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Found 68 results

  1. Yo first time poster here, got a quick question, in a 1.2x1.2x2m tent with 4 fairly large vegging plants that have just been switched to flower, is my current setup of a 600w HPS and 1200w (cheapish) LED each taking half the space overkill? Got them on rotation where they're swapped every feed, was told the 600w wouldn't be enough on it's own so got the LED to replace but worried about temps as it gets quite cool lights off, cheers in advance.
  2. Hey guys .. I up this thread where all of us can share our grow pics, Only Seedsman strains please Thanks & enjoy!! Testing new gear.. sorry I cant talk about this awesome genetic.. sonn
  3. Afternoon all Just after some information regarding the secret Jardin daisy parabolic shades, I’m currently using a adjustawing in my 1x1x2 budbox pro but thought I would upgrade everything to make environment as best a possible. Ive seen they do three sizes 60cm,80cm,100cm all from what I can see will take a 600watt bulb. I’m guessing the 100cm will be to big for my space with the negotiable pressure so have written that off. I don’t want to waste money in the 60cm if the 80cm will be much better for my space. Does anyone run these shades in my size tent? Would appreciate any information in people’s experiences. Thanks in advance.
  4. High all, here we go then make ya self comfy. A massive thank you to @HSO-Mark for these seeds. Looking forward to watching everyone else's diaries develop too. Gonna be a bit (or alot) of California Sunshine in the UK for the late winter blues I had 5 Lemon Thai Kush and 5 Chemdawg feminised seeds arrive, and they were put pretty much straight into compost... Chemdawg Lemon Thai Kush all the LTK popped up, and 3 of the Chemdawg's did too. Happy with that. I had a spare 1.2m roof qube empty (been waiting years to say that!!), so they're already out of my little veg cab, in the tent under 600w of hps. They look happy, and are growing quickly now they're in the big tent with lots of space, airflow and light. Just given water uptill yesterday. I thought i'd try some root stim. Went with biobizz as i'm using thier grow and bloom. Didn't clock that it's fecking £40 till after i bought it it better be good!! Just tweaked my set-up a bit, and i'm extracting both tents straight outside now, instead of 'vaguely poiting towards a window' and it feels much better all round. Not sure how i'm going to play this grow yet. My self imposed constraint is that i would like to try and get both tents in sync, harvesting one every 5/6 weeks. For that to happen, i would need to flip this tent to 12/12 in about 4 weeks. I have various cuttings from my previous and current grow i can add to or replace with. For now i'm thinking to add 4 plants from my cut's. That should work out about right, aiming for twelve plants in 7.5 ltr pots Also hoping to get the same seeds but in regular versions and get hacking, but for now, i'll focus on these. Nice one, Tigs
  5. Good Morning all, I want to replace my current 80cm Parabolic using a 400w HPS which is many years old for a different type of reflector mainly to gain a little more headroom in my DR90 Secret Jardin tent so looking for maybe something a little smaller? I was thiinking of the Supernova, is this any good? Any others using a 400w hps with a recommended reflector would be great to hear from. All the best. And no i don't want a Euro reflector e2a : just to add that to remember my tent is only 90cm x 90cm x 180cm so i don't need a wide angle reflector, just one that directs the light straight down.
  6. Hi guys, finally got around to getting a small tent for my 2 somango xl's. They're currently under a little 10/15w ikea led, which in fairness has worked wonders for them up to this point. But the time has come for an upgrade and I need them to start putting on size in veg now if I want smoke by christmas. They've also just been transplanted to 6.5 litre pots, will likely repot before flower to something bigger (maybe 15l+? depending what fits). Hoping to pull 7 oz's at least between the two plants. Have explored options with LED, liking the minimal heat and low energy costs. Would like something at least 200 actual watts, would an led of this power achieve the 7oz goal? Also open the hps/cmh, just not sure which ones are a good safe brand, a lot of shite online. Would appreciate some real world recommendations from you guys!
  7. I'd just like to know from anyone with the LED knowhow what would i need to buy to get the equivalent yieldwise roughly as from a 400w hps or even the 315w cmh system? I really like the idea of going all LED in the very near future as i've heard they give off much less heat, i realise they are no cheaper to run but thats not my concern, i'd just like an led panel that gives me yieldwise what the hps can do if thats possible? I also know decent boards are expensive but it would be a dream never to have to deal with heat issues as we do now with cmh or hps in this current weather. So my questions are > What do you recommend for my 3ft x 3ft x 7ft room which i currently run a single 315w cmh, previously a 400w hps for many years. Whats the cost? Would it really run much cooler than a 400w hps or cmh? Anyone who used to run either of these lighting setups and switched to LED would be great. One last thing, i'm not bothered about vegging with LED but would like to go through the full flowering stage only using led.
