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Found 2 results

  1. Twoscoops indoor diary Hola and welcome all to my first Dinafem indoor diary. A big thanks to all involved in putting this competition together and I wish everyone the best of luck . Backstory: I took a 24 cell tray of Critical +2.0 clones 6 weeks previous using Canna coco pro medium, Growers Ark First Feed (2.5ml / L) and Root tonic (5ml / L) and then placed them in my Secret Jardin Dp90 propagation tent under a 96watt 4 x 2ft tube T5 Lightwave fluorescent light on a 18 / 6 light schedule. Here is a photo of the medium / nutrients I used for propagation: Once the clones had roots I selected the best 9 and potted them up using Canna coco pro medium into 10cm square pots. I sat them inside my Vitopod heated propagator set at 24c, still under my T5 light and feed daily with Growers Ark first feed (5ml / L) and Root Tonic (5ml / L). Here is a photo: So that's the backstory of taking my clones, selecting the best nine and potting up and cleaning / getting ready 'The Devil's Arse' grow tent .... Scoops
  2. Hi everyone and welcome to my RGSC Fire 99 grow. I know a lot of you guys are growing out these strains donated from @panik and I wish everyone the best of luck with your grow, be it indoor or out. I'm sure all you guriellas are praying for some rain with dry spell we're having. First off I'll explain my methods, I hand water in 100% coco, I use the growers ark nutrient range for soft water. I flower under a 600w hps and veg under either a 150wcfl or a 2x55w t5 wing in a diy cab pictured below. Ok so I have to admit I am a little late at starting the diary since germination due to work commitments but I do have pics to bring us up to date. On the 5th may (6 days ago) I used root riot cubes for the first time and quite successfully too! I popped the 7 beans straight into the damp root riots, as they came out of a ziplock type bag that keeps them moist. I put them about 3-5mm in the hole then put a few small pieces over the bean. I then put literally 5-6 drops of liquid sea weed @1ml/litre. I put them in a propagator in the dark for 1 night and by the next morning I could see they had germinated, all 7 of them so I turned on the 110w t5. this is them on the 7th may with all seedlings coming up I put all the rr cubes in a little pot with some coco at the bottom with some sea weed this protects the tap root until potted up. here we are below pictured on the 8th of may when they were getting potted up into their starter pots. They were potted up into coco soaked in 2.5 ml/l root tonic and 1ml/l first feed a b at an ec of o.4 my tap water is 0.1-2 I'll try and get an update later on tonight to show progress in last 3 days. Thanks for lookin everyone hope you enjoy.