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Found 34 results

  1. Hi everyone Before I spend a few quid I thought I would just pass this by yeall just in case. I have the VIPARSPECTRA P1000 ordered with a small 45 watt green house bar heater this will be plugged into an "Inkbird ITC308Wifi Thermostat" to regulate the heat .To cool the tent down the "AC INFINITY CLOUDLINE S4 EC FAN 4 INCH". To control humidity use a "Inkbird IHC-200" with a dehumidifier & humidifier attached. My question is this, is this an overkill set up for a small tent? as I also read that you should have the exhaust fan on 24/7 but with the Inkbird it will go on then off due to the temp inside the tent....this is were its grey to me. Any tips welcome. Thanks.
  2. Hi. I am in the process of setting up my 2ft x 4ft (120cm x 60cm) which will have a 320W LED light installed. I don't really want to get a HPS to use in winter. I am about to insulate the shed. But obviously need a heat source for my grow tent. I am going to get 120x60cm heat mat for the grow tent, but in terms of heat for the autumn / winter I presume I will also need a 60W or so tube heater or similar in the tent? I will be controlling the heater with an Inkbird. Could you advise on the likely heat requirements and method that would be your recommendation and how much wattage I probably need please? Cheers, Midge
  3. First post guys go easy on me. Been following for years just never signed up. Now I have a conundrum and after some thoughts. I have as much airflow as I can arrange so adjusting this is currently not an option. which of the following is likely to yield more - 3 x 600w and 1 x 400w hps light and a canopy temp of 32 degrees c during lights on (with good circulation) (also temp below canopy and at pots is around 26) - 3 x 600w Hps only and a canopy temp of 27 degrees c during lights on all 4 looking healthy and fine I just can’t decide if i should drop 400w and have ideal temperatures or use the extra 400w and have canopies above ideal temps. discuss...
  4. I currently grow in a loft. Temps can get obscene during the winter and the summer. Loft growing is an Extreme sport I will say!!! Ive used 100mm kingspan between all joists but temps get too high and i think my girls are suffering, I'll post some pics later when its drink time. Girls flower during our nighttime so the temps are cooler however, the girls nighttime (our day time) can be very hot. I used aircon last year but to not much use, it only reduced it down a couple of degrees and burnt a massive hole in my pocket, i was nearly chomping through 6kw per hour everyday.....soon adds up!!! Im toying with the idea of going LED - I like the maxibright 600w daylight led however is too big for my current 1x2x2 tent, it has a footprint of 1.1m squared. I may upgrade to a 1.2 x 2.4m tent but I was thinking I might ditch the tent and swap so my girls flower during our daytime so I can make use of the excess heat with my led and the girls would be cooler at night time. If i ditch the tent and just use the loft space, there's more room for air circulation and more head height. Thinking of lights on at 9am and off at 9pm. This is a summer only fix, in winter, i would return to the safety of my tent and heater
  5. First, thanks to all who posted information on this forum. Very helpful. I have just started doing environmental testing for my setup and I am currently fighting heat issues, wondering if anyone can spot any mistakes. My setup is: Dr120 in a smallish room (with 1 window left ajar and 1 door closed with gaps frame in the allow some air flow through room) 600W magnetic ballast (placed outside of room) 1m parabolic reflector (raised to the ceiling as much as possible). 6 inch CAN fan (470m3) for an exhaust. Exhaust vented through approx 3 meter ducting to a discreet window adapter (6inch circle to rectangle converted which ive taped to the bottom of the window sill. Its not perfect, but I put a blind down the close it off as much as possible in the vertical direction, and also have a curtain behind the blind which I can pull across to close off the horizontal, so that the only gaps are just around the rectangular exhaust, and also small gaps around blinds. This is to maintain some room airflow. 