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Found 8 results

  1. Time to get this Bubba76 grow dairy going These are being grown out in soil so I can take cuttings to sex before taking more cuttings to go into the RDWC system, it’s just easier this way for me without having to setup a new hydro system for the 2x2 veg tent These popped the surface on the 14th of December and out of 10 seeds popped I snapped 4 tap roots transplanting, 3 didn’t germinate so we are left with 3 plants to work with here, last time I’ll be transplanting while baked Veg Area: 2x2 tent. 200 watt Monsterled fixture. 1 litre pots then potted up to 10 litre. Biobizz All Mix soil. Remo Nutrients. Flower Area: 4x4 tent. Migro 400 led. 75 litre rdwc system by Gorillahydronponics. Hailea 60lpm air pump. Opengrow environment controller + Tankbot for auto dosing ph. Netatmo Home Coach for monitoring co2. Remo Nutrients. So I have already had my first bit of drama with this grow, couldn’t get near the grow for a few days and when I did this is what happened 27th January I potted them up to 10 litre pots and foliar fed a mix of Remo Velokelp, Remo Grow, B52, Diamond Nectar, URB Natural. Bellow is them 1 day later. 28th January 28th January 28th January I continued with this foliar feed and they got just plain tap water when watering. The below pics were taken on Monday 4th February and they bounced back pretty good I’m messing around with little plant bends you can see in the pics just to see how they do at spreading the plants out a bit, I’ll be using these to train the clones that go into the rdwc system. Well thats it for now, @HSO-Mark I’ll be keeping this diary up to date mate unlike the last one
  2. Hello and welcome to my Humboldt Seeds tester dairy It feels great to finally get this up and running, looks like I'll be the first to kick things off. Genetics: Humboldt Seeds Platinum Yeti Sour 76 Lighting: Migro 200 for veg. Migro 600 for flower. Growing Method: Hydroponics DWC + Aeroponics 4 x 20 litre buckets + 4 inch net pots. Nutrients: General Hydroponics Flora series Additives: Diamond Nectar B52 URB Natural PK 13/14 Cal Mag Grow Room: 4x4 Homebox Evolution Tent. Cheap 4 inch inline fan + passive 4 inch intake. Hydro-X controller - Just being used to monitor temps and humidity for now. Hailea 4 outlet air pump - need the upgrade this to a larger pump. Two monkey fans. Bluelab PH pen + Bluelab EC Truncheon Cheap reverse osmosis system with 60 litre reservoir. Aeroponics System: Diy Aeroponics 6 six site system. The seeds will be taken from the wet paper towels and put into 1 inch rockwool cubes then put into this system with 3 inch net pots and clay pebbles, They will spend a few weeks in here and I will flip them in this system to determine sex before revegging and putting them into the DWC buckets And finally this is where we are at now, 3 seeds of each strain have been soaking in straight tap water not ph'd for the last 20 hours, after 24 hours in the water they will go into paper towels with just tap water I know it's total bs but I tried to sex the seeds based on characteristics, we will see how that one pans out Thanks for dropping by I'm looking forward to seeing everyone else's grow dairies and having some fun in this section. Peace out.
  3. Hi All, Here is the start of my Amherst Sour D journal from Humboldt see Org. As I said in a previous thread, the pheno I have is so tasty it will stay in my garden for a life time. Mark kindly asked me if I would do a journal on my next grow so here it is. Ok so ill list the setup and conditions and then in the next post ill throw up some pics. 2 x ASD clones taken from my fav pheno, both were takin a couple of weeks into flower and have taken sometime to re establish them selves, if this turns out to be good or bad I don't know as iv never taken cutting that's late before with this strain. 3x3 tent I might run 1 or 2 plants in a scrog, im unsure as yet. light is an Invisible Sun UK Quantum board, using Samsung LM561C 3000k diodes, in total im pulling 200w from the wall as the driver I have is the hlg 240h c2100a I will be using Soil, organic home made. If anyone saw my half finished previous run with chocolate haze then its worth noting iv fixed the soil ph issues and everything is currently on point. Anyway all being well I'll be looking at about 2-4 weeks of veg before I flip. Depending on 1 or 2 clones Any questions just ask, any input greatly appreciated. Pics soon. Just gonna sort them now.
  4. Hey guys. I'm back with another HSO diary! After loving the Sapphire OG's so much from my last run - with BOTH phenos coming out cracking, I decided they deserved the RDWC all to themselves for another run. This time they're getting the SCROG net all to themselves. I've upgraded my tent from 1.2mx1.2mx2m to 2mx2mx2m. The difference is massive. I have an 8inch vortex fan and carbon filter (variable), with a 5inch fan for the cooltubes and lots of passive intake holes. Plenty of fans for air movement and plenty of light. Thanks again to @HSO-Mark for providing me with these awesome seeds (amongst some others). Lots more diaries from me to come! Nutrients being used (at various stages). Never used PK boosters before, going to take it easy with them and introduce to my res for a week or two, from about week three post 12-12. This is the SCROG net I'll be using. The string you see on it in this picture is NOT the string on it currently. I've upgraded to some mason line. So off I was! Only problem is... when I originally took the seeds out of their lovely wooden block for my first run, I ended up mixing up the vials and not knowing which strain was which. As I had 3 seeds left of each strain, my only option really was to pop two of each, let them grow a little in the bubblers, then use my eye and experience from last grow to identify the strains and remove the Green Cracks from the system. Don't get me wrong, I loved the Green Cracks, but I loved the Sapphire OG's much more! I'd planned to transplant the GC's from the RDWC system into soil as soon as I was able to differentiate between them with certainty. Here's a photo from just after I'd transplanted the Green Cracks into soil. They're the ones sitting in the slightly larger pots on top of the buckets, far left and bottom right (not the fabric pots). They didn't like the transplant too much, and sulked around doing nothing but looking hungry for about a week or so. They soon recovered in time, with a little TLC. Thankfully they had a good head start in the RDWC, so they've ended up at least as large as the other soil plants. Here they are in larger pots, about a week before the flip... So now the Sapphire OG's have the large RDWC to themselves, they can spread their legs a bit and crack on! IIRC this photo is about a week into the flip. Flipped on 28th May. I vegged the lot under a 600W MH conversion bulb, added a second for the first week of flower, then swapped the bulbs out for 2 600W x Omega Super HPS's, and added the MH back into the centre as a third light. Here's my lighting... Did a bit of tweaking with the ducting, trying to shorten the distance that the hot air is travelling. As you can see I've swapped my MH conversions in the cooltubes for the Super HPS, and added a MH back in, onto the cheap winged reflector. Here's the current canopy....coming along nicely - although it's been hard to train this time as the shape I'm working with is coming from a line of two plants, rather than a nice sqaure of four plants. Not much more training left before they stop stretching. These aren't big stretchers at all, so I've still ended up with quite the bush rather than flat canopy. We'll get there, but I'm debating how much to strip from the underneath. I'd appreciate some advice from anyone experienced in these things. Here are my current ambient and res temps. I snapped a top branch from one of the Sapphire OG's while I was training it, so decided to see if I could save it as a cut. Three weeks later she's showing some nice roots. Thanks for stopping by, until next time! SVS
  5. Sour D CUT B

    From the album Amherst Sour D

  6. Sour D CUT A

    From the album Amherst Sour D

  7. Blue Dream

    From the album Diary Pictures

    Humboldt Seed Co. Blue Dream. Harvested at 10 weeks.