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Found 4 results

  1. Hey guys, So I'm new to growing and I think I'm stuck. I've got a grow tent inside a garden shed with a 600w HPS light ( I know - bad for summer. But sadly being a newbie, I had no idea). Temperatures are really high in the tent and I just can't get them down. I've got seedlings (autoflowers) and they are stretching, a lot. I've got the light on 250w (has three settings - 250, 400 and 600w) and about 14 inches away from the plants and doesn't seem to be much happening in terms of growth. Two of the longer ones keep falling over as well. Don't know if you need to know this but I'm growing in Biobizz soil (mix of all mix and light mix) Temperatures are getting up to 35c in the tent and I can't keep the humidity up (about 30-40% in there). I'm hanging wet towels in there, I've got multiple bowls of water in the tent and a little USB humidifier and nothing is happening unless I spray and that only increases it for about 5 -10 minutes. I know this is a very hot week (England) but I'm not sure if I can save these plants or not.. I've got this arriving on Thursday - 12 L tank evaporator. Which is an evaporative air cooler for the grow room. Apparently lowers temp and adds humidity. Not sure if anyone uses these? Or if they work? Any help or advice would be great. Not sure if I should just get some more seeds and start again when I get the cooler, providing I can keep the temperatures stable in the tent. This is my second attempt at growing - First time the seeds didn't even break the surface. I've tried to do as much research as I can and I'm just left confused and wondering If I've made a mistake by trying to do this. Thanks
  2. And seems the rusty brown spots are appearing onthe corners of this plant too (The plant at the back has the white leafs) I live in a soft water area so I think this could be down to mag/calcium deficiency so I have mixed 1ml of Vitalink Calmag with 2L of water and watered in each plant hoping this will maybe solve the problem. Any ideas or suggestions what could be wrong? temps have been consistent 20c - 26c, plants are currently on day 15 from seed and have only had tap water up until yesterdays little drink of the 0.5ml per litre cal mag mix with tap water. Light is dimmed to 130w and around 28" from the tops (Diyleduk scope220) If i have missed anything please ask, thanks for your help in advance peeps
  3. DSC06751.jpg

    From the album Sick Plant

    Hi folks I was wondering if anyone could diagnose what is going on to the leaves in the pictures. The older lower and middle fan leaves are yellowing and have blotches on them, Magnesium Def?? Plant is a NL auto, at week 9, outdoor poly tunnel grow in soil. I've been feeding Biobizz nutes, Fish Mix and Bloom, slowly building the Bloom to 3ml per litre, Fish Mix at 1ml per litre throughout grow. I'm in Scotland so my temps aren't the best, has dropped quite low to around 8 degrees C during some nights. My PH going in has been between 6.4 and 6.8, and the run off seems to be the same, so I don't think it's a PH issue. Any help and advice welcome please. Thanks
  4. Outdoor grower Hi there, Hope you are all well. I would really appreciate some help please! So I'm a first time grower hoping to grow some CBD plants to help with clinical depression and anxiety. Seeds used: 1st Batch 3 x Candida (CD - 1) Feminised Seeds 1 x Dinamed CBD Plus Feminised Seeds 2nd Batch Dinamed CBD Auto Feminised Seeds 1st Batch was started on the 1st July 2nd Batch were sprouted on the 15/16th July and started the process during a waxing Moon as I heard that was good for germination Attached are pictures from batch 1. What I'm finding tricky is how to get correct info to follow. I'm getting really confused as there's so much info online and a lot seems to contradict. I know that I ideally should of started the process earlier but couldn't start until recently. Main question at this stage is how often should these plants be outside in direct sunlight please? The plants are about 2 weeks old roughly and as pictured below Just started to give them a couple of hours direct outside sunlight and the rest time they are either inside in a sunny spot or indirect outside sun. I had to leave the plants unintended for a couple of days and something ate one of the leaves as you can see. Thank you very much for reading and any help would be really appreciated!! It would be so good to be self-sufficient and not have to buy expensive CBD oil especially as the anxiety makes it difficult to work. Thanks again!!! All of batch 1 Close up of Canidida looking good I hope Leaf Partially Eaten