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Found 82 results

  1. Hello growers! So after a few weeks of research and slowly getting all my grow bits i started my first ever grow, i was doing a diary in another area but have a lot of questions as i go and see people get a lot of help here in the autoflower section so im going to continue it here. Here is my setup: 80x80x160 tent 250w dual spectrum HPS lamp Fox 6inch extraction kit with sound muffling ducting & carbon filter 2x desk fans for circulcation 2x termostates with HR ( different makes ) 2x 5gal fabric pots Lumelite heavy duty 600w timer Biobizz root juice Biobizz grow Biobizz bloom Plant magic plus supreme soil Yesterday was day 20 and it seems the auto amnesia has started to enter her preflower? Start of flower? Noticing a few pistils forming, pot felt light again so watered 2L of 24hr sat tap water with 2ml of Biobizz grow and 2ml of biobizz Bloom. Shes bushed our nicely and my LST has seemed to have worked, ive pulled down the main stem again to even canopy more however am concerned that i should stop LST now that pistils are growing and let heads stretch, would this be a good choice? As for the auto white widow yesterday was day 15 and shes starting to grow quicker, have been tucking leaves and done sone LST to open up those lower branchs to some light, her pot is still heavy from last water where she had 2L tap water with 8ml of biobizz rootjuice and 2ml of a generic calmag
  2. Hello you lovely bunch! This is my 2nd run of the cookies!! I'm sure most of you have seen my previous diary "fresh batch of cookies" I've been away from the dinafem section for about 4 months running some stardawg cuttings, just couldn't wait to get some more dinafem girls back in the room tho Popped the 8 ogc in a glass of water, 2 blueberry cookies and a wedding cake og I found in my fridge just incase germination rate doesn't give me the 8 keepers I desire.. Although I've had nothing but 100% germ with dinafem Got my veg cab up and running, tested everything over night, got the 2ft tube heater on 24 hours atm as it's a little chilly but I'm going to add another tube heater just to boost the night time temps a little so I don't drop below 20. Little run down of my veg cab, its a 90x90x60 budlite and only cost me about 40 quid, I use a double 2ft t5 veg light, couple tube heaters, little clip fan which has last me tbf, I'll be germinating then potting into 1.5litre Square pots with pure coco feeding plant start and a little root stim for the 1st few weeks then introduce A&B, silicon, root stim through veg. Main room is 2.1m height, 2.4m long and 1.6m wide I run 3 x 600w hps light at the moment, 8 pot xxl Wilma system and this run I'll be using 12litre fabric pots again as I had a great experience this run with them. I'll be using 2 inch coco balls bottom of the pot and fill the rest with 100% canna coco (I usually use the stuff with 2% charge but wanted a change) 8 inch extraction fan, 6 inch intake, oil rad box for light out temps and I'll be using a 1.5m tube heater in middle of pots too. 2 osc 16" fans ermm think that's it If I can I'll be running 8 ogc but I will see, plenty of seats for this grow.. Take one and enjoy Just this second out the seeds to soak in 18C water for around 16 hours , so tomorrow I'll be transplanting to jiffys.
  3. Hi, so ive done a lot of reading about 250w hps height and i have got multiple sources saying 2 - 3foot from canopy and the same amount saying 8 - 12 inchs from canopy.. This is the only bit of information i can not find any reason to either of the advised heights, can anyone please shed some light on this?