  8. Hello y’all. So I’m starting my first grow on a 2.5x2.5x5 tent and I still couldn’t decide which light to choose, online is just so much information it makes it hard to just choose one. Looking to buy a full lighting system for less then 200£ that will give me killer buds in this small space. It doesn't need to be led necessarily but since I live in a shared house I think it would be more cost effective. Open to any suggestions; my goal is to get some killer frosty buds to myself without going bankrupt. Thank you in advance everyone
  9. Hi all Does anybody know the answer to the question in the title? Reason im asking as I am in week 4 flower, starting week 5 tomorrow and I feel the plants are coming on very slowly, and my Swiss skunk is supposed to be renowned to be a fast finisher, well I can tell you now it isnt. So I can only think 600w is not enough for the size of my room. It is hung vertically inside a 1m parabolic. My room is 2.3m wall to wall wide (7.5ft) by 2m long from wall to door. But the plants dont come that far forward, when they were vegging and small I could keep all plants in a 4ft sq space but as they will out they are literally filling the while 2.3m width now. But I don't think the flower production is that fast at all, do I need to upgrade to 1000w to kick out the most of that space? Parabolic is hung around 1.7m tall The only other thing I can think of is it sleeping temps are high because of being in a loft. Lights come on at night and off during day, now I can see why that would cause stretch and stress but I dont see that in the plants. If you would like to see I have a diary (link in sig) this is not an advertisement but if I might need to upgrade my lights then today is the best day to do so as I am busy rest of week so it all depends what you guys think. MMT
  10. thumbnail-IMG-0931.jpg

    From the album Slipperyjim82

    Going to start updating this gallery from now on.. this is Humboldtseeds new strain - OGKZ (OGKB x Zkittlez) Smells coming from the tent are insane..
  11. hello all, I'm on a £60 budget for a light and I've narrowed the choices down to these 2, 150w HPS or the Ebay LED what would be my best option for 2 plants in a 60cm x 60cm space?
  12. Please move if posted in wrong place Hi everyone. Been reading on here for a while found a lot of helpful information that’s helped me with my first few attempts. Long story short I started growing to help my mum who had terminal cancer with pain relief, fast forward 18 months and I’m now on my 4th grow. I’m struggling to achieve gpw and think this is down to my environment. I have a 1.2m bloomroom loft tent. I have a 6 inch outtake with a rhino filter. Currently using passive intake with a bit of ducting from room below. Running a 600w hps with dimmable omega ballast. X2 oscillating fans, humidifier for veg. 700w oil filled rad for lights off. My fan is a rhino thermostatic but I don’t think the temp control is very reliable. I’ve been using 11l pots with pure canna coco. Using canna range a and b, rhiz, cannazym, boost and pk. Swapped pk for bloombastic on current grow as advised by someone better than me lol. Watering every 2 days up to 2.5L in flower! Don’t seem to be getting the growth I would like in veg and seems to take forever for them to gain size! Now for the questions please! Do I need an intake fan? If so what size? Recommendations on fan controllers for intake outake and heater? Or easiest way to control them all? Would I be better doing 9x6.5l? Less veg time? If so would I put them straight under hps from cutting? A lot more info to share with you guys if you need any to help me! Sorry to ask so many questions on my first post! Thanks in advance
  13. Hi All Im going to upgrade my setup after this crop (my 3rd so far only so i'm still pretty new to it all) currently have a 2.4 x 1.2 x 1.8 tent and i started out with 3 x 600w viparspectra lights. last two yields were only 15oz from 3 plants, and 18oz from the 2nd yield, 3rd one is 2 weeks to go after taking in lots of advice, it seems that those lights just dont output the kind of power needed for decent yields and for this latest crop i have borrowed 2 complete 600w HPS lights with normal parabolic reflectors, and new bulbs (omega dual spectrum, and Lumii Black ballasts). i have retained the middle LED for a side by side comparison.. so far the two plants under HPS are producing much larger and fatter colas so i'm sold on HPS and dumping the LED's. a little about my current setup: 2.4x1.2x 1.8 tent 2 x HPS Lumii ballasts and omega dual spectrum lamps 600w, 1 viparspectra reflector 600w led alien easyfeed system, 30l pots 60/40 coco 24 hour feed schedule rhino 5" 360cm3 fan, carbon filter into rhino silent theromstatic fan controller passive intake using 2 x 8" duct s bends for light baffle feeding canna nutes 1400 oil filled rad for night with inkbird controller plants are 2 x Kritical Bilbao, and 1 Incredible bulk Im growing in my cellar, which helps to regulate the ambient air, its about 15C in winter and 18-19 in summer my next upgrade will be to a 3m x 1.5m x 1.8m tent which will need extraction upgrade im thinking of an RVK L1 6" fan and mountain air or similar filter. i think that gets me up to 60 x air extract per hour even with filter and ducting my real question is how many lights for that size space? i intend to start growing 4 plants. my concern is with heat, and getting rid of it.. and the next question is cool tubes.. do i or don't I some people love them, some hate them. Im having a bit of success at the moment using a dump fan to duct cool air towards the HPS lights, but I hav'nt used this setup in summer yet thanks for takking the time to read and reply
  14. Wide shot of 3 strains

    From the album Collection of old and new photos

    In shot from left to right are Black DOG, Grape Stomper, Critical + & Black DOG again
  15. I've been using the Lumii black ballasts electronic ballasts for a while now with 250w and 400w bulbs and they've never let me down. However, I'm a little intrigued by the 'super lumen' setting above the 600w level. From what I can find on the web, this increases the power delivered to the bulb by 10% (660W) which results in a 5-10% increase in output. A 600w bulb should produce 90000 lumens at rated power but could possibly produce a little over 96000 lumens assuming an increase of 7%. This would be suitable for a 1.2m grow space assuming a minimum requirement of 60000 lumens per meter squared for flower. Does anyone have any info/experience on this?
