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Found 73 results

  1. Im back...... The water garden has had a facelift and is now ready welcome some new girls. I will popping using the traditional method of paper towels. I am using a RUSH system this time......I have upgraded it a little with better returns (ice line), I have two air pumps running 13 coke can air stones. (75l/m) I will have to use up the rest of my Plant Magic on this grow.....but it will be the last.....its f@ckin shite IMO So I will be only using the DWC A+B this time hydro silicon (a must) Canna PK13/14 (it seemed to be the 'cleanest' pk i could find) 1 packet of House and Garden shooting powder for the last week. I will use the root stimulations in veg in the x stream but that shite is going no where near the system as it 'furs' up my chiller. Just waiting for postman and games can begin
  2. Hi 420ers, + Welcome! First off... Thanks @HSO-Mark for the opportunity to try out these new strains. I'll be concentrating on the 2 new strains Blue Fire + OGKZ, but I also have a pack of Blue Dream + Em-dog which I may sneak in there too The plan is to get a perpetual cycle going on this year, hopefully I'll find a keeper in this lot. Kit: DP90 + 100w Qb for veg, clones, + mums DR60 + 150w Qb for flowers 6" Hyperfan extraction kit (extracts both tents) 4" intake (veg to flower) The usual heating shenanigans Growers Ark nutrients Soil supreme Final pot sizes are undecided. I have 6ltr + 9ltr Airpots ready and waiting. Due to both my tents being pretty packed at the moment I'm going to have to stagger germination. The plan is to harvest an HSO plant every month (along with some smotties for my skunky fix) Jan - Em-Dog (harvest) + Blue Fire Feb - OGKZ March - ??? etc. 1st off is a Blue Fire... I wish I had gotten a photo of the bean, It looked more like a mini chestnut than a canna seed! The rest look normal but this one stood out and my curiosity got the better of me. straight into a jiffy and she was up in a couple of days 1 week later... Today @ 15days above ground... RH is a bit low... No feed yet. She's in a 1 ltr airpot with just a ml of Maxicrop roots. I have noticed she's quite a bit lankier than anything I've grown for a while, could it be the sativa from the blue dream? I'm planning to mainline her anyway so that should put a stop to that! I'll stick to weekly updates unless there is anything to document in the mean time... Zabz
  3. Hello Uk420, As the title suggests a new Hso diary this year, starting with two of the six new strains, Sugar Breath and Ogzk. Four have been germinated too of each, at the moment I have started them off in little plastic (kids party) cups, they have some company with them in there at the moment, some Dinafem Dinamed Cbd + Remo chemo and hopefully a couple of the quick hacks I have,when/if they decide to come up, if they fail, which is looking likely I’ll fling a couple of Mango Sapphires in to make the numbers up. Heres me nibblers,first up Sugar Breath Above one of the starter leaves is kinda forked ^^^^^ see, not seen anything like that before, but I am not concerned about it at all, Now the Ogkz, I have started them off in about 50/50 mud mixed with recycled coco, the coco was treated with enzymes before hand, still a few smaller bits of old root tho, but for 69p for 10 litres you won’t catch me wasting it willingly, until the spring arrives for a restock. For feed I will be going with will be Formulex for my roots with some bone meal blood worm granules on pot up into 100%coco, from then I will use Advanced Nutrients ph perfect for coco grow, I know AN has had a fair bit of bad press over the years, but it works well I can grow pretty much all year for £50, I only use the A&B as all the additives are to expensive for me, I have grown with other nutes but I got bored quite quickly of constantly adjusting/checking, calibrating, so that’s why if you wanted to know, tho that said I am quite sure that there are nutes out there that will complement a specific grow style. Lights, will be Hlg Quantum boards,Lm561c the older ones,a variety of them, at the moment they are gonna under 100watts, which they will stay under for another week then I’ll double it and give it a little raise, as the 100 watts are around 16 inches above the nibblers. So then there I am all started, any questions or things that I have forgotten to mention you know what to do. Happy new year folks, and Take it easy.Jj
  4. Bfire@7.JPG

    From the album HSO Multistrain

  5. Bfire@15.JPG

    From the album HSO Multistrain

    2 weeks above ground
  6. emdog@50.jpg

    From the album HSO Multistrain

  7. @HSO-Mark and Hello Folks I am back again..finally and gonna give ASD a try. hopefully i will get just as lucky as with any other hso or dinafem seeds i have tried Here they are four out of four seeds sproutedup for a good start.But only two of them will stay. the cab is homemade 110cm long 55cm deep and the usable height is 130cm.should be enough for 2 plants scrog in smartpots and coco.not much space but i have to stay in stealth mode:) their diet will be strictly GhE floranova grow and bloom plus diamond nectar bit of bioroots juice and at the end liquid and dry koolbloom..last days flush with a bit of molasses and fresh water. i was eager to give one of the 6 new strains a go i just could not wait so meet the babies and pull up a chair if u r interested in some HSO Sour D grown under leds screen of green.i try to update every Sunday...take it easy
  8. chemdog4.JPG

