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Found 30 results

  1. Hi Does anybody use Inkbird products? Im looking on eBay at a Inkbird temp socket....It has 2 sockets on it and wonder if one can be used for a heater and the other be used for extract/cooling Its also the same with the humidity ....I guess plug a humidifier in one socket and a dehumidifier in the other any advise would be great Thanks in advance
  2. Please move if posted in wrong place Hi everyone. Been reading on here for a while found a lot of helpful information that’s helped me with my first few attempts. Long story short I started growing to help my mum who had terminal cancer with pain relief, fast forward 18 months and I’m now on my 4th grow. I’m struggling to achieve gpw and think this is down to my environment. I have a 1.2m bloomroom loft tent. I have a 6 inch outtake with a rhino filter. Currently using passive intake with a bit of ducting from room below. Running a 600w hps with dimmable omega ballast. X2 oscillating fans, humidifier for veg. 700w oil filled rad for lights off. My fan is a rhino thermostatic but I don’t think the temp control is very reliable. I’ve been using 11l pots with pure canna coco. Using canna range a and b, rhiz, cannazym, boost and pk. Swapped pk for bloombastic on current grow as advised by someone better than me lol. Watering every 2 days up to 2.5L in flower! Don’t seem to be getting the growth I would like in veg and seems to take forever for them to gain size! Now for the questions please! Do I need an intake fan? If so what size? Recommendations on fan controllers for intake outake and heater? Or easiest way to control them all? Would I be better doing 9x6.5l? Less veg time? If so would I put them straight under hps from cutting? A lot more info to share with you guys if you need any to help me! Sorry to ask so many questions on my first post! Thanks in advance
  3. Evening everyone, Sat, chilling wondering something.... What's everyone's thoughts on the best way to control humidity during flowering, without spending loads on a DE-humidifier? What is your preference and why? I have a small £20/30 one it's electric combined with two calcium moisture catchers..... 60-75% humidity still... It's a small grow tent, with two flowering and 3 germinating. (I appreciate its cramped) Left the tent slightly adjar etc, which is how i achieve 60%... Whats the chances of BUD rot as we stand... 50/50?? :/ Thanks
  4. Hi everyone I've been curing now for about three weeks. I've been using the boveda 62%, as I read that was a good humidity to store at. I'm around 65% now, and I must say the stems feel rock hard and the flower seems really really dry. I'm used to more tacky flower, what's everyone's preferred humidity?
  5. Today I got my 3rd week of flower with lemon haze . Everything seems perfect so far but I'm having an issue that as my plants are stretching up my humidity seems to be going up with them . 2 weeks ago though veg and 1st week of flower I had 19 degrees lights out with 40% humidity 25 degrees lights on with 45% humidity . Now I've crept to the point I'm getting 20 degrees lights out 50-60% humid 25 degrees lights on 70-80% humidity Now im aware of a few factors Weather is floating around -1 - 6 degrees the last few weeks. Plants make their own humidity too I'm using separate smscom fan controllers for intake and outtake which let me pick a minimum speed and a temperature I wish to maintain and the controller does the work for me ... Shall I try turning minimum speed up on out take or intake or both? Read on here a couple times dehumidifiers are a no in a groom ? Opinions on this Any other recommendations or tips please Thankyou kind people . Hope all is well
  6. Hi guys just planted quite a few royal queen seeds northern light autos and Barneys farm sweet tooth autos in my lock up. The room is around 10 cubic metres. 2 6” intake fans. 8” hyper phresh silent stealth fan and mountain air carbon filter. 4 600w hps lights 5 litre humidifier whole room milared lights are about 4ft off pots and temps at the pots are 27.5 with lights on and humidity 20-25% Lights off temps are 20.7 and humidity 44% ive tried turning humidifier on full which use 5 litres in about 10 hours and barely makes a difference to humidity according to both hydrometers cant get it to 30% when I wanted over 50% got a 10 litre bucket of water sat in corner of room as well. My question is does humidity make that much of a difference and if so how can I raise it up with the lights on? Im really going to struggle in the summer keeping temperatures down if they’re near 28 now in January I’m guessing they’ll be way over 30 come summertime
  7. Hey 420, I’m about to harvest in roughly 10 days. Ive been given great advice from the guys on here regarding the temps and humidity. I’m going to whole plant hang at 18C 60RH low and slow for 14 days or until stems snap. What I’d like to know is, when drying how do I have the tent set up... 1. Do I have the intake port completely closed off, or the fan just switched off, resulting in the outake fan pulling fresh air in through via intake ducting? 2. I’m expecting the humidity to be really high the first day or so, do I have dehumidifier on to get it down to 60% or will having it on dry it too fast? 3. If the humidity drops lower than 60% during the drying, do I use humidifier in the tent to maintain the 60%RH? 4. With the outake fan turned down to minimum, I guess that will keep air moving, do I also need a small fan pointed away from buds to help circulate air.. or is outtake enough? quite a few questions but if anyone can help out with any of them, that would be great. Thanks!
