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Found 8 results

  1. Been trying to buy some Harkers online, none available anywhere. Any ideas? Cheers x
  2. Hi Chaps, it's my first grow and it's been going ok up to now. I'm currently in flower and coming upto week 9 (on Sunday) but have ran Into some problems with regards to her leaves turning left and right and a little discolouration going on. Tbh I've ran into alot of situs on the way, i didn't use cal mag initially and didn't buffer the coco which cause me to go out and purchase some cal/mag. I'm growing in coco(30%perlite) , I've been watering with runoff 10% and when it went dry and the pot felt light to lift repeated however I've read this Is the wrong way to go about it and recently I moved it upto 2days and then once a day and it's always heavy - maybe this has something to do with it? I'm using a mars hydro LED, coco a and b feed nutes with all the extras (rhizo, bloom, cal mag etc.) No inlet fan just a extrater with carbon filter with 1 clip on fan just above the plant blowing upwards and temps around 70 with RH @54%
  3. Has anybody had any experiences of getting through dubai airport. Just read a few horror stories. The Mrs is getting super anxious. We would probably both test positive for cannabis if we get tested. What's the chances of getting pulled. Our doc also prescribed my Mrs some valium. We have never taken them before but I travel very badly long haul and suffer terrible claustrophobia. Had hoped they might help but also have trepidations about having them. They are from the doctor and the packet has her name on them. She's panicking pretty badly now. Any personal experiences, advice or comments welcome. Apologies in advance mods if I bump this thread as the clocks very much ticking right now... Thanks in advance....
  4. My first grow in an English cellar so not ideal conditions. This is a grow of medical cannabis for oil for my son - a philosopher and musician who enjoys the side effects - but more importantly, maybe the only real hope we have for the cancer in his brain. And I've found these in the grow. Can anyone tell me what they are and how to get rid of them safely without damaging the flowers? Hardly any room to manoeuvre down there so hoping an organic spray that's ok to use with the lights on that I can get in the UK? I'd really appreciate any advice.
  5. I have been asking for help in my diary but to give @@Tenchie a break and get some more input I thought I'd post a separate help thread. We are having to move to a new house which means setting up a new space and I wonder if I can ask you all for a bit of help - I'm now seeing this as an opportunity to improve the environment I provide for my plants and really get shit dialed-in. I have been flowering in an old boiler cupboard (last 3 grows) but will be moving to another tent in the new place. I'm thinking either a DR90 or 120? I'm wanting to use as much of my current equipment as possible though and I'm hoping by asking the questions and troubleshooting first, I can get right first time so avoid potential headaches and having to buy twice. Getting a 120 though would mean having to buy a lot more stuff. I reckon I would be OK in a DR90 with my current gear? I want a flowering and a veg tent and I aim to grow about 3-4 plants each run. I grow in pot's of Plant Magic soil and currently have: T5-Lit propagator for cuttings Budda60 Tent (being used for veg) 200W CFL ( -" - ) 400w HPS + air-cooled reflector ( I know many on here rubbish them but it has worked for me in this current setup and there was no way I would flower with less than 400W hps) 2ft tube heater 2 x clip on fans 2x 5" TT fans 5"Filter 4.5 sms.com fan controller 3x min/max hygro-therm. obviously pot's, soil, nutues,timers etc The more I think about it the more my head hurts. Thanks for looking in. -iBD
  6. *copied from my diary post #59 bottom of pg4 - link in sig. Photo's in diary. Sorry for just copying and pasting and I'd appreciate any input. THANKS
  7. Title says it all, currently growing a single Delahaze in a 15l airpot inside my 400w air-cooled growdrobe - she's been on 12/12 about 3 weeks do probs has about 6weeks left. Delahaze has been a pleasure to grow and she has responded well this 'style' of growing. I'm now thinking about germinating something to take it's place. Settup will be exactly the same and I'm thinking I want to grow out one my freebies so I have T.H Seeds - Original Bubblegum, Cali Connection Seeds- 22 or Cali Connection - Louis XIII OG. What do you think??
  8. About to put my next lot of seeds into soak but I have 1 slot left... Which strain should I fill it with? Thanks peeps