    From the album Ugorg

    chemdog at 10 weeks
  9. chemdog3.JPG

    From the album Ugorg

    Chemdog at 10 weeks
  10. chemdog2.JPG

    From the album Ugorg

    chemdog at 8 weeks
  11. chemdog1.JPG

    From the album Ugorg

    chemdog at 8 weeks
  12. chemdog.JPG

    From the album Ugorg

    Chemdog at 8 weeks
  13. bluedream 10 in flower

    From the album BLUE DREAM HSO

    Humbolt seed orgs Blue dream in flower for 10 days veged for 3 weeks before flip turned quick with all being much of a sameness. we will see.
  14. Afternoon Uk420, Right then I decided to crack on, as I couldn't remember when the start date was, or if there was one,but needless to say I remembered the important part, I am in I am going to run no medium, except a root plug, I was going to rig up a bubbler but the pump sounds like an undersized person with the fastest hammer in the world, possibly even the universe,so unfortunately that is a non runner, instead I am doing something similar, only using one teeny weeny small pump,that's all I am going to say. What I will say is that I solemnly swear that no roots will be growing out of the pot.Not on my watch. I'll update every week or so with progress reports and pics of full pot, bottom and top shots and hopefully some amazing root structures. So I have a bubbas gift from Hso cheers @HSO-Mark put into soak this very day, Properly prepared pot products preform pretty pukka, peachy,Jj
  15. group@72.JPG

    From the album HSO Green Crack

  16. First off. Thanks to@HSO-Markfor sorting out the beans.... after all kinds of weird things going on during germination .....we finally have a little Bubba princess. She's gone from the jiffy into her noodle cup in a mix of 80% light mix / 20% Coco + volcanic mineral powder, and Charge for good measure. The pics will have a purple tint to them as I'm running a quantum board and a viper 450 side by side. Day 10 Day 15-20 ish. She's very slow going, but I've read that is to be expected... Very compact at the moment, runt? I don't care.... She's special! I've been training this H.S.O. Green Crack clone to create a throne for the little princess... All for now.... Good luck fellow noodlers! Zabz.
  17. firstly i will start off by thanking @HSO-Mark for the free seeds for entering this competition. thanks mate i germed the seed in a little 1" pot with seedling compost and covered it with cling film and it broke the surface within 48hrs, that was yesterday, iv started it in a little pot because i'm going to pot up into a half liter pot and once that's rooted out i'll go to the pot noodle pot, iv still not decided what pot to use yet, iv got a normal one here already but i wouldn't mind trying the kingsize pots though, it will maybe add an extra couple of grams to the final weigh in at the end with them being a little bigger. i have it sitting at the bathroom window atm but i had it in beside the flower room during lights on last night, i'll keep it in the flower tent and just keep moving it when the lights go off in the morning until i can get my new tent set up in 2 weeks time, i will update at least weekly from now on but it will probably be more than that once the baby takes off, i will finish up with a couple of pics i took earlier today, sorry about the quality, they aren't the best.....
  18. gcout.jpg

    From the album HSO Green Crack

  19. wk5.jpg

  20. greenhouse.jpg

    From the album HSO Green Crack

    Her new home
  21. wk4side.jpg

    From the album H.S.O Pot Noodle Comp 2018

    © Zabz

  22. stretching

    From the album HSO Green Crack

  23. Finally, either fashionably late or sneakily waiting to steal everyone else's ideas before I start? Actually I've been waiting for space in a flower groom but equally happy to see what else has been going on with everyone else's pots Plan changed/ evolved many times till now but I think I'm settled on; organic, no-till(meaning worms and wood louse) and some extra little helpers like water retaining crystals. This has been mixed and has been sitting/cooking for a couple of weeks. My soil is a mix of Irish moss peat, e.w.c, rice hulls, kelp meal, alfalfa meal, Epsom salts, trim from last run and some water retaining crystals Also I plan to "pot up/on" from the standard size to the king size(any objectors please speak now or forever hold your ) This extra little bit of soil will have more water retaining crystals, e.w.c and a 1/4 bio tab for when the plant is a little more able to take more food. credit to @crticalcontent for the biotab idea Will also be using/copying @leapsure skemor idea of the tights and collar to help hold it all in and with watering Already thought of the need to hang my pot and have noticed this has already been done too. All going well I'm going to veg for 1-2 weeks then pot up and flick within a few days of that. All this^^^ for a flippin pot noodle Some pics... Beans were soaked in warm water for a couple of hours to bring them up to temp from being in the fridge then popped into pre-soaked jiffy thingy's. Some of the bits and mods... some holes Hopefully back in a few days with some baby bubbas
  24. Underwk2.jpg