  8. Hi buds. I'm posting this here as well as on my diary. I've already started with the 18/6 lighting cause the sprouts popped out and added the nutrients. However, I'm having a hard time setting the environment. My main problems are: 1. The 400w HPS bulb is hanging few inches from the top of the tent and I'm still getting a minimum of 28.8 C (in the picture I'd just switched the light on). Too hot :/ 2. RH has gone from 60-70%, which I considered ideal, to 40% with the lights on. Not looking good. 3. Water temperature is also a problem, even with bottles filled with ice the minimum I get is 21 degrees, and just for a couple hours. 4. I removed the air pump because of the noise and ordered a new one that's supposed to arrive on Monday. Not that it worries me too much because roots didn't reach water yet. All in all, I don't expect much from my first grow, as I understand hydroponics requires more experience and I'm a complete newbie. However, I would like to get tips from experienced growers and learn from my mistakes. Cheers buds!
  9. Hullo, First timer here, 1.2x1.2x2m Mars tent with 600w Solis-Tek digi ballast, 6" exhaust, pulling through a f^k off carbon filter. Hand watered coco with Canna nutes. At the moment I'm just getting my bearings and while my Type K thermocouple thingamy has been invaluable during the hot weather (barely managing to keep below 30c during hottest part of day, but the girls are seeming to love it =) ). However I'm thinking I might need to get a handle on the moisture levels in the air as they really start to party hard. So would appreciate a product that will allow me to put sensors where they will do most good, and more importantly allow me to take readings without having to wake them up (ie have the display outside). Not above building some sort of home brew "fabracobbled", GitHub sourced thing, but prob more sensible to start with a working unit that will give me a baseline to be able to move forward from. Don't want IoT stuff, no RGB, simply something that works, every time, without alarms or "features" that won't get used, think Nokia rather than iPhone =) Finally I would like something that will manage to survive at least a couple of seasons, but not having me have to sell the kids. So if you have come across such a thing, please point me in the right direction. Cheers, PS Also I wondered if there was any benefits to other things to bring the moisture down rather than a full on de-humidifier ? (N.B. NOT affiliate links) Bags of magic stuff that pull in moisture (along the same lines, Or if it gets really bad, bite the bullet and get.. Big thanks in advance B
  10. 'sup 420ers, I'm looking for recommendations or advice about humidity monitors/loggers. I've seen all sorts of mega environment controllers available online in the £££-££££ region, but these are well overkill for what i need. I've also got a couple of those little battery powered display cheapo things but don't reckon much to them and they only show the readings on screen. I also know there's the arduino, DIY/programmable approach, but don't think i've got time to get into all that to learn how to do it. So, what i'm looking for is a relatively simple humidity monitor which i would leave in the GR constantly monitoring and recording the data, then periodically, take out and plug into my computer to view the readings. I'm sure there's plenty out there, hoping to spend less than £50, if possible? Has anyone got anything along these lines and can reccommend? Any pointers appreciated, Cheers dudes Wisjam
  11. Oioi I need some advice on keep temp low in tent and humidity high with out spending loads. I've got five dark devil auto on the go but temps are exceeding over 30 degrees and humidity drops when I turn extracter fan on. Any help would be appreciated
  12. Hi everyone just after some opinions and an answer to some questions. First of all what is the ideal temps and humidity when flowering starts? I read somewhere but cant remember where, do the plants take up some of the temp and bring it down? Im struggling to get my tent down below 25 degrees currently started week 2 of veg. Should I transplant into a bigger pot once I go into flowering? I have fabric pots what do you guys think of them? Thanks in advance.
