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Found 137 results

  1. Introducing the TELOS Growcast Mesh LED controller. https://ledgrowlights.co.uk/products/telos-growcast Telos Growcast is a universal lighting controller that helps growers to save energy and grow better plants. Growcast is compatible with many existing grow lights from major manufacturers. Wirelessly connect to Growcast and control the Precise PPF output (dimming) of your grow light. Say goodbye to mechanical timers by applying on/off timing schedules with an optional sunrise and sunset feature. Growcast doesn’t need an internet connection to work and is instead programmed locally using the secure & encrypted Telos Mesh App, available for Android and iPhone. The device has a simple plug and play set up and connects directly to the existing 1-10V dimming port available on most grow lights. https://www.teloslighting.co.uk/growcast-compatibility/ There's quite a bit of info on the telos website. Ill copy it over to mine when i get time. Any questions fire away. Thanks. Adam.
  2. Award-Winning Cannabis Cultivation Author Jorge Cervantes teamed up with Seedsman for a FREE, Comprehensive Digital Book on Home Growing. ‘We Grow Cannabis!’ is the first cohesive guide to growing cannabis indoors, in a line of digital books that has been released on Seedsman's website, co-authored with Seedsman’s Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Gary Yates. ‘We Grow Cannabis!’ provides beginner and advanced growers with an easy-to-follow, free-to-access collection of cultivation wisdom through 270 beautiful high-quality photographs, images, and well-written descriptive text. Combining science and love, ‘We Grow Cannabis!’ is an excellent reference for any cultivator, expert, or beginner. Download for free now at the following link: https://www.seedsman.com/grow-cannabis-book
  3. So, just started my First grow, put 8 seeds into Germination, 2 3Bears OG, 3 CDLC x Forum stomper and 3 Sour Gummy bears, 7 germinated out of 8 with 1 3Bears OG not sprouting. So 7 plants to start all straight into 3 gall fabric pots. Im going to be using Biobizz soil and nutes. Now while i wait for my seedlings to emerge, i have a couple of questions id like clearing up. 1. Biobizz recomends a PH of 6.2 to 6.5 - I have high PH at about 7.2 to 7.6 - Will this be an issue? iv read because of soil acting as a buffer it shouldn't matter, if that's the case why do Biobizz recommend 6.3? 2. Temps are sitting around 24-27c, however my humidity fluctuates around 35-45%, is that too low humidity for seedlings?
  4. I was thinking of keeping few oscillating fans inside greenhouse and I was thinking of installing exhaust fan there too, would that be overkill?
  5. Hey guys, haven't grown in over a year now but decided to get back in to things. My new space will be a 80 x 45 x 120cm lockable office cabinet. This is a big jump in space from my old grow tent which was 40 x 40 x 140. I've lost some height but im confident with the right strain and some LST it will be fine. So far i've gotten my placement of my fan & filter figured out. Fan is a T4 Cloudline and the filter is a 4inch carboair. They will both be hung from the ceiling. I had thought I would need some ducting when i started planning this but the two actually fit quite snugly in there. I'm on the hunt for some sort of 4inch flange adapter that will connect the 2 4" ends of the fan and filter together. Next steps are to make the holes for the intake and outtake. Which brings me to my first question: obviously the outtake will be a 4" hole, but how big should the intake be? I've read anywhere from 2-5 times the size of the outtake? What is everyones recommendation? My next question is what way to treat the walls? The cabinet has little holes that you see in the side for the shelves. These don't go the whole way through but i'm eager to get them covered up as I don't want moisture getting in them and rotting the cabinet. Should i go for panda film, mylar or just paint the walls? Next question is power/electricity. For stealth and neatness it would be great to have the extension lead on the inside of the cabinet with everything plugged in there but I do worry about humidity effecting the electrics. I've seen a lot of people do it on here but is it a big risk? Lastly is light proofing. i've read some threads here of people using draft excluder or car door sealant on the door edges to block light. albeit none of these threads ever have photos of their work for some reason so its hard to know what works. This will have to be a bit experimentation! Looking forward to starting this build! Something I've always wanted to do for years!