  4. Hi all, Please bear with me as I want to pick your juicy brain. ALOT. I'm a first time grower and was hoping to pick your brains. ( I've posted already but since reconsidered my set up ) If I show you my shopping list please can let me know your thoughts. Whether it's something I've missed or dont have enough of, please let me know. 5 plant scrog grow. 1x tent ( 1.5 x 1.5 x 1.8 ) 1x 8 inch fan / carbon filter kit 1 x 600w light HPS (would I need 2) 1x ph tester 1x ec meter Coco nutriants A + B Perlite 1x 20 Litre Cana coco 2x 50 Litre 12 Litre fabric pots x 5 Bruce banner seeds x 5 Twin pack Rope ratchet x2 2x mini usb desk fans 5 pack of syringe Thermostat/humidity stat Timer plug Scrog net Ph up/down So I'm thinking of growing/scroging 5 plants. I hear bruce banners are good for scrogging. Let me know your thoughts/experiences. If you wouldnt mind answering a few questions also? It would be appreciated. 1. Lighting - 1x 600w hps sufficient for 5 scrog plants. To handle the limited light I was going to use the middle of the net so there is 5 plants in an X shape. So there lights have less of a canopy to light. 2. Lighting - If the answer is no and I would need two lights. Can you reduce the size of the pots or would you have to do less plants. Or is the answer simply a smaller tent. (I wanted a larger tent so I can increase number of plants I grow once I become competent) 3. Seedling - how much light do you give seedlings? I plan on using the paper towel method to germinate and was thinking of putting them straight into the 12 litre pots once the seeds are ready. Would you go to a smaller pot and then into the 12 litre? 4. Veg - How long would you veg for based on my plan? Time is no issue, I'd rather a better yield. 4. Scrog net - how high would position the net from the plant? 5. Light height - how high above the net would position the light? Growing bruce banner and I have 1.8 in height. Training plans Please let me know if I'm missing a step or going wrong. I was planning on topping them two or three times early in the veg stage. Whilst regularly trimming the bottom of the plant to increase the energy going to the top of the plant. Once they have grown about 6 inches above the scrog net, start to train them to grow out instead of up. I'm unsure on how long to veg them - any advice? And once I switch to the flowering stage I will add an additional net to support tops of the plant as they grow up. Do I need to do any trimming once I switch to flowering? Thank in advance for you help and please ask me anything you might need to know in order to help. Major flop.
  5. Hi all, First time grower and wanted to prick your brains! So I'll tell you my plans and if you can point in the right direction that would be great. So my set up is going to be in my concrete garage. It's going to be a diy set up made from a wooden frame and sheets of mdf. I was thinking of lining it with mylar. Size - height 1.7m, width 1.8m, depth 1.3m Lighting - From what I've read, the amount you yeild depends on what wattage lights you have. I read its 1 gram per watt. But there are other factors I believe. I was hoping to grow 6 beasty plants (scrog) under 2 600w hps lights. So if I've got 1200 watts (assuming the space is sufficient) over 6 plants that would be 200 grams per plant. 200 grams is 7 oz. I imagine this would be very optimistic so could I guess a conservative 5 oz per plant? I was thinking 6x 15Ltre pots. Is 1200 watts over 6 plants in a box that size ok? I'm also thinking of using coco? Not soil. And I'm not thinking if growing autos. Or are there too many benefits of autos to ignore. It's purely personal use so time is no issue. I'd rather wait and have a long veg time to increase yeild. As it's my first time I like the idea of a scrog grow as I dont fancy doing anything with too much room for error. What seeds do you reccomend? I'm up for trying anything. Would a carbon filter, around £100 be sufficient to get rid if the smell completely? This is my current shopping list 1x box (L=1.8m W1.3m H=1.7) Carbon filter/fan/ducting (4 inch) (£100) 2x clip fans (£20 each) 2x 600watt HPS lights (£70 each) Thero/humidity stat. 6x 15 litre pots 2x bags 50 litre Coco Do I need anything else. How long would you recommend for veg time? With the scrogg net, can you grow plants bigger and place the net higher up depending on how big they grow or is there a set height to grow before spreading the plant over the net? Thank I'm advance and sorry for.all the questions