4 inch CAN fan (270m3) for an intake as well as opening some passive vents to regulate pressure to just about maintain negative pressure to ease fan stress. The 4 inch active intake is routed up through the attic (via about 15 meters ducting - its ridiculous it even works at all with this poor fan) and out to fresh air. My outside duct is fixed at 4 inch, otherwise I may have considered going from 6inch exhaust-4inch intake to 8inch exhaust-6inch intake. SMS fan controller hooked up to both the intake/exhaust fan. little clip on fan in the tent. For example today I started with 19 degrees room temp /55 RH with nothing on. I then fired everything up and the temp started rising and the humidity started falling. Nothing I do seems to be able to get the temps down from around 32-33 deg C in the tent, with about 23 deg C in the room. I hung some wet teatowels in there and this only bumped the RH levels up a few percent before the teatowels dried. Now one meter reads "--" and the other 21%. What is the consensus on parabolic reflectors? It seems most people think they are cooler than horizontals, but I have also read that they restrict heat flow (which I can feel with my hand). Are paras used mainly in bigger spaces with more space around the shade to suck away the heat? If they can be used in smaller tents, is the heat flow issue not an issue - How does one get around this? - Ive seem people blowing air at the reflector, which I tried, but no luck. If the solution to this is more extraction, then how can I limit the reduction in humidity, as I am already struggling with humidity. I suppose any output of the humidifier will just get sucked up by the exhaust fan. Whilst my teatowel idea worked a bit, i fear it is not sustainable Would the tent get much more naturally humid from having plants in there when the time comes? What kind of temp differential would you expect as normal in the above setup between the tent and the room the ten is in? 9-10 degC difference with intake and exhaust running flat out seems high. Thanks for any suggestions info in advance guys. This forum has been really helpful so far, just reading everyones comments. I'm trying to avoid an AC, as then I will be heating up the world with my slightly ajar window and recently modified door frame with air gaps (for the exhaust, I have no other option to vent out window as there is no outlet in the roof for a 6 inch, and I don't want to blow it directly into the loft, possibly blowing air back into the house). It doesn't strike me that with 600W in a 1.2m tent with outside temps of 19degC/54 % RH I should be having problems, but alas, I am! I am pretty sure it is because I am effectively double wrapping the light with a tent in a room, but its all I can do for now. Cheers
  6. hi growers my name is sacha i live in thailand at 40 degrees celsius / 104F No Air Con. which indoor cannabis strain can handle this heat 40 degrees celsius / 104F and still give a good harvest? like Satori from Mandala Seeds. please only specify indoor cannabis strain that are very heat resistant reg. fem. (no autoflower) peace and love
  7. Hey all, I've started my first growth 10 days ago. My set up is: 1x1x2m tent 600W dual spec HPS with narrow reflector Black Orchid Mixed-flo 100 filter kit as exhaust system 6" dual speed fan 4" in-line fan to bring in fresh air I've been struggling with keeping the right temperature and humidity inside the tent. The lights sit around 22 inches above my seedlings, the temperature is around 30 degree Celcius and humidity around 30%. The exhaust system running at around 70%power, intake fan 50% and 6" fan at top speed. Can any one give me some advice on how to bring it under control please. My plants are already starting to suffer and edges are curling up. Thank you
  8. Hello. Looking for recommendations on heat mats for keeping me roots cosy. Plan to run it on a spare temp controller I have lying around. Space is small, so looking for something fairly compact and preferably square. I have four 3.5L pots sat on a square saucer measuring ~420mm x 420mm. Saucer is plastic so I'm assuming an insulated mat would be a good idea; the shelf that the saucer sits on is glass. All recommendations welcome! Thank you in advance.
  9. Hi guys I had 2 600w hps lights in my grow room and the temps were max 27 degrees. I have now added another 2 600w hps lights and temps are running 32.7. I have Dinafem xxl autos for this grow and was wanting to follow @blackpoolbouncerDiary quite a bit. The room is approximately 6-7 cubic metres or around 3.8m2 extraction I have 8” hyper phresh stealth fan and mountain air carbon filter. 1 14” circulating fan. 6” in-line fan (that is covered up and switched off for now so I can keep as much negative pressure as possible) There is is a lot of negative pressure in the room the door slams shut if you have it a few inches away so I thought this would keep the temps below 30 but it is a smallish room. Without changing the extraction system (which is brand new and not cheap) is there a way I can keep the temperatures down a few degrees? i was thinking of getting a portable air-con unit I heard you need to get 4 x the wattage for your lights power in btu so if I have 2400w I need 9600+btu. I have found a decent air con unit near me 10000 btu unit but want to know this will help before I spend even more money? Any other ways to bring the temps down?
