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Found 45 results

  1. Evening everyone, hope everyone’s enjoying the banging weather. Just a quick one. I’ve recently germinated my first seeds via paper towel method for the rgsc comp and the seeds have gone under my T5’s (60 hours later). They’ve been under the lights since midday today, and the plan was to run 15/9 to mimic the sunlight they will get outdoors in 3 weeks time. This will mean my lights are on at midday til 3am. I jumped the gun this morning as some of my taproots were a little longer than I would’ve hoped so I wanted them under lights ASAP. As I did this so hastily, I didn’t really take into account that the lights will be on until 3am (severe gangover, not thinking straight). I should’ve planned ahead and checked them at 6;30am in case they were ready for the 7am start. My first question is, can I ‘reset’ the times I have currently set? In hindsight I would’ve wanted them to come on at 7am and turn off 15 hours later at 10pm. Will resetting and changing the hours of light now, ruin/stunt/stress the plants? None are above soil yet, of course. If it is possible & safe for them, what’s the best way to do it? Leave them on until 3am then off for 4 hours and start again with a new routine at 7am? Or another way? I hope I haven’t messed up too much, and I hope that the above makes sense. Feeling anxious about this one but first time and all so I guess it’s to be expected! Hope to hear back from someone soon so I can relax! GB
  2. harvest

    Need help. Planning a guerilla grow this year but have nowhere to dry my bud if all is successful. I like to plan ahead and not leave myself stuck so has anyone any experience outdoor drying or any ideas I can do it not in my home it would be a great help.
  3. As the title says my leaves are turning white. i put a quick ones auto out on Sunday morning. It had been under L.E.D for 14 days plant is now 16 days old and the leaves are turning white. I know it’s early but just put one out cause I’m very impatient looking to put about 5 more out end of May! Anyone got any ideas of what could be wrong? Should I just give up or is there anything I can do
  4. What’s up guerillas. I’ve tried to stop asking as much questions so I don’t come off as one of them people that expect everything spoon fed but I really need help on this one, as it’s my second attempt at guerilla growing and I’ve not much experience. Is June too late to plant out an autoflower ?? Due to this lockdown I don’t think I will be able to plant out till this is over. Peace guerillas edit: I’m in Ireland so with the way we’re dealing with this we’re expecting to be corona free by June
  5. Hello everyone, Good morning I'm going to be dumping some photos here of cannabis grown under lovely scottish sun and documenting my very simple process a little here although I'm starting late into the grow so didn't want to start a whole diary, any advice is welcome this is my first season so no doubt could have done better somewhere along the line although I done a lot of reading after cracking the seeds. I'm growing old school greenhouse super lemon haze crossed into mandarin cookies r2, bred by locals, both parents were incrediably frosty coated almost white with trichromes, got 30 something of these seeds as a gift but damn slugs killed many as babies!! In the beginning... May 4th Next up, as toddlers. Teenagers.. - Next up, this one was a male, so had to be moved across a main road and shit brass balled it worked out ok, it died to frost though??? - - Now, I made a stupid mistake next up, I fucking moved them all (but 1) indoors as people were telling me it was impossible to grow in Scotland and the greenhouse almost got fucked, nextdoors light was keeping them in veg, plus I live in terrace housing and it was very blatant that I had seven cannabis plants 4ft - 5ft tall stuffed into a plastic greenhouse. - - These plants are dead now, I fucked them up or they got a diesease, I ph'd properly etc, check out my indoor diary for that one, sad times. - - However this slightly odd plant, I took over to where I left the male as an attempt to make seeds, but the male died.. and now days? - - Taken on 21st, Very proud and amazed, damn the nay sayers! shouldn't have listened and should have taken tne entire crop over there so my guerilla plot, I'm heading over this morning for updated pictures, just need to wait on fellow GGer awaking so we can set off.
  6. IMG-20190607-WA0004.jpg