  13. Harvested a plant today and in a bit of a predicament. Took the best part of a year due to several long story issues. Luckily it made it, and I got a fairly good yield. Now I really don't want it to go tits up. Heres the problem. I've been using a grow room I built inside a garage/shed. I'm glad it was finally time to harvest as the outside temps just entered a bit of a cold snap here as we get closer to winter. Online showing my area as 5C outside tonight, but its only 8:30pm. Worried that tonight might drop to freezing outside - so inside the grow room will be too cold at night. I have no room inside my house anywhere to dry them, and certainly nowhere the smell wont be overpowering. Here is a solution I came to for now - as expensive as it may be :- I sectioned the plant out, and hung everything on a few lines of string inside a big cardboard box. I put the box in the grow room, off the floor on two woodblocks. Left the light on and will run it 24/7 for now. Its hanging about 3 - 4 feet above the box, and the box is not directly under it, but beside it. I've then covered the top opening of the box with more cardboard so that it is still as dark as I can make it inside. I've then perforated the side of the box at the bottom with a patch of small holes the size of a pencil. I've then placed a fan about 3 or 4 inches from said holes, allowing a small amount of air to flow into the cardboard box and encourage air circulation. I've also one small greenhouse tube heater left on beside the entrance of the grow room. Don't think it really has much affect. I put a temp/humidity meter inside the box for a few minutes and then opened it up to check out the readings. It seems less than ideal, wavering between 16 and 17C and the humidity is about 55%. Outside the cardboard box, it reads more like 24C. I reckon its a combination of both being in the dark, and the fan air blowing in. I also know direct fan air is bad, but it really is a barely detectable draught when I put my hand in the box. How long do you guys reckon I can get away with this set up before mould sets in ??? My entire first grow was ruined by mold so it terrifies me now. My second grow was a quick auto to tie me over and I managed to avert mould with it. Dried that one in the same box for about 4 weeks, then transferred it to brown bags for another week before jarring and it worked out good - but that was during the summer and the temps in the room were much better lights on or off. I was thinking if they hold out for a week in these conditions, and the smell dies down, I could then transfer the box to my bedroom to finish the drying there ??? Cheers!
  14. Hi There, Been studying how to do an indoor grow for ages saved up a bit of cash and have decided to go for it. So first grow is about to start Bubble Kush Auto seeds arriving tomorrow. So first thing first the room specs. DR60 Secret Jardin tent (small i know but its the only space i got) 1 x P150 PLATINUM LED 2X 2FT Full spectrum fluoros attached vertically in rear corners facing it 1x 4 inch fan and carbon filter with ducting pulling hot air out. 1x six-inch desk top fan for air movement in tent. 1 x exhale co2 bag (i know its not necessary but inquisitiveness got the better of me) Will be growing in soil - start with bio-bizz light with added ecothrive charge , nutrients will be bio grow , bloom etc. Been running tent for 2 days now empty to get the environment right Temps range from 20 - 28 degrees ( high temp is with all lights on and in bloom mode) i think the fluoros are a bit overkill but potentially good for vegging turn them off when switch to bloom. have extraction fan come on for 15 minutes every 15 so could even run it constantly to get temp down. humidity is averaging 56% Any way question with the C02 BAG instead of the exhaust just dumping the warm air out side wasting the co2 was thinking can i recycyle the exhuast back into the inlet thus sealing the room kinda, maybe even put another 4-inch fan on the inlet to move air abit quicker thus cooling it ? DO you think this is the right thing to do to use as much of that c02 as possible ?