  6. Hello! I have a newbie question, which I am struggling to find a straight answer for on the Inter-web as there are so many variations! It is about lights and the correct height/wattage. Here's my lighting set up (18/6 cycle): LUMii Black 600w Dual Spectrum HPS Lamp LUMii Black 600w Dimmable Digital Ballast Adjust-A-Wings Enforcer Reflector The plants are still seedlings, so what height should I have the lights at and what is the correct wattage, 250w, 400w or 600w? The plants have only been under lights for a couple of days and I currently have the light at 400w at about 10" from plant tops, which they seem to be fine with but is this optimal/correct? Thanks for any help or suggestions. All the best, iamnormal
  7. Hey guys .. I up this thread where all of us can share our grow pics, Only Seedsman strains please Thanks & enjoy!! Testing new gear.. sorry I cant talk about this awesome genetic.. sonn
  8. Hi guys, Firstly glad to join your community , thanks for having me I've heard good things. I have just started my first grow and thought I'd start a thread to share my experience. . . . and maybe ask for some guidance if that's ok? My setup is a 1.2mx1.2m and 2m tall budbox, RVK Extractor with PK Carbon filter (filter not attatched yet) .At the moment just a desk top fan pumping air into a bottom vent flap ( room well ventilated) I have an adjustable digital ballast with a 600w dual spectrum bulb for both veg and flower. I am growing in a 70/30 Coco/perlite mix, with Vitalink Coir Max nutrients. A RAM air humidifier with Therm and hygrometer. currently at 25°c in day and 19°c at night , lights on 18/6 with RH at around 65%. I will be managing PH levels , if I need to start taking a PPM count I will, but hoping to just have good control over my climate and nutrients and read my plant well to spot deficiancies and toxicities. I have already planted 2 kush seeds from a smoke I had a while back, just to play around (I'll be keeping an eye as I have zero idea if they are male or female). I have also just germinated and sprouted successfully 1 Cherry Bomb and 1 Atomic Bomb from bombseeds, both feminized. These were planted roughly 10 days apart, I'm hoping to spot any signs of the Kush being male before it becomes a problem , ( a few weeks away I know but any advice on that appreciated). I have not yet fed anything other than 1Ml/l of Plant start and a very small (1ml/l) dosage of root stim. I will slowly up this and introduce 2 part nutrients after first transplant. Curious as the what level a freshly sprouted seedling can handle under HPS. I have it on an adjustable ballast, 250 , 400, 600 and 650. I have the light currently held at about 140 cm or 55 inches. Seedlings can tend to reach for the light if they are not receiving enough. Shall I leave my light at 250W or move up to 400? Thanks! JPC420 I will post photos when I find out how to looool
  9. hey i just want some info on using the canna range terra vega and terra flores ill be growing 3x gorrila glue auto by seedsman and 3x lsd 25 by seedsman in a 120cm x 120cm x 200 with a 600 w dimmer set to 250w and moved up as growth grows i be germinating the seeds straight into there pots 3 will be in fabric and 3 will be in plastic 10lt the medium im using is canna terra pro..not the plus as i hear it too hot for seedlings should i ph using canna? also ive got some plant magic bio sillicon and plant magic mage cal will they be okay using with the terra range i live in a area with very soft water so i feel the cal mag is needed ive also got bio bizz top max biobizz alg a mic and their grow and bloom aswell as some root juice are these okay to use with the terra range im really unsure any help its much appreciated thanks regards buddahbuds
  10. Alright there mate, seen some of the produce made from your lights being used.. The good people here swear by your products. I follow alot of exhale, smokebelchs and a few others grows alot. Few questions to ask but I'll start with the main one you probably get alot of.. I've got a 2.5m long x 1.5m width room I use to grow in with 3 hps 600w lights. I'm wanting to swap one of the hps lights in my room, ideally the one at the back of the room that diagonal on this picture. And this picture here below is the other side of my room, where the door is. just so you got a rough idea of the Shape of my room That's specific light I'm thinking of swapping sort of covers half of my Wilma tray so I think it would be most effective there. Would you recommend the 550w scope v2 or a 440w maybe? to substitute the 600w hps? I'm new to the whole led scene. You tell me buddy. Thanks for your time and I hope this corona bollox hasn't effective business too much.