  16. Hi there, new to this forum so your help would be really appreciated! I have a 1.2x1.2x1.9 grow room that I have built, it took me some time and built it to perfection. I have 4 cuttings that I have planted in 3.8l fabric pots, gelato strain. They are on the cuttings and seedlings section on my grow chart, using mainly samurai nutrients. Finally got the temp right, about 21.5 lights off, 25 lights on. Temp has previously got pretty high due to working out the right timer settings on radiator, intake etc. I have noticed that my leaves have started to very slightly turn yellow on the ends, and have started to curl downwards - can anyone advise their experience on overcoming this? I am going to leave them for two days without feed as I believe it may be possibly an overfeed of nutrients or something, then next feed just give water to flush anything out. Does this seem the best course of action? Many thanks in advance!
  17. Hi all, just wondering what your thoughts are on this setup, I’m planning on 4 plants scrogged, each one under a 250w hps in a 1m parabolic reflector, reckon it would be enough light? Some of you may have seen the test plant I’ve got in at the moment, it’s a little purple bud auto and I’m playing about with lighting really just to test it out, can’t make my mind up about the lighting though, I know I could get away with 4x 600w hps but it’s in a loft and I don’t want it to get too hot up there, cheers and happy Toking, RGB
  18. Just wondering if I need a contactor or relay for my single HPS light fixture - I've been using a Lumii Heavy-Duty 24hr analog timer all these years, and it's supposed to be fine without a contactor as long as it's a single light and no more powerful than 600w. Mine's 400w. So, do I need a relay or contactor? And if so, which one's are good in the UK? Just saw the thread about lights killing timer switches and started reading......all the talk of house fires got my frickin' attention! So, wanna know the deal to be safe. Gonna get some fire extinguisher, as that's not something I ever thought about before, but you never know. Lot of wood in my place. And, btw, what's the difference between a contactor and a relay, in layman's terms?
  19. Hiya guys been so long since ive been on here cant even remmber my account, so I had to make a new one. Well Its that time again, going to be doing a new room up. This aint my first rodeo, however Im a bit out of the loop on the modern trends of lighting. Ive been using hps lights for many moons, but years ago I heard many great things about LED and plasma lighting, well years have past and I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with either of them, or if they can tell me if there still more smoke and mirrors than results? Tried looking on youtube but I dont trust most of them, as there selling the lights and could be swapping out the hps for LEDs once the cameras are rolling for all I know. The price of the LED's is the main issue, it varies from not alot of money to holy fuck thats alot of money for a light. I dont mind spending a couple notes on a light to gamble and see what happens, but not a bag of sand. I dont mind spending on a decent LED light if its going to work aswell as a hps does and has lower running temps, but it must be able to yield the same as what HPS does otherwise whats the point? To boil it down to the point, anyone have any experience with a LED light thats onpar with a 600watt hps light yeild wise that dosnt cost near a thousand pounds. Realisticly I wouldnt be able to justify spending more than 5-6 notes on a light unless it can piss over the 600w hps.
