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Found 32 results

  1. First of all, big thanks to HSO Mark (sorry won't let me tag) for providing me with these awesome seeds. I've never grow anything from HSO, so I'm excited to experience their genetics. I've heard great things about the Blue Dream, but after spending some time reading up on and drooling over a few of their strains, I decided to go with these interesting sounding ladies. Arrived in the post on Wednesday. So into the rapid rooters they go! I'm going to be growing them in my 4 bucket (with 5th control) RDWC, under a dimmable 600w hps, in a 1.2mx1.2m tent, with scrog. For now they're staying in their dome in a warm cupboard until I see those first signs of life. Wish me luck guys!
  2. Welcome to my HSO seeds4diary and many thanks firstly to @HSO-Mark and HSO themselves for the chance to try some of their genetics. I've titled it Sheep DOG trials since I'll be running EWE-2 and Black DOG. As I explained to Mark I will be doing mostly a pictorial diary with the odd bit of commentary but it will (after this initial monster update) be mainly pics. Firstly the scene setting as it were; A quick run down of the environment etc so everyone knows whats what. Environment : Nursery Cupboard with 125CFL and small fan ! veg tent and 1 flower tent (1.2m*2 each) (400w MH and 400w HPS respectively) 2 x 5" RVK extraction fans (passsive intake) 1 12" floor fan 1 35" tower fan 1 x 6 litre capacity humidifier in veg tent Nursery Stats - 23 -25 c temps 50 - 60 RH (125 CFL lighting) used for slow veg Veg stats - 21 -25 c temps - 40 - 70 RH I'll be using rainwater and some Biobizz bottled Grow and Bloom but otherwise I'm trying to reduce the bottles to a bare minimum. My soil is All Mix until final pot up. I am using TNC Mycorrmax for the first time with this grow as well. I have also taken to a regime of regular foliar sprays weekly to add seaweed and clean water I am also trialling a trace micro-nutrient solution with amino acids as a once weekly foliar as they progress. Aside from that I will only be adding molasses and Aloe occasionally along with Biosys for micro herd. With the potting up regime and a good soil mix especially final pot up I am hoping to keep the NPK additions from bottles to an absolute minimum or at least that is the idea Right thats all the science mumbojumbo out of the way now on with the most intense initial update of a diary I will likely ever do.... Picture diary from seedling to 2 weeks before flipping, I'll start with the obligatory soak shot and things will develop in rapid fire style since the veg period is critical if rather uneventful. I will highlight as I go any training etc but for the most part I top and create 6 head bushes in a manifold type style. I have in fact intended to do that very thing with these 2 girls. So for your viewing pleasure (soundtrack not supplied) the HSO Sheep DOG trials are underway! Space and time issues combined with my need to identify some strains for my daughter means I could only run 1 of each but that should not detract from the fun . As you can see we are off to a great start with both up and loving life inside 5 days! moving on to the first pot up which took place at day 17... EWE-2 is off to a flier and I thought Black DOG would be the faster developing but, that is not the case straight out of the shell. As you can see BD is a little behind her neighbour but there is always time for that to change... Now on to the following week... So, first topping for both and they are very similar in structure thus far and they are loving the Aloe feed too EWE-2 (above) is a real beauty and BD is too to be fair... Its all a bit sever at first but I need the extra veg time and I want them to have some nice airy space to develop. Now on to the next week..... Black DOG loved the topping and is really having some spurt... I could not be happier with how well they have taken to their training ... next week up... Well I was a little early with this pic update but I thought what the hell Well, That brings us up to nearly the end of November and I will be updating from here to current day this coming week. The flip is planned for just around Xmas so I'll do 1 more BIG update before the holidays then back after New Year for hopefully a very frosty finish. To anyone that made it this far and is still awake I suggest a big fat one cos that's what I'm going to do now Peace All Breezus
  3. Okay so its been a LONg time since I've posted online so just want to say hello to everyone old and new. People from long ago might remember some of my grow diaries and stuff so hopefully I'll be able to keep the same sort of format and provide some useful info along the way. I've chosen Desert Diesel as the one I'd like to grow the most and popped the beans this afternoon. Also got LOADS of other grows and tests going on at the moment so I'l grab some pics of some of the plants I have flowering and other bits and bobs a bit later. So anyways, *Rambling old git The beans went into pre-soaked Root Riot Cubes (cubes soaked in weak rooting stim solution) - I usually have about 80-100% rate with germination and this method. From there the cubes went into a small take away tub with some vermiculite soaked to field capacity (when you squeeze it no more water squeezes out. It just helps to raise the humidity in the first few days of sprouting. From there. They go into a reptile egg incubator. The thing keeps a constant temperature inside and also maintains a very high humidity level. Also gets used for snake eggs funnily enough. Hope no one is scared of snakes So I guess there they'll sit till they hatch and once they do they'll get some nice lumens where they'll start to do their thing. Anyways. Loads to do as its the weekend. Take it Easy,
  4. HSO Black D.O.G @ The House of Freax I thought it fitting to start this diary with one of my alltime favourite tunes, Black Dog by the mighty Led Zeppelin. So ive just popped 3 BDOG beans into some Root Riot cubes First up is a huge thank you to @HSO-Mark and all the guys at the office who made this grow possible by supplying me with some very nicely packaged HSO beans. So i decided to get these in now ready to take the place of my Dinafem girls that are in the tent at the moment. I moistened the top of the cubes with a small drizzle of warm water and shook off the excess before putting the seeds into the cubes. As soon as they show themselves they will be put into the Aerogarden for a few days to help bring on the roots before i put them into 4 inch cubes ready to be put onto the NFT tray when they have developed enough of a root system to get them started properly. Ill be using Ionic nutes and additives throughout the grow as usual. Just gotta wait till they pop their heads up now and then i can carry on with this diary. Cheers for looking in. To be continued.......... Freax
  5. Peace and light to all who visit this sacred grow chamber. Thus begins my HSO diary many thanks to @HSO-Mark for sending the seeds and organizing the seeds for diary doo daa. I am a simple man with a simple grow for me and my good lady. It consists of a 250w hps in 75x75x160 budbox for late veg and flower. The seeds are started under a t5 in a 60x60x90 green cube on its side. They will start life in some house and garden light mix then into the bat special for super veg growth. They will be fed lots of PM root stim early on and no grow nutes as the bat special is good until flower. Biobizz bloom 2 weeks into flower until the end. I have some fishmix on hand too. See Simples!! heres what happened about an hour ago....... So fingers crossed for some signs of life soon i will be misting the plugs twice daily until they go into the lightmix. Take it easy folks and remember ...... smoke some grow some smoke some more!! lil d.
  6. Ewe2flipday(1).JPG

