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Found 194 results

  1. Bucket job.jpg

    From the album 2020 RGS Diary

    2020 Outdoor Gorilla Competition Bucket job.
  2. Hey everyone! I’m excited to be back on here and journaling my grows again. This is my second attempt (first was 3 years ago) and cannot wait to get started. Let’s grow! Here’s one of the beauty’s from last year.
  3. Hi everyone, new member here and my first ever grow is currently in progress. Automatic Amnesia and Girl Scout Cookies, both germinated in paper towels (the GSC took a couple of days longer to pop so it’s slightly behind in its progress). Currently residing in my greenhouse in big pots. I’m heating it overnight with the thermostat on my Dyson at 22 degrees Celsius and both appear to be going well (based on pictures I’ve seen on here). Anyone able to help with on how I get photos to upload? Not having any luck and wanted to share my grow
  4. Hi guys. I need a bit of advice as this is my first ever grow with autos so not sure what to look out for. so my purple punch autos are just over 5 weeks old and are starting to flower. The part that has me concerned is that they haven’t really bushed out. They’ve grown up but not out . I know they still have about 3 weeks of veg stage even though they have started to flower but I am wondering if I have done something wrong? They are in a greenhouse, being fed nitrogen, the Ph is at 6 and they have been grown in their final pot to reduce stress. I don’t know if this is normal or if something has gone wrong. any advice would be greatly appreciated. cheers .
  5. Second plant I have grown here - Northern Lights (Royal queen seeds) Was lucky with the first, didn't run into any mould problems. As the title states, just hit week 10 and have woken up this morning to the dreaded mould. Noticed a very yellow leaf and pulled it and the mould was all to show. Cut away that bud site which had a decent sized bud growing but don't think that had spread. Part that worries me is the tip of the main cola where the largest bud is had mould in the tip. Cut away all the mould i could see which has taken about an 8th off the tip. Still unsure if the mould could have spread. Was hoping to run the plant for quite a few more weeks, however I don't want to lose the whole plant to mould, just looking for any advice of you more knowledgable growers. Would you cut your loses and cut the whole plant down now, or would you run it and see what happens in the next week?
  6. I had five plants in my greenhouse (mainly pineapple express autos), probably about a week or two from harvest (about 20% trichomes gone cloudy, rest still clear). The first got mouldy and I pulled it quickly because it anyway was the scrawniest and also had loads of aphids. Mould then got into my best plant which I also quickly pulled but sadly it is now also in my second best plant. I have taken off the mouldy buds but not yet pulled it. I would really like these last two and a half plants to finish properly, and we are forecast that the sun should come back this week so it might just happen. I have put an airblowing heater pointed firstly at some harvested buds to help them dry without going mouldy (mould was near/on these buds but I severely trimmed it away) and behind them the plant that I took mould branches off but left the rest. Next to it (out of picture) are two more plants which I would also love to get to maturity but I'm really scared about the mould getting them also. The drying buds are at 50 degrees C and the plant behind at about 40 C which I figure will protect from mould without killing it. I'm planning to sit tight like this, check very carefully for new mould every day, and cross my fingers. But tips much appreciated - should I just accept mould spread is inevitable and pull the lot early?!? I don't care about taste. I mainly only vape and make edibles. The main things I care about are potency and longevity (I'm still vaping 2018 weed and hope this will also last a few years).
  7. Decided to give this jazz cabbage growing a bit of a go. As such a friendly and welcoming place, thought id keep a journal as any advice is more than welcome. Have got my seeds (all autos) and hoping they are going to be alright as didn't look hugely in to this (main part i should have looked into). Have got myself some Bomb seeds- Cherry bomb and cosmic bomb Royal queen seeds- Northern Light and Seedsman- Auto blue berry. Anyone grown any of these before? Planning on germinating a seed possibly tomorrow or the next day, just waiting for my biobizz light mix soil. Then the plan is to stagger the other seeds, perhaps one or two being germinated on 420 and then one more in May. Made myself a growbox of types (MDF a cardboard box, LED lights and a fire blanket thrown together) . Planning to start the girls off in here inside for the first 3-4 weeks then into the greenhouse. Havent yet got any nutes and was wondering if any of you would recommend any specifics, looked to getting the outdoor biobizz pack but no where seems to stock it. Any advice is hugely welcomed. Hope you are all well in this crazy time, peace!
  8. Hey all hope you are doing well, on my first grow and about 6 weeks in now and getting way to high humidity readings in the greenhouse over night. Just wondered if any of you had any cheap ways to control humidity? Obviously there is the option of ventilation, heating and a dehumidifier but some of these options can be pretty costly. Have any of you ever used products such a moisture absorbers? Will an everyday bedroom humidifier work well in a greenhouse?