  6. led

    Hi guys. I’m a new member with a pretty technical question. Hopefully there’s a few led boffins out there that can answer this for me. So I’m currently doing a grow. Nice bit of Pineapple Chunk almost ready to harvest. I’m using 180w Hanns panels which are working really well. but here’s my question. I have a marine tank led fitting which I have been unable to sell on eBay for a decent price (£540 new) so I’m wondering if I can use it to grow. It’s a maxspect rsx 150. 4 channels with the following leds. Channel A 6x Cree XT-E 450-455nm Royal Blue 6x Cree XT-E 6500k Cool White Channel B 12x Cree XB-D 450-455nm Royal Blue 12x EpiLED 470-475nm Cool Blue Channel C 3x EpiLED 390-395nm Violet 3x EpiLED 400-405nm Violet 3x EpiLED 410-415nm Violet 3x EpiLED 440-445nm Violet Channel D 3x EpiLED 500-505nm Cyan 3x EpiLED 660-665nm Deep Red 6x Cree XB-D 3000k Warm White Anyone out there in the know about whether I can make use of it or not? TIA
  7. Found some bargain lights and thought I'd give them a bash, turns out they're pretty good so thought I'd spread the word. They're fleabay specials, built in drivers, various lengths, 10 watt per 30cm, and cost me £5 each for the 30cm ones. Obviously they're not the best thing in the world, but they're definitely worth using and ideal for someone on a budget or with a small space. The phrase to search is "LED tube lights" I wired up 3 in my 35x55x75cm veg box. At 30cm down I get 1358 on the Lux app, in comparison the same distance in my flower tent (ISH 100 BR and 8x 10 watt downlights) I get 48047. Hopefully they don't set my house on fire .
  8. Hi i have three vero 29s hooked up to my mw hlg240h. When I soldered the chips I got a little problem with easily covering the top of he wire with tin, the bottom usually made contact and sticks. The thing is some of my cobs light up correctly and glow like little suns but some of the cobs have like a line on them which is not lighting up,but on other it does. What might be the cause of ti and possible way to fix it please?
  9. If I will use the thicker polycarbonate or that frosted uv foil, that is sometimes used on windows, with highest light permeability, would plants get enough of light spectrum like uv or will they produce significantly more trichomes under clear glass? Also does anyone have experience with those green and white net like foil greenhouses that are put on metal construction? Im not sure how it handle winds but they suggest to bury edges with soil. I hope there is better solution than that. I was looking at the netted foil ones stealth wise not price wise. thanks for the help
  10. Im looking for a way to make my old glass greenhouse stealthy from prying eyes. I somehow achieved this by accident last season when I sprinkled baking soda on those windows. I wonder if there is something better that would give the glass the nasty look feeling that would make it less visible to see what is inside, or if the white paint is the only way. Thanks for the help 420 fam
  11. What are the best ways to protect plants from the deer and similar animals when put in the ground? Do things like hydrogel helps in high humid foresty areas, which are very close to water source, stream? Could I go without watering at all? I was thinking that the plant can basically plugin and get water from the underground stream, fog at the morning. Is the hydrogel needed at all there? thank you very much guerilla growers I would appreciate your opinions and help
  12. I know that Im quite late to the party but I need to revitilize my greenhouse soil asap and plant seeds right away. I hope its not too late for some outdoor plantations. I would be mostly planting regular non autos. I was thinking of buying worm castings (not sure if solid or liquid would be better) + greenhouse bioline grow and bloom as simple solution for this season MY overthinking procrastinating head wanted to build a soil but kind of never really sourced everything for the clackamas coot recipe something like ECOTHRIVE substrate in UK. I know it would be the best but what can I do for this season to still have some nice fat dancing in the wind sexy beasts? Previous season I used green house powder feeds hybrid on sativa and I did not liked it at all ( I think I used quite heavy doses and plant did not liked it)
  13. Long time lurker, thought I’d join in the fun this coming season and try my hand at some guerrilla growing. I live in a tiny village in the Midlands which is surrounded by farms, crops, fields, small patches of woodland etc, but there are a few issues; 1. HS2 has a major site running through a significant amount of the local land/woodland which obviously rules that area out. It also means workers, security etc are around, so trying to keep well away from that. 2. The vast majority of the rural land is private, with public footpaths through, and there doesn’t seem to be a lot of areas where you are well away from a farm building or house/cottage etc. There isn’t much derelict or disused/overgrown land anywhere (that I know of). 3. The 6-8 decent spots I have found are already being grown on, and the majority last year by the look of them. So obviously trying to keep out of the way of what they have going on as well. So I’ve been out walking/searching a lot over the last few weeks, and using google earth as I go, to try pinpoint some areas of interest to have a look at. But I’m just not finding anything, other than those already occupied. What should I be looking out for? Build ups of nettles that I could hollow? following the river maybe? There’s not really any vast areas that you can walk and disappear into, so really it’s looking for things off the footpaths, maybe bits I can break off etc. Would appreciate hearing how you guys go about finding spots and things you look out for on those scouting missions. Maybe I’m just looking in the wrong places or perhaps not thinking creatively enough. Cheers.
