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Found 60 results

  1. Afternoon Uk420, Right then I decided to crack on, as I couldn't remember when the start date was, or if there was one,but needless to say I remembered the important part, I am in I am going to run no medium, except a root plug, I was going to rig up a bubbler but the pump sounds like an undersized person with the fastest hammer in the world, possibly even the universe,so unfortunately that is a non runner, instead I am doing something similar, only using one teeny weeny small pump,that's all I am going to say. What I will say is that I solemnly swear that no roots will be growing out of the pot.Not on my watch. I'll update every week or so with progress reports and pics of full pot, bottom and top shots and hopefully some amazing root structures. So I have a bubbas gift from Hso cheers @HSO-Mark put into soak this very day, Properly prepared pot products preform pretty pukka, peachy,Jj
  2. group@72.JPG

    From the album HSO Green Crack

  3. First off. Thanks to@HSO-Markfor sorting out the beans.... after all kinds of weird things going on during germination .....we finally have a little Bubba princess. She's gone from the jiffy into her noodle cup in a mix of 80% light mix / 20% Coco + volcanic mineral powder, and Charge for good measure. The pics will have a purple tint to them as I'm running a quantum board and a viper 450 side by side. Day 10 Day 15-20 ish. She's very slow going, but I've read that is to be expected... Very compact at the moment, runt? I don't care.... She's special! I've been training this H.S.O. Green Crack clone to create a throne for the little princess... All for now.... Good luck fellow noodlers! Zabz.
  4. firstly i will start off by thanking @HSO-Mark for the free seeds for entering this competition. thanks mate i germed the seed in a little 1" pot with seedling compost and covered it with cling film and it broke the surface within 48hrs, that was yesterday, iv started it in a little pot because i'm going to pot up into a half liter pot and once that's rooted out i'll go to the pot noodle pot, iv still not decided what pot to use yet, iv got a normal one here already but i wouldn't mind trying the kingsize pots though, it will maybe add an extra couple of grams to the final weigh in at the end with them being a little bigger. i have it sitting at the bathroom window atm but i had it in beside the flower room during lights on last night, i'll keep it in the flower tent and just keep moving it when the lights go off in the morning until i can get my new tent set up in 2 weeks time, i will update at least weekly from now on but it will probably be more than that once the baby takes off, i will finish up with a couple of pics i took earlier today, sorry about the quality, they aren't the best.....
  5. gcout.jpg

    From the album HSO Green Crack

  6. wk5.jpg

  7. greenhouse.jpg

    From the album HSO Green Crack

    Her new home
  8. wk4side.jpg

    From the album H.S.O Pot Noodle Comp 2018

    © Zabz

  9. stretching

    From the album HSO Green Crack

  10. Finally, either fashionably late or sneakily waiting to steal everyone else's ideas before I start? Actually I've been waiting for space in a flower groom but equally happy to see what else has been going on with everyone else's pots Plan changed/ evolved many times till now but I think I'm settled on; organic, no-till(meaning worms and wood louse) and some extra little helpers like water retaining crystals. This has been mixed and has been sitting/cooking for a couple of weeks. My soil is a mix of Irish moss peat, e.w.c, rice hulls, kelp meal, alfalfa meal, Epsom salts, trim from last run and some water retaining crystals Also I plan to "pot up/on" from the standard size to the king size(any objectors please speak now or forever hold your ) This extra little bit of soil will have more water retaining crystals, e.w.c and a 1/4 bio tab for when the plant is a little more able to take more food. credit to @crticalcontent for the biotab idea Will also be using/copying @leapsure skemor idea of the tights and collar to help hold it all in and with watering Already thought of the need to hang my pot and have noticed this has already been done too. All going well I'm going to veg for 1-2 weeks then pot up and flick within a few days of that. All this^^^ for a flippin pot noodle Some pics... Beans were soaked in warm water for a couple of hours to bring them up to temp from being in the fridge then popped into pre-soaked jiffy thingy's. Some of the bits and mods... some holes Hopefully back in a few days with some baby bubbas
  11. Underwk2.jpg