  20. Best lights for PG90 tent?
  21. Hi all new to forum , needing some help i am growing gsc autos and having issue i have successfully gemrinated my seeds but when i put them into the 10ltr pots most of them have struggled or died off. I have a 1800 w cob led from china and also a 600 w hps/mh lamp. I have tried using jiffy pellets but the seeds i tried just grew long and whispy and when potted up into the 10ltr and put under the led they died 2 have took. One seems to be starting to sprout its second set of leaves and the other has its first set but one leaf looks damaged. I am basically looking for a helping hand. Am i going under light to early i have my light quite high so to its not to intense for the seedlings. I am growing in all mix bio bizz soil and have purchased bio grow bloom and topmax thanks
  22. Hi all I am looking to purchase a cheap LED for a tiny veg cab with limited height, around 90cm, its a small room and I currently have a 125w CFL in it. Enrionment is okay but I want higher wattage to cover 9 young plants and be able to raise my light up somewhat. I also know the LED will create some nice bushiness having used a bigger one before, and then I can really pump them in flower under a 600w digi hps in a parabolic. Thing is, being a Yorkshireman I am a tight arse, but I also know I do not need the advanced platinum sun shines out of the crystal backside of my creation series of light, just something with a max draw power of 300w from my socket, something equivalent to 300-450w of MH or HPS light. My imaginary budget is between £40-65. Can it be done? I know the tech is getting better all the time, and prices are coming down as more competitors come on the scene. Does anybody have a joyful story to tell of getting a bargain LED that literally just needs to 'do the job' nothing extra special. Ive considered HPS but even a smaller one will run too hot in there, and because of the space of the loft, flower room and veg cab do not want nor need to take on another ballast if I can avoid. Would ideally like to acheive 30w per plant so 9 x 30w somewhere around 300w of true wattage, but no more from its draw. I have done lots of searching myself, so just wondered if anybody else knows anything.
  23. Hi all, My HPS 600 watt bulb is blinking, but not turning on. I do one small grow with it, per year, as I am a light user. I think I've had it 3 or 4 years, and its only on for 4 or 5 months a year. 24/7 for vegging, 12/12 for flowering. Is it possible the bulb has just reached the end of its lifespan? I am hoping thats all it is, and not the ballast. It was working fine at the end of last years grow. Moved my young plants into the grow room today and it wouldn't start up. It's just stuck on blinking. Anyway, ordered a new Omega dual spectrum 600watt bulb that should be here by Wednesday. Hope that does the trick! Cheers.
  24. Been a while thought i should do a diary.. No pics from veg as i had to move them twice due to inspections etc.. They vegged under 2 x 75w Hs1 led by grownorthern in a .5m x 1m lighthouse tent. They in canna coco and feg GHE Flora Nova Grow @ EC 1.5 . Ph 6.0 ..They have been back in the flower cupboard since Thurs night so been on 12/12 since then so now i up to EC 1.6 ph 6.0 .. I have 2 x Sweet Cheese,, 2 x Pscicodelicia and 2 x San fern lemon kush ... They got germed irc last week of aug, not sure as had lots going on at the time... Plant 1 Sweet Cheese .. Plant 2 Sweet Cheese .. Pscicodelicia plant 1 .. Pscicodelicia Plant 2 .. San Fernando Lemon Kush Plant 1 .. San Fernando Lemon Kush Plant 2 . .. Lit canopy before re shuffle . 150w hans and 250w hps How it is now ... That it for now till next time take it easy ...
  25. Welcome to my new diary ! I shall be trying out a long slow grow with organic ingredients. All my Sweet Seeds ladies are clones from my competition run, I have just popped 5 Ugorg Blues and they are also in the tent but I shall not be concentrating on them in this diary, they will be in the background The soil I have to hand is clover, I'm not sure this is 100% organic but thats what they have all started in for the moment. I am getting a couple of bags of biobizz all mix for the next potting up in a week or two. I am mixing in Guanokalong powdered batpoo, a bit of volcanic rock dust, some additional Mycorrhizal Fungi, a generous serving of ecothrive charge, and finally some additional plagron worm humus. For additional fertilisers I shall be using Canna Rhizotonic (yup it's organic), BioBizz Fish Mix and Biobizz Bloom. I dont think there will be a need for grow, we will see. There are two Jack47's which came from a very healthy branch and big sticks of bud making mother, the mother was small but did really well so I am in the process of lots of LST and topping. They both have about 16-20 main branches on the grow - I intend to have to Jack47 trees, they may get topped once more yet. The plants are enjoying being manipulated, they are thriving as you will see below. The Sweet Cheese and Sweet Skunk clones I have one of each, they are survivors from their wicks not sucking up water whilst I was away on vacation. They will catch up with the jacks, but for now they just have 4 -6 growing tops happening. There are 5 x Urgorg Blues babies I have just moved into the tent also. If I can get the work done on my new shed everything will be transferred to there giving me much more space to grow. Thats the plan ! Heres a couple of pictures for now A closer look at Jack47