  14. Hi grower, I have a normal silver lined 80x80 tent but want to upgrade to a 1.2x1.2 or 1.2x2.4... to be honest 1x2x2 would be best but cant seem to find that as a tent measurment.. I want to go white walled but can only find budbox and homebox with them, budbox zips look cheap and nasty and the homebox looks slick but bit on the dearer end , any other alternatives?
  15. Looking forward to the new Real Gorilla seeds strains coming soon. I should imagine most outdoor growers in the UK especially guerilla growers are waiting for this to drop too. If like me, the suspence is killing you. This thread is for you. If not, then why not. Every grower should have least a couple of RGS in there collection. I was hoping for some pure indicas, and maybe something with a bit of cbd in it for 2021. What you looking for?
  16. Hi lads did someone attempted to wire drivers safely outside the box for better cooling ? Im curious if it can be done safely. My setup involves arctic 64 plus fans, vero 29s and some hlg 240h /2100 b. I have pretty weird box design and would like to use metal shelf rack inside the box as a construction that would allow me to split the box into two separate storeys. first would be veg second bloom. The light isolation would not be an issue, but I want to avoid electrocuting myself so I would like to learn how those cobs are grounded or if only driver needs to be grounded. here is a noobie diagram of what I have and want to do : https://imgur.com/ZvkSX8U I would be very happy if you share your thoughts with me about this, my original thought was using one storey lighted up during the day and other during the night ( with light isolation between them, so one would have light and other darkness.
  17. Hi yall, so basically what the title says is my question, I'm on week 3 or growing and most of my autos are doing great. There is one that is outgrowing all of em but the others are growing at the same rate. But then there are 2 autoflowers that arent growing as fast as the other and I have multiple autos of the same strain and the other ones of the same strain are doing great so I was wondering if I was doing anything wrong but they all get the same amount of water and light so idk what its down to. Just wanted to ask yall as there are many with the expertise that I wish I had lol. Any and every input is appreciated! (strains I have are: Gorilla Glue, Runtz, Skunk, Purple Punch and GSC)
  18. Hi so first of all id like to say I'm new on here, but really glad that I found this forum. So on to my topic, Ive germinated and planted 18 different plants (5 strains) and as of now they are in 3,5l pots. But I've read so much about that the size of the pots can really determine how big the plants get, and my plan is to put them into 7l pots when they are at day 18. As of now the second set of leaves have sprung and are starting to grow. I feel like there are a lot of experts here from which I could benefit, are 18 plants in 7l pots suitable for the 1 square meter tent Ive got or should I sacrifice some of them to let the others have more space? And is a 7l pot too small or is it fine? (they are all autos) As of now they are growing well and seem to have it great but I'm just worried that it will be too crammed in there when they get bigger. Ive also thought about maybe only having 3 of each strain, as I now have 5 of each... I would really love some input!