  12. Bubba?Wk2.jpg

  13. Peace and light to all who visit this sacred grow chamber. Thus begins my HSO diary many thanks to @HSO-Mark for sending the seeds and organizing the seeds for diary doo daa. I am a simple man with a simple grow for me and my good lady. It consists of a 250w hps in 75x75x160 budbox for late veg and flower. The seeds are started under a t5 in a 60x60x90 green cube on its side. They will start life in some house and garden light mix then into the bat special for super veg growth. They will be fed lots of PM root stim early on and no grow nutes as the bat special is good until flower. Biobizz bloom 2 weeks into flower until the end. I have some fishmix on hand too. See Simples!! heres what happened about an hour ago....... So fingers crossed for some signs of life soon i will be misting the plugs twice daily until they go into the lightmix. Take it easy folks and remember ...... smoke some grow some smoke some more!! lil d.
  14. Hey guys. I'm back with another HSO diary! After loving the Sapphire OG's so much from my last run - with BOTH phenos coming out cracking, I decided they deserved the RDWC all to themselves for another run. This time they're getting the SCROG net all to themselves. I've upgraded my tent from 1.2mx1.2mx2m to 2mx2mx2m. The difference is massive. I have an 8inch vortex fan and carbon filter (variable), with a 5inch fan for the cooltubes and lots of passive intake holes. Plenty of fans for air movement and plenty of light. Thanks again to @HSO-Mark for providing me with these awesome seeds (amongst some others). Lots more diaries from me to come! Nutrients being used (at various stages). Never used PK boosters before, going to take it easy with them and introduce to my res for a week or two, from about week three post 12-12. This is the SCROG net I'll be using. The string you see on it in this picture is NOT the string on it currently. I've upgraded to some mason line. So off I was! Only problem is... when I originally took the seeds out of their lovely wooden block for my first run, I ended up mixing up the vials and not knowing which strain was which. As I had 3 seeds left of each strain, my only option really was to pop two of each, let them grow a little in the bubblers, then use my eye and experience from last grow to identify the strains and remove the Green Cracks from the system. Don't get me wrong, I loved the Green Cracks, but I loved the Sapphire OG's much more! I'd planned to transplant the GC's from the RDWC system into soil as soon as I was able to differentiate between them with certainty. Here's a photo from just after I'd transplanted the Green Cracks into soil. They're the ones sitting in the slightly larger pots on top of the buckets, far left and bottom right (not the fabric pots). They didn't like the transplant too much, and sulked around doing nothing but looking hungry for about a week or so. They soon recovered in time, with a little TLC. Thankfully they had a good head start in the RDWC, so they've ended up at least as large as the other soil plants. Here they are in larger pots, about a week before the flip... So now the Sapphire OG's have the large RDWC to themselves, they can spread their legs a bit and crack on! IIRC this photo is about a week into the flip. Flipped on 28th May. I vegged the lot under a 600W MH conversion bulb, added a second for the first week of flower, then swapped the bulbs out for 2 600W x Omega Super HPS's, and added the MH back into the centre as a third light. Here's my lighting... Did a bit of tweaking with the ducting, trying to shorten the distance that the hot air is travelling. As you can see I've swapped my MH conversions in the cooltubes for the Super HPS, and added a MH back in, onto the cheap winged reflector. Here's the current canopy....coming along nicely - although it's been hard to train this time as the shape I'm working with is coming from a line of two plants, rather than a nice sqaure of four plants. Not much more training left before they stop stretching. These aren't big stretchers at all, so I've still ended up with quite the bush rather than flat canopy. We'll get there, but I'm debating how much to strip from the underneath. I'd appreciate some advice from anyone experienced in these things. Here are my current ambient and res temps. I snapped a top branch from one of the Sapphire OG's while I was training it, so decided to see if I could save it as a cut. Three weeks later she's showing some nice roots. Thanks for stopping by, until next time! SVS
  15. DSC-0118-1346x2393.JPG

    From the album TheMutzNutz

    Hso gren crack 28 days since flip
  16. outGC.JPG

    From the album HSO Green Crack

    What have I done!?!
  17. Poodle.jpg

    From the album H.S.O Pot Noodle Comp 2018

    The Princess out in the sunshine
  18. Hi ALL, Firstly thanks to @HSO-Mark for the seed,all arrived well, im currently popping the seeds ready for my grow, gonna nip out an get the pot noodles today and pick up some peat moss. Big shouts to Mark for this and ill be back soon with pics and updates
  19. Hi guys, my seeds have just landed today, big thank you to Mark! I really hope I can do you proud and smash out a well deserved diary for you. I am going to be germinating them Saturday and due to issues at home i.e the missus won't let me have any indoors .. They will be germing round a close friends house under T5's until mid may and will be planted out into 1 or 2 plots.. I have DinaMed CBD, Critical + 2.0 and Blue dream auto. I'm planning on popping 2-3 of each along with some other genetic's but we'll keep them separate. Also if you like Mark I can make a new topic for the blue dream's in the HSO category I just wanted to save my own confusion haha. I will update when I have germinated them and when I'm doing any prep work on the plot but for now there's not much to show as I'm being restricted to only being able to do the vegging around a friends house.. Also for the HSO pot noodle challenge that will be flowered in his setup so no worries on that one I'll keep you all posted thanks for popping in!
  20. BLACK DOG BY HSO Day 18 of flower, Pix will follow Soon.
  21. Day 45 of flower

    From the album HSO Green Crack

    HSO Green Crack @ 45 days flower. Loving her new quantum board!
  22. HSO Autos, WK1.jpg

    From the album 2018 Dinafem Outdoor Grow Diary Comp

    x1 HSO Blue Dream Auto, 10 days. x2 Dr. Greenthumb's Dedoverde Haze Auto, 8 & 4 days.
  23. A quick video shot a couple of years ago showing how our packaging is made and how your seeds will arrive from HSO The seeds are super protected in a beautiful wooden package, lazer etched/burnt with all the strain info and logos creating some of the more beautiful packaging on the market Kind regards HSO-Mark..
  24. Hey, so I posted this yesterday in the grow diaries section, totally oblivious that this section was here. My bad, sorry. anyway.... I will be doing the diary in here as its specifically for HSO seeds. 5 fem Bubba's Gift all be soaked, and planted. I did this yesterday 02/02/18 I'm just going to run them in my test tent (I do this whenever I go from seed) they are under a 600w HPS I've seen some good reports about these guys on here, and this strain in particular. hope you guys enjoy the show.