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Found 2 results

  1. Want to run a humidifier+dehumidifier in my tent where each activates only when needed using inkbird controller, my goal is to maintain RH 75%-85%. Q's: 1. If I were to use humidifier/dehumidifier where would be the best place to install them? Close to intake maybe? 2. Is it pointless to run these when your extracting air 24/7? 3. Is there a way to calculate humidifier size? P.S. I KNOW HIGH RH AND CARBON FILTER DOESN'T MIX PLEASE LEAVE THAT TO ME
  2. Hello fellow green gardeners I have come up with a set up for my next grow, really excited to crack on with it. Not too sure if everything is correct but I think I've sorted a couple of mistakes, so please point out if some thing doesn't seem to be right. Set up: Dr120 tent Air flow: 125/5 inch high powered ruck fan for out take 125/5 inch low powered ruck fan for in take ( I've added a speed controller to keep a negative pressure ) also have acoustic ducting for more silence, I'm putting both fans into leepy's diy box ( seems like a great idea) Smell proofing: 5inch rhino filter Lighting: Parabolic reflector 100cm 250watt maxibright cfl lamp blue ( for vegging) 600 watt sodium grow light (for flowering) Compact ballast 600watts Soil: Standard bnq soil (always worked well for me) Pots: small pots for starters then work way up to 11litres Propagation system Picked out 10 white rhino fems seeds Nutrients: Plant magic grow Plant magic bloom Plant magic bio silicon Also some thing that works great biobizz fishmix Don't think I've missed any thing out. Please let me know what you think Essentail Hypnotist says peace out