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Found 70 results

  1. No, not them (though that's still a great tune). I'll be wetting three Shaman seeds this evening, those that grow and produce healthy seedlings will be going outdoors, hopefully before Summer Solstice. Thanks to @Antonio_DutchPassion for generously sponsoring this grow. Will update with pics once they have hit soil.
  2. I'll be doing some Seedstockers gear this year, thanks to mark . The seeds i will defo run are: Gelato41 Fast Cookies Fast BCN Crit xxL Fast Fruit Cake Auto Gorilla Cookies Auto Cookies & Cream. I also have some OG Kush Pineapple Sherbet Firstly, if anyone has grown any of these , please feel free to give me some pointers on the pants . I hear the Fast cookies sometimes Autos , for example . But anything your learned or found useful would be great . I'm gonna get popping some Photos in a couple weeks and have just made a start soaking some Autos. in fact, I soaked 1 x C&C Auto on monday, it cracked and went into paper towel. 4 days later its not doing much at all , but looks like its trying to shed its shell with only about 5mm of root. I've potted it up and bagged it for now. Give it a couple more days. But that prompted me to soak another and a Gorilla Cookies Auto as well. So they are in water over night . Like I say. I'm defo running the top list, but if any of you have good experience with any of the bottom 3 , let me know and I may squeeze some more in. I'll get some pics up as soon as there is anything to photograph. Best of luck to you all . CC
  3. From the album Stigs shiz

    Fast cookies
  4. From the album Stigs shiz

    Recovered Auto bluetooth
  5. From the album Stigs shiz

    Rgsc x stig unknown
  6. From the album Stigs shiz

    Fast lemon cake
  7. From the album Stigs shiz

    Recovered auto tangie
  8. From the album Stigs shiz

    Guerrilla dawg,
  9. From the album Stigs shiz

    Cool moth
  10. From the album "Bitch site" 23

    Recovered bunny attack
  11. From the album "Bitch site" 23

    Recovered "mighty gold bx1"
  12. Mulli’s Outdoor Grow Diary 2023 I was supposed to start this a couple of weeks ago but I’ve been on holiday the last 3 weeks ( Tenerife and Amsterdam ) Some of these girls I started indoors at the end of April and put them outside after a week some of them I started 6 weeks ago I haven’t really had time to focus on all of them but I have tried some different techniques such as lst and topping trying to figure out what will work best. As usual there’s a few mutants in there, I will upload images and keep updating every week. I appreciate all advice and suggestions
  13. From the album Stigs shiz

    Black berry moonrocks
  14. From the album Stigs shiz

    Blackberry moonrocks
  15. The first of the troop has been given a bath . The Pink Cherry Pie . Was going to do 3 of these , but the first one sunk , so I soaked 4 to be sure. The rest of the troop will be the Fast Lemon Cake Super#61 Erdpurpz Thanks to @panik and RGSC for the chance to grow some of their beans again . Basically giving out free weed . DIY. I didn't manage to do them justice last year and hope to redeem myself . Best of luck to all the growers , but we all won anyway just with the beans .
  16. From the album Stigs shiz

    Random bunches of rgsc bits, all sorts
  17. rsz-eb2e790c-2db8-4a1a-8a55-0729b8ed8c76.jpg

    From the album 2023, Hidden in plain sight plot and Taking the piss spot.

    Hidden in plain site diary. I’ll either make it to the finish, get robbed, or end up back in a cell
  18. Hey folks, I've decided to take the plunge and try some guerrilla growing next year. I'll still be growing indoors, but with energy prices likely to stay high I want to expand my outdoor activities. I tested the waters with a couple of autos in a polytunnel this summer just gone. Learned a lot, especially about bud rot and how quickly it can set in. While I will persevere with growing under plastic, I also want to get out in the real outdoors too. Been doing some scouting for possible stealthy grow sites nearby. Not easy as I live in a city, but I have four potential spots earmarked. Will be doing a bit more of a recce of each, and then some prep work over the winter. I have also been researching suitable strains. I've managed to gather a fair few beans from outdoor specific breeders. I can now choose from Real Gorilla, Dutch Passion, Hybrids From Hell, Soviet Finland, Phoenix, and KC Brains. All these breeders offer at least one outdoor strain, and some are outdoors specialists. I'm at latitude 56ºN, which means a shorter growing season than areas further south. So most of my choices have been auto flowering, semi-autos, or 'fast' versions. No long flowering sativas outside this far north! I have some feminised strains, and a fair few regular too. I will aim to start beans off in April under indoor lighting, then transfer to the polytunnel to harden off a little. Then move outdoors in May. While I have a good selection of seeds to choose from, initially I'll aim for the earliest finishers and autos. I'll also be topping young plants to keep them a bit shorter, and will maybe root the tops so I can plant some clones too. This will help my seeds go further, and act as an insurance policy against rot, insects and rippers. That said, I'm not looking at huge numbers of plants. Fewer than ten per site, really in the interests of stealth. My site policy will generally be to visit as little as I can get away with, the better to not be discovered by others. So no complex training, and whatever support, fertiliser, and watering I can manage with minimal fuss. Depending on the soil at the site, I'll either plant straight in the ground or use suitable containers (fabric pots half buried most likely). I'm aware there are a number of very experienced growers here on the boards. To those individuals, does this sound like a realistic plan at this stage? Any pearls of wisdom that I should keep in mind?
  19. Dear Growers, Smokers and Cannabis enthusiasts! Now the smoke has partially lifted from yesterday's 420 event we are ready to announce that we will be coming back to the UK420 forum with our Growing Competitions! Hopefully some of you still have some space for this years Outdoor plots because we have some new and old-school strains you might be interesting in We will share the ins and outs probably next week but for now I just wanted to let you know something is coming... Lately I have been talking with a forum member named GirlRilla @Girlrilla and she shared a list of good Outdoor/Guerilla growers that might possibly be interested to join: @Oldford @Lively @Rennie_99 @Lea Valley @Whambud @Murzyn @B-real @Memyselfandiguerilla @Geo1 @Tommy tucker @Exile420 @ocb So from this list, who's actually up for the challenge? Any other Outdoor/Guerilla grower is welcome too ofc! We will be including some of our old-school Outdoor strains like Hollands Hope, Passion #1 and Frisian Dew, but we will also give you guys & gals the opportunity to grow our latest addition to the Dutch Outdoor section Durban Dew : https://dutch-passion.com/en/cannabis-seeds/durban-dew Taking part in the competition can make you win some prizes too, goodies, merchandise and even free seeds. We have more exciting news to be shared soon, so stay tuned!
  20. hey folks, had an idea recently about sticking a green 6x3 poly tunnel at my spot next season with solar powered fans to help with the high humidity ( could even use heaters for the colder months) whats everyones thoughts on this? From my research so far the initial costs wouldnt be that expensive considering the returns
  21. Greetings to the world One Love People Get Ready In Memeory of Honourable Robert Nesta Marley: 6th Feb 1945 - 11th May 1981 Welcome to Subs Tropixx 2021 UK yarden of 'erbs an all tingz good, bless up ya'self! So i start by giving thanks to Jah the great light in the the sky to help me and mi plants make through this years journey ahead, Good luck to all the herb farmers planting out this year, Jah bless your green paths.... nuff respec so lets get high and give 'anova year 'anova try...... Rastafari everytime, manners & respect. Yeah, thought i'd set up a likkle page here for mi Bredrens & Sistrens who are interested in some cool vibez, we can share ganja info, you can request updates if im slacking, ask for help & advice, kick back with a Red Strip or Guiness and smoke Chalice or spliff and reason about the world etc, chant down babylon, play some dub and eat rice & pease cooked by me, plenty for all, can you play bongos? can also Nyabinghi all night 'till sunrise if so, all dem nice tingz are welcome. Will be updating mad tingz in here im sure as the year progresses so keep your eyes out, check in from time to time or follow this topic to keep updated. I got a nice list of variety growin this year... a whole heap of deliciously tasty beans inna mi yard, i cyaant wait!! Check it out.... Garden Photos: Critical Neville Haze Early Version (Delicious Seeds) Crystal Candy Fast Version (Sweet Seeds)(2nd time grow, soooo bloodclaat tasty man!!) LSD-25 Fast Version (Garden of Green) Garden Autos: Auto Ultimate (Dutch Passion) Auto Extreme (Dutch Passion) Auto Moby Dick XXL (Dinafem) Auto Robocrop (Cream Of The Crop) Auto Cash Crop (Cream Of The Crop) Auto Runtz XL (Sweet Seeds) Auto Dark Devil (Sweet Seeds) Auto Zkittles (Fast Budz) Auto Gelato (Fast Budz) Auto Gorilla Glue (Fast Budz) Guerilla Grow: Cream Caramel (Sweet Seeds) Sweet Cheese (Sweet Seeds) Sweet Afgani Delicious (Sweet Seeds) Red Mandarine F1 Fast Version (Sweet Seeds originaly, but this time its some wicked self-seed from a gorgeous female plant last year) Affidaze (Real Gorilla Seeds)(whole plant gonna be LST'd, trained then hashed @ harvest, makes the wickedest hash) Tink that should do me for choice . Had to turn down some strains which was a tough choice as i have enuff on mi plate for now, wanted to grow 'Vanilla Frosting' by Taste Budz, turned down Rainbow Cake aswell (up to 3kg yield!), also turned down a NLxHaze coz i gots enuff haze now, so next year probably grow them. Enjoy the journey ahead, see you all around soon, alway remember to Live The Life You Love and Love The Life You Live SubSpecies
  22. Im looking for a way to make my old glass greenhouse stealthy from prying eyes. I somehow achieved this by accident last season when I sprinkled baking soda on those windows. I wonder if there is something better that would give the glass the nasty look feeling that would make it less visible to see what is inside, or if the white paint is the only way. Thanks for the help 420 fam
  23. Looking forward to the new Real Gorilla seeds strains coming soon. I should imagine most outdoor growers in the UK especially guerilla growers are waiting for this to drop too. If like me, the suspence is killing you. This thread is for you. If not, then why not. Every grower should have least a couple of RGS in there collection. I was hoping for some pure indicas, and maybe something with a bit of cbd in it for 2021. What you looking for?
  24. Howdy, I'm getting the itch guys, and I'm not talking about the type @Henroidcaught off @guerillamann who'd also given it to @B-real. I'm talking about wanting to visit the plants. Is it normal to be this uncomfortable leaving them alone? How long r u guys leaving autos between visits? I'm trying to hold out for the 5 week mark for first visit.