  19. Kindly asking for your advice and critique, Planning my first build. I live in a house share, I have a small bedroom. For space reasons I sleep in one of those kinda bunk beds that only have the top bed so you get floor space underneath etc. My rough Dimensions for growbox under the bed are 70cm / 2.29 ft length 66cm / 2.16 ft width 80cm / 2.6 ft height I plan to make a frame with wooden battens, plasterboard outside then fill with celotex insulation then plasterboard on the inside and paint white or mylar. I did this with heat and noise isolation in mind. My light will probably be a DIY samsung strip light of 100-130 watt. I will obviously need a carbon filter but seeing some inline fan videos they're bloody jet engines. PC fans and the like are widely used I've seen on micro grows but looking on this forum are regarded as no good. I was thinking of getting an AC Cloudline Infinity 6" so I can run on a lower RPM. again I dont know how loud this will be. And I assume I need to be circulating a certain CFM for the carbon to be effective. My top concerns are Noise and smell, but mostly noise. I work and sleep in this room so If it turns out irritating then it'll be a no go. Before I go any deeper into the project I wanted to know whether I'm being realistic. The annoying this is I won't know until I actually buy all the kit as I have no experience. cheers
  20. Hi guys, new on here.. im trying to work out wether or not it is worth me buying some Fulvic and humic acids in addition to my existing nutes. I’m using terra aquatica tri part- micro bloom and grow, I’ve also got a gold label root exeluator and I’ve got advanced nutrients overdrive for my late flower stage. I’ve read lots of contrasting opinions about the use of humic and fulvic acids and many growers say less is more... sticking to a more basic set up will work well however I also feel that manufactures would bother making the product if it didn’t add something to our arsenals. Anyone on here used them before and had better results compared with a grow previous without using acids. ive for coco coir and perlite in 30l fabric pots. Using 2x small led fan driven lights with a veg and bloom setting and have 1x Mars hydro TSW2000. I’m running a comparison to see the different results in each half of my tent. I have a humidifier and heater in my setup to keep everything exactly where I want it and also have 2 XL co2 grow bags hanging towards the bottom of my tent by an inlet. I’m fairly new to this so any advice would be greatly appreciated. regards
  21. Hi forum lurker for many years, first successful grow, had a couple of previous grows all outdoor which in some way have failed, bad weather...bad choices..all my fault!! anyway i decided to pop 3 seeds, but after my partner whining about the neighbours smelling, i gave 2 to my pal to finish at his. The one i kept was DP Auto Glueberry OG, i think i panicked as weather had been so good and was threating to rain so chopped a little premature. so here goes, not many pics as i never intended to do a diary just chuffed it panned out so well for a novice.. Germinated 3rd May 2018 Wet paper towel method then transfered straight into the final pots 12litre root nurse fabric pots these were put in a temporary greenhouse untill established. Heres the DP auto glueberry OG just poking through.... Not much content as i was mega busy with work and just let them do there thing for first few weeks Others which were gifted to a friend mid grow as smell and neighbour activity Major jump in growth on next as weather picked up crazy end of may/ start of June was taking so much water was unreal. Other strains included, CBD lemon potion and Auto Daquiri Lime, wish i kept that one too as that finished mega in my friends garden but oh well...
  22. I was wondering if somebody can tell me what's wrong with my plants, I am on week 10 super lemon haze auto GHS strain. Been feeding advanced nutrients under 2 x 600 watt, 8 x 12L fabric pots and one 15L autopot (just trying it out) Soil. Past few weeks they have been getting Bloom A and B 1.5ml per litre and last week switched from Big bud to Overdrive 1.5ml per litre aswell. So they're on: Cal-Mag 2.5ml per litre B-52 1.5ml per litre Bloom A n B 1.5ml per litre Overdrive 1.5ml per litre 3 fans plus extractor fan so plenty of airflow. 16/8 light cycle 55% humidity 30 degrees Celsius day temps The leaves at the top have turned yellow and crispy but the buds look and smell absolutely fine. I just want to know why leaves have turned yellow and crispy? Will the buds be fine after harvest? How do I avoid/fix this issue? Any help would be much appreciated, thanks in advance.
  23. Hi guys, I'm a new grower and was just wondering if anyone has grown the stardawg and how it went? It's an amazing strain. Any advice or tips would be great. I should be collecting some clones tomorrow and I'm gonna be doing a 600w soil grow in a tent. Also have a bag seedling growing of Gsc and a f1durban I thought I'd stick in there too. Any help or advice would be much appreciated.