  10. I walked into my room. And to my horror the ac was blowing cold. Heater didn’t activate. It was 8°c for 4 hours. I’m using led and they are 10 days into flower. This was two days ago. I’ve give them a bloom feed since and they seem to be praying. So my question is ... what would that have done to my plants. As many say below 10°c will kill the plant
  11. Hi, I am fighting heat at the moment and with regard to air cooled lights and was wondering if anyone has experience with this. Is there is a big benefit to cooling the lights down via a dedicated fan vs using the exhaust fan I already have? Cheers
  12. Hi, I was wondering if anyone here has any examples of the effect of using a portable AC unit within a smallish (3mx3m) room, on grow tent temperature? With the current heat, I am struggling getting the temps down in the tent even when using the T5 prorogation light. I know the BTUs required will depend on many factors, but I am not sure how many BTU's I would need for that space, and thought some indicative examples from the community may help with my guess. Cheers
  13. Hi all; Initially posted this on General Growing questions section of the site, but advised its sits better here (so aplogies for duplication). So I'm brand new to this growing lark and having some issues with my first grow that I'd appreciate some help with as there seems to be so much conflicting advice out there! I'm still learning and reading as much as I can, so please be gentle! I've established a loft grow for stealth reasons. I've built a grow box approx 80x80x120cm high from timber, clad in ply with glass wool insulation. This is lined with Mylar to reflect the lights. Exhaust ventilation is via a SwiftAir 4" carbon filter attached to a TT100 inline fan. Lighting is 8x 30w CFL bulbs which are suspended a few inches above the 4 girls in 12" pots on a 20/4 cycle. To reduce heat issues, the 4 sleep hours are 11-3 in what should be the warmest part of the day. I'm growing autoflower Lowryder EasyRyder (fem) strains as these were recommended for a first timer. Initially I went with 2 x 4" passive intakes and a SwiftAir 4" inline fan (Amazon purchase) as the exhaust, but temperatures in the growbox were hitting 40C! I should point out that loft temperatures in this heatwave are hitting the mid thirties which I understand is way too high. My local Hydro store advised using the SWiftAir fan (pretty crappy, you get what you pay for!) as an active intake and adding the more powerful TT100 as the exhaust. The intake fan has a length of ducting bringing cooler air from the eaves which is noticably cooler when I place my hand over the fan outlet (this to try and combat th ehigh ambient loft temperatures). However, temperatures in the box are still hitting 32/33C at peak I've even tried a diy swamp cooler of wet sponges in a shallow water-filled dish in front of the intake fan which has brought humidity up (36% from 25% without), and now at a loss as to what to do next. Will my girls be badly effected by this heat? Does anyone have any solutions to the problems? I'v ebeen advised I may be better off ditching the CFL's and going for a dual band HPS 250w - will thsi produce less heat? Really appreciate your advice (Here's hoping)!
  14. Hi all Just a question, I am in a loft and just wondered what other people prefer to do with regards to having light come on at night time or in the day. I usually used to have them on in the day, but I noticed with that weird heatwave last week when suns out the loft gets very warm, and my temps were above 30 degree. Does it make more sense to have the lights come on in the evening so it isnt as warm. I am thinking this will also be beneficial in winter as it will help keep temps up in the coldest part of night. Does anybody know if it is cheaper in Kw/h to use lekky at night rather than daytime, and another fear of mine (although it SHOULD NOT be), is that helicopter seeking hot rooms with thermal imaging. Not that anyone in the world should be arsed about my 8 plant percy grow that helps me combat mental and physical ailments, but the thought does often come to mind. They always seem to be out at night when it flies around. Just wonder what people think and what they do with their light shedules. I have set mine to come on at 8pm and go off at 8am. MMT
  15. Slightly odd request but one I am sure many of us have had to deal with in the past... How do I slow down my vegin plants until my flowering plant finishes. I took four cuts from the plant I am currently flowering, and three have rooted fine and I have started them going again... I have a fairly small veg area but it won't accommodate 6 weeks of growth with three plants, so I need to slow them down without harming them. I've managed to stop plants before, but not deliberately and not without doing them harm . So, rthe question is, can I slow their metabolism rather than stunt their growth? My plan so far... I have had them on 24/7 while rooting, so I plan to drop that back to 18/6 to give them less light. I also plan to drop down from 20 watt to a 15 watt cfl and keep them on a light feed... I thought it might also be a good idea to top them multiple times to keep them down - can I take more height off without damage? Any insights would be very welcome!
