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Found 8 results

  1. Just received my hlg 300l but its got a invertronics driver. Not massively pleased but if someone with more knowledge on these things tells me it's good I'll hang on it. Driver model eune240s350dt Tempted to return it and get the par± from diyled
  2. I’ve completed the setup but I’m lost as to why it’s not turning on, I’ll add pics to detail the issues and what I’ve done so far
  3. Day54

    From the album 1st grow pics

  4. Using a 3500k rspec board on my first tent set up ever and want to know what i should dim the board to and how far it should be from the pot. I was thinking of dimming to 100w for the begining and slowly increasing from there to 150w in flower? Thanks any help in kindly appreciated
  5. Quantum boards uk Quantum board quantum board uk hlg quantum boards horticulture lighting group. https://diyleduk.com/collections/hlg-quantum-boards Quantum boards are now back in stock. Ive no backlog so they should last at least a couple weeks and orders will take 5 working days max, from order to delivery. Ive got a new range of kits up called the XL kits. They feature a 900mm long heatsink for excellent spread and are available in a few different sizes to suit different areas. 150w designed for a 60cm x 60cm area https://diyleduk.com/collections/hlg-quantum-boards/products/150w-hlg-quantum-board-kit-dimmable 260w designed for a 80cm x 80cm area https://diyleduk.com/collections/hlg-quantum-boards/products/260w-hlg-quantum-board-kit-dimmable 275w XL designed for a 1.2m x 0.6m area https://diyleduk.com/collections/hlg-quantum-boards/products/275w-hlg-xl-quantum-board-kit-dimmable 360w XL ideal for filling up large rooms https://diyleduk.com/collections/hlg-quantum-boards/products/360w-hlg-xl-quantum-board-kit-dimmable 550w XL designed for a 1.2m x 1.2m area https://diyleduk.com/collections/hlg-quantum-boards/products/550w-hlg-xl-quantum-board-kit-dimmable 720w XL designed for a 1.5m x 1.5m area https://diyleduk.com/collections/hlg-quantum-boards/products/720-hlg-xl-quantum-board-kit-dimmable There is a free shipping code but the uk420 code is going to get you more off in most cases.
  6. Hi all. I've been absent from the site for some time, and I'm glad to be back, but even happier to see a few growers have made the switch to Quantum Boards. A few of you may remember I have been banging on about giving them a go for many many moons, but the same one single concern has always steered me away from them... Bud density. I have had several chances to get them in from overseas over the last 2 years give or take, money wasn't ever the issue and I trust the tech 100%, I have always stood by they're ability to grow good Cannabis. But every time I get to that point of finally hanging up my HID I bottle it because I have convinced myself they wont give me the same density and to some extent maturity as my HID do. There is a reason I always come back to this. A good friend tried some early COB tech some years back now, using his regular clones he grew out the same plants the same way he always does just with these new lights. Although he got an admirable yield the buds were loose and airy and almost under matured compared to his normal finished buds. Now I have somewhat of a "Thing" about bud density, I always aim for tight buds in strain selection and tend to pick strains that can give me that via genetics as well as using good lighting and feed, so I think these two factors have embedded some kind of fear into me about using QB's. I know to some that may sound ignorant as so many folks are using them now that this alone should be enough to talk me round. I have bugged to death a few folks here at UK420 that grow with them and even last year when I was an inch away from making the jump I still bottled it. Now fast forward to my current position, I'm indoors instead of outdoors in a cool garage, have now got a P.A.Y.G meter instead of monthly bills, and my grow area is slightly smaller. Add in it looks like I can now get QB's in the UK and I may finally have to make the switch. I'm not kidding my current lighting setup EATS electric. I just wondered if any growers using Quantum Boards atm could help me get past this and if anyone had some pics of buds grown under QB? Huge thanks in advance for any help. Cheers. GV.
  7. Good evening all Welcome to Magiks attempt at a first grow. I have just tried to pop my beans using the wet kitchen roll method in Tupperware - as the title says I am going to be attempting to grow OG Kush and Bubba Kush. Both of these are autos and will be grown in a DR60. just getting together all the equipment and working out the timing logistics to ensure I'll be here for the during has been difficult, so I am quite concerned about all of this really and fucking it up! Thank you to all the folks on this forum who helped me with my set up. It is much appreciated. I still have some final touches to complete tomorrow on my tent but I should be ok (ducting). Product list: QB 135w (driver attached) KSA acoustic fan 125mm Rhino pro 125mm CF sms pro 4 amp 1l pot and transfer to 11l - might drop this to 7l if needs be. Biobizz lightmix for 2-3 weeks. Biobizz all mix Biobizz Bloom and Grow I will get more nutes when needed. I think I will also wire a DIY pc intake fan and run it off the controller if needs be. Tbc.....
  8. New DIY Flower Cab and LEDS

    From the album The White House

    Little shot of the new diy cab designed around the led setup. 4 Plants at the front left to right are Dinafem OG Clones. Last plant on the front right is the just defoliated to hell G13 Labs - Blue Cindy Mother. Rear 7 plants are G13 Labs - Blue Cindy clones.