  15. Hi all, if you don't mind I wouldn't mind your opinions on the growth of these plants and any advise you have in relation to it. The pictures were taken at day 8 (from seed sprouting and breaking through the soil) and I would like to know if they look about right or behind in terms of growth. One of the reasons why I ask is because the stems are weak and I also read that leaves should be about an inch apart but on these the leaves which are developing are almost on top of each other. Since sprouting, growth hasn't been significant in terms of height. It's my first grow and is proving challenging so far. When the seeds sprouted I left them in the dark too long resulting in them searching for light and as you can see, the one in the centre and right of the picture are taller (supported with the straws) than the one on the left. The taller ones sprouted a day earlier and had the lights on 2 days after sprouting (1 day for the shorter one). The shorter of the three appears stronger as it is holding its own, albeit appearing short. If the straws were removed from the other two, due the a fan circulating the air they would fall over. When I did put the light on I put it too close which resulted in minor bleaching of the cotyledons, this doesn't appear to have had a major effect as the other leaves are a nice deep green. The LED is a Bysen Helios 210W SP164D. Another problem I had is that on day 4 (after the light was turned on), an LED blew knocking out 1/3 of the light unit. I have components on order which will hopefully land tomorrow allowing me to repair the unit to get it fully functional again. At present I have moved the plants to ensure they get as much blue light as possible. The light was 20" away when fully functioning, it is now at around 10" as if I move it closer the footprint will be too small. Environment is typically 20C - 26C however on a couple of cold nights it has dropped to 16C. The peak temperature recorded is 28C. Humidity is lower than I would like, floating around 35RH - 40RH but I am having great difficulty getting it higher. Extraction is via an inline van at a rate of 175m3/hr however it will be less as it is extracting through a carbon filter. I also have a 9" fan circulating air causing the plants to vibrate and move. Seeds were placed direct into Plant Magic supreme, no nutes as yet. All three are autos. Comments, feedback and advice greatly appreciated, apologies for picture quality (had to use grayscale due to LED colour). Thanks
  16. Hi all, I decided to plant some more seeds for my greenhouse grow, and my last batch germinated in 2 days, these ones now have been in for five days...nothing, my friend who has aspergers wont stop worrying about his little seed, so while I was in the kitchen he's gone up stairs bless him and dug it up HAHA , anyway I found him and asked him what he was doing, he showed me the seed with the tap root hanging out, I gave him the general..leave it alone dont do that again ect ect, anyway I re planted it again for him a little shallower and added a sprinkle of water, and then coveted the pot with cling film and a few little holes, I handled the seed with care, HE wants to know if it will still germinate or if there is a chance it will, I told him some seeds take TIME not all or the same ECT, but he is rather obsessive thinker, thus why I have to post so much, but he's a good lad ..i like to rest his mind , peace
  17. i was just wondering what the humidity should be in my flower tent.im in the last 2 weeks of flower. buds are looking awesome.just waiting for triches to start turning.humidity is between 48-52%{lights on}and wondered if this is ok.any help much appreciated peeps.
  18. Room: Garage, virtually seal aside from garage door and courtesy door. 2m x 5m Grow Tent: 1.2m x 2.4 x 2.0 Feed system: 12 pot IWS Flood and Drain Number of plants: 12 Lights: 2 x 600w lights Strain: 8 white widow, 4 pineapple chunk Exhaust: 150 A1 RVK Fan Intake: None - soon to come Tent Fan: None - soon to come Dehumidifer: None Lights on Time Temp / Humidity: 27-30c / 50-60% Lights Off Time Temp / Humidity: 18-21c / 75-85% Time in Veg / light schedule: 6 weeks / 18/6 Height: 2ft PH: stable 6.2 average EC: stable at 1.6 Base EC 0.2 Help, I got a right sweat box here! No shit, I hear you say. Hey up, so the girls are going to change to their new 12/12 regime and given this is my first indoor grow I concerned to say the least about the humidity with the lights off. After a previous outdoor experience, the mold was devasting, just seeing everything turn to dust. The garage is acting like a convection oven, as the hot air is not being vented to the outside world and only into the internal garage, the only intake into the room is a courtsey door into another room. I am loathed to start drilling ventilation holes in the garage door/wall to intake outside external air, opsec and all that, so I guess the only approach is a dehumidifer. This has been bugging me for ages and I think the answer is this: https://www.trotec24.co.uk/machines/dehumidification/ttk-70-e-dehumidifier-.html. Has anyone had a similar experience? Do you reckon this bad boy will do the job, perhaps focused on the last four weeks. I plan to have it situated next to the intake fan I intend to get.
