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Found 13 results

  1. I have a few Afghan Pearl growing for the last few months and am ready to harvest them. I think they're ready to harvest, but am wondering if I should leave them a little longer. If I do, can they go past their best? Would it be better to dry them for a long period, perhaps months? How would that affect them? I've read the The Rough Guide To Harvesting And Curing at http://www.uk420.com/boards/index.php?/topic/38959-the-rough-guide-to-harvesting-and-curing/ but still don't really understand the benefits or reason for curing as opposed to simply drying them and then decarbing them in the oven. My other confusion is wondering if curing means leaving them for months in the acid form in the hope they will decarb themselves? Thanks in advance for all advice.
  2. Hey guys and girls. first time growing , and I’m closing in on harvest time. Im growing White diesel haze from White Label Seeds Im getting close to harvest but wanted some extra opinions , I’ll add some photos on the trichomes later on. But judging by these photos how close would you say I am to harvest and when should I start to flush? I’m growing in coco... also I heard autos don’t really get a big yield and I still may not but it’s looking flipping huge , so did I get lucky?
  3. Hi everyone. My next harvest is soon upon me. The exact expected date is 4th December, so I'm keeping an eye on the trichomes now daily. I've read some people begin taking the very large leaves away a few days before the actual harvest. Just for a few more buds to see some light. I've pruned over week 4-5 due to foliage covering bud sites. I have a SCRoG system so I have to balance leaves vs available bud space. I've also seen people say they take the tops off, or the finished done buds first. Then leave the lower sites for a few days. I feel this would be ideal for me, but I worry it could cause stress to the plant. Some people don't like pruning mid-cycle due to stress, I imagine pruning then cutting half the plant off could cause much more stress, ruining the bud that's left.
  4. Please help me I'm a first time grower and I've just harvested the plants smelt amazing and now 3 days in I have this grassy sort of smell with hints of lemon
  5. Hi all. I've just read about 'drying' your harvest underwaterfor 7 days minimum to flush out the crap and then quick dry after the 7 days. Has anyone tried this and does it work? It would suit me down to the ground because I don't really have anywhere to hang my plants but I do have a load of fishtanks big and small as that used to be my 'hobby'. I read that is was an old method but I don't care if it's old or not, just if it works...............Any idea guys? With respect.......Always Cmoon.
  6. Have been growing a plant in the garden using just sunlight water and a bit of bloom during flowering, the top buds looks as though they are pretty much ready but most of the bottom look like they need a while longer. Will this cause them to need harvesting different times or is it ok to wait
  7. Any help please this is my first grow long story short lost tags so don't know the breeds have read books have been about 3 months but because I am a novice I am not sure if I should start final flush on them here are some pics any help would be appreciated
  8. IMG-20170720-090420795.jpg

    From the album are they ready

    here are some closer pics the purple on is small not grown much but looks ready i can see white hairs around the buds the other look the same white hairs haven't grown any taller in about a month
  9. this is my first grow my info tags were lost so i haven't a clue what i have got have been reading books and magazines but not sure when to harvest one friend says one week another says three weeks any help would be appreciated many thanks
  10. hello, i've got those beauty ladies since 8th of june (starting from random bag seeds) and i'm wondering if those are ready ? i started 12/12 on the 26th of august with a 250 HPS light . there are some pictures attached of the 2 plants , can anyone help me to determinate if are ready to harvest or not ? cheers first plant (medium size) second plant (tall size , atleast 1.40 m) thanks evryone for the attention, looking forward for some help ! p.s. i didn't get any magnifier lens or microscope to check the tricomes
  11. Hi guys, here are my girls at 5 or six weeks bloom.... i've looked and the trichs are milky with a touch of amber would u agree they're ready from the pics ? i'm not convinced it's kush , possibly a hybrid...didn't like cloning but was really quick. just wanted to show my buds off .
  12. Hey everyone, I'm harvesting buds that appear to have 95% milky trichs, no amber ones from my Dinafem OG kush plant. its a 55 day flower variety. Im at day 51. check my diary/gallery. Bud sites lower down. only a few inches or so still have white pistils and seem a bit behind. 1. Will cutting a few buds, that I think are ready, slow down the other's via shock ? Tomatoes (which you take when ripe) seem to ripen bottom up, not top down like this. 2. How the hell do you chop a whole plant at the same time ? I'm worried the top will go past it. 3. A plant of the same variety I topped, as experiment, has colas twice as thick but seems about two weeks behind in flower how do I make sure I can harvest this all at once ? 4. Should I wait for any amber trich's or does this strain not go amber? Cheers