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Found 20 results

  1. Hi Guys, I am new here and I'm looking into growing organically with Sohum Soil after seeing JJJ's grow diary with it. I have already purchased a 70 x 70 x 160 marshydro tent(all the room i have), a AC Infinity Cloudline t6 extractor fan with the auto thermostat and ISH240 DIY Horticultural lighting Kit powered by Samsung LM561C S6 Top Bin Light. I am going to get the fabric pots, maybe the blumat watering system?? and probably the sohum soil. I am basically looking for some advice on what else to get for growing organically and maybe recomendations on alternative soils and teas etc for the soil. Also will i need to get worms etc? Might be up for doing a diary mostly so i can get help haha Cheers
  2. My seeds have sprouted and I have put them into pots , what's the best thing to next do they need light
  3. Hi all. Cheers for all your help guys, Respect.....Always. Cmoon
  4. Hi guys thanks for your help in advance! 1. Strain Suggestion: I have 1 Easy Kush plus 1 Northern Lights and I'm looking to another couple of strains, mainly indica (the most indica the better), not tall (grow room is 160cm tall), suitable for a beginner. Any suggestion? Related Important Question: Different strains have different vegetation and flowering times -- how can I manage 4 different strains with different vegetation and flowering times in the same grow tent? Maybe I should try to couple strains with similar V and F times? 2. I have 2 x 40cm wide (35liters) pots = can I put 2 seeds (2 different strains) per pot? 3. Why the seed needs to be placed in a small pot once germinated and cant go instead in the larger final pot after the wet paper ? I have purchased some rooter starter compost cubes? How do I use them? Do I still need to put the seeds in the wet paper first? i know these things have been said many times and I'm sorry but I have a learning difficulty and I struggle to retrieve and organise the information especially when ithere is a lot. Thanks for your understanding:-) Many thanks for your help! Quote
  5. Hi everyone, this is going to be my first time grow. I've got pretty much everything planned but I'm a bit torn between whether or not I should plant my auto seeds straight into the final location (outdoors in the ground) after germination or plant them in pots first before transferring once they've grown for a while. The reason I ask this is because I've read in multiple places that auto strains don't take well to be transferred pots, and it can do more harm than good in comparison to just planting into the ground directly. Any advice from personal experience/things you've read would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Hello everyone, sadly it is time to move (leave UK) and no longer I am able to grow lovely “salads” in my garden. Have lots of stuff and has to be gone, have any ideas how to sell basic equipment? Forums , chats anything? PEACE!
  7. My apologies if this is already a thread but I can't seem to find one like this. So has any ever vegged indoors until the plant was HUGE and then transplanted it outside in the UK at the start of the season? I love the idea of it and yielding massively from one plant. Provocateur.
  8. So how did you guys get into growing in the great outdoors? What made you come up with the idea? Why did you start? Did you make any vital mistakes? What strain? How many plants? What was your yield? What year did you start? Just curious Provocateur.
  9. Yes literally, like an olfactory hallucination... This probably won't be of any use to the hardcore growers, but hey it's still cool none-the-less!!!
  10. few pics of grow just asking for any tips or advise really Wilma is drip feeding 30mins every 3 hours from seed should i do them for 1 hour every 4 hours now as its been about 3-4weeks from seed putting 1ml per liter of canna a+b should i try to up it a bit aswell ? 28/09/16 30/09/16
  11. I am amazed at how simple it is to grow our beloved plant and that it can be expanded to make them grow with extremely complex routines. Many growers especially new growers are very confused as to which direction to turn, to maximise their potential time spent growing inside or out. And once they grasp the basics and have the success, both groups sometimes fall flat on some grows but why ? If everything is dialled in but the genetics change then we also have to change our enviroment to suit the needs of the plant. This is to suit the original environment that a particular strain can meet its maximum potential. I wanted to start this thread so everyone who has grown Ugorg Blues can chime in here and add their own tips,experiences and observations. This will enable regular growers of Blues and newcomers to find a place to get all the information they need to maximise the genetic potential of their Ugorg Blues grow. My first observation is that Blues has a very pronounced branch and leaf strength, and I don't just mean the main ones but each one is wood solid! So I believe you won't need any silicon added to your grows with Blues