    From the album HSO

    © Breezus 2018

  7. BDpotupfinal(1).JPG

    From the album HSO

    © Breezus 2017

  8. HSOStart(1).JPG

    From the album HSO

    © Breezus 2017

  9. HSO Blueberry Headband Diary :- Just a small diary documenting my HSO Blueberry Headband plant. Details :- Grown from seed planted on 9th August Medium - Biobizz Allmix, with some added wormcasts and a little Bat Guano Light - Is a Viparspectra 450 LED (Using this for the first time, so kinda of a light experiment also. Usually using a 250 Hps) Feed - Will be Atami Bcuzz, once needed. Should be good for a while though in the Allmix, Wormcast, Bat shit mix. Seems pretty vigorous plant so far. Maybe a little sensitive to either the light or the soil, as it got a tiny bit of tip burn on 2 of the leaves. Other than that looking pretty good!
  10. A quick video shot a couple of years ago showing how our packaging is made and how your seeds will arrive from HSO The seeds are super protected in a beautiful wooden package, lazer etched/burnt with all the strain info and logos creating some of the more beautiful packaging on the market Kind regards HSO-Mark..
  11. DSC-0118-1346x2393.JPG

    From the album TheMutzNutz

    Hso gren crack 28 days since flip
  12. hso1

    From the album HSO grow diary

  13. Humbolt seeds Lemon garlic og

    From the album BUDS HASH ROSIN and STRAINS

    Small lemon garlic og plant soil grown what a smell very earthy og gas with a hit of garlic definitely a carbon filter needed
  14. Amherst Sour Diesel

    From the album Amherst Sour Diesel

    From the Humboldt Seed Organisation. Day 57 of 72 . . .
  15. Blue Dream, 70 Days Flwr

    From the album Quick Groom

  16. Blue Dream, 63 Days Flwr

    From the album Quick Groom