  11. Hey guys, I've just started my first grow around 2 weeks ago. My lighting setup was : Lumii 600w Dual Spec HPS with Lumii 600w Dimmable ballast and reflector. Yesterday an engineer from my Tv and internet company called and was checking the wires, he then knocked on my door and said there is a massive interference coming from my house, I thought nothing of it and left the lights with timer on. He called again today saying the interference is still there and that he will have to disconnect my services if the interference doesn't stop. I told him to wait a minute, went in to my dr and unplugged the ballast from power and then asked him if the interference is still here and he said no. He showed me a graph and log and it clearly showed the interference only being there when the lights were switched on. This means that either my ballast or bulb were causing a massive interference in the area affecting the nodes. I've unplugged the ballast and HPS and won't be plugging it back in until I know how to sort this issue. My setup is 1x1x2m and I'm wondering if I buy a 1000w LED on Amazon for £180 will this be enough to replace the 600W HPS? I'd appreciate your help on this one ! It's quite stressful
  12. Here is a blog that we're especially proud of, being that we've created a downloadable cost calculator that allows you to input all the variables such as wattage, timer cycles and energy prices as they change. We initially had a beautifully presented equation, but alas, 'computer said no'. "How much does my light cost to run? With lights by far being the most energy consuming piece of equipment in your grow room, that’s a significant chunk off your monthly electricity bill. You can either go through our simple mathematical equation, or download our electricity cost calculator we’ve created to determine the cost of running any given light over a grow cycle and see how much you’ll save on electricity alone..........." https://diyleduk.com/blogs/news/how-to-work-out-your-running-costs-with-calculator-download -Craig
  13. "When you purchase a high-intensity discharge (HID), also known as High Pressure Sodium (HPS) lighting system, the assumption is that you’re going to be drawing the exact wattage at the wall, that the system references. For example, a 600w HPS will use 600 watts of electricity, a 315w CMH will use 315 watts. NOT TRUE. That number being used, refers to the bulb’s draw, not the system’s. So how much more?"...................................... Read the rest of our blog here, at https://diyleduk.com/blogs/news/hps-what-to-the-really-draw We hope you guys find some of the information we provide in these blogs, moving forward, helpful. We always appreciate constructive feedback! Craig
  14. Alright boys, this is my first ever grow and I’m currently running a 250w HPS on a 18/6 schedule. They’re 8 days old in 11 litre pots and in BioBizz All Mix which I already made a mistake on with how nutrient rich it is and how I should’ve started them off in something more appropriate for seedlings. The average humidity of the tent is between 78 and 80% and the temp is always between 19 and 20 degrees celsius. I’ve also got a 600w HPS kit I plan to switch to in their later life, I’ll add photos and any advice would be greatly appreciated lads
  15. Just been thinking when it comes to flower time would it be beneficial to chuck a hps in with My PAR+550 if I can keep the temps in check. I’m in a 1.2 budbox and my PAR+550 unit is set to the recommended height but lights on temps are ranging from 23/25. Might give it ago when the time comes. what’s the highest wattage lights people have run in this size tent? Let me here your opinions/experiences cheers
  16. Yo first time poster here, got a quick question, in a 1.2x1.2x2m tent with 4 fairly large vegging plants that have just been switched to flower, is my current setup of a 600w HPS and 1200w (cheapish) LED each taking half the space overkill? Got them on rotation where they're swapped every feed, was told the 600w wouldn't be enough on it's own so got the LED to replace but worried about temps as it gets quite cool lights off, cheers in advance.
  17. Afternoon all Just after some information regarding the secret Jardin daisy parabolic shades, I’m currently using a adjustawing in my 1x1x2 budbox pro but thought I would upgrade everything to make environment as best a possible. Ive seen they do three sizes 60cm,80cm,100cm all from what I can see will take a 600watt bulb. I’m guessing the 100cm will be to big for my space with the negotiable pressure so have written that off. I don’t want to waste money in the 60cm if the 80cm will be much better for my space. Does anyone run these shades in my size tent? Would appreciate any information in people’s experiences. Thanks in advance.
  18. High all, here we go then make ya self comfy. A massive thank you to @HSO-Mark for these seeds. Looking forward to watching everyone else's diaries develop too. Gonna be a bit (or alot) of California Sunshine in the UK for the late winter blues I had 5 Lemon Thai Kush and 5 Chemdawg feminised seeds arrive, and they were put pretty much straight into compost... Chemdawg Lemon Thai Kush all the LTK popped up, and 3 of the Chemdawg's did too. Happy with that. I had a spare 1.2m roof qube empty (been waiting years to say that!!), so they're already out of my little veg cab, in the tent under 600w of hps. They look happy, and are growing quickly now they're in the big tent with lots of space, airflow and light. Just given water uptill yesterday. I thought i'd try some root stim. Went with biobizz as i'm using thier grow and bloom. Didn't clock that it's fecking £40 till after i bought it it better be good!! Just tweaked my set-up a bit, and i'm extracting both tents straight outside now, instead of 'vaguely poiting towards a window' and it feels much better all round. Not sure how i'm going to play this grow yet. My self imposed constraint is that i would like to try and get both tents in sync, harvesting one every 5/6 weeks. For that to happen, i would need to flip this tent to 12/12 in about 4 weeks. I have various cuttings from my previous and current grow i can add to or replace with. For now i'm thinking to add 4 plants from my cut's. That should work out about right, aiming for twelve plants in 7.5 ltr pots Also hoping to get the same seeds but in regular versions and get hacking, but for now, i'll focus on these. Nice one, Tigs
  19. Good Morning all, I want to replace my current 80cm Parabolic using a 400w HPS which is many years old for a different type of reflector mainly to gain a little more headroom in my DR90 Secret Jardin tent so looking for maybe something a little smaller? I was thiinking of the Supernova, is this any good? Any others using a 400w hps with a recommended reflector would be great to hear from. All the best. And no i don't want a Euro reflector e2a : just to add that to remember my tent is only 90cm x 90cm x 180cm so i don't need a wide angle reflector, just one that directs the light straight down.
