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Found 78 results

  1. I had five plants in my greenhouse (mainly pineapple express autos), probably about a week or two from harvest (about 20% trichomes gone cloudy, rest still clear). The first got mouldy and I pulled it quickly because it anyway was the scrawniest and also had loads of aphids. Mould then got into my best plant which I also quickly pulled but sadly it is now also in my second best plant. I have taken off the mouldy buds but not yet pulled it. I would really like these last two and a half plants to finish properly, and we are forecast that the sun should come back this week so it might just happen. I have put an airblowing heater pointed firstly at some harvested buds to help them dry without going mouldy (mould was near/on these buds but I severely trimmed it away) and behind them the plant that I took mould branches off but left the rest. Next to it (out of picture) are two more plants which I would also love to get to maturity but I'm really scared about the mould getting them also. The drying buds are at 50 degrees C and the plant behind at about 40 C which I figure will protect from mould without killing it. I'm planning to sit tight like this, check very carefully for new mould every day, and cross my fingers. But tips much appreciated - should I just accept mould spread is inevitable and pull the lot early?!? I don't care about taste. I mainly only vape and make edibles. The main things I care about are potency and longevity (I'm still vaping 2018 weed and hope this will also last a few years).
  2. harvest

    Need help. Planning a guerilla grow this year but have nowhere to dry my bud if all is successful. I like to plan ahead and not leave myself stuck so has anyone any experience outdoor drying or any ideas I can do it not in my home it would be a great help.
  3. Hey so I’ve just spotted a few of these balls on my plant. I’m around 2-3 weeks away from harvest and I’m literally freaking out now Here’s the balls ive seen and here’s my plant would it be better just to chop it down now before the pollen spreads ? Or should I just see it out for the next few weeks?
  4. I found a good spot beside a corn field that hasn’t been planted yet I need some tips on growing in or beside the corn field if yous have any experience let me know ✌️✌️☀️ I seen rgsc done this a couple years ago, should I add some soil to the soil that’s in the ground ?
  5. Hey guys and girls. first time growing , and I’m closing in on harvest time. Im growing White diesel haze from White Label Seeds Im getting close to harvest but wanted some extra opinions , I’ll add some photos on the trichomes later on. But judging by these photos how close would you say I am to harvest and when should I start to flush? I’m growing in coco... also I heard autos don’t really get a big yield and I still may not but it’s looking flipping huge , so did I get lucky?
  6. Just an appreciation post for the info this site has provided, as this wouldn't have been possible without it
  7. Hey Guys back with another question. I'm nearing harvest time now and i'm super excited about my first grow. All has gone as well as i expected it too , there's been a couple problems, although they quickly got sorted out , thanks to some advice i got on here. so my question , i've seen a lot of videos where the grower has done a pretty major leaf thinning about a week or so prior to harvest and they've all said its so the light can hit the lower buds for a little while just whilst they are ripening up. Although i've never seen this done with Autos .... my girls are pretty bushy so i was wondering what you guys think? will it effect the plant at this late stage, am i get to leave it or do you think it might do the lower buds some good ?
  8. Afternoon all, Today's the day i'm going to chop my first DWC - HSO The New . Obviously i want to get amazing results so i want the best environment available for drying. Current tent environment is : Temps - 17ºc > 21ºc RH - 50-65% - with dehumidifier on it brings it down to 55% but increases temp to 22-3ºc. This is with the extraction set to 40% which is too much for drying. I have lowered extraction to 10% to see if that increases RH and so far it's staying steady 61% RH & 20ºc daytime and around 17ºc night time. Anything else i should be looking out for??? I read not to put a fan in the tent as it'll dry the buds out too quick. I have a few bug colas and wanna avoid getting bud rot etc so wondering it's best to put the bigger colas by the intake or in the middle of the tent to get an even dry? Trim the big fan leaves off? How much? All of them? Also read not to remove the leaves as it'll dry out too quick? So many questions Any advice would be appreciated! Much love!
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  10. Hello good people, I don't know the breed of this plant, found the seed in some stuff my mate was smoking. This is my first grow and I'm unsure when it's ready to flush n harvest and what the best way to cure is. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also any tips for next time will help as I have a couple auto seeds on the way. i tried to attach a photo but can't seem to be able to but the little white stems at the top have started to go orange/brown but all the rest are still fairly translucent.
  11. Hi all, I'm looking to pull my grow asap as it's in poly outside and light is sparse and doesn't look like it's improving anytime soon. Temps are also dipping. Here are some of the latest pics, 1-22. I will take more tomorrow if I haven't pulled the already. Thanks for any help, it's greatly appreciated
  12. Bubblicious cola semi trimmed

    From the album Summer 2019

  13. Hey all, I recently saw a video on here with Cervantes using a Hydrogen Peroxide (3% solution further diluted) Bath to wash off buds of numerous contaminants. Interested in peoples views and opinions on this practice at harvest and any experiences? Thanks
  14. Hi Guys, I am growing an Auto Flower BCN Critical XXL. I have already harvested the larger buds closer to the light. However I have many smaller buds lower down and I wonder if they are ready to harvest? I can see loads of milky trichomes in this photo but no amber ones as of yet.
  15. Mango bubble cloud nug

    From the album Summer 2019

  16. Snips

    From the album Summer 2019

  17. Gelato Main Cola chopped

    From the album Sweet Gelato Auto

  18. Hi my fellow green fingered friends! I’m trying to plan ahead for the harvest...my ladies have recently gone out into the wild...admittedly harvest is still a few months off. I am estimating, should everything go to plan and they don’t get ripped or found ill have about somewhere in the region of 100oz. Surprisingly in the bounty of info that is this site I could find an estimate of how much bud I could dry successfully in a particular size tent. Currently I only own a 60x60x60 size tent (no fan or carbon filter) for starting off the ladies for a few weeks before going into the wild, so I can’t imagine that will be of much use. My question is whats the best setup for a dedicated drying tent? I’ll happily get a dedicated tent, fan and filter to avoid any smell and not put my liberty at risk, however if someone could advise me the size tent I’m likely to require and the size fan and filter please? As I’m running 6 different strains I’m aware they won’t all finish at the same time, but I’d rather err on the side of caution and have a big enough tent just in case. another thread suggested a 4inch fan for extraction into a carbon filter would be best - anything more may dry out the bud too quickly, however there were no specifics on the size of that harvest, so I can’t be sure that will apply. If anyone could recommend a particular brand of fan or filter and the appropriate size, I would be grateful. Hopefully I’ll have a bounty to last me years to come...hopefully! It’s all down to the green gods! Appreciate the help and advice