf Indica x White Rhino.This classic strain features a sweet intense taste that is reminiscent of caramel, combined with a hint of earthy flavors inherited from the Blue genetic that intervenes in the cross. This strain is ideal for indoor growing.This strain is the favorite of medicinal cannabis users. Relaxing and antidepressant. Indica/ Sativa: 90%/10%THC: 15-20% · CBD: 1,6%Indoor Yield: 400-550 g/m2Indoor Blooming: 8-9 weeks Sweet Afghan Delicious s1 Self-pollination of one of our most powerful and aromatic mothers, a Black Domina selected in 1998.The self-pollination of this super mother produces dense buds covered by abundant resin. This strain features sweet intense aroma and a musky flavor inherited from its afghan ancestors.This S1 seed allows for a very homogeneous offspring regarding the described characteristics. Easy to grow and very resistant to pests and fungus. Indica/Sativa: 90%/10%THC: 15-20% · CBD: 1,8%Indoor Yield: 400-500 g/m2Indoor Blooming: 8-9 weeks And so to the plan . The plan is to wet 2 of each strain and hope hey all sprout nicely for me. I will play them music and sing sweet melodies to them to increase my chances. For those of you who have been fortunate enough to miss my previous ramblings, my system of growing is HYDRO, using a home made RDWC system with top fed spray bars and airstones. Its been developed by myself over the years and is working pretty well now, altho, as with most things, it could be improved. Here it is. I wont bore you to tears with the lowdown on it, but will condense it to say the totes are 60 litres, the net pots 250mm, the airpumps are 60litres, 2 golf ball airstones per pot, chiller is hc300 hailea, and the water pumps are 4000litre for the 4 pot side and 8000 litre for the 5 pot side. Nutrient line is Ionic, used for years and good enough for Heath Robinson (my hero...………...swoon....lol)…... im actually repairing a leak on it today, or at least that was the plan, but the section I cut out, I tested it and no leaks, so I just put it back, with new joint connectors. I will leave the glue to set and trial fill it tonight, with everything crossed. So once the system is cleaned and leak free, we will wet some beans . Can you feel the excitement? I can...…………. So take a seat, skin up a fat one, and hold on for the ride...….
  18. Hi All, I have attached some photos and was looking for some advice. The plants are about 2 weeks old and seem to be struggling. They are pale, clawed and just not particularly happy. Any opinions appreciated. The setup: BudBox 0.8x0.8x2 GN Telios 008 AirPots 9L 80/20 Coco/Perlite BioBizz Nutrients Tent: 29c/55% Charlie
  19. so im looking for a little info and help and im sure one of you lovely people will have everything i need to know. so basically im moving to a 6 pot iws flood and drain system. iv not grown flood and drain before and my main concern is how often im suppose to flood the system through out the plants life cycle . and any other tips anyone has would be greatly appreciated
  20. Anyone know what this might be appeared a few days back can provide more pics if needed, rest of the plant seems to be fine and growth doesn’t seem to be any slower.400w mhCocoCanna a and bPh 5.9 - temps 25c and 70% humidity
  21. Ive just moved over to growing in coco from soil. I quite like the speed it grows, and its because its clean and tidy. Ive never done a full coco grow until now. This is the 2nd grow and 4 years since the last time. Im not bothered about the feeding thats fairly simple. What I am struggling with is the pot sizing for water retention. At the mone tim in 11l pots that are taking 2l every day in veg. The run off is good and my plants are thriving as they pretty much always do. Im mixing a lot of water/nutes and I want to reduce this. With my veggers and other bits and bobs im doing 2 bucket fulls (14/15L) on 5 main plants and 6 other small ones. Ive just bought 6.5L pots and want to try growing smaller plants. My general average in coco has been about 170/180 gms per plant in the past from 11l litre pots, but i dont remember them drinking this much already, theyre not that big. BTW Im not running at 93, I just balanced the thermometer on the top of the shade for a minute ot two to untangle my sensor cable... Anyway I wanted to get some opinions of what other people do pot wise - smaller? Bigger? whats the general feel from you experts?
  22. Hello all I’m after some help I transplanted my cuttings into new rdwc system on Saturday and they were looking very stressed out I did damage a few roots but they had plenty so hoping they would pull through. Anyway they have progressively started to look worse everyday this week extremely droopy curled down leaves the roots are still growing as they’ve found their way out of net pots and about to touch down into the nutrient solution. AIR TEMPS DAY 24/25.4 NIGHT 18/19 ROOT TEMPS 19/20 EC 0.6 Humidity is on the low side around 40 lights on 50/60 lights off I’ve got a little seedling that seems to be doing just fine in my environment. So do I wait and see if they pick up over the next week or pull them all and plug up another three beans to run. I’m short on time this run as my tenancy runs out may so they need to be finished and in jars by then. Please any help from experienced dwc growers would be highly appreciated. heres a few pictures of them beginning of the week And now they look like this
  23. Good day fellow growers, I have a question, I'm currently 3 weeks 3 days into flower on my first grow using coco and am considering going for the urban R-DWC 8 pot setup for the next grow. Currently in a 1.2x.1.2x2 with a single 600w hps and 4 plants but if moving to the dwc considering just using the room itself instead of a tent, is this viable and have others here had much experience/luck with that particular brand/setup? Cheers.
  24. fade

    Hi am fairly new to Organics and coco I have been watching how people achieve different colour fades in amended organic coco buy letting the plant starve of nutrients come end of harvest just wanted to know if this is possible in a full hydro system like Nft or in hydro clay has anyone ever achieved pinks reds and purple leaf fade in a Nft system I flushed mine for over 2 weeks and still plants healthy and bright green maybe I should flush for a month with plain none ph tap water and change the tank everyday? Or is it down to the strain genetics? I chose to grow organically in coco as I prefer the cleanliness to soil and less chance of pest but I prefer hydro to the eas of watering Thanks Any info appreciate
  25. I found this little matey in the roots of one of the girls which are in individual oxypot systems (its about 2cm long)- there is at least one more worm of that size in there and i can see multiple little tiny organism things that will probably develop into little worms. Looking online it seems like its a "western corn root worm" there isnt alot of information on these appearing in hydro systems, apparently its more common in soil. Some of the information i saw even suggested switching to hydro as a way of avoiding these worms. Has anyone had this before? What are the options? Im considering letting the roots dry a little bit before giving them a fresh bucket to see if that will do away with them. The worm i pulled out seems to be dead - it doesn't seem to have any movement.. Currently the bucket level is pretty low and the tiny little ones all seem to be pretty high up where the roots have dried a little - will they die off if i bring the level nice and high and drown them out? Any help or advice is very much appreciated