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Found 199 results

  1. I was wondering if somebody can tell me what's wrong with my plants, I am on week 10 super lemon haze auto GHS strain. Been feeding advanced nutrients under 2 x 600 watt, 8 x 12L fabric pots and one 15L autopot (just trying it out) Soil. Past few weeks they have been getting Bloom A and B 1.5ml per litre and last week switched from Big bud to Overdrive 1.5ml per litre aswell. So they're on: Cal-Mag 2.5ml per litre B-52 1.5ml per litre Bloom A n B 1.5ml per litre Overdrive 1.5ml per litre 3 fans plus extractor fan so plenty of airflow. 16/8 light cycle 55% humidity 30 degrees Celsius day temps The leaves at the top have turned yellow and crispy but the buds look and smell absolutely fine. I just want to know why leaves have turned yellow and crispy? Will the buds be fine after harvest? How do I avoid/fix this issue? Any help would be much appreciated, thanks in advance.
  2. Not seen my plant for 3 days, just came to water and it looks horrible... Ive looked online it looks alot like a potassium deficiency or a nitrogen deficiency, i cant decide which one.. any advice would be greatly appreciated ill go to my local grow shop tomorrow It's an autoflower mystery seed 25 days old! thanks in advance for any help scratching my head at this one :/ growing in coco 70/30 perlite mix using standard bio series nutrients half dosage for the auto, watering not too heavy when there is roughly half inch - an inch of the top medium dried out. Struggled to edit the photos, im still learning haha.. Thanks for your time farmers sorry to summon you.
  3. Hi, I planted 3 autoflowers, specifically ‘Quick One’ by Royal Queen Seeds on the 8th September so 2 months ago. However they have not got any buds at all as of yet, is this normal? The plants are not in the perfect environment however they do seem to be growing fairly decently. I can’t see any pistils either maybe the odd few but I think there should be a lot more at this age, can anyone help please??? Please see pics below
  4. So im on day 71 and feeding this auto white widow 4L of nute water with 0.5ml of biobizz grow and 4ml of biobizz bloom per litre, theyre in soil and have a good wet dry cycle, i cant work out this problem! Tenps are between 18 and 28c and humidity is between 38 and 60 and its under a 250w hps 10inchs away from tips. I have no clue whats causing these leaf mark and cant find them on any charts Here is the whole plant Help is appreciated!
  5. I really dont know what I'm doing wrong here. Temp is at 24oC-26oC approx. Humidity is pretty high. Water coco coir autoflower feminised full spectrum LED lights air circulation I'm not sure what else you need to know to help but please ask. Leaves are kinda crispy but it's being watered. It also hasnt grown any in about 2 weeks. It's just stopped.
  6. So my gosh i went to check the girls this morning knowing its water day and my biggest girl has all dropped down all around the buds are laying out on the ground like someone sat on top of her! Ive made a support around them holding them all up now and attached these all to top of tent to keep them up, doesnt seem to be any snapped branchs but they did bend over looked like a supercrop bend! Today she went into week 10 ao only has a week or 2 left. Has anyone had thia happen? Will she die? Feel sick about it.
  7. Hi so its day 56 (start of week 9) on my auto amnesia and im worried about when to start flushing each water.. the website says 10weeks to harvest for them but obviously its plant dependant not website. She hasnt got any orange hairs but im not sure what the trichs are like as its my first grow.. Ive got some budshots and loupe shots to help.
  8. Hi all, I just popped 9 exodus cheese by GHS. just re-potted from 0.5 to 14L pots. currently my set up is just a floor fan & a 600w HPS bulb (running at the full 600). I have another 2 600's there if I need them, i also have an intake, out take & carbon filter etc. No tent; instead decided to black & white a full room to give them good space to grow stop any competing etc. however, i have a few questions & am looking for some help from someone with a bit more experience. Q1. After re-potting, do i feed them water or wait until they have taken all of the moisture from new surrounding soil? Q2. When is the ideal time to give my plants their first feed? (I'm using ionic grow & bloom) Q3. How do I know when is best to fim/top my plants? Q4. Any tips on smell reduction would also be majorly appreciated Thanks for reading, J
  9. Plants new growth has grown twisted thin and crinkled. Not sure whats going on happened last few grows and have started fresh got good cuttings from a friend for this run and looked fine till a few days back. need some help to upload pictures as i am stuck thanks
  10. Shit on it i was doing some LST and a brand clean snapped off... it was a side branch not main stem but quite high up as branchs go its day 16 for this poor auto amnesia Be honest, be harsh, i know this is bad bur how bad? At the very least its a massive lesson learnt.