  19. Greetings one and all. I hope this is the right forum... As this is my first ever grow I'm not doing a diary as planned in case someone comes along and tells me I'm doing it all wrong(!) so I've been reading, absorbing and obsessing about my new kids. EDIT - I've just realised that I started a diary nine months ago! I might pick it back up again... we'll see. I'm at Veg Day 21 from sprout, growing 1x Cream Caramel and 1x Blackjack (Sweet Seeds) in a Black Orchid tent that I was given along with some other bits of kit. As far as I can tell the stuff I was given isn't ideal but I'm going with it anyway because I can't afford to chuck too much money at it. Until a couple of days ago this was my set-up: 1 x 1 x 2 tent 600w MH lamp (600w magnetic ballast) running 24/0 4" Black Orchid extractor with carbon filter 10" + 4" fans for circulation 2x open vents for passive intake As my temps were running a bit too high at 29C - 32C and my humidity was too low at around 28% (a wet towel in the corner did nowt) I've forked out for a Mist Maker 3 and a dimmable ballast, so this is my set-up now: 1 x 1 x 2 tent 600w MH lamp running at 400w on 18/6 4" Black Orchid extractor with carbon filter 18" + 6" fans for circulation 2x open vents for intake I had a 4" intake fan in a circular port at the top but that hasn't done anything noticeable so it's switched off for now Mist Maker 3 in a bucket My temps are now good at 21C-28C (lights off vs lights on) and my humidity is between 55% and 80%. The Mist Maker is timed to switch off during lights off because the % rises naturally then anyway. I've read that humidity in veg should be between 40% and 70% so I have the Mist Maker on a timer at 15 mins on / 30 mins off during lights on, but during its quarter hour of activity the humidity shoots up to around the 80% mark. So here's my question: Will that 15-minute period of high 80% humidity have much of a negative impact even though the leaves aren't getting wet and circulation around the plants seems good? The plants are dancing gently and seem happy enough even though they may be a little short for their age(?) but hopefully this new set-up will see some improvements. I spotted a single droopy leaf tip on the CC earlier this morning - which has now picked up again - so I'll keep an eye on that. They were topped yesterday above the 4th or 5th nodes and I'm watering them every two-ish days with 2ml Plant Magic Grow per litre each time. As this is my first grow I don't want to complicate things with extra stuff that I don't understand yet! Until a few days ago I was adding 1-2ml of seaweed extract each time too, but my local hydro shop suggested I stop that element because it's not particularly necessary after the initial week or two. Sorry for the long post, but... thoughts? Tent... a bit cramped! Groupshot Blackjack - topped yesterday Cream Caramel - topped yesterday
  20. anybody tell me what temp and humidity should be when drying in 1.5 x 1.5 tent.extraction on,intake off,vent open.anyone??
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  24. Hi, getting good yield and effects, but simply failing to get any smell from the buds. Have grown NL, ruderalis indica, ak48 and power africa, got a strawberry blue half way in flower now and hoping to get some smell from the cured bud this time. Growing as SOG under 150w of cfl in 3gal of soil, temps between 20 and 25, humidity I can't get lower than 63% and harvesting after 20% amber trichromes, flushed 10 days or so. Drying for 4 days in 70% humidity then paper bag for a day and curing in jars. Any ideas? Cheers.
  25. Hello, This is my first proper grow, a 1 plant scrog. All was going well during veg with Temps around 24/25deg and Rh at around 60% Since starting flowering 1 week ago i have been having issues when the light is OFF, Temps are dropping to around 12/14deg and Rh at around 90%.! I do randomly get High Rh when the light is on, max 75%, This very minute while the lights are ON, the Temps is 26deg and Rh is 65%. while the light is off, ive set the extractor fan to come on every hour for 15mins but it isnt helping really, if anything its drawing in cold air which i dont want. my tent is 120x120x230, i only have an extraction fan (TT100), carbon filter, 400w light, 1x oscillating fan. and is in an out house so you could say its outside. The plant is looking healthy at the moment but i dont want things to get out of hand. what would you Herbalists suggest i do? Tube heater for light off temps? intake fan or dehumidifier for the Humidity.?