  9. Hi Once I get my head round uploading pics to here I'll share what's going on in my cheap greenhouses! I've spent less than £30 on them and less than £40-50 on seeds, soil, fertiliser and pots. In fact the bulk of the cost is pots! I have two auto's and 3 fem in right now, 3 more fem's germing and another 5 waiting to germ once this other 3 have gone into soil. Theres nothing fancy about this at all, just my first go and me muddling through it! It's so interesting reading everyone's journals and seeing the differences and problems people come up against. Excited to see this journal through!
  10. Hi, so thanks for the help, I’m loving it so far have 2 NL AUTO’s royal queen seeds.. one plant is 4 weeks old and one is 2 weeks, staggered due to only one seed germinating originally so used a third seed.. so basically guys this is my first grow, when I started I was pretty certain that with autos it would be simple with no need to restrict light at the flowering stage and I would have seed-harvest in 9-10 weeks ish.. but since Iv been reading a lot of conflicting info as to times, some people claiming there auto’s have waited to October to flower ? just wanting a bit of clarity really on what to expect in terms of timing and yield. I know it’s all obviously dependant but il list as much specs about My grow as possible - -Northern lights auto flower royal queen seeds -11ltr fabric grow bag -biobiz all mix soil -6.5ph distilled water -quarter measurement of tomato feed (older plant) -sw England in a greenhouse with DIRECT sun about 8 hours per day thank you!! Joe
  11. Hey guys! I've brought 6 royal dwarf seeds and a pic greenhouse with buit in ventilation and shading I was wondering if anyone in the UK could tell me the best soil that can be store brought, royal dwarf is an auto flower seed and I'll be growing in fabric pots but I have a few questions! Best ph level? Best soil mix and nutrients Best temp and humidity Best companion plants And any information you could share there''s alot of confusing information out there please only people and product from the UK thanks guys!
  12. Good morning everyone, Ive started greenhouse growing this year and was just wondering what the other greenhouse growers use to bring temps down and increase airflow. I dont have an electrical outlet for the greenhouse so it would have to be battery operated and preferably not take up a lot of room as ive just started a charlottes angel in an auto pot system in there yesterday.
  13. Good Morning you beautiful people!! So to cut a long story short ive stopped growing for a good few years now, house move, kids, new job just life in general! When purchasing our new home one of my requests (demands) was that is was south facing for growing in a greenhouse. Ive got a lovely big yard with a 6x4 greenhouse set up which gets the sun from sunrise to sunset nearly. Now back then i was a total newb grower (£20) plastic greenhouse from BnM or something like that. Enough of the speal, i want to start growing again (itll be autos). Since its been many moons since my last (failed) grows and was just after some recommendations. Ive got some Canna Terra and Mills Dna left over from a few year ago are they still a viable growing medium or are there more superior soils out there now? Ive also got some Jiffys left (somewhere) do growers still use them? Rockwool? straight to pot? Airpots? fabric pots? standard plastic pots? I want these autos to take off with minimal handling. If any other greenhouse growers (preferably autos) would like to post there set up in the comments section i will be following and heeding there advice.
  14. Hi guys, so just started my first grow. im going budget and organic, auto northern lights grown in greenhouse with biobiz and tomato feed. so the guide I’m following for these seeds says 18hours in distilled water until they sink then 36hrs warm dark place, same water but in damp kitchen roll, then plant. Iv just now put them in kitchen roll so 36 hrs takes me to 8:30pm Sunday night but silly old me got my seeds in the post and get going instantly forgetting my 11ltr bags for planting arnt arriving until Tuesday at the earliest..... so question is what’s my best option? Does it matter if I leave them germinating for an extra 2 days ? Or can I plant in egg shells then when my bags arrive plant the egg shell filled with soil and seed ? Or have I failed at the first hurdle thank you for any advice!! Joe
  15. Hi Guys, first post in a while. I smoked for years but just wanting to dabble in growing as for the first time I own property with some outside space and current lockdown restrictions are making if difficult to get any where I live at the minute. so where I’m at is I have a west facing balcony with a 2 small greenhouse in which I already start veg plants for my allotment and grow tomatoes. (60cm wide 30 deep and 120 tall each, Room for 1 more if needed) And iv ordered 5 auto flower northern lights seeds, open to trying 1 or 2 now and saving the rest or using them all.. so my question, what to do now. Looking for advice on germinating, soil/coco, feeding and drying. As I said it’s my first time and it’s outdoors, I’m not looking to invest masses of cash into it until iv got a bit of experience so just wanted the essentials il need to produce half decent smokable buds. thank you for any advice it’s much appreciated as I really am clueless at the minute, my seeds arrive in 3 working days