  11. I've been growing the "quick one" autoflower from RQS. It says 9-10 weeks start to finish, Currently on week 10 with no buds appearing. I have a blueberry that is budding, not sure why this one isn't. Any ideas guys?
  12. This little ones just popped out but to me she doesnt look that happy with the slight browning etc can anyone give me some confidence on her or an idea why shes sad?
  13. im trying to post pics but cant see the insert file option anywhere
  14. Hi guys so after much research I think the best way to get a non humming single speed fan controller would be to build on myself (Has nobody had the idea to build WAC1s with a plug and a trailing adaptor wired up safely, I'm sure people would pay £50+ ) Anyways... The list of things I will need to build this (Please add and correct me if I miss anything or there are better alternatives feel free to pm me) Xpelair WAC1 Single Fan Controller £27.55 1 Gang with 3 Metre Lead rated at 13A £5.95 So the plan would be to cut the 1 gang plug socket off with around 1m of spare cable, leaving the other end with the 3pin plug with around 2m (If my calculations are correct lol) The tools I have currently are : Stanley Aviation Snips : Some random assorted screwdrivers. A bunch of random stanley knifes stolen from the building site (Old bad habbit of keeping them in pocket ) (This is a diagram of how to wire it) Should I connect the wires on the single trailing adaptor should connect with the LF + NF + Earth? (The Fan will be plugged into this) Should I connect the wires on the 3pin plug that goes into the mains connect with N + L + Earth? (Do I put both Earths on top of each other in the Earth block?) As I will be using a 5" RVK fan with this controller in the future (I want to build this controller first) I have watched how you wire the fan and noticed there is no Earth in this fan ? Any photos of your WAC1s wired up with the case off would be a great help or full pictures of your WAC1s Any advice on items / tools I should buy for this too would be great. Would it be better to use lower amp fuses than 13A? The RVK would come with a 5amp stripped cable to wire to the fan can i plug this into the 13amp trailing adaptor? Thanks guys and thanks @Joint hogger Here is a picture of what I expect it to look like (Apart from both cables being on the same side and the plugs same colour )
  15. Greetings on a lovely evening! If only I knew what I was doing, but alas that is not the case. I have spent the last week or so reading various diaries and posts and the one thing it has confirmed is that I need some advice but in very simple terms as I am a little lost with all the various shorthand that is used. Well, I started off I think okay, with almost all the seeds germinating but then falling prey damping off ( again that was something new to me). I have transferred the plants that I think are viable into some 16oz cups with coco coir and some perlite and have some more seeds germinating due to my lack of patience. I also thought I could just get on with it without getting any pointers, to be honest, I have been rather intimidated but everyone knowledge, especially so-called novices. Here is a list of things I may or may not need but have purchased: Seeds BCN Critical XXL Auto Sweet Skunk Honey cream Straw Dawg Hurricane Equipment Soil meter Gloves Side cutter Copper tape Chicken Wire Canna Nitrogen Camo tape Miracle-Grow compost Seaweed Extract Worm Castings Perlite 10l Perlite 100l Camo netting Heat mat and thermostat Jiffy plug pellets 20 3 Gallon grow bags 20 5 Gallon grow bags 5 - 7 gallon grow bags 7-10 seed trays Plant capillary matting Cable ties Rabbit netting Galvanised netting st Staples 50 18oz party cups 200 20oz Vermiculite 10l Canna Pk13/14 Bloom Booster Canna Cannazym Liquid Canna Coco A&B Canna Rhizotonic 25l Outdoor water storage Pruning Saw Telescopic Ladder Foldable shovel 30+ Coco Coir x 650g 7 pocket wall mounted grow bag ( try and set up in the tree canopy or as high as I can get). I have found four to five different sites for my plants if they survive. I have taken some photos to show the initial success and then failure but I cannot work out how to upload photos which is not very helpful of me I thought it would be done at the 'insert other media' tab? Ah-ha, I can upload photos, just need to get them into some kind of order.