  24. Hi Folks, thanks for dropping in, please do leave comments, whatever? So, The situation with growth is way grand for circumstances, The "mainlined" and topped plants were a slow start but now have thrived after 9 weeks to become tall and bushy. Planted in Biobizz all-mix in 7 Gal fabric pots, plants get watered every 24-36hrs constantly, sometimes sit in 2 inches of runoff overnight, mostly well soaked for the next day ahead. Temps have been very high and pots cool to 22-24C at night but rise to 32C in the shade of noon despite covering pots with netting and reflective sheets to keep sunlight off most of the floor area. Have been adding minimal G & B nutes (by BAC) all along due to understanding all-mix is full-on which seems a good idea, tried and tested formula, but, I have now become aware that I am a bit clueless in regard to it's (all-mix) true intended properties and may need to be very careful with what is added to the feeds, so far the level of G & B feed combined has been at a fluctuating level of between .15 up to .35 of EC (not much?) with .15 of Cal Mag and Silica added, all combined to measure an approximate EC of between .28 and.50, my water is currently filtered to an EC of .02 (yes it's that low with rinsed and new filter)... So... So far no problem, the buds are starting to show their hairs for the last 5 days an all seems good... except, I am concerned about the future feeding, in particular to deliver the correct doses of Nitrogen!! I felt it's good to build up an outdoor plant that gets thrashed by cyclonic winds and needs to endure harsh Spanish sun, grow them well nourished and green, I thought no deficiency should exist, no struggle for the plant when trying to build up at night? (my fancy thinking again) Damn, must run upstairs and erect the darkening covers to block the street light reflections....it's all go Here, a few quick photos, wondering about nodes space and stretching??
  25. Recently got one of these. Couldn't find many reviews beforehand despite it being a 5yr or so old design, so thought I'd post a quick one for reference. Good Poles are pretty strong, despite only being 16mm they are quite thick and click together nicely. No plastic corners or ends. Feels like it can safely hold more than my previous secret jardin dr90 v2.5, but less than a mates Gorilla tent (best tent I've seen in person though the green qubes look pretty good too). Powder coated, which is nice, if completely unnecessary. Tent skin feels pretty durable and seams are well stitched. Reinforced corners. Very well light proofed*. Viewing window. Obviously not needed and quite high up, works for how I grow my plants though.. Kind of dumb really but I'm trying to populate the good section here .. 3 side access (can all be open at once for putting nets in, moving trays, etc). Groundsheet style floor material (appears to be completely water proof and will probably deal with the inevitable odd spill etc better than normal tent material). Probably more easily torn too though.. Bad Layout: *There are only 4 tubed ports, 2 (8") are are high up (intake and outtake for cooltubes, as if anyone uses them anymore), and another (8") is in the roof. The only tubed ports in the lower part of the tent are a 6" and a 2" or so for cables. This means that unless you are using an active intake you have to use the mesh intake panels on either side, which are not remotely light proof. Rendering the impressive overall lightproofing basically pointless. I know some people run their extraction fans out the roof, but most peeps I know use the side ports, and as the 2 side ports on this have zips for access around them, they are rendered useless when you use them to run the extract though.. Zips: Anyone who's had one of the older budboxes probably doesn't anymore, because the zips all broke. At least that was my experience.. I also know a guy who cleared a grow shop out of their returned tents, and they were mostly budboxes with broken zips . I think the zips on this one are larger, but I'm not convinced they are any better. 5 zips is also just unnecessary and a bit of a pain for me, though I can see why some might find the 3 sided access useful, I think closed 1 zip designs are way less prone to breaking. These zips are also absurdly loud. They don't have any rubber-type backing and the zip-teeth material seems to be plastic and consequently the tent is basically a zip-subwoofer. As in I have to spend multiple minutes undoing the main zip, and then I usually leave it open until I've given them their last watering of the day because of the lack of intakes.. Corners: Basically they are quite sharp, and roughly capped. This makes me seriously doubt the durability if taking it down regularly. My previous dr90 was basic, but the smoothly rounded plastic corners meant it lasted nearly 10 years and being rebuilt at least 30 times.. And the zip still works fine.. Mylar: Basic hammertone, not the better diamond mylar you get in most newer premium tents (even some cheaper ones like Mars). Feels pretty robust though, probably more durable than the stuff in many budget tents. Spill tray: For some reason it's designed to be slightly smaller than the tent, so it sits taut a few cm from the walls. Maybe I'm missing why but it only seems to serve as a place for water to go when you miss with your watering can.. Poles: Why black? It's probably only a % or less, but why make a highly reflective tent, and then paint the poles black? Overall Way better tents to be had, especially nowadays. Generally quite basic and uninspired, not much thought into the layout, limiting user applications. Just a simple upgrade on an old design. Absolutely up to the task though, especially if noisy zips aren't a bother, you don't expect to have to rebuild it often, and you have an active intake or grow in a dark room.