  16. Ok, here we go ... First up, 3 lovely autos from Dutch Passion ... now 61 days old with between 3 and 5 weeks to go I'd say: Watered 28th March, sprouted on 2nd April and lovingly potted into 30 litre buckets on 30th April, taking up permanent residence in the greenhouse. All three were painstakingly moved in and out of the greenhouse and into my warm flat every time the fucking weather turned frosty ... which was a LOT this year in April which is why I held off planting them straight into the big buckets ... impossible to carry in and out all the time. Here's a view from the top - Think Big: AutoMazar: Daiquiri Lime: As far as I'm aware, cannabis plants are one of the only species to do this .... if you look down, you can't see the soil or the bucket at all ... phenomenal use of light-using space I'd say! (Correct me if I'm wrong on this btw!). Now, all three were given the same sized buckets, the same substrate, the same nutrients and they all got the same amount of light. So, (top picture), the AutoMazar (middle) and the Daiquiri Lime (right) have both grown to their manufacturer's suggested height of 70-80 cm, whereas the Think Big (left) has only grown to a THIRD of the manufacturer's suggested height of 150cm ... ??? Is this a good example of how different strains can perform well in any conditions, as opposed to some that can't? If anyone from DP is reading this, I'd be grateful for some illumination on this ... I'll be growing all three again later in the season, so I'll compare the stats between the 2 grows ... Now onto my AutoBlueberry Diesel from Advanced Seeds ... Watered 28th March, sprouted on 5th April and lovingly potted into a 30 litre bucket on 30th April, taking up permanent residence in the greenhouse. From the top: I'd say she's also got another 3 weeks to go ... I can hardly wait! For all four plants, I've used this potting compost from Lidl ... £1.29 a bag, and it's the best I've used yet! It's very 'airy' which allows for excellent drainage and helps avoid root-drowning from some more 'boggy' types of growing medium, plus it's a perfect Ph 7: And I found these in Poundland !!!: Yup, £3 for all the nutrients you need ... Definitely not the best on the market I'm sure, but unless you've got a high-tech hydroponic system, expensive nutrients are a waste of money in my opinion when growing in soil ... these really only act as a 'top-up' and I probably only get to use one dose of each, as Autos tend to start flowering almost immediately from birth! Of course, the best nutrients you can get are actually FREE ... if you diligently prepare a proper home-made organic compost heap, stew it for a few years ... you've got the best a girl can get! Next post, I'll show you how well my Auto Super Lemon Haze is doing in my home-made compost ... she's only 5 weeks old and already starting to overtake all the others !! Bud Wiser
  17. Hey guys and gals! Well to start, I had been doing some light reading over the winter on this forum and I have to say its a delight to see such a welcoming and friendly place for info and tips! I decided to have a go at this 'grow your own' business. Ive got a south easterly facing garden with a greenhouse so it gets the sun for most of the day til about 8pm high summer. Ive even used foil insulation to increase the ray trap. Looks like a bit of a grow house! Ive got a full spectrum of veg and flowers on the go for the neighbours curiosity to be satisfied its not a dodgy grow house lol. Anyways, Ive bought Dinafem seeds, all Autos, I germinated the quick kush a few weeks ago, its doing well I think - a nice rich green. My main worry is that its had a bit of a stretch and purhaps the pot its in is a little small? I think its in a 3L pot and Ive read in a lot of threads that 5L is a good size. So my first question is do I stick with the pot or size up? My worry is I should probably size up very soon.. so its a decision that I need to make asap. Whats your thoughts? The pot has a false bottom so the roots arent soaked and a drainage hole. For Soil I used Biobizz light mix. And Ive used a little fishmix and root juice with its 2nd watering yesterday, maybe 1ml/L of rainwater. Im only watering when the pot feels light and the soil under the top starts to dry. This quick kush germinated when there was no real sun for a week so I bought a little full spec LED lamp to nurse it indoors. At the minute its still sleeping indoors with some LED before bed and spending its days in the greenhouse. Too eager to wait! Ive got a Bubba Kush and a Critical 2.0 seed ready to germinate. Those will deffo be going in bigger pots! And by the time they pop out the soil we should have lovely May sunshine, so wont be getting the LED treatment unless we have a month of rain! Cheers! Red P.S. i have photos but as yet unable to upload due to file size?
  18. Hey everyone I am a bit late with uploading but a mate told my about this community and that I need to post my outdoor for some tips and tricks sorry I only got no foto
  19. Bubblicious greenhouse cola

    From the album Summer 2019

  20. Bubblicious cola semi trimmed

    From the album Summer 2019

  21. Mong-u-mental flush

    From the album Summer 2019

  22. Good afternoon all! i am new to UK420 and new to the whole growing scene. I have wanted to get a grow on the go for years but have been waiting to buy a place. Well that time is coming very soon. i have done so much reading over the last week on here and have learnt a lot just from reading. what I would like to know is what sort of equipment, specialty soils, additives, gadgets id need to get it all done from start to finish. i have been looking at getting an 8x6 polycarbonate greenhouse as a starting point...