  20. Hi guys, finally got around to getting a small tent for my 2 somango xl's. They're currently under a little 10/15w ikea led, which in fairness has worked wonders for them up to this point. But the time has come for an upgrade and I need them to start putting on size in veg now if I want smoke by christmas. They've also just been transplanted to 6.5 litre pots, will likely repot before flower to something bigger (maybe 15l+? depending what fits). Hoping to pull 7 oz's at least between the two plants. Have explored options with LED, liking the minimal heat and low energy costs. Would like something at least 200 actual watts, would an led of this power achieve the 7oz goal? Also open the hps/cmh, just not sure which ones are a good safe brand, a lot of shite online. Would appreciate some real world recommendations from you guys!
  21. I'd just like to know from anyone with the LED knowhow what would i need to buy to get the equivalent yieldwise roughly as from a 400w hps or even the 315w cmh system? I really like the idea of going all LED in the very near future as i've heard they give off much less heat, i realise they are no cheaper to run but thats not my concern, i'd just like an led panel that gives me yieldwise what the hps can do if thats possible? I also know decent boards are expensive but it would be a dream never to have to deal with heat issues as we do now with cmh or hps in this current weather. So my questions are > What do you recommend for my 3ft x 3ft x 7ft room which i currently run a single 315w cmh, previously a 400w hps for many years. Whats the cost? Would it really run much cooler than a 400w hps or cmh? Anyone who used to run either of these lighting setups and switched to LED would be great. One last thing, i'm not bothered about vegging with LED but would like to go through the full flowering stage only using led.
  22. Hello y’all. So I’m starting my first grow on a 2.5x2.5x5 tent and I still couldn’t decide which light to choose, online is just so much information it makes it hard to just choose one. Looking to buy a full lighting system for less then 200£ that will give me killer buds in this small space. It doesn't need to be led necessarily but since I live in a shared house I think it would be more cost effective. Open to any suggestions; my goal is to get some killer frosty buds to myself without going bankrupt. Thank you in advance everyone
  23. Hi all Does anybody know the answer to the question in the title? Reason im asking as I am in week 4 flower, starting week 5 tomorrow and I feel the plants are coming on very slowly, and my Swiss skunk is supposed to be renowned to be a fast finisher, well I can tell you now it isnt. So I can only think 600w is not enough for the size of my room. It is hung vertically inside a 1m parabolic. My room is 2.3m wall to wall wide (7.5ft) by 2m long from wall to door. But the plants dont come that far forward, when they were vegging and small I could keep all plants in a 4ft sq space but as they will out they are literally filling the while 2.3m width now. But I don't think the flower production is that fast at all, do I need to upgrade to 1000w to kick out the most of that space? Parabolic is hung around 1.7m tall The only other thing I can think of is it sleeping temps are high because of being in a loft. Lights come on at night and off during day, now I can see why that would cause stretch and stress but I dont see that in the plants. If you would like to see I have a diary (link in sig) this is not an advertisement but if I might need to upgrade my lights then today is the best day to do so as I am busy rest of week so it all depends what you guys think. MMT
  24. thumbnail-IMG-0931.jpg

    From the album Slipperyjim82

    Going to start updating this gallery from now on.. this is Humboldtseeds new strain - OGKZ (OGKB x Zkittlez) Smells coming from the tent are insane..
  25. hello all, I'm on a £60 budget for a light and I've narrowed the choices down to these 2, 150w HPS or the Ebay LED what would be my best option for 2 plants in a 60cm x 60cm space?