    From the album Guerilla time

    Bulk Bag as a raised bed inside a massive bramble bush. 30 tomato growbags individually walked into the countryside over 3 months. 3 early skunk auto's, 1 shiva skunk auto and an early skunk photo will all be planted once the vermiculite and beneficials have been added to the soil.
  7. So how did you guys get into growing in the great outdoors? What made you come up with the idea? Why did you start? Did you make any vital mistakes? What strain? How many plants? What was your yield? What year did you start? Just curious Provocateur.
  8. I found someones plot today I'm sure! I was out "walking my invisible dog" when I came across it. There was about 30 holes all dug out. I searched the area and found a spade, some bags of manure, chicken wire and half a bottle of Lucozade lol. If this is a guerilla grower preparing for this season then I'm not sure what to do? I personally think this area is way too easy to come across and wouldn't bother if it was me. Advice lads?? Provocateur.
  9. Hi all. I have a fair few Green Poison (not FV) seedlings that are well on there way now (infect they've all entered the vegative stage) Under normal circumstances I wouldn't be germinating so soon for a guerilla grow. However these have somewhat fallen on my lap. Now I need these out of my way soon so I can prepare for my real guerilla projects. So my plan is to whack these out sometime in march and watch them turn into absolute monsters. Years ago I put 2 Purple Maroc's in the ground early March and they were already a decent size and think they started flowering early and then re-vegged. They turned into ridiculous monster plants. I had to keep them up with huge stakes. So I guess my question is, anyone else tried something like this? I'm on my phone and this thing won't let me upload pictures at the moment.
  10. So here maybe a new idea for you all. ive come across something called the Kratky method. A hydroponics system with is just a bucket filled with water and a basket In the lid filled with perlite. Plant in the middle add nutes to water and grow outside. And it works! People have mentioned that stem rot and things would be likely but from what I’ve seen it works amazing and the buds come out beautiful. gas anyone else done this or is it just a lucky break he had? Also thing for Guerilla Growing purposes it’s amazing. Hang a bucket in a tree with an auto.
  11. So my mission begins, a big thanks to all at Dinafem and a big to Mark, once again pulling out all the stops for us seasonal growers I've suffered a real lot the last few months, after herniated disks in the spine, quacks discovered I have aggressive PsA, never experienced so much pain before hence my GG selections are for once..My own saviour. I've chosen Original Amnesia Auto for that personal favourite heavyweight hit and I'm gonna sample OG Kush Auto CBD as my second selection. Also have a few tins of Critical Jacks and other strains from the Dinafem catalogue that I've collected the past few months. I'll be germing in clear pint cups, bottoms removed and placed in coloured cups, transplanting made easy for autos. Pics and video to follow on that. Soil is all native with very little in the way of amendments. Will update on that as I go, just getting started here, well when all this snow retreats Wish you all the best for 2018, may the wind be at your back and the sun upon your face
  12. Hello I have recently come across the new idea for Guerilla Growing. I have seen people are growing in the top of trees. Such an amazing idea. I just wanted to ask has anyone done this in the uk? Any advice and mistakes that can be minimised? And also do I still need to protect from slugs? I will be surrounding the plant with a bet for birds but I’m not sure what pests need to be worried about up trees
  13. Any Guerrilla growers that have used Organic Seeds in Northern cold climates? Thinking about getting Hubble Bubble seeds for next years grow but don't know how good they are? Any recommendations?
  14. Done the whole google earth thing, found a lovely south facing spot near a sewerage works (I thought great, it will camouflage the smells and who goes near them anyway lol). Get down there and on first inspection the site (lovely and warm in the sunshine) has been used by a grower as soon ago as last year, very unstealthy how they left it too unless it was ripped off. Man, it was perfect too. Ah well, I must be doing something right, off again tomorrow to inspect plot 2. There's so many public footpaths round my way it is hard work, anyway....*fires up google for plot 3 search*
  15. Ok folks, another Dodgee escapade in the making. Seeds landed Monday but I was away, wasn't actually due back till tomorrow but a family issue meant an early return so I made a trip to the PO sorting office and collected the beans. Anyways the forums favourite primate (I always thought it was BP in the gorilla suit myself but who knows maybe they bought or a job lot or god forbid maybe they share! Not at the same time we can but hope.. ) but yeh you all know who I'm talking about, the good lad we call Panik, he very kindly donated me a pack of his Gorilla Haze to try out! Top job! And a 12 pack to boot! Happy days... Big ups n massive thanks for the generousity! @panik Anyways the official start for the indoor diary (beans in dirt) will be tomorrow. The outdoor will follow in a coupler few weeks. I'll cover both in here side by side and will give the various details as they appear in my mashed up mind. Til tomorrow folks... Ta
  16. I am plot hunting at the moment and in an watchful mode and when I am watching TV I am thinking 'jeeez look at that plot!' But it is every time I watch Salvage Hunters I just drool. They went to an engineers place recently and they could have done anything there it had so much scope. And I remember a tractor spare / scrap place that had plot porn all over the place and outbuildings not opened for 20 years. Even at Drew's place he has some rusty scrap shown in an overhead shot round the side and you could easy get some plants in there....
  17. hello Im from the uk and I'm starting a guerrilla grow of about 20-30 autos and i'm wondering what the total yield would around about be? I have no idea as i read some places where it says it can be north of 100g per plant and other places saying i'd be lucky to get half an oz from one. can anyone help answer my question?
  18. Hey all happy 2017 Starting another grow for this year So i have a few autos to grow Starting them in the garden Planning on keeping two in my garden..the rest in a secret location outdoors. I am growing AUTO EL NINO CRITICAL 49 CRITICAL JACK Ultra HAZE WHITE LEMON WHITE STRAWBERRY SKUNK SKUNK #1 SPECIAL QUEEN #1 x5 Will update as things progress. hopeing to have a great crop this year checkout my 2016 photos of last year crop if you have time. im expecting bigger and better for 2017
  19. First time grow was hoping for a few tips on further strain section for the year, open to both auto and photoperiod. 4x dutch cheese is 3 weeks old still on pure water until the pot dries up and considering first feed, they look a little small to me but i'll leave it to a few experts to let me know if it's ready yet. 4x auto blue mazar are germinating but taking their time 3 days and just about cracked, 20 seeds I wish I'd never bought!! my patch is in a hollowed out gorse bush about 5metre squared deep in a woods at latittude 51° holes are 2ft deep and 3ft squared filling in with gold label 60/40 indoor soil and using canna terra flores and vega along with pk13/14 and maybe some boosters if needed later on if you guys recommend it:) I have 12 more holes to fill and would appreciate any advice on strains that work well in the uk in our unpredictable weather and finish around November with a half decent yield. This is my first time grow but have seen it done a few times indoor. All my plants are currently in a 3metre squared wardrobe under a 150w veg cfl on 18/6 temp and humidity is all good so far. I started the 4 dutch cheese on the 15th of March and intend to keep them under light for another month and a half minimum. Will post picures as soon as possible:)
  20. My apologies if this is already a thread but I can't seem to find one like this. So has any ever vegged indoors until the plant was HUGE and then transplanted it outside in the UK at the start of the season? I love the idea of it and yielding massively from one plant. Provocateur.
  21. Guerilla Camp Fire

    From the album Guerilla Grow 2016

    Making my own Supply of Sulphate of Potash and also keeping warm and the damn insects away
  22. Monk x Leb27

    From the album Wizards 2016 HFH grow

    One of my most successful macro shots of this years grow. The flower in the picture is a Monk Leb 27 cross. Has a piney lemony smell and great mould resistance. This one had great trichome coverage and so looks most appealing.
  23. Today when I was breaking up a bit of bud from one of my autos, I randomly came across a lone, stray seed. This is the first seed I have had this year and I am thinking it was due to the plant being harvested too late, which stressed it and made it produce a seed. It was from my Girl Scout Cookies auto which, at the very least, was left a week too long, maybe 2 weeks too long as I arrived on the day of harvest to find it completely overcooked, all the leaves had dropped off and 95% of the trichomes were amber. Still, the Girl Scout Cookies auto was a knockout smoke! I reckon that is why it produced a seed, not because of male pollen as I have not had any other seeds or seen any other male/hermophrodite signs amongst the autos... So what I want to know is whether this seed will still be viable? And will it still carry the auto flowering gene from the plant that produced it? Cheers
  24. planning an outside grow, latitude 51 these are the strains I'm interested in, if you've had experience with any let me know how it went and your thoughts about them. -big bang auto -green-O-matic -blue mystic auto -sweet skunk fast version -sugar black rose auto -medicann kush fromage auto -skunk#1 auto -sensi skunk -whiteberry -jamaican dream cheers,
  25. Its my first time growing, and so far all is good. I've got a few strains, but only one is resistant to mold and budrot (Dutch Passion's Durban Poison). All my strains i got said that they could grow outside, but they didn't mention whether they were mold resistant (Dance World and Royal Highness by RQS). Right now I don't need to shield them because they won't flower until Autumn, but when it does get closer to Autumn, would it be possible to build a rain shield. I was thinking about a transparent clingfilm 'ceiling' stretched over a bamboo frame that I would place over the plants (which shouldn't grown more than 1m high anyway). Has anyone attempted something like this, or is it not necessary? Cheers, Lance