  16. Hi guys starting hydro growing. Have got a list of all my part i need going to go rdwc . Lots of help so far from @badbillybob . Quick question my mate is offering me a wilma 4 pot that fit my area just now saving the rdwc until the garage is built. Can you use silver bullet with sensi ph perfect nutrients . Noticed an organic listed on the ingredients i think so not sure if their compatible. Thanks guys
  17. Hi it’s my very first time growing, I’m growing in a solo cup with coco and no perlite and I’m 15 days in from paper towl I feel like she’s so small compared to others I’ve researched, also the Cotyledon Leaves are looking really yellow, please help what you might think the problem is??
  18. Hi people,I'm new to this site I have northern lights auto not doing too good,its in weeks 6-7 and is continually getting yellow and brown spots on leaves,noticed it around week 4 and started feeding cal mag as well,didn't stop it, flushed plant with pH water,no nutrients and ec in runoff was over 3000,got the ec down to about 1200 ,its growing in coco in a 20l pot,please help, I don't see where to upload any photos
  19. Doing a single plant autoflower in a small tent Have been LST her and today while bending, her main stem broke, it didnt sheer off, I've secured the break point. She is flowering but not much budding as of yet. Could someone please advise
  20. Hi all, Doing a check of the plant I’ve encountered these very small bright yellow things on the undersides of my leaves, I’ve managed to rub them off incredibly easy, but obviously want to prevent them returning. Has anyone encountered these before? as always thank you guys in advance!
  21. my new babies are growing well but one plant isn't producing any leaves and when it does they are instantly yellow,crispy and shrivel up please help
  22. Hi, so thanks for the help, I’m loving it so far have 2 NL AUTO’s royal queen seeds.. one plant is 4 weeks old and one is 2 weeks, staggered due to only one seed germinating originally so used a third seed.. so basically guys this is my first grow, when I started I was pretty certain that with autos it would be simple with no need to restrict light at the flowering stage and I would have seed-harvest in 9-10 weeks ish.. but since Iv been reading a lot of conflicting info as to times, some people claiming there auto’s have waited to October to flower ? just wanting a bit of clarity really on what to expect in terms of timing and yield. I know it’s all obviously dependant but il list as much specs about My grow as possible - -Northern lights auto flower royal queen seeds -11ltr fabric grow bag -biobiz all mix soil -6.5ph distilled water -quarter measurement of tomato feed (older plant) -sw England in a greenhouse with DIRECT sun about 8 hours per day thank you!! Joe
  23. Hi everyone, very new to growing! This plant is now 2 weeks old, just trying to convince myself this is going okay lol, the plant stays outside from around 9am to 7pm moving around to ensure direct sunlight. Over night I bring the plant in and chuck it under a led light I got from eBay, rated at 100w from the wall. The strain is Blueberry auto from 00seeds. my question is, as this is an auto flower, shouldn’t this be much further ahead by now? thank you all in advance https://ibb.co/YbZBM9Y
  24. I went to visit my ladies today and they are NOT happy!!! Can anyone help with the below issues??? - Rusty spots -Tears -Curling I think the tears are possibly the FBB still being too hot, and the spots from a calcium deficiency, but I'm really not sure whats going on and what I can do to rectify it!!! PLEASE HELP A BROTHER OUT!!!
  25. I'm currently growing some autos and seem to have run into trouble with my West Coast og can someone please have a look at her and help me out. She seems to have faded light greenish yellow and those leaves died off and removed but she has also got some strange spots on some fans leaves ill upload some pics, is this nute lockout or a cal/mag problem I'm using biobizz light mix and nutes but I'm pretty sure my pH of tap water is about 7.9/8.0?