  16. Really need some advice... Since Friday or Saturday this #1 has been looking very dodgy indeed... The grow is in coco using ionic nutes; the plant is under 150watt HPS and the lights are around 1ft above the canopy. So, everything was going well after this plant recovered from what seemed to be nute burn very early on - details in my diary - I flushed and it picked up well. Then, on Friday, I noticed that new growth was small and tight - new leaves were coming in very small and not growing out to the size of the old leaves. Then the old leaves began to yellow from the bottom of the plant up... Two leaves have also shown some spotting... Maybe paranoia, but I'm seeing multiple deficiencies in this plant and that leads me to think its perhaps an environmental issue... Temps have been reasonable - never falls below 22 lights off (av temp 24 lights off) though it has been getting a bit hot during lights on, though not more than 30c. Feed is 0.8ec... Thoughts: it may be calcium deficient - I'd been messing around uping and downing the ec on pre-made feed for a few days, though I did not add additional calmag. I changed to a better regulated feeding regime, though I cannot get my temps to settle into a more reliable and consistent 26c lights on... Very many thanks for any insights, suggestions (aside from binning it - I'd like to save it if I can)! Cheers!
  17. Hi all, I am new the the growing scene and am looking at a maybe a 3ft x 3ft x 6ft apollo grow tent with a mars hydro 600w led light. Would the led light produce the heat for the plants? What else do you suggest I go for as I haven't decided. This will.be my first grow, the easiest place for me to grow would be outside in my barn so I am concerned about the temp going down during the night. Any feedback is appreciated! Thanks Also how many plants do you think I could fit into that size tent?
  18. So, like the title says, what is the heat from an LED like compared to an HPS? LEDs are supposedly considerably cooler than an HPS, but I want to know the truth from anyone who's run them both. I currently grow in a cabinet with approx. 40 x 70 x 150cm of plant space from the highest the lamp can go, down to the bottom where the plants sit. I currently use a 250w but the cab can tend to heat up especially this time of year. I'm looking into LED lighting as an option, but will stick to HPS if the heat is going to be about the same. Anyone's experiences would be appreciated. Peace.
  19. Hi, using 400w hps in a 1.2 x 1.2 x 2m tent. It was 36C in there lihts on and 28C off. I changed my intake fan to be a 2nd extractor, improvised a passive intake, bought an air cooling unit and put it in but I still can't get it below 33C lights on and my plants apear to have stopped growing Any advice will be welcome. I'm running a 4inch Can Fan extraction unit to an open window and I've moved my hot ballast out of the room. Am running out of ideas
  20. Apologies if this has been beaten about already but I think i'm a give it a go, all I need is a poly box...... http://www.todayinmanila.com/2015/03/how-to-make-improvised-air-conditioner.html#.VZZiGHgk_zI Atb JTS
  21. I have a friend who is doing their first legal grow in America, however his internet has crashed so he has contacted me to try and find a solution. The Problem is heat! It is a stealth cabinet grow currently with a 125w dual spectrum for 2 plants in 5l pots. They understand that this might not be the best set up but its what they have. Apparently temps usually sit around 85'F or 29.5'C which is quite hot on its own but temps have reached 111'F or 44'C on the odd occasion. The temps are being measured at the average height of the plant, Apparently they are around 2 weeks old (from sprouting) and are an autoflower strain. They haven't browned or discolored and are still a health green and growing daily, however some of the leaves are curling up at the edges and some apparently seem to be almost spiraling around ( not curling under but twisting sideways) not massively but a little. There are 2 80mm PC fans ,one intake and one outtake, which more than cover the cfm needed for the space. So what do you think he should do to reduce the temps? Add two more PC Fans? Also if they were do do this, roughly speaking one fan is in a bottom corner and the other is in the opposite top corner, would the two extra fans if they were to be attached on the opposite side of the cabinet be placed so that the intake are both at the front and outake both at the back or so that both intakes are say bottom right on each side, so from the front one would be near the front and one near the back? Add a PC fan inside to increase circulation? Reduce light hours as they are currently running 20/4 - 20 on and 4 off Also can anyone recommend any threads about building scrubbers/ carbon filters? Would a carbon cooker hood filter work? As apparently it has started smelling not of full flower but a smell they would like to remove. Thanks in advance for any replies!
