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Found 13 results

  1. Hey guys, first time guerrilla here. What a terrible season this year. Doesn't look like I picked the best season to give this a go. After losing 4 of the 6 that I started with to slugs (GRrrrr) I've ended up with two healthy looking ladies (or at least I thought so) albeit stunted due to the complete lack of sun for the majority of the summer (and probably some inexperience to boot). However upon my latest visit I noticed many yellow spots on the bigger of the two (in early stages of flowering), just effecting the leaves up top. Obviously got me worried. Had a little internet search and seems it's most likely either too much/little nutes or leaf septoria, which I haven't heard of until now. So if anyone could help me diagnose this and figure out if it's something I should be worried about and what I can do to try and stop it spreading if it is an infection. I admit I got these two plants mixed up at some stage but I'm 98% sure she's a Mighty Gold BX1 from RGSC which I believe is a Semi-Auto. I'm growing in a bramble patch which I understand can have drawbacks. I wonder if this could be the cause? Any help massively appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Hey folks, This season will be my very first attempt, and since I got some great advice in my post a few weeks back about finding spots I thought I'd try it again. So I have 3 potentially 4 spots that are good, but as is the nature of my location, they aren't as stealthy as they could/should be. Unfortunately though, options are limited (also someone else is already occupying all the best spots for miles) so I really do need to visit as little as I possibly can, and need to be able to prepare the plots in the easiest and least fussy way possible. They are all good South facing spots and will get plenty of sun, but have the disadvantage of being in the general vicinity of crop fields, so hopefully no nasty chemicals in the soil or in the air later down the line. I'm also not in a position to start them at home so will be putting seeds straight out (after popping of course). With all that in mind, what are the chances of success if I turn over the soil already there and just let nature take its course without adding anything at all at any stage of growth? Has this ever worked for anyone? The soil around here looks half decent, maybe a little on the clayey side. However a friend of mine who has tried to grow nearby many years ago told me the soil here is very difficult to work with and his advice would be to use fabric pots in my locations rather than any of the native soil. Also that it gives the option of moving them if necessary. Is this solid advice? I genuinely wouldn't know where to start with making my own soil mix for a fabric pot, so any suggestions would be very much appreciated. Perhaps since it's my very first attempt buying a pre-mixed soil would be my best bet. In that case any particular brands I should be looking for? Cheap and cheerful is best. Cheers guys
  3. Funny thing happened today as I was walking my dog over the fields, i am fortunate enough that my family own 1000acres out in the countryside and as I do most days I was out with my dog walking through a bit of the woodland area and as you get to the far side of the wood the tree's thin out and it's an excellent place for the sun. south facing and I was actually going to plant there this year but hadn't had the time. So anyway my dog starts barking like crazy and I thought he had seen a rabbit but no,crouching behind a tree stump I see someone hiding. I asked him to come out and asked what he was doing, his reply was "I'm just out on a country walk" so I replied "well I'm sorry but this is private land" now this location is a long way from any road so I knew something was up! It's one of those areas us growers look for I noticed his back pack then I took a look around and noticed the soil was different in areas there were some canes on the floor and yes the beloved chicken wire! At this point he started getting a little panicky and rather than play dumb I just came out and said to him "your a grower ain't you mate" he seemed astonished I had been so blunt but his reply was "yes mate" he then proceeded to apologise and said he will go and he's sorry for trespassing to which I replied don't bother your alright. To cut the story short we shared a smoke which he said was his speciality haze cut, we spent a good two or three hours chatting exchanging story's etc and this guy is in his 50's and been growing longer than I've been alive so I was soaking up the information he had to share and now I've give him full permission to use the land and even give him a key to a gate so he can get a car a little closer. The only condition I've set is for him to teach me everything he knows so it's a Win Win. He asked what made me want to grow so I explained about my illness and that cannabis helps to relieve some of the pain and helps my muscles relax. He then said we will split the crop in my favour to which I declined and said I'm more interested in learning the art of growing than having half of the crop and I think I earnt his respect at that point. However as we all do we always doubt someone at some point so yes he could come along and take the crop and disappear and would have to find a new spot next year or he can share his knowledge and grow treble the amount of plants he intended and come back every year We've exchanged numbers and are meeting up tomorrow an I'm taking him round other parts of the land to get some more plots as even though it's our land and no one really ventures onto it, the age old rule comes into play....don't place all your egg's into one basket! Enough rambling from me I just wanted to share it with you guys and get your opinions. Am I being extremely stupid or could it be the start of something brilliant?
