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Found 8 results

  1. Myself and my partner haven't really smoked in about a year, after almost daily smoking for 2 years. Im planning to do another grow and im thinking about what strain I want to do. After such a long stint of not smoking im a bit iffy about the paranoia and anxiety from high thc strains. Whereas my partner absolutely loves the couch lock effect from conventional indicas and is wary that the cbd strains won't give a similar effect. I started thinking about CBD strains with a 1:1 ratio or things with lets say, 15% thc and maybe 10% cbd. I've read that some of those new cbd strains that the likes of Dinafem, Royal queen and Sweet Seeds now sell give you a high with no anxiousness or paranoia due to the cbd content. This really interests me but I don't want to commit to a 3 month grow of something that we may both end up not liking. Have any of you guys grown out any of these CBD strains before and what are your thoughts on them?
  2. hi growers my name is sacha i live in thailand at 40 degrees celsius / 104F No Air Con. which indoor cannabis strain can handle this heat 40 degrees celsius / 104F and still give a good harvest? like Satori from Mandala Seeds. please only specify indoor cannabis strain that are very heat resistant reg. fem. (no autoflower) peace and love
  3. getting a bit tall 14 wks

    getting a bit tall 14 wks
  4. Running out of height

    Couple of pics just to show how high these photos are getting
  5. Anyone recommend any high yielding autos? I previously have 2 once per plant with NYC and as little as 20g with Pineapple Express, that was 3 oz for 5 plants, - pretty rubbish I reckon. But, it was India dominate and they tend to be more. I've had a look online but struggling to see 50 or 60 gram plus plants. Any recommend any ?
  6. I have a friend who is doing their first legal grow in America, however his internet has crashed so he has contacted me to try and find a solution. The Problem is heat! It is a stealth cabinet grow currently with a 125w dual spectrum for 2 plants in 5l pots. They understand that this might not be the best set up but its what they have. Apparently temps usually sit around 85'F or 29.5'C which is quite hot on its own but temps have reached 111'F or 44'C on the odd occasion. The temps are being measured at the average height of the plant, Apparently they are around 2 weeks old (from sprouting) and are an autoflower strain. They haven't browned or discolored and are still a health green and growing daily, however some of the leaves are curling up at the edges and some apparently seem to be almost spiraling around ( not curling under but twisting sideways) not massively but a little. There are 2 80mm PC fans ,one intake and one outtake, which more than cover the cfm needed for the space. So what do you think he should do to reduce the temps? Add two more PC Fans? Also if they were do do this, roughly speaking one fan is in a bottom corner and the other is in the opposite top corner, would the two extra fans if they were to be attached on the opposite side of the cabinet be placed so that the intake are both at the front and outake both at the back or so that both intakes are say bottom right on each side, so from the front one would be near the front and one near the back? Add a PC fan inside to increase circulation? Reduce light hours as they are currently running 20/4 - 20 on and 4 off Also can anyone recommend any threads about building scrubbers/ carbon filters? Would a carbon cooker hood filter work? As apparently it has started smelling not of full flower but a smell they would like to remove. Thanks in advance for any replies!
  7. Hello all. As you know we never release a strain before it is ready but I asked the office if I could get a few of the new high cbd autos to get grows going on UK420 and they said yes. I only have 20 seed of both strains Industrial plant cbd Auto And Haze auto cbd I don't have much info on these yet and there is no official packaging yet they are fresh What I need is say 5-8 tester for just 3 or 5 seeds each of one or both strains. If you would like in on this and could pretty much start within a week or so please pm me or put your name here. As there is a very limited stock until release. Think how many you need and I'll go through and pick the members. If we can do a good job with this we may get testers of all the new strains. As I said typically we do not do this but uk420 is a great forum and very supportive of Dinafem so I feel we should when we can give a little something back. For everyone else don't worry I will be doing a massive giveaway as usually very soon with the full Dinafem catalog open to choose from so keep a look out for that. All the best D-M
  8. now then people im a first time grow about to start my first time grower and just fishing for some top tips. i have m1.2 x m1.2 x m2.0 tent which will contain 4 plants in 15L pots with a 60/40 coco mixs which i will be hand watering. i have a 600w light extractor fan and circulation fan. i am using dutch pro nutrients original grow a+b for first 2 weeks and then on to original bloom for the last 8 weeks. also will be using tack root for the first 4 week and explode for the last 6 weeks key questions CO2 how important is it ? is there a cheaper way then buying a canister and distribute ? (i heard that you can spry sparkling water on the leafs to help emit co2) not sure if this is true or false watering how often ? how many ML? (now i know it depends on how big and old the plant is so just a rough estimate) any other tips and advise you can think of will be greatly appreciated thanks for reading