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Found 3 results

  1. Ive just moved over to growing in coco from soil. I quite like the speed it grows, and its because its clean and tidy. Ive never done a full coco grow until now. This is the 2nd grow and 4 years since the last time. Im not bothered about the feeding thats fairly simple. What I am struggling with is the pot sizing for water retention. At the mone tim in 11l pots that are taking 2l every day in veg. The run off is good and my plants are thriving as they pretty much always do. Im mixing a lot of water/nutes and I want to reduce this. With my veggers and other bits and bobs im doing 2 bucket fulls (14/15L) on 5 main plants and 6 other small ones. Ive just bought 6.5L pots and want to try growing smaller plants. My general average in coco has been about 170/180 gms per plant in the past from 11l litre pots, but i dont remember them drinking this much already, theyre not that big. BTW Im not running at 93, I just balanced the thermometer on the top of the shade for a minute ot two to untangle my sensor cable... Anyway I wanted to get some opinions of what other people do pot wise - smaller? Bigger? whats the general feel from you experts?
  2. Hi people sorry if this is in the wrong section I'm a newbie here. But just got a couple growing questions and thought you lot could help me out. All the info about my setup is in my profile, grow diary to come soon when I upgrade my mobile phone to take and upload decent pictures. Would I be OK not ph'ing my solution as I'm in soil? Do I need to have my window open in the room letting fresh air in? Can I give cannazym now along with Terra Vega and root stimulant? (Clones about 1-2 weeks old) That's all for now hopefully someone could help me
  3. Hey fellow Humans :-) first a bit of background..... Doing my first coco grow, all of my others have been in a peat based mix (cann terra prof +) to be precise...... 12 pots under x3 600w HPS..... My water is fairly hard, using tap with a background reading of 0.4 ec!! Using vitalink Coir (hard water) grow/bloom nutes, vitalink biopack, rhizotonic, some fulvic acid, and plant magic Magnecal + and when i reach the stage where needed Canna boost and PK13/14...... they are currently on an EC of around 1.5 (including background EC) and PH of 5.7/5.8!! I flipped to 12/12 4 days ago, roots were bursting out the bottom of the pots (never had that in peat mix) so assumed the root system was good to go for flowering cycle!!, They had been in the 15l pots for about 2 weeks at this point and had been potted up twice before hitting the 15l pots!! Ok so the thing that's freaking me out somewhat is a feeding schedule,,, From what i have read it appears their is more than one way to skin a cat with regards to a feeding schedule in Coco... First thing i have had to get my head around since moving from a peat mix is feeding at every watering, in peat i would water/water/feed or feed/feed/water etc. basically depending on the plants needs and stage of growth... But the main thing that is frying my noodle is HOW OFTEN!!!! People are saying every day, twice a day, every 2 days or until the pot becomes light (which is what i did in peat).. As it stands the pots are feeling pretty much saturated for AT LEAST 2 days, to gauge this i'm lifting the pots and feeling the weight!! Currently when im feeding i give them on average around 3.5 liters, this gives me a 10/20% runoff which appears to be what most peeps are saying is good practice!! Do i need to concern myself with the saturation of the pots?? My take on things as they stand is that pot weight = water,,,, water = nutes and nutes = available food for the plant, am i wrong in thinking this,,, Should i not worry about the pot saturation and go ahead and water every day with less volume of water, say about 2 liters and if so then what are the benefits of doing it this way.... My main fears are,,, will i be over watering causing my girls to droop etc and ultimately is it necessary to be replacing nutrients that are still in the pots from the previous feed, seems like a waste!!! My plants are looking good right now, growing what i've been told is a lemon skunk/haze?? and critical kush!! the lemon is looking great, nice and green, yet the critical is showing slight signs of Cal/mag def which to be honest was the same when growing in peat mix!! think that this may just be down to it being hungry for cal or mag or both, still experimenting with this and seem to have halted it's progress with a couple of foliar feeds of magnecal + although they still aren't looking as lush green as i would like!! Also,,, growth has not quite been as epic as i'd imagined it would be in coco and wondered if i am causing this in any way!! Any way thanks for reading and any advise/comments would be greatly appreciated :-)