  22. Hi guys So this is my situation. I have a 2.4 meter x 3.6 meter x 2 meter budbox pro grow tent sitting in my living room. Inside the budbox I have a 24 pot 20L Alien RDWC system fitted with a water chiller. I have 6 x 600w (dim-able to 400w and over clock to 660w) lights in regular reflectors (not air cooled) In terms of air circulation and extraction I have a 10" Isomax can fan extracting the tent to the kitchen and a 6" Isomax can fan drawing cold fresh air in from a vent outside the property. I also have a standard oscillating fan inside. I have the 10" and 6" Isomax's connected to a smscom hybrid 4 amp controller with the min set to 3 and the max set to 5 (max) and the temperature set to 25 C and the sensors are set at the canopy top Still with me..... The problem I have is that although the sides of the tent are pulled in with what I think is "negative pressure" and the fact that I have invested in quality gear and done the math regarding room size and fan performance, I still have temperature of 27 C (80.6 F) Not too bad I hear you say, but here's the issue. I only have 4 of the lights on and they are set to 400w I have not tried all the lights at 600w yet because I didn't want to stress my cuttings out too much as they are new in the system. Please help me guys. I am thinking of buying some air cooled shades but I was told by the (well known internet company) that I would not need them because of the fans and the controller (which cost a fortune) I have got my PH to 5.9 my water temp at 19 C my EC is at 9.1 my humidity is 45 % Canna nutes The plants look okay ( they were brought cuttings but were shit due to over feeding and leaf burn) So they are perking up now but I really need to sort this heat issue out as I am going to flick over to flower in about a week and want to maximize my investment so to speak. No point spending all this money and only being able to run 1600w for 24 plants is it? I want to run 3600w and hopefully achieve a return of 2 kilo of dried bud. So what am I doing wrong? Please help guys Kind regards oldstickymicky
  23. Hey UK420, First and foremost great site ! I have experience growing using the secret jardin tents namely dr60/90 using 250w / 400w light setups. I used to have a vent in a utilty cupboard which I used as an inlet with a PC fan to control temps and had it dialled in. I recently have moved and run my dr60 / 250w setup fine in my upstairs spare room. I have just bought the kit listed in the thread title and need some help with ventilation. I have a 6" Rhino filter and an adjustable 6" TT fan. Currently I have the following config - CF / Fan / Hood / Out of tent. The heat builds up in my spare room and does not sufficiently keep the tent in an acceptable range. Last night when doing a test temps hit 90F :-( Now I have been reading and decided / realised I need to either arrange an intake (active) or / and venting the tent exhaust out of my spare room. Using the window isn't really an option due to stealth and needing access to the window. My only real option is venting into the attic. It is a new build house so the ventilation up there appears to be pretty good. My fear was it getting damp up there and creating mold etc. I spoke to a mate that ran a 1000w in his attic and he said this wasn't an issue BUT i don't want to have the tent up there. I plan on growing either 6/9 autos in 11L pots. I am about to go and have a good poke around up there (giggidy) to see what the deal is but would really appreciate help from those who have experience in these matters. TIA BtS
  24. So the days are going to over 30 im on 18/6 autos flowering plenos vegging. Usually lights off at midday back on at 6pm, this is going to be a problem for the next few days if today was anything to go by, 30 was garage temps at 6pm before lights on intake will only suck in hot air in a hot garage by late afternoon so on days like this I find it easier to knock off a few hrs and run 15/9 from 9pm and wait it out for temps to drop before going back to 18/6. Its not ideal but its better than frying them I guess. Dont want to buy an aircon just for a few days a year, any tips out there from garage growers ?
  25. Just wondered what may cause a female plant in week 7 of flowering? Strain is Royal Queen Shining Silver Haze, there's no males present, but took a little sample from bottom of plant for purely testing purposes and discovered a handful of seeds, not fully developed but the pods had started to harden to mature seeds! Probably out of approx 2gs +\-10 seeds were discovered... Would high temps cause this to happen? Other stress factors? Or is this a quirk of the strain? Any thoughts anyone?