  4. After spending a small amount of time in the south of spain i was wondering if its possible to do a successful guerrilla grow in the wild. From what i remember the surrounding country side is dry and baron as fuck due to the roasting summers they have. I tend to see people growing in gardens and back yards. Can anyone tag our Spanish or Portugese growers in this thread? @InTheSystem@bigbadbudboi @Malagueno Me and my partner are considering leaving the UK after October. So its possible we could settle in the south of Spain or Portugal. Tell me what you think. Cheers Tom
  5. This is my grow i know its a small greenhouse but its all i can have for my space, will be putting more outdoor in woods too, i made my own soil with everything in it i used black magic potting soil and biobizz light mixed together and have just been watering only. i have 3 auto flower chemdawg and one lemon and one ami and the other one i dont know the strain, sorry i am starting this abit late
  6. Hi everyone this is my first post on here and will be looking for some help. I got 3 freebie seeds from advanced female seeds, ice breaker, honeysuckle and super cheese. Has anyone grown these outdoors if so how did they go?
  7. I'm about to embark on my first grow, I want to Guerrilla grow. I live about lat 51 in a quite remote, south facing spot. I'm having trouble finding a strain suitable for my requirements (I think I'm being too picky): * Short germination to harvest period (auto flowering). * A relatively high THC level I know this can be tricky seeing as a lot of the strains I've been looking at are mixed with ruderalis which I believe is quite low in THC. * Fairly easy for me to grow. * A decent yield I couple of quick flowering strains I've looked at are Royal Queens Seeds' Quick One and Royal Dwarf. Sensei Seeds' Early Skunk looked like a strong contender however some people on the forum said the seeds were dodgy. Thanks for the help:)
  8. High guys and gals I've had a successful harvest indoors a fair few times now.....outdoors not so much. Anything from it snowing in May, to nosey dog walkers and Police finding them, I'm yet to have a successful crop outdoors. But this year was going to be different! Yeah, was it fuck! Back in May I sowed 5 Nirvana Swiss Cheese which were started indoors under natural light. All was going very well but to cut a long story short they basically all got eaten by presumably deer or rabbits. Just my bloody luck. So I've ordered some autos in a desperate attempt to get some smoke. 5 Kannabia Hobbit for their mould resistance and flowering time of 9 weeks and 3 Pyramid New York City, as according to Discreet seeds also have good mould resistance, were cheap as chips and flower in just 8 weeks. My theory was that these would be ready by late October like my Swiss Cheese (R.I.P) would be anyway. But now I'm worried that it's already August and I'll get bugger all from them. I was reluctant to the idea of autos in the first place let alone this late. Should I just wake up to the fact that I've missed the boat and save the beans for a more likely harvest next year? Or do you think I should stop fannying about, invest in some chicken wire and give them a punt? I'm in the South of the UK by the way at lat 51. Unfortunately growing indoors is not a possibility for me anymore in my current housing situation. If it was I would have some Exodus Cheese in bloom as we speak!!! Any advise on the matter would be much appreciated as outdoor growing isn't exactly my area of expertise. Thanks, Sensi
  9. These pics were taken 2-3 weeks before harvest. Swiss Cheeses Biggest yielders yet. Serious bud density and bag appeal. Fruity smell, mixed hybrid smoke. Almost as potent as Biddy Early. Consistently massive from seed, fast and banging. Dud density was high so 10-15% losses in a wet October of 2013 on the 21st @ Lat51/52The indica structure buds made me expect it would be alot worse in all that wet. Fair few 8-10 oz plants made up for numerous others crappers. LIke Seedsmans Power Africa which was way too late and these'fems' were nearly all male too! His Mamma Mia was crappy too. Put me right off Seedsman now. The Swiss Cheese began flowering into September and it was slow starting, it looked unlikely to finsh for quite a while and then the flowers really piled on and did me proud in the last 2-3 weeks. Never grown anything so dense except Erdpurt's Golfball pheno. Blew my mind at the time as it doubled my Maximum yield pp! I would always grow it if it finished earlier but with outdoor drying i want earlier stuff for now.. Perfect Germination rates too and high vigour from the start outdid all other strains. Its problem tho was weak stems and branches. These were splitting off the plants due to those big heavy colas and winds. Staking main stems and netting/ circling in string was necessary. Aswell as first aid... Good quality esp for the price.. I grew 20-25. Due to their high vigour these are a good cavalry strain for replacement of early season failures and deaths as they will accelerate up to match or outsrip earlier planted plants of other strains i reckon. Really quite weak stems for there size Worth doing some if you can dry indoors. If grown in 2014 in that place some would have hit 14 oz pp or more!!
  10. Hi guys. This is year is my first year growing outdoors guerrilla style. I have done endless amounts of research on plot selections, preparation and management however i am having difficulty selecting that one (or two) strains from my already narrowing strain selection. Both plots currently receive sunlight at 10/10;30 am till dark in winter and are very open. Being a first timer i am looking to grow 20 plants over 3 plots (expecting to loose some through failure to germinate and pests 20-40% ) and aiming to yield 1oz per plant on average. After planting into the ground they will very much be left to it as i will only be able to visit 2-3 times during veg,flowering and budding stage before harvest due to work. I was immediately attracted to the super autos specifically fast and vast however i cannot find anything about mould resistance. What are they like? Auto Frisian dews have very mixed reviews as to mould resistance so if anybody on here has grown outdoors at my lat please go into detail how they fared. The other strains in contention are; auto mazar, northern lights and tundra. I realize Autos are a grey area and you may be asking; why not just grow feminised photos? and the answer is i am going travelling at the end of august so i cant What do you feel i should use?
  11. hi everyone, ive been reading around for a whyle now and ive decided on purp maroc to do my first guerrilla with, ive read on here that this strain will do good for my latt.. my question is , if i pop seeds now and put them under t5's unill they have breached the soil for a week.. would it be ok to put them outside in a policarb small green house..i know this is not ideal to start them off but thats what im planning on (or not depending on your feedback),, has anyone done something similar to this and worked? and im not to late am i? i hope not any advise off anyone will be much appreciated.. this is my first post so please be gentle..
  12. Ok, so this is my first ever post on uk420. What inspired me to post is my experience so far preparing for my first GG. Just a quick introduction, i first smoked weed when i was 14 enjoyed it with friends, all innocent fun. Come adulthood i learned to potential in cannabis' medicinal qualities and so was inspired to be a part of the uk movement in some way. Although its not currently legal or reasonable to set up a medical farm and dispensery in the UK i wasn't to let it stop me so i came across GG'ing and knew i was going to pursue it. After much research and revision i'd come to understand what an undertaking it was going to be, or so i thought, first tip: its likely that until you've completed your first grow you will not understand the amount of work and discipline it will take to pull of a successful harvest so bear that in mind. So anyway, i'd "scouted" many locations i thought suitable on google/bing maps and saved them (maybe not advisable, instead write the co-ordinates somewhere safe) and had begun to see them on foot. Tip two; never rely on a spot if you've only seen it on google or bing maps, you must go to the location and walk around, inspect and analyse: Are there any signs of human activity? rubbish, footprint, snapped tree branches ect. My experience was that some locations had changed drastically and were no longer viable and new plot locations had opened up, this is because the pictures on these programs are out of date. So ive picked my first plot, ill make it quick, due to too much human activity (snapped braches and tyre tracks) plus unsuitable ground (it floods) and little light this spot although discreet wasn't viable. (This was the same with many others, i'd visited several spots before i found the best ones, google maps was still invaluable). A spot near by however got my interest peaked; an island. I'd read about people suggesting island grows but never seen anyone who had attempted it or at least journaled it. So that same night i decide that early morn i will go to the island, balls to it. I got our blow up boat, a spade (which i stashed in a guitar bag) wellies and all the other gubbins and headed of on my bike. All was going well, my routine was i would arrive, inflate the boat as the sun rose and paddle over with my spade and start digging and prepping, get tired, paddle back, deflate and return home before i was ever missed. The islands was perfect, plently of space, surrounded by trees, and vegetation that cover the raised grow bags i was gonna use and 8 hours of direct sunlight. However, one day, in my blind enthusiasm disaster struck! So, i'd bought my fbb, my steaks, slug pellets and copper tape, ready to take it over and stash it on the island, i put by bag on the boat and slide on after it spade it hand. I pull the spade up and the corner tugs agains the boat, it loses buoyancy and i realise ive gashed the boat and its deflating rapidly beneath me, my bottom half ends up in the water and i'm out of my depth lets just say. I get back to land, bottom half drenched, i wasn't too far out luckily because me and my bag would be under if i were. I get back to shore, stand there in disbelief, seeing the dream melt infront of my eyes and drip down my jeans. I take of the drenched clothing wring it out and mark it down to experience. jokes story i thought, had to share it. I always wonder what would have become of me had i burst the boat returning from the island, i'd probably still be there drinking my own piss and trying to eat the local wildlife. So its not all bad news, turns another area that i hadn't explored deep enough came up trumps and i've found a enormous field of disused land literally carpeted with nettles so the ground must be good. Tip 3; exploring is the key, you can look on google and bing maps for hours but the key it exploring on foot and finding those places that are truly worthy of your plants. My northern light are ready to go out, so i'm gonna scatter them deep into the field in large holes, im looking for some monsters. Gonna get some PM's and they can go out start of may. Reason why the NL's are going out early is because i'm housing them in diy mini cling film greenhouses to help further acclimatise them and hold the pest of till they're ready. Any questions are welcome, and have you got any calamity stories while growing.
  13. Hi all this is my first time growing and I have decided to do it guerrilla style. I'm hoping to have 4 purple marocs as I have heard these are a fairly easy strain to start off with? I will have 2 in one spot and 2 in another. I'm going to mix multi purpose compost with the original soil and plant directly into holes in the ground. I will surround with copper tape and chicken wire at the bases of the plants. Any ideas of how to fend off insects etc? All advice is appreciated as I'm new to this Many thanks