  12. High guys and gals I've had a successful harvest indoors a fair few times now.....outdoors not so much. Anything from it snowing in May, to nosey dog walkers and Police finding them, I'm yet to have a successful crop outdoors. But this year was going to be different! Yeah, was it fuck! Back in May I sowed 5 Nirvana Swiss Cheese which were started indoors under natural light. All was going very well but to cut a long story short they basically all got eaten by presumably deer or rabbits. Just my bloody luck. So I've ordered some autos in a desperate attempt to get some smoke. 5 Kannabia Hobbit for their mould resistance and flowering time of 9 weeks and 3 Pyramid New York City, as according to Discreet seeds also have good mould resistance, were cheap as chips and flower in just 8 weeks. My theory was that these would be ready by late October like my Swiss Cheese (R.I.P) would be anyway. But now I'm worried that it's already August and I'll get bugger all from them. I was reluctant to the idea of autos in the first place let alone this late. Should I just wake up to the fact that I've missed the boat and save the beans for a more likely harvest next year? Or do you think I should stop fannying about, invest in some chicken wire and give them a punt? I'm in the South of the UK by the way at lat 51. Unfortunately growing indoors is not a possibility for me anymore in my current housing situation. If it was I would have some Exodus Cheese in bloom as we speak!!! Any advise on the matter would be much appreciated as outdoor growing isn't exactly my area of expertise. Thanks, Sensi
  13. Hello new to this site, I bought a setup online 600w light carbon filter ect.. I'm using coco soil and RHIZOPOTS But these don't Seem to hold any water at all it just run out the bottom plant is starting to look dehydrated. All help would be appreciated thanks
  14. can anyone help me as to how many nodes high should i top my plants.ive been topping them at 6 nodes but found that bottom couple of sets of nodes were really gangly.any help would be greatly appreciated.cheers peeps
  15. I'll start off by saying hello, I appreciate your time in advance and I can fully understand that you've no doubt heard this time after time after time but I assure you I've tried a lot and I still cannot seem to bring down the temperature (Beginner). My suspicions are that the tent is too small, the HPS light is too much for the size and maybe the extractor vent isn't doing the best it could. I'll let you decide. The tent is W90cm D50cm H155cm. It is layered with a reflective film and has two fans inside. The fan is 9" which is directed purely at the 600W HPS Duel Spectrum Bulb which gives off a ridiculous amount of heat I look like a science professor off Breaking Bad sweating my tits off. The second fan is a 4" fan which is directed at the plant itself (which looks to make no difference there or not by the thermometer). At the top there is a 3.5" extractor vent pulling the heat out of the tent via the bottom. Vent is situated at the top. Pictures shown. There is an intake fan that pulls air from the outside inwards via the bottom left of the tent. The Plant itself sits in Miracle Gro (yes I know, but I know of good results) which gives the nutrients. The plant is watered once a day with 1.5 litres of 5.9ph water. Humidity is not monitored at present. The room that it is in is 233cm by 250cm (2.3m by 2.5m). The temperature in the tent stays between 29 and 31 C (84 - 88 F) and it just will not go lower! The window is left open constantly. History: A little bit about what's happened. 6 seeds, germinated perfectly 100%, made rookie mistakes and overwatered; caused them to become droopy. Made another rookie mistake and stretched them too much; they was on the windowsil for 4 days, and the airing cupboard for 3 days before the small 30W light I was using must've been too much added with the heat that killed them all a part from 2 that I managed to save through Intense and long hours of reviving. This was originally meant to be a hydroponic go but as you can tell, I am better off starting at easy which is soil. I transferred them from rockwool to soil and they've grown a lot better. Within days they grew well. I then didn't water them for a week while they were situated on the windowsil. I then transferred them to the tent to which I followed the advice of hundreds online and put the HPS light 15" above the plant which was a ridiculous idea to me and proved to be wrong as the one plant burnt within 20 minutes!!! I put the light up to 25" above the plant and it seems to be fine the passed 24 hours. The 1 plant I watered and left on the windowsil to heal and I hope this will be okay to go back to the tent on recovery. My questions are as followed: Would you disagree with any of the above? Will my plant that been burnt survive? How do I bring down the temperature, it's roasting? Would you advise anything? Pictures are shown. Thanks a lot everyone I really do appreciate the help.
  16. Hey I just started using floranova by gh and as much as the final crop turned out ok, the solution was hard to deal with. I found it was too sludgy and left a nasty film on my nutrient tank. And considering I lost a quarter of the product to a hardened state in the bottom of the bottle, I was a little disappointed with gh this time. So now I'm asking, is there an alternative 1-part nute that you could recommend? Something that's a little easier to deal with and has less of a mess left behind. Anything helps, Cheers
  17. I have just put a few seeds in water and only one of them has sank when I tapped it. I have read that the ones that sink are good and if they don't sink they will not grow. I have only just put them in about 3 hours ago, so i was thinking may be after a day or two they might all sink, is this right?
  18. whats the best way to start growing with seeds? How do i start them sprouting? Is it better to get some small pots and start in them or is it ok to just plant them right in the 10 liter plant pots ill be using? Thanks cheers.
  19. Alright Every one im 3 weeks 2 days in to flower on lemon haze, i trimmed a lot off the bottom of my four plants just before i flicked to 12/12 lighting, my buds seem to be growing nicly theres plenty of them and they are a nice size in my opinion, although im a new grower so i cant really say if they are the best. My problem question is; a lot of leaves have grown, should i trim them back or is it best to leave them on??
  20. Hello guys I'm looking forward to potentially setting up in my conservatory and I'm needing to to